Oh My Pyo Ji | Best Full Punjabi Movie With English Subtitles | Latest Most Popular Comedy | Lol

Oh My Pyo Ji | Best Full Punjabi Movie With English Subtitles | Latest Most Popular Comedy | Lol

*Subtitled by Sims Kaur*
[ Alcohol consumption is injurious to health ]
“O My dear father, at least listen to me.”
“O My dear father, at least listen to me.”
“Give me any work and settle me down.”
“Let me rock, my name should rock everywhere.”
“Make me pride personality.”
“The kite in the sky and just pull the thread.”
“Everyone should get aside when Binnu Don arrives.”
“O my dear father, at least listen to me.” [ Music ]
“Yes dear, speak up.”
“O my dear father, at least say something.” [ Music ]
“Now don’t confuse me, just tell me straightly.”
“Don’t make me wait like a government employee.”
“Make the stars shine of my life.”
“Let the head and body meet.”
“O my dear father, at least listen to me.”
“Yes dear, speak up.”
“O my dear father, at least say something.”
[ Music ]
“After becoming a don I’ll beat everyone up.”
“If anyone takes advantage, I’ll just beat up.”
“Will announce on loudspeakers.”
“Will write your name on a bulb and make it bright.”
“O my dear father, at least listen to me.”
“Yes dear, speak up.”
“O my dear father, at least say something.”
Binnu, stand up!
Stand up!
Tell us the definition of ABC
A for weapon
B for the gun!
C for the knife!
Is this the definition of ABC?
By tomorrow just memorize the real meaning of ABC
Sit now.
O, my father!
Eating like a government bull
Every time this person is full of anger,
Who is blowing the dust while entering
Whose guns shook the people down.
Don of the dons
Khunkhar Singh!
I mean, my father.
I’m sorry, I mean my Dad.
[ Baby crying ]
Dear headman, a boy has born is your house.
Many many congratulations to you, same to you.
Hey guys, a boy has come.
When I was born my father welcomed me with the gun poops and swords.
Aw very good, just like that the world will cry in front of you.
Open your mouth!
Your mother’s
Aw, you’re abusing.
[ Mix of noises ]
This is my real posterity. son of a robber Khunkhar Singh.
Just eat!
Look, Uncle ! he calling me a bull of the government.
OK. I admit that I’m a bull of the government.
But I’m eating my father’s giving, not from the government.
That’s what I’m saying.
For how long you’ll be enjoying father’s giving?
Until the end.
Always start talking in the morning.
How many times I’ve said that you can insult me for the rest of the day.
Child, he is busy at that time, During which?
Get insulted by me?
Will you bring everything along when you die?
Trying to scare my Binnu child ! just eat my child.
He has a bad habit of counting the bites.
By the way, excuse me!
Bites are for the dogs
And who is brother in the sister’s house
I don’t have to explain it.
Judicious have said the truth!
Good from the outside, bad from inside. sisters are sweet, brothers-in-law are bitter
Full of bitterness.
Parminder Kaur itself died but left him to disturb me.
Whole day talks nonsense.
Are you too sweet, right?
Given a great example of a dog to your brother-in-law, not ashamed?
Shut up! Servant of Uncle.
You can shut his mouth, how will you shut my mouth?
My sister took a promise before she dies.
That, Daler Singh! take care of my children after me.
Otherwise, you know your brother-in-law is a Head of flirty people.
Will not even take a minute to bring the second wife.
If you stay along at least they will get love and care from an uncle.
Mamta Kulkarni? Stop your nonsense.
That’s why people used to tease me that your son Binnu is pure uneducated.
No sense how to talk.
Girlfriend is a different thing, even a boy doesn’t want to be his friend.
Just got the bad company of Uncle.
If Parminder Kaur wouldn’t have asked me to swear before die…
That keep him with you for the rest of your life, I would have shot him a long time ago.
First, learn how to shoot, doesn’t know how to shoot…
What a blind sniper
Why early morning started fighting like cocks.
Spoiled my mood to have breakfast, now just have it.
I was almost done.
Come, got up?
Moon shined?
The moon shines only at night, boys normally take time to wake up.
Good morning Uncle, Good morning son.
Have breakfast, have it, have it.
What this anchor for? eat, great.
People don’t even insult a Buffalo while feeding them the way you’re insulting him.
Why wouldn’t I?
Monkey to eat, bear to hit.
There are two huge sons at home.
One is uneducated and second one is unworthy.
Computer after phone and phone after computer.
Don’t know when will you work.
I’ve decided that I will become a singer.
What did you say?
Say again.
Now you will open up a singing business at home, is it?
I think the singers are better than the dons.
I think everyone is just better than you.
Your sister has gone, don’t know when will you go away.
I will when you will leave this seat.
Brother-in-law is respected just because of a sister.
Otherwise, nobody wants to respect you.
Elders said the truth, good at outside, bad inside.
Sisters are sweet, brother-in-laws bitter.
They’d have found a sweet one, we thought you’re sweet.
Like a sweet mango but you’re too sour.
You guys don’t leave any chance to fight.
Don’t give me any chance to become something.
Give me Rs. 50 lac, I need to launch my album.
Okay, just suppose, I’ve given you Rs. 50 lac.
We have to collect Rs. 50 lac from Balwant.
You do one thing…
You go and recover that money Binnu instead.
Give me something to set the mood.
What are you doing?
Who is Balwant?
Balwant is standing in front of your eyes.
Who are you ? just go away along with your drama company.
Your joke is a very nice man.
Okay, give the money.
That you’ve borrowed from my father.
Balwant has borrowed from too many people…
But never pays back.
Which money are you talking about?
Yo man ! they’re insulting us. hey, funny man.
Keep your mouth shut.
You just wait.
I’m talking about Khunkhar Singh’s Rs. 40 lac.
Just go and tell your father that Balwant won’t return the money.
Do whatever you want, boys catch them… just stop.
If anyone tries to touch us, I will shoot on the head.
Bro, I was joking.
Your joke…
Guys, Run…
Catch them, don’t let them escape.
I knew that you’re a number 1 unworthy.
At least could’ve brought a real pistol along.
Daddy, I thought why must carry a heavy thing.
He will get scared of this only.
Child, just because of these stupidities of you, sometimes I feel that.
You’re not my son.
Beware! if you try to put a finger on my sister’s character.
I’m just quiet because you’re my brother-in-law.
We married off our sister to you.
Otherwise, no one even has given you a goat.
JJ, don’t get upset.
You even have proved that you’re my sister’s son.
Not of a thief.
You two, uncle and son, get out of here.
Beware! if you guys show me your faces.
Let’s go.
My son Binnu, will you and recover the money and prove that he is the real son of Khunkhar Singh.
Who are you?
Your Father.
Brother, what have I done wrong?
My younger brother came to collect money but you sent him back.
Brother, he didn’t tell me that he’s your brother.
I will just call for Rs. 50 lac right away. not Rs. 50 lac.
Now I want Rs. 70 lac.
Why Rs. 70 lac now? your father wasted Rs. 20 lac of fuel on the way.
Just go and bring the money, listen! ask him to bring Rs. 600/- extra.
Rs. 600/- for what bro ? for the bullets that your uncle fired.
Brother, should send the money to the car? okay.
Brother, count all the money.
I can tell that the amount is correct by looking into your eyes.
Brother, how much does one bullet costs us?
What do you mean by us? it costs me Rs.100/-
But Brother, just fired only two bullets.
But asking for Rs. 600/- Oh… I took Rs. 400/- extra right?
Yes! that i.
I took Rs. 400/- in advance.
We are always there for you, will do however you say. Bye.
What was that ? from the police station. what happened?
Your nephew spread the color, people spread colors on the Holy festival.
Your son spread the color without the festival.
Here you go.
Hoping something from you it’s like giving a matchstick to a monkey.
Why had to shoot over there?
Just because of this stupidity of you, have to pay Rs. 20 lac to the police.
If I fired the bullets then only they paid me extra Rs. 20 lac.
Otherwise, they were not ready to give.
And now the cops are bringing handcrafts, what about them?
I spent the whole life to make this animal understand this.
That don’t fire, if you have to then just shoot in the head.
Well done, no one can replace you.
First, the ever seen such father who is a teacher is children to shoot in the head.
Teaching a beautiful lesson to the kids, sometimes the victim can give the statement to the police…
that’s why I’m telling him that.
I also wanted to shoot on the head, then why did you shoot in the ankles?
Their brains were in the ankles.
They weren’t ready to listen to me, neither agree to pay the money.
Father! just order me.
If you say I can kill each of them in the hospital.
No victim nor statement.
No complaint nor any money lose, then you will enjoy.
Wow, Parminder Kaur.
Born these two monkeys and left for me.
One is uneducated and second one is unworthy.
You are thankful.
God has given you such a nice son.
Who was ready to go to the hospital and kill each of them on your one order.
He himself might get hanged.
Calling him uneducated, he brought extra Rs. 20 lac.
Sir, it’s less than the actual amount.
The whole amount is just Rs. 20 lac.
Oh God, now tell me, is he a good son or bad son?
Now speak up.
A big supporter. speak up. you keep it naked for 24hrs like want it to dance.
Son, didn’t you count the money?
Uncle, you know that I count after 100.
If Parminder was alive today.
Then she must have shot me after seeing you’re this condition in mathematics.
I’m telling you, if my sister was alive she ‘d have shoot you 20 yrs ago
This what you taught to your children?
Will you keep quiet or not?
The whole day you disturbs me and your sister disturbs in the dreams.
What do you mean?
Nothing, it’s not for you to understand.
She comes in my dreams at night and insults me.
Son, you go inside and have rest, I think your father has gone mad.
He went mad but don’t know when he will die.
Did you see, good son?
Mother, you almost scared me.
I thought only I can see you, now to father as well? Yes.
And she is my Classical Mother.
To whom people used to call a Queen of vowels.
One day sitting under the chandelier of vowels and put such a tone…
She couldn’t get up after that.
Still, my mother’s soul keeps singing earthquake raga in this house.
Now I’ve come to know that I only have left 10 months.
If my soul gets peace then I’ll directly go to heaven.
Otherwise here only, in 84’s dirty rounds.
So now I will correct my house on my own.
That’s fine but, why do you play dirty channels?
And have some shame, Alcohol isn’t good for women.
Whose mother’s two 30 years of sons are still bachelors.
If she can’t drink alcohol then what else?
I drink alcohol to decrease my stress.
By the way…
Who cares about a dead person.
Mother, leave me in my situation.
People started calling me a flirty boy just because of your dirty channels.
I play these for you.
Since you born, didn’t even approached a single girl.
I play only because perhaps the man inside you might wake up.
Perhaps you marry someone.
Mother you go and do your work, let me sleep.
Just go.
Now go.
See, again you’re drinking.
Are you back again? Yes.
I thought I saw you in a dream last night.
I’m dreaming tonight as well.
Should I show you now?
Fine, but tell me that…
Why do you disturb me ?>
How can you sleep peacefully after disturbing my son’s sleep?
Did you think something about their life?
Yes, I’ve decided.
Tomorrow I’m going to change their lives and will let you know everything about it.
Final date. let’s see tomorrow.
If you didn’t do anything tomorrow I will kill you.
What are you talking about?
That my sister scares you every night?
What should I tell you,
She disturbs me very badly every night in the dreams.
Doesn’t even let me die but torture me a lot.
Even though I’m shy to explain, people will say that the old man has gone mad.
Brother-in-law, that means…
My sister isn’t in peace.
She must be thinking about her sons.
Then she should go to children.
Why sticks with me like an insect. Brother-in-law.
I’m not married but I’ve heard about married people that…
If wife disturbs the husband too much then he should drink alcohol.
What are you looking for ? have 2 pegs. I’ve already had in the daytime.
But children spoiled it.
You spoiled them. I?
If you talk loud in front of them than they will also talk back.
I didn’t spoil them.
It’s your blood is dirty that boils in their body.
I’ll kill you.
Oh… ii thought he is coming to kill me.
Went to the bedroom.
And it’s not easy to kill me.
After all, I’m his brother-in-law.
There is a say, the world is on one side and wife’s brother is the other side.
Even when the sister is no more.
After getting threatened by my mother…
My father has decided to improve two of us overnight.
Brother-in-law, at least say something.
Why quiet?
You’re behaving like PM.
If you didn’t want to speak then why called for this meeting?
Hello Uncle.
Why did you call for a huge meeting ? is everything okay?
There was a huge loss at the time of partition of Pakistan.
In that loss…
I and my brother Khatarnak Singh escaped in the family.
You called us here to tell your story, is it?
I meant why invited all the relatives.
We had no money to buy things.
For the sake of hunger.
We had to cut pockets of people and steal coals from the trains.
Than Milkha Singh must be your gang leader.
Because I’ve heard that he also used such things in his childhood.
Everyone scares from me but you won’t.
Then we began to capture the lands of the people.
Divided that lands into small plots and became a famous builder.
This wasn’t that easy.
The lack of money started a gang war.
In that gang war, many people from my gang got killed including my brother.
Telling us so proudly like they’re a martyr in 65’s war.
I don’t know about others but you will definitely be a martyr.
Doesn’t even let me talk, okay talk whatever you want.
Then we decided to quit the illegal business and start a legal business.
Say that after eating 900 mice, the cat going to Hajj.
You just… Uncle is right.
Telling us your story of bravery like you have brought medals from an army.
Why had to uncover your stomach in front of us?
It’s because…
I struggled a lot to reach to this position.
But I’m old now.
Now I can’t do this anymore, wow…
I’m unlike you, I also want that…
Your children should take care of your business now. they won’t.
That’s why I’m worried, one is uneducated and second one is unworthy.
Look, Daddy, I’ve already told you that I’m not interested in your business.
Just give me money for my album, will not ask for anything else.
What else can you ask for?
I won’t give you any money.
Work and earn your own money and launch your album.
I don’t know about your album, but your passion for singing will kick you out of the house.
Did even launch one song but named like Jazzy B, JJ huh.
What are you thinking about, pour oil on the fire?
Father, he is still young, it’s okay let him do whatever he wants to.
Rest I will take care of your business.
It’s not like a stock of vegetables.
That you’ll earn Rs. 500-700/- and come back home in the evening.
It’s about Millions of business of mine.
Unworthy, you can’t even count after 1000.
Uncle, I don’t understand you…
You’re not helping one to launch his album and second to do business, what do you want?
I want him to leave his singing stuff and help me in my business.
And Binnu must pass 10th standard in next 10 months.
I can’t get a higher education.
Tell me if there is an easy work to do, any person to kill.
You only have to study.
Otherwise… what otherwise? what?
Otherwise, according to my wish, I will give the whole property to my only nephew Johny.
Hmm… looking so handsome.
But bulliness still reflect from the eyes.
Let it be, I’m not going to study, going to teach.
To the teachers.
Let’s go.
Finally, my father’s idea did work.
And I’ve reached to the place I could never think about.
My lovely School.
Tidda, now you’ll have to take care of my study stuff. hmm.
Alright? come on.
Hello Principal, Hello…
I just wanted to thank you for giving me admission to the school.
Thanks to you for coming to this school.
I just wanted to tell you that…
What happened to him? don’t know.
I was about to touch his shoulder.
It’s good for us, let’s go. okay.
Don’t turn your back and go,
My heart will be broken.
If the heart gets broken then a tear will touch the eyes
Why my love for you stays anti?
Listen! Listen, dear Madam, I’m serious about you.
The heart can’t live away because of your eyes.
Every time the light of your memory rises in the heart
The heart can’t live away because of your eyes, Every time the light of your memory rises in the heart
The bell of your love rings in my heart.
Listen! Listen, dear Madam, I’m serious about you.
Standing on the turn as your bodyguard.
Just because of you fighting with the boys in the college.
Standing on the turn as your bodyguard, just because of you fighting with the boys in the college.
My heart is shaking like the cards
Listen! Listen, dear Madam, I’m serious about you.
Why are you staring at me? are you mad?
Why did you say that? you’re keep looking at one side.
You’ll get beaten up by me, mind your work.
Are you a goon ? not goon…
I’m a don.
I can do anything. then show me something.
Now don’t ask me to fly like Ghuggi’s joke.
Will you show me something or not?
Is it? yes.
What if I close this school?
Okay, then you’ll say I’m great right?
Yes. I’m great.
Closing school is my left hand’s job.
But I’ll do it with the right hand. here you go.
This is nothing for me.
Hello, yes brother. are you outside of the class? Yes, brother.
I want a leave, just go ring the bell and run outside.
It’s off.
School is over.
Let’s go.
Sir, you’re not doing the right thing.
How can you let a huge guy study with such small children?
Sir, today he crossed the limits.
Ordered his goons to ring the bell.
Before anybody could do something, all the children ran away.
Look, Sir, anyhow, just throw him out of the school.
Otherwise, students parents will complain to us.
Look, Miss Komal…
I’m a Principal of the School, not an enemy. Hmm…
It’s been 10 years, our school is depending on Khunkhar Singh’s donations.
Just think, can we run our school if he stops his donations?
Hmm? but Sir… What?
Do you want to close the school permanently?
Just think about those innocent children.
They can’t afford to pay school fees.
And this school can’t afford their fesses.
Can’t you just tolerate a guy for 10 months?
Hmm… Please… Hmm…
Okay Sir, If it’s about these children’s future…
Then we can adjust. Hmm.
But I’m telling you one thing…
I won’t let him do stupid things in my class.
But won’t feel it either.
Please, you may leave.
I wasn’t the only one to take my father’s plan seriously.
There was something else too. come… come.
Hello Uncle, Hello.
Have seat.
Sir have called me though.
But I’m thinking, why would you get into small things.
We also wish to do something big, but it’s okay.
At least we have taken the first step, tell us about the work.
The work is that house no. 303
Which we have divided into a colony.
we need to get it empty.
If you say, should send some boys along?
No man, we are enough for that, what say JJ bro?
Don’t you worry uncle, we’ll just go and bring the keys.
Bholu, I’m so excited man.
We’re going to do our first work.
Small age and enjoying to the fullest.
I’m driving my beautiful Ferrari.
Yes Yes. I’m a hunter.
Dear hunter, Yes. will you open the door?
Man, the door is locked.
I think they’ve come to know that we’re coming. Yes.
That’s why they’re singing with the door locked.
Bro, now what we suppose to do?
Don’t you watch CID? Daya just breaks the door. come on bro.
Come on!
Oh, bro.
Hello, who are you?
Who are you guys?
Sir you!
I’m your fan since childhood.
What? Fan?
Sit son, where did you listen to my father’s album?
Never launched a single from 20 years.
He is a Legend Singer in his times.
Sir, my life has succeeded after meeting you.
Son, now I’m just a lost diamond in the coal mine.
Sir, do you want the same thing to happen to anyone else ? absolutely no.
Then give me some space in your feet.
Since my childhood, I wanted to become a singer, but nobody was there to show me the path.
I will work hard, definitely son, you can come regularly from tomorrow.
Daddy, you can’t let a stranger come to our house.
And by the way, you didn’t tell me that why were you breaking the door?
Actually, this colony belongs to my Dad.
And he sent us here, someone’s having illegitimate possession on our flat.
Do you think we are such people? we have 5 years of the rental agreement. should I show you?
No. I got it once I saw Sir over here. we are in the wrong house.
But it’s our duty to take care of our colony tenants right?
Okay then do one thing…
Bring out that flirty old man…
Who disturbs our peaceful life.
Wait, aren’t you ashamed?
You’re disturbing people for no reason.
Throw him in the car. leave me. hold him.. leave.
Hey, you come inside. where is bro?
I will tell you where your Bro is.
Are you okay? Khadak Uncle.
They hit us a lot.
I don’t hit women.
Aunt threw a bucket on my face.
First punch one face, second on the ear,
They’ve beaten us very badly.
Look, Son.
I know all of you since your childhood.
It’s not your kind of business.
You’re an artist.
Become a singer.
Thanks, finally someone understood me.
I asked Daddy to give me money for the album.
He said do these things.
It’s all because of him.
Good morning Ma’am, Good morning.
Sit down, thank you, Ma’am.
Should I tell you especially?
Okay, Ma’am.
Sorry students, Binnu is just 2 months of problem. so don’t mind.
Okay, today we’ll read a storybook.
Chitu, you’ll read for the whole class.
Once….. Upon…..
A. Time…… hey, what is this?
Read it in today’s date. why reading like this?
Oh, Ma’am. Ma’am, I only have two ears.
If you take out one, in case of tomorrow I have to wear glasses…
Where will hand them?
Aren’t you ashamed? I’m but I don’t.
You’re making fun of a child, shut up.
Be a good student in school for 2 weeks.
Otherwise, I will fail you.
Look, Ma’am, you’re an English Teacher, but I’m telling you just improve your Punjabi.
You’re saying that you’ll fail me, but I’m failed to listen.
I only know you’re talking by looking at your lips, but can’t hear anything.
Two weeks.
Hello, Hello, yes.
You’re Dad called me for practice.
That’s why I’m here. Dad, someone is here to meet you.
Hello, Hello.
Seek for blessings, yes tell me, how did you come over?
Sir, we just met yesterday right?
You said that will start practice from tomorrow.
So that’s why I’m here, did I say that?
Yes, I can’t remember. okay, tell me what do you want?
I just need to learn music if you can. please…
I just teach the people those are capable of learning.
Let’s just take a text of you then.
Sing something.
Should I sing a Hindi song? sing anything you’d like to.
By standing? now at least sing something.
Oh God, bless me.
“Hey Girl, I always think of you.”
I think my ears got blood.
Boy, even you practice for 7 ages but won’t become a singer.
Sir, You’re joking, right?
Get lost from here.
Good afternoon Sir, Good afternoon children.
Yes Binnu, what’s the matter?
Sir, now send me to the next class.
Oh really…
So you’re intelligent.
Yes, I’m, is there any doubt?
Okay, do one thing…
If you think you’re intelligent then will have a spelling competition between you and Gauri.
If you win, I will pass you.
With this girl? fine then let’s began.
Gauri, how to spell truth?
T… R… U… !!
Now speak up.
Speak. forgot right? she doesn’t know, ask me.
I will speak up.
T R U T H.
Well done. Yes, Binnu.
Now you tell me the spells of an Elephant.
What ? an Elephant.
Elephant? what is it?
Uneducated student, Elephant is an animal.
Sir, why must find trouble with a huge animal ask about a small one.
Do you want to go to the next class or not? What?
Wait… what did you ask?
Did you hear that?
Now tell me. you’re just too much.
Can’t you even spell Elephant bro?
Write down the spells.
What’s next?
Am I right? Yes. I’m always right.
Okay, very good.
Gauri, now you spell college.
C A L L A G.
Sorry child, these are the wrong spells.
She was wrong, now I will spell it right. Binnu!
Now tell me the spellings of Knowledge. what?
What? Knowledge.
Knowledge. what?
Knowledge? Yes.
Did you hear that? what?
Nothing, I’m just talking to myself.
Did you hear knowledge word?
Yes speak now, I’m asking myself to speak.
Tell me, knowledge !!
Wait I also can’t remember.
K N O W L E D G E.
Starts with the K? don’t misguide me.
K? but K stands for some other words.
This is the correct one, just go ahead.
Is it? Okay.
K… am I right?
N O W L E D G E.
Is that all?
What say? I’m great.
I’m like that. yes, now you’ve jumped into next class.
Happy now?
Played a special idea.
Punjabi boy has cleared his class A.
Yo bro, sister-in-law is here.
Don’t talk silly, what? sister-in-law is here.
You! Yo! have a seat.
How are you here? I was just passing by the thought of visiting you.
What’s going on? practicing?
I’m just little stubborn that’s why.
I won’t give up easily.
By the way, whatever your Dad told me the other day…
He has given me a new hope to live.
Don’t take him seriously, he is like that to everybody.
Please don’t take tension.
Really? I was almost hopeless.
Aw… really.
I’m here to say that if you really want to become a good singer…
I give training in music.
You too?
Yes, I’m MA Music. and give some tuition for my pocket money.
You don’t worry about money, tell me how much is the fees.
It’s okay, but keep one thing in mind. since I’m your teacher…
You will treat me as your Master, not a friend. agree?
You guys go out in the early morning like going for a morning walk.
Where did you come from a free-bird? free-bird means? we aren’t free.
We are fans of Honey Singh.
It’s not easy for everyone to become a singer.
You have to get agree to whatever we say.
Listen, Puppy of Honey Singh.
Stand straight otherwise I will hit you badly.
You people spoiled all the children of Punjab with your silly raps.
They aren’t even able to stand properly.
And You! where do you stay the whole day?
You don’t even go to the office, are you into drugs?
Uncle, do you think that I will spoil my own life?
Your a mother wasn’t as well, but she did spoil her life, right?
Mother also took drugs? she has done something worse than that.
Got married to your don father without our permission.
Don’t talk to me about all this.
Oh, so we shouldn’t talk to you.
Because of you, I’ve to tolerate your father’s nonsense.
What’d you do the whole day?
Preparing to become a singer.
Look, Uncle, you know very well that I’m not interested in Dad’s business at all.
I just want to fulfill my dream.
Then go inside and sleep. why? because dreams only can be fulfilled by sleeping.
Uncle, sometimes you must take me seriously.
If I said that I want to become a singer then this is it.
Mother, why are you defaming me by playing such channels?
I’m actually getting rid of defaming.
All the relatives started talking…
That Parminder Kaur’s sons haven’t get married yet.
There might a disability in them.
What do you mean by that? Mother, just tell me their names
I’ll murder all of them.
Not with the gun,
Do something to shut their mouth.
Do you want me to do something illegal and become famous in newspapers is it?
Don’t think like your father.
Use your brain and talk.
What do you think about your school teacher?
Which teacher? who is she?
That one, bomb girl…
Mother, mind your language, she is your daughter-in-law to be.
Now then I will open two bottles.
Okay now switch it off.
Sa, Re, Ga, Ma…
No, Ma is little softer. Okay.
Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa’
“Good” “Thank you”
“What did I get after becoming your lover.”
Wow bro, great job.
Yo man, you nailed it.
Really, you sang so beautifully.
You will definitely beat all the famous singers.
I’m trying with all my heart, at least don’t make fun of me.
What? who is making fun of you? I’m telling the truth.
You’ve sung pretty well.
I swear to God, your singing so good.
Really? Really!
Really? Yo man really.
That means I can become a singer right? Yes.
“Oh Yes, I will rock.”
Okay enough now.
Now tell me what’s next?
Now you need to launch a single track. Yeah.
But it will cost at least Rs. 3 lac.
Rs. 3 lac… Rs. 3 lac is the too big amount for me.
Can’t even ask from my Father.
Hmm… and I didn’t even pay your 2 months of fees.
Don’t worry about fees, you can pay once you become a superstar.
Thank you!
But is there any other way that…
We don’t have to record a track.
Yes, there is.
But with a huge competition.
I’m not afraid of competition, just tell what’s that.
Okay then be ready tomorrow morning.
For what ? for auditions, tomorrow is the first day for auditions.
Auditions ? just be ready in the morning. alright? fine.
Best of luck.
“Hey, You read the thoughts of eyes with the eyes.”
“From now I’m yours, just hold my hand.”
“Hey, just eyes to eyes…”
“Hey Love, no desires without you in life.”
“Automatically comes to you, my feet don’t turn anywhere else.”
“My love stays blessed, evils stay away.”
“Oh God, the city of lovers should never be destroyed.”
“Hey, after standing beside your heart doesn’t want to go.”
“From now I’m yours, just hold my hand.”
“Hey, You read the thoughts of eyes with the eyes, from now I’m yours, just hold my hand.”
“Hey, just eyes to eyes…”
Bro, too long to say goodbye.
Good morning Ma’am, Good morning Students, please sit down.
Thank you, Ma’am.
Why are you keep staring? didn’t see a beautiful girl before?
Hello Auntie, why would I stare at you…
I don’t even stare at a buffalo then who are you. what say?
I say get out of the class.
Why would I go out of the class? what did I do wrong ? I will stay here.
Students, stand up with your hands up.
Nobody will sit down until he leaves the class.
Fine, Ma’am, What’s these innocents faults in it.
Good morning Ma’am Gosh, Good morning Preet.
Why did you send Binnu out of the class?
He was staring at me.
I asked him, didn’t you see a beautiful girl before, then he…
was looking at me with anger and I threw him out of the class. you too don’t talk to him much.
We may never know what this kind of people can do. hmm.
Go inside.
Good morning Ma’am, Good morning, sit down.
Thank you, Ma’am.
Thank you.
You’ll just keep staring at Ma’am and someone else will marry her off.
Tide how do you know that I like her?
I’ve too much experience of life.
Google tells me everything.
Introduce me to Google.
You’ve Tidda that’s enough for you. I will tell you the tricks…
Ma’am will become your fan. big bro, then help me.
I want her. no problem.
Why eating all alone, give it to me too. it’s my medicine.
Thank God you don’t have this disease.
Tidda, don’t tell that it’s a viral disease.
What’s going on in the class?
Class monitor.
Now you tell me.
What punishment do they deserve?
Ma’am get them out of the class, that will be their punishment. okay.
Tidda, Binnu, get out and become chicken.
What ? Go out and become chicken.
Would you like chicken gravy or roasted one?
Nonsense, just shush and get out of the class.
Today is a bad day, what happened?
Nothing, don’t know where this day has started from. from that side.
I mean we got punished. don’t you worry?
Our team will definitely win.
“Whenever I see auntie’s picture I feel like she is in an angry mood.”
Whenever they captured this photo. but bro…
I see it as normal. no man see it carefully.
Don’t you think that she is looking at you only? bro…
What happened? bro, I feel that auntie is looking at me only.
No matter where I stand.
Do you think she’s a ghost? see this picture carefully, don’t you think it’s like an ideal piece.
Brother, what happened?
Silly, your sister-in-law called up. let’s go we’re already late.
Which sister-in-law? ghost…
Is he okay ? should I take out my shoe?
No man, auntie’s photo slapped me.
Yes, brother.
Listen, if you talk bullshit, will beat up both of you.
Don’t take drugs if can’t digest.
Sorry, I’m a little late. not little you’re too late.
All of you fill up the forms. and JJ, are you completely ready?
I’m but it all depends on God.
Let’s see what happens. what will happen?
Be confident, everything will be fine.
Hmm… I’ve already filled up your form just check and sign it.
Will fill up the form and go for the competition.
Will fight the competition and won’t scare off anyone.
No one can stand to compete with us.
Slowly we will rock.
What happened to him now? he’s mad actually.
Hello, people from the world of voice.
Welcome, all of you to the world of music.
Today we’re going to start the first round of voice of Punjab.
In which new artists of music will show their magic.
Our dear Judges will choose the right ones.
And now I would like to invite our next contestant, Mr. Yoyo.
Yo lady, what’s up.
Yo, everybody.
Yo Judges.
I wish to sing a rap, can I sing? yes.
Girl, don’t think too much, life is too short.
Listen first then decide, make some noise with your anklets.
Your beauty has put a magic on me.
But need some improvements.
Alright, auntie.
Do I look like an auntie to you? Yo lady.
You’ve recognized a diamond. and for you old…
Here is standing Goldy.
So many mosquitoes are here.
You’re talking about breaking up if we get apart won’t live.
That possession came to your wedding, just wait and see how they will run.
Will hit the possession, won’t let you get married.
There was a beautiful girl…
And there was a lover.
Big sister-in-law stops a lover boy…
I never stop you, my brother-in-law…
You’ve never helped me.
This was our 5th contestant Mr. Harpreet Harry.
And now I’m going to invite our 6th contestant, Mr. JJ.
Hello… Hello… Hello.
Someone will write a love letter for me.
How does she feel without me?
If anybody sees that girl…
If anybody sees that girl just tell her.
If anybody sees that girl.
Very good, well done.
very good, boy, you’ve sung so well.
And you’ve got a good voice, I’m very sure that you will go to the finals.
Good morning Ma’am, good morning class, sit down.
Thank you, Ma’am.
Okay children, today all of you have to give a test paper.
Binnu, you must pass it.
Alright, to go to the next class.
Here are the test papers.
Pass it on.
Ma’am, Binnu has a phone he’s cheating.
Well done, take his phone and keep on my table.
It was you.
Really? I’ve seen many of you like this.
Got insulted. don’t you get slapped by me?
Ma’am Binnu is still cheating, he has slipped.
Binnu stands up.
Ma’am, Binnu stands up. I don’t have any slip.
I don’t have any. you may check. no slip.
It’s a misunderstanding.
Tejinder, check Binny’s pockets.
Yes, Ma’am.
You can check Tide.
Ma’am, nothing is there. I already told you.
I’m actually very intelligent.
Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding. Ma’am, wait a minute.
Raise your feet up.
I said, raise your feet up.
Ma’am here is the slip.
I knew it.
A student like you can’t study hard and pass the text. just go I’m failing you.
Ma’am don’t do this.
I’m just like your own children. what? I mean I’m just like small kids, don’t do this to me.
I have a poor mother at home. she is hungry/thirsty.
She will die after knowing this.
Shut up. I know that you’re an unworthy son of a rich father.
And I can’t tolerate you in my school for one more month.
And I’m failing you.
Ma’am don’t do that I touch your feet. what’s this? okay okay.
I will not fail you.
Yes. should I continue with my paper?
Come outside I will teach you.
Ma’am, he is threatening me.
Binnu, nothing.
I was joking.
She is a little sister to me.
Do your paper sister.
Hello brother.
Hello. why did you come here?
I just came over, what are you doing bro?
I was banging my head against the wall. you tell me why are you here?
Bro, I’m here to tell you that I’ve given an audition for singing.
And bro, I got selected.
Share the sweets then, that’s fine but why are you too sweet to me today?
Bro, I always respect you like that. tell me what you want.
There will be a singing program on TV this evening.
No matter what, just don’t let father watch TV today.
Should I break down TV now?
Don’t you know anything else except for breaking things ? if I don’t stop father then?
That’s your wish. by the way, there are dirty noises comes from your room at night.
Hey, the thing…
Big Bro… I mean little bro, don’t worry. I’m there for you.
I will do something about it, won’t let father watch TV.
There is no way, that’s like a big brother.
My bro.
How are you? having fun?
What do you mean? I mean having whiskey.
Yes. where is an uncle?
Your uncle is in the washroom.
What a drunker.
Drinking for free but can’t digest.
If it’s, he will damage his kidneys.
Let him die.
How about you? good.
Who is he?
What ? he looks like JJ.
He is actually JJ.
Really? what kind of things he’s into.
Are you blind?
Where is your uncle?
Uncle’s stomach is upset today.
He’s in the toilet, he just eats and goes toilet. what else can he do?
Come come.
Boss is here.
Just saw you on TV.
That’s good, I was about to tell you.
How many times I’ve told you to stop this nonsense.
And how many times I’ve told you that I will follow my heart.
Now you will argue with your father, is it?
Why arguing with father, just go inside. just leave me.
Let me deal with him today. is it so?
Then do one thing, get out of my house. get lost.
If you don’t understand me, I too won’t live here.
You asked him to leave but he went inside.
He won’t leave in an empty pocket right.
What will I do here alone? I will follow you, bro.
I’m already upset, don’t disturb me. why are you angry with me man?
Sorry, pick up the bag, let’s leave. let’s go, man.
How can I forget you?
Will leave tomorrow morning. hmm…
You! here! at this time!
I left the house.
Daddy saw me on TV and fought with me.
After that just roaming here and there, didn’t get a place to stay.
Can I stay here tonight?
Please… okay follow me.
And he will come too?
Just for one night.
You just wait here.
Look, this isn’t so good but this is it.
I will the Dad that I’ve rented out this room.
And, just be comfortable.
By the way, this room is non-air conditioner.
Now at least don’t embarrass me.
You’ve given me a place to stay, is that less?
Okay, now I should make a move.
I will lock this room from outside, whenever we rent out this room it’s locked from this side.
Surveen, I will always be grateful to you.
You… now don’t start acting.
My house is small but has a big heart.
And don’t be too emotional, I too will be.
Good night, Good night.
I’m too emotional actually, how can I tell you.
I should sleep now, got too much drunk.
Why do you come every day?
Listen to me.
Oh, you broke me.
Why do you want to become a widow? let me be today.
How dare you to kick out my son? You ***
See, You still use bad words to me.
Let me teach you a lesson.
I don’t want my son to become a singer.
Do you think that I don’t love my children?
Since morning that silly boy has left home.
He didn’t even bother to ask for some pocket money from me.
Don’t know where he is. Beware.
If you torture my son, why shouldn’t I?
You’ve lost your life just because of your silly passion of singing. remember?
Not because of this.
I died because of your bad deeds.
You must not have paid to that chandelier man.
That’s why he left is open.
But you don’t torture my son now.
I swear upon my father, upon your father…
I won’t even touch your son.
But at least he should work, right? alright.
But beware, if you use bad words to my children.
If you do, I will fry you in oil like pies.
Got it? Got it. now leave me alone.
Khunkhar Singh! Yes.
Why are you so excited? where is JJ?
What do you want from that unworthy? why do you always call him unworthy?
Watch TV, JJ is famous now.
You just switch on the TV. I’ll inform other people as well.
The sea fool is eating here.
We should see the window on the other side.
Rest of the story we’ll read tomorrow. okay.
Hello Ma’am, Yes what do you want?
Ma’am, I want to study hard to clear the exams.
But I know nothing. hmm… can you give me tuition?
Means? I mean, after school…
Can you give me tuition?
Well, I don’t give tuition to a student like you…
But I don’t think so you can study.
If you can pass the exams !! No.
Fine, I will give you 1 hr of tuition after school.
Join from tomorrow. Thank you, Ma’am. Thank You.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Brother, sister-in-law is so beautiful.
Very good.
Here you go.
You’ll always remember me.
Keep it.
Only Rs. 5/-
Why do you worry? here you go, keep it.
Brother, why all this for ? because you called her Sister-in-law.
Brother, sister-in-law is so beautiful.
She is my Master.
You took it wrong. go away. just go away.
Khadak Singh has said that JJ is famous on TV.
I don’t get it.
He never even visited Lal Chand Yamla.
Oh.. he wasn’t born at that time.
How come he has reached to that level?
It’s all because of votes.
I don’t even wish to vote for this unworthy.
I’ve already told you…
That I’ve taught him music from day one of his life.
My blood runs in his veins.
Why just holding it? vote for him.
Why staring at me? message for him.
Okay, I will, you will… you go now.
People from heaven, after all, mother, is a mother.
Do you want to give it to me?
Smell so good. what are you eating?
Who prepared?
My mother did.
But I don’t have a mother.
Do you want to have it?
You eat this. take this too.
Here child, have it.
No, I won’t eat, have it.
Have a little. no.
Come here, no.
Why don’t you want to eat ? do you want me to sing for you? hmm.
Will you join me? Yes.
What happened? why are you weeping?
At least tell me, what happened?
I can’t see Binnu bro crying. me neither.
Look, a huge boy is crying.
How fat he is.
Shush… SHUSH.
Sir forgive me. I’ve had a mistake.
Why did you vote for JJ?
Why didn’t you send a message for him till now?
How can you make such a mistake?
Take out your phone and send a message in front of me.
Sir, actually I don’t have a phone.
What a donkey.
Getting beaten up for no reason.
Give him a phone for free.
Got beaten up by me, must get paid for that.
Follow him to his place.
Give free phones to the poor people out there.
And ask all of them to vote for JJ.
Help my son to win the finale.
Do you know that he didn’t come yesterday nor today as well? don’t why he’s making me wait.
Oh on GT road… Yeah…
I will talk to you later, he’s here.
My truck is rocking. Binnu, park your truck aside.
I will rock you.
Ma’am, wait a minute, let me reverse it.
Oh Ma’am watchful, don’t get into an accident.
Here is parked my truck.
Shut up Binnu.
Tell me one thing, why didn’t you come yesterday?
Ma’am, don’t give me too much respect.
If my heart got serious, our hearts will be attached.
Binnu, stop your nonsense.
Okay, you start. Binnu I’m asking you that why didn’t you come yesterday?
I didn’t come yesterday… then where did I go?
Oh… yes I remember.
Yesterday I went to see my friend’s girlfriend.
Really? why didn’t he do itself? he went to see someone else.
For what?
There were lots of people in the park, I tried a lot but couldn’t do anything.
Shut up Binnu, I asked, why didn’t you come yesterday?
Oh Yes, yesterday I didn’t come because my father came back home drunk.
Then he took his gun and got into poultry farm, he shoots and said…
Listen to hens, if each of you doesn’t give two eggs, will kill all of you.
Then what, in the morning time when he gets into a poultry farm…
Each of them gave two eggs.
One of them gave only one egg, he put his gun on her head and asked why gave only one?
She is I was scared of you that’s why I gave only one, I’m a Chicken.
You’re too big now, get married. what do you think about getting married?
Ma’am, It’s a yes from my side…
Once, I’ll have to confirm from my family if I’m not immature.
But you still can talk to your family.
You will make me go mad. enough now. sit down.
Now I’m asking you one question.
Answer me correctly. Okay.
If you had to choose one thing in between a buffalo and intelligence.
What’d you choose?
Well done, I knew it.
I would’ve chosen intelligence.
Look, it’s a very simple thing. the person will choose a thing which he/she doesn’t have.
Shut your mouth Binnu. now, this is the last question.
If you don’t give the right answer, I’m giving up on teaching you.
Ask me.
Sham doesn’t drink. what is Sham in this sentence?
I think Sham is stupid who doesn’t drink.
Don’t know why he doesn’t drink, but I do. now in this…
Hmm… Sham doesn’t drink.
What is Sham right? Hmm…
If Sham doesn’t drink then I think he is very religious.
I won’t teach you.
Ma’am, listen to me… Ma’am…
Don’t distract me, I’m already concentrated on studies.
Okay. do your studies.
Tidda. Hmm…
Why our monitor is absent today?
I think she got too scared, No… she got fired from the school.
Fired from school… why is that so?
Her family can’t afford to pay her fees.
By the way, she was very intelligent.
Most of the intelligent are poor, and it’s a good thing that we got rid of her.
She was trying to be something.
Aren’t you sad?
That innocent was very intelligent.
She had to leave the school just because of some fees.
You’re actually right Tidda.
But you’re so concerned about her.
Do you like her ? yes. we should help her.
And you have lots of money, why don’t you help her.
Oh really…
Now Tidda got serious.
It’s okay, hey you don’t worry.
Will do something about it. come on.
My heart doesn’t allow…
But you’re my Master, have to obey you.
What’s the order, do what you can.
I can do everything.
Tell me, do you have her contact number?
Yes, her mother comes to my house for mopping.
Okay then Fine, give me the number will do something.
Don’t use this too often, nothing will happen to you. come on now.
Will just call up.
Alright then, this is the number right? Yes.
Wait a minute, let’s stand over here and finish this matter.
Here we go, I’m calling.
It’s ringing.
Hello… Good afternoon. Good afternoon.
Are you the mother of our Monitor? I mean Manpreet’s mother…
I just wanted to tell you that, I’m from a social service organization
We have selected your daughter for a scholarship.
It means that every year we’ll pay all the fees from our organization.
You just send your account number to this number.
I praise The true Lord.
May God always bless you.
Thank you so much.
It’s not my heard money though.
I mean, Bye. Bye.
Binnu, You’re actually very kind.
Hey, now don’t pump me up.
And listen, come tomorrow for the preparation, alright? okay.
Bye. your friend is here.
Binnu, I’m thinking that I should pass you in 7th standard.
But you have to study for it.
If you keep blessing me…
Hello Ma’am, Hello.
Hello… when is the wedding?
Where brother-in-law from? he’s from Canada.
Come with me I’ll talk to you about everything.
Excuse me.
“All dreams in my eyes are broken.”
“My dear, close to my heart, has gone away from me.”
“God knows why we are helpless.”
“All dreams in my eyes are broken.”
“My dear, close to my heart, has gone away from me.”
“God knows why we are helpless.”
“How should I explain to my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
“You only tell my dear.”
“How should I explain to my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
“How should I explain to my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
“Connected with a chain of memories.”
“My heart is turned off from me.”
“My heart is turned off from me.”
“Connected with a chain of memories.”
“My heart is turned off from me.”
“My heart is turned off from me.”
“I give many excuses to my heart.”
“I ask my heart to agree with me.”
“You only tell my dear.”
“How should I explain to my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
“How should I explain to my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
“It always tries to get your glimpse.”
“And recites your name like that of God.”
“And recites your name like that of God.”
“I am not able to stop my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
“You only tell my dear.”
“How should I explain to my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
“How should I explain to my heart.”
“I, again and again, request to my heart.”
Come have a seat.
Let’s improve Binnu’s life by sitting on the Principal’s chair.
Hello… Hello.
Ma’am, I study in your class.
And today I want to tell you about my heart’s feelings.
Who’s speaking? Ma’am, I can’t tell you my name…
But I can definitely tell you that I study in 7th standard.
Really? Tell me about your heart’s feelings.
Ma’am, if a student truly loves you then?
There is nothing wrong.
But this is the age for studies only.
Ma’am, studies can be continued later.
But what about true love?
Child, there is a huge age difference between you and me.
These things should never be discussed with your teacher.
Okay, Ma’am.
If I tell you that student’s name is Binnu, then?
Oh… What happened to him? go and pick him up.
Tidda… what happened to you?
What happened to Tidda?
Brother, I think he’s fainted. get up. he’s fainted.
We need to bring him to the hospital, let’s go.
But brother, what about your exam?
The exam isn’t more important than him.
Hello… Hello.
Got screwed.
Bro, Tidda got injured.
Bro got screwed.
Let’s go.
Luckily you brought him on time.
If you’d have been late for 5 more minutes, the case could have been worse.
Doctor, my Tidda will be absolutely fine right?
Let him wake up, then only I can tell you something about it.
I praise the true Lord.
Bless him with good health.
Tidda, are you okay?
Is it your 10th’s exam day right?
You’re more important than exams.
Even though I clear my exams still won’t get the position of a DC.
10th pass are eligible to get a DC position?
How do I know?
But your father has made a decision right?
That you must pass 10th standard.
You’re in a huge loss just because of me.
What kind of loss? I actually saved some self-respect.
I wasn’t even able to pass 10th standard, it was just father’s stubbornness.
Otherwise, I’d not have gone to school.
Our school’s result is quite good at this time.
All of the students passed with good marks except for 1 or 2 students.
But I’m thinking…
What about Binny’s result?
Binny’s result ? is there such a student who passes without giving exams?
You tell me now, what do you mean?
I mean that unworthy student didn’t even give the exams.
I knew that he is very jolly, but he will be absent on exam’s day…
I never thought of it. Ma’am.
An unworthy student like Binnu should always fail. right?
Am I right Sir? Right.
Hello… Are you Khunkhar Singh?
Yes, Khunkhar Singh speaking.
Hello Sir, Hello.
I’m Komal, Binnu’s teacher.
Yes, Ma’am. tell me. Sir, I wanted to ask you that…
Where is Binnu?
Where’d Binnu gone? at home only.
Enjoying on father’s wealth.
He’s unworthy. Sir, today is a parent’s teacher’s meeting.
And, you have to visit the school.
What? Alright. Bye.
Take it. I already have one.
I’ve hired Donkeys.
I’m going inside a school, it’s not good to bring a gun along.
Hold it.
Hello Ma’am, Hello.
I’m Khunkhar Singh F/O Binnu.
Who are you to Binnu?
Daddy. Binny’s Daddy.
Alright. I want to talk to you about Binnu.
No problem. tell me anything about him.
Sir Binnu isn’t unworthy, he’s is worthy.
Yes yes, I know all these good things about him.
I admit that he’s the jolly type of guy.
But he’s good at heart.
Yes. I know him very well.
But Sir I want to ask you one thing, why didn’t he come for the exam?
Ma’am, even he’d have come for exam still he’d not be able to clear it.
No. 1 unworthy.
And Sir, Binnu is a huge problem for the entire school.
A huge problem.
He himself doesn’t know anything and doesn’t let other students study as well.
The whole day just copying other students, Ma’am he couldn’t even have cleared by copying the exam.
And Yes.
Must have the sense to copy others, that Binnu doesn’t have.
Why hopeless?
You made me feel shameful in front of your teachers.
This what you study here?
You were betting that I will study and clear 10th standard.
Do you know what they say?
That you’re an unworthy student.
Doesn’t even know how to copy.
Must have the sense to copy. that’s what I had to hear because of you.
Parminder Kaur, this what you’ve given me… left behind for me.
Why don’t you say something?
Son, what happened?
Why do you cry? at least say something.
What? Hey.
Tears in my son’s eyes.
Tell me who made you cry?
Don’t call me a don if I don’t take out his eyes and present in front of you.
Ma’am is getting married.
Ma’am is getting married!
Hey Rascal.
Is it a matter of love?
Tell me.
If yes…
It won’t work like that.
Be a lover boy. Punjabi Loverboy.
You’re a son of Don.
That’s like my boy.
Well done my lion.
Another problem.
Yes. Where is Binnu?
Now, what has he done?
He saved my son’s life instead of giving his exam. I want to thank him.
He’s a kind person.
He’s absent today, you can confirm from inside. Alright.
How are you?
Tomorrow is my wedding day.
Join in.
I will not call you again and again.
Let’s have some fun. get in the car. leave me.
Hey, where are you taking me?
Don’t touch my ears.
How dared you to marry a girl from our city?
She is your sister-in-law.
I quit bad habits just because of her.
But now I think… Brother… have to kill one more person. Brother.
Brother, I didn’t know anything about it. why would I do it knowingly?
Please leave me. I’m the only son of my parents.
What do you mean?
You’re very special, is it?
Sorry, bro, I didn’t mean to say that.
I don’t even understand that why do you guys come to India to get married.
50% of boys started listening to sad songs.
The phone is ringing.
His phone’s ringing right?
Yes brother, give it to me.
Hello… Helloo..ugh.
Talk to her. Hello.
Yes, dear Komal.
Brother-in-law, where are you?
Sorry, I’m not interested in this marriage.
I’m not joking. I won’t marry. what are you saying?
it’s a no from my side.
I won’t marry. no means no. do whatever you can. alright, bro?
Very good.
Aw, my good boy.
Go and make some tea for him.
Very brave.
Who’s calling?
What? Ma’am is calling me is there anything wrong.
Hello Ma’am.
Hello Binnu, till now I’ve never asked for any favor from you.
Because I never wanted you to do any kind of illegal thing.
But today I’m helpless.
Ma’am just order me, I will spread dead bodies for you.
Not dead bodies, looking for an alive guy.
Don’t worry I will bring 50 boys.
Today he was supposed to get engaged to my sister.
That Rascal ran away at the main time. he cheated.
And now I won’t forgive him.
Okay, tell me.
Ma’am, what did you say just now?
My sister and him.
Oh… so it’s your sister’s engagement, not yours right?
Are you drunk again?
I told you right, my sister’s and him.
Okay, Ma’am.
Your work will be done.
Just suppose it’s done.
Just suppose, we’ve brought him to you.
He will be right in front of you.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you, Ma’am.
I didn’t do anything. You rascals.
There’s one more problem.
We’ve to release him.
Look, bro…
I request you that…
To whom you’re getting engaged…
She’s the younger sister of Ma’am.
I’m into Ma’am only, I thought you’re getting engaged with Ma’am.
So, bro, you’ve to go to their house.
You’ll go, right ? no bro, I won’t go.
Yes. try to understand this.
You’ve to go.
Boys, bring some golgappas for him.
Feed some golgappas to my little boy.
Very good. go and bring.
Once again welcome all of you to the Voice of Punjab.
And now our 5th contestant Maninder Singh is going to perform.
Where were you? why took too long to come?
Some family issues.
Wear this dress.
I will change. but Surveen, I want to tell you something.
You can tell me later, now go and just concentrate on singing.
“I love you.”
Oh… what? concentrate on singing.
I’m talking something very important but you’re talking about singing.
Ugh… now why making me feel emotional. I heard what you’ve said.
now concentrate on your performance first.
But at least answer me.
Girl, you ignore me every day.
When I see you, I get excited.
Yes to No or it’s a reply for to purpose?
Yes Yes.
Now just go and perform.
“I am nothing.”
“Without you.”
“Oh Beloved, what is life without you ?”
“Oh, Beloved, Of my life…”
“Oh Beloved, The pages were blank of my life”
“Whosoever I’m today, it’s just because of you.”
“Even you’re in a crowd of people, my eyes still finds you.”
“If my eyes can’t see you then heart gets nervous.”
“Even you’re in a crowd of people, my eyes still finds you.”
“If my eyes can’t see you then my heart gets nervous.”
“Don’t get lost somewhere, I’ve killed myself and found you.”
“Whosoever I’m today, it’s just because of you.”
“Oh Beloved, the pages were blank of my life.”
“Whosoever I’m today, it’s just because of you.”
Now the wait is over.
So now, the winner of the voice of Punjab is…
Any guesses?
Ya, it’s JJ.
JJ. Yeah.
[ Mix of noises ]
Wait a minute.
Before you tell me something…
I want to thank you for bringing back my brother-in-law.
Don’t thank…
It’s my duty though.
Ma’am… are you drunk?
Had two pegs.
Need to talk to you about something very important.
If it’s important, why had to drink?
I was so nervous.
Just wanted to say that…
Ma’am, I love you.
I’m seriously saying that.
I love you. Hmm…
I’d have believed you if you weren’t drunk.
Ma’am, This Punjabi boy isn’t afraid of anyone that these three words are very difficult to speak.
Look Binnu, you’re a very nice person.
But I don’t look good beside you.
You’ll find a better girl then me. No…
Don’t say that Ma’am, it’s very wrong. This Punjabi boy…
Has already fallen in love with you.
Actually, I didn’t want to tell you that…
I’ve got lots of approaches before.
And they asked for a huge dowry.
Now I don’t believe in marriage and all.
Ma’am, no matter what.
You’re still unmarried right.
even the whole world might have approached you.
This Punjabi boy will marry you, I’m telling you that.
I love you, Ma’am, seriously I love you.
Crazy you.
Stupid go back home, we’ll talk tomorrow.
Ma’am, I truly love you.
What kind of number is this?
It’s not Punjab’s number nor Anywhere else from India.
Don’t know which state is it from.
Which country’s it can be. let’s pick up.
Who’s there?
From Heaven.
Why joking?
Watchful, Am I about to die?
It’s okay.
Let me speak to her.
Oh, Darling, it’s me.
Parminder, finally you’re in heaven.
That means you’re finally in heaven.
That’s good that you are in peace. you were used to disturbing me at night for no reason.
You know that I’ve done everything on my own even when I was alive.
If I was depended on you, couldn’t have died as well.
I even had to work hard to come to heaven.
Let it be.
Are you happy?
Completely happy, now our house is also like heaven.
Yes. both of your sons are well settled.
I know that.
I’ve done all that.
Not you.
Just remember that…
I’m keeping an eye on you from heaven too.
Be a good man.
Be happy always.
What am I seeing…
The movie name is oh my father.
The movie name should have kept as oh my mother.
I’ll call the neighbors right away.
“Before you created a scene by wearing a tight shirt.”
“Before you created a scene by wearing a tight shirt.”
“Keep destroying the youngsters.”
“You (Naked sword) chopped the heart again.”
“Now you made the boys crazy with the narrow dress.”
“Purposely bites the red lips with white teeth.”
“Purposely bites the red lips with white teeth.”
“After teasing the Punjabi boys now hiding in your friends.”
“After teasing the Punjabi boys now hiding in your friends.”
“Hey, just dance with us, will throw the money over you.”
“Now you made the boys crazy with the narrow dress.”
“Now you made the boys crazy with the narrow dress.”
“O girl, you’re so new like a new notebook of mathematics.”
“Your body parts are too white and soft like butter.”
“O girl, you’re so new like a new notebook of mathematics.”
“Your body parts are too white and soft like butter.”
“Cheeks are red like pomegranate.”
“Now you made the boys crazy with your narrow dress.”

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