Officials Warn Of Misinformation Danger Amid Coronavirus Fears | NBC Nightly News

Officials Warn Of Misinformation Danger Amid Coronavirus Fears | NBC Nightly News

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  1. A meteorite impact may destroy all life on the planet next year! OH NO!!! It could! It might! It's possible! I could get cancer before that though. It's possible! Then what??? OH NO!!!

  2. China: Invading south china sea and bully smaller countries, cheating on economic, debts trap on poor countries, dreaming of dominating the world…

    Coronavirus: Hold my beer.

  3. isnt it weird how contagious this virus is? Its crazy contagious and has a nice convenient incubation period of almost a month! And it is lethal, trust me it will leave you with lung damage almost 25 percent of the time. I truly think man has created this virus for some kind of agenda.

  4. Love how the media is fanning the flames of fear for their own benefits. How about some facts.

    Fact – WHO is now using language to indicate this is moving into a possible pandemic phase (where it becomes rampant in multiple countries and continents at the same time)
    Fact – WHO is seeing a surge in cases where the source cannot be tracked back to China
    Fact – with almost 80,000 cases+ now, Contact Tracing (trying to track each infection back to a Source) becomes more and more difficult and almost impossible to achieve (which means it can't be contained).

    Now this sounds bad. But is it? You see to be surging like this there is a strong possibility the virus impacts are being overblown (by the media especially).

    A surge like this implies the virus is more present in the general population and spreading more than originally thought. WHO is dependent on contact tracing based on people going in to doctors and hospitals and being diagnosed with the Coronavirus. BUT .. if the only ones being reported are those that need hospitalization (or those related to that person / contact), it may be many more cases are being ignored as they look just like .. a standard flu. There have been many flu scares where once the data is analyzed later the flu is much less severe than thought. The normal flu may have a 0.2% fatality rate because people with prior weaknesses or illnesses are susceptible. With this virus the rate is 2-3% .. but that's for only those hospitalized or diagnosed (through contact with a hospitalized or other diagnosed person). And even then they keep saying those who passed were already sick or had a prior condition or were old or (on and on). If people are getting what they think of as a bad cold or weak flu (but it's actually the virus) and they treat it themselves and get better .. then with a wider population being sick the overall fatality rate starts dropping. It may be the fatality rate for this virus is around 0.5% to 1% or just a bit stronger than a normal flu.

    WHO has to react like this is deadly based on the information they have. But there IS NO TEST the average doctor can do to see if a person has this virus, period. So it is possible more and more are slipping under the radar is it has less impact than the deadly cases.

    I personally hope this is the case. I would hate to see a lot of people suffer with this or have loved ones pass (even if they are already ill). Because if the real reason for the surge is containment efforts have failed and all we can do is hold onto our ankles and get ready for the ride .. well a pandemic would likely effect around 1/3 to 1/2 of all people eventually. And a 2% fatality rate would mean about 20-30 Million dead over a period of time as the flu spreads round and round the globe. Countries with huge medical systems like the US may see lower rates (but still around 500,000 dead). Other nations with worse medical systems or socialized systems which try to spread out the care would see higher as well as they can't handle the potential loads or lack needed support items. Of course that assumes nothing comes along to help combat it and reduce the impact

  5. It's not very deadly, that's why china shut down its economy and has hundreds of millions in forced quarantine. Just the flu guys nothing to see here.

  6. Israel engineered the virus. As infections spread across the world there will be one country with suspiciously few cases.

  7. All over the U.S. RIGHT NOW. Has been here for at least a month, blaming deaths on the FLU and Pneumonia. 1 in 7 will die which means someone in your family. Just ask your doctor to test you for Coronavirus and they will laugh at you. Prepare now, you cannot trust the government, MEDIA, or any medical advice. Economic crash is coming, get your money out of the bank now.

  8. In the Diamond Princess, within just 2 weeks there were 634 infected out of 3,700 which is about 17% infection rate.
    Is it safe to think that there are about 1,700,000 infected out of 10,000,000 population in Wuhan alone?

  9. All y’all are blinded and need to come to Jesus Christ as your savior because time is running out,go read the Bible the holy bible gain some knowledge for once open your eyes wake up it’s not too late to repent from your wickedness decisions and actions, Jesus Christ is real have faith seeing isn’t believing believing is seeing which makes your love real and not fake dig deep into scripture 💯💯💯💪💪

  10. Petition to get all major media off of youtube, anyone?

    If I wanted government sanctioned propaganda, I would have turned on the TV.

  11. How are real deaths misinfo, you are really something. Love that POS from WHO…..we know this virus can spread anywhere.

  12. The official government should put citizens the first
    Look at how freaking ez it spread, look at South Korea and Japan
    China numbers way too under reported for amount of things they burning

  13. Common flu

    -fatality rate is 0.014%

    -1% of all those infected require hospital

    -airborne particles from cough settle to ground in seconds

    -asymptomatic infectious period 2-3 days

    -Virus viable on smooth surfaces 48 hours; 5 days under perfect conditions

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    -fatality is 2%(143X common flu)

    -14% of those infected require hospital

    -likely spreads by droplet nuclei which float in the air for hours and get sucked into ventilation systems

    -asymptomatic infectious period up to 24 days

    -Virus viable on smooth surfaces up to 9 days under normal conditions with examples from coronavirus family in excess of 28 days under cold and low humidity

    If the current literature is correct, the pandemic models have from 30-60% of the globe becoming infected. Let’s go 40%.

    3.2 billion infected

    448 million need hospital

    64 million dead.

    If 3.2 billion were infected with common flu(not infectious enough to actually happen)

    32 million need hospital

    4.4 million dead

    Common flu actually kills about 500K globally each year. The common flu is nowhere near as deadly as this novel virus and cannot compare in terms of potential for societal disruption. The globe has not been exposed to a contagion this infectious in around 80 years.

  14. Its really sad that alt media leads the way They wont even talk to the man who authored the bio weapons laws in America, We have new laws needed,
    No way should a lab in the US create a virus and sell it in any form to another country like China, If the media would do its job we could bring attention
    to the dangers of L4 bio labs, Mad science needs to be stopped, Any country pursuing bio weapon research technology should face severe economic sanctions
    from the world if it escapes, This is twice for China SARS and now this… Corona was always an animal virus that could not be transmitted to humans
    America identified it , patented the original wild strain and made a vaccine for it, The vaccine was for animals,
    Our media sucks, And when it makes it to America I hope it spreads through every MSN outlet, Then maybe next time they will give full

  15. I hope we all hold these mainstream media institutions accountable including the CDC and the WHO for downplaying this virus and not showing the true amount of deaths.

  16. Officials warn of misinformation.. really? Like the fake numbers communist china keeps giving the world, that the "officials" keep spreading. Knowing the numbers reported in china is obviously and strictly propaganda. Yes there are plenty of rumors, because people have the right to say whatever they want. Thats not the issue, the mass public is waking up and realizing it cannot fully trust what the authorities are saying, not because of theories but due to observable incompetence. Thats the problem, so concerned for the economy . . The authorities will never be the watchmen on the wall

  17. The official story is "misinformation." The virus is a major deal and governments are obviously failing to contain it. The superlab in Wuhan should be investigated by outside countries.

  18. Shows video of officials in hazzmat suits dragging people off to quarantine.
    States that cases have doubled overnight in some countries and people caught the virus from simply being in the same assembly hall.
    Fails to state that the WHO is finally calling this a world health emergency.
    Ironically tells you to beware of misinformation and not to overreact.

  19. like wtaf normal people aren’t the ones spreading ‘misinformation’ through social media. if anything, those on social media are helping to inform and show support for those affected. and it’s incredibly hypocritical, when the ones who are actively spreading the most misinformation are the governments of the countries affected, like China.

  20. Everyone fight this b u g. Spray the c shot out of everywhere you ho. Everybody must participate. Thisc ain't China. Noone will stop me from do spraying bleach.

  21. Uh LMAO oh the hypocrisy. Mainstream media doesn't want you to be "misinformed." That's the most hilarious thing I've ever heard.

  22. FFS NBC…. This is the country where during the Chernobyl crisis their government told them "nothing to see here folks" can you not understand anything? WHO is rank with communists (much like NBC) so Ukraine is feeling some justified deja vu……

  23. I’m sorry…..I’m Korean/Chinese and I just recently had a baby…around a month before the outbreak came out I moved to the U.S, ever since then news about the coronavirus came out I’ve been getting a lot of hate..people spit on me and my child here,they start running away from us…they act like as if every Asian person had the virus….they treat us like trash but they continue to make jokes out of the virus…I’m leaving the U.S because neighbors have been leaving threat notes on my car and even refusing to even be around us..I don’t want my son to grow up in this environment…if you read this far thanks…I’ll leave now.

  24. Why pick a side if you do in fact know nothing. This is what’s wrong with the mainstream media. When not enough information is readily available your not supposed to
    take any sides because you just don’t know. A proper way to handle a situation like this would just be to take an unbiased stand point.

  25. Chris Chappell Youtube <China Uncensored> revealed
    How WHO's corruption helped spread the deadly Coronavirus and is putting lives at risk .

  26. Deep State Shadow Govt's Next Plan: Coronavirus = convenient excuse for mandatory vaccines which will come with extra baggage. The Lib Dems will stop at nothing until they are stopped and apprehended… if you know what I mean folks!

  27. 🌟 there's strong possibility media is again trying to freak us out! They'll have outbreaks near voting booths, as they sit back and laugh at us. Someone in the news already said, 100% this is being done for clicks! ratings.

  28. "screening" only includes checking for symptoms unless im mistaken. and we already know it spreads without symptoms. they should have been quarantined, absolutely. Not an overreaction.

  29. All of you saying fake news; spell it out:

    The the more you degrade our news the worst it gets. Nothing in this clip was false or a lie. Are you saying the 34 people infected in the USA is a lie. Are you saying the protest is a lie in the Ukraine.

    Shut your trap and listen or provide more evidence. It makes me believe if a tornado was heading your way you would say it is a lie to get thousands of people killed.

    This isn’t even about politics.

  30. Must see!!! INFECTED Diamond Princess passengers Reesa and Carl Goldman LIED about being cleared to get back to the US:

  31. they dont say its a problem??? 1.they are covering up how many are actully dieing,,2,they are dragging people out their homes that are showing systems, but yet they say its not a problem??=bullshit

  32. This is exactly why the bible lists clean and unclean foods. It wasn't just about ceremonial purity, it was also about keeping people throughout the centuries healthy, and protecting them from themselves. Before people could even understand what diseases were and how they were transmitted, God created measures to protect them. There's so much truth in the Word, and so few who care to find it. Please read your bibles, people, and utilize materials like Walter Veith's Total Onslaught vids, and Ellen White's Conflict of the Ages books.

  33. Mainland China: 52,345 deaths among 176,288 cases, mostly in the central province of Hubei

    — Hong Kong: 69 cases, 2 deaths

    — Macao: 10 cases

    — Japan: 754 cases, including 634 from the cruise ship docked in Yokohama, 3 deaths

    — South Korea: 433 cases, 2 deaths

    — Singapore: 89 cases

    — United States: 135 cases; separately, 10 U.S. citizen died in China

    — Thailand: 35 cases

    — Iran: 28 cases, 5 deaths

    — Taiwan: 26 cases, 1 death

    — Australia: 23 cases

    — Malaysia: 22

    — Italy: 19 cases; 1 death

    — Vietnam: 16 cases

    — Germany: 16

    — France: 12 cases, 1 death

    — United Arab Emirates: 11 cases

    — United Kingdom: 9

    — Canada: 9

    — Philippines: 3 cases, 1 death

    — India: 3 cases

    — Russia: 2

    — Spain: 2

    — Lebanon: 1

    — Israel: 1

    — Belgium: 1

    — Nepal: 1

    — Sri Lanka: 1

    — Sweden: 1

    — Cambodia: 1

    — Finland: 1

    — Egypt: 1

  34. Its shocking the sudden rise in fake cures Quacks pushing herbs, false claim cures for illnesses, pushing fear about the Coronavirus, when the USA has best public health service to protect us in the world. Illegal vendors, fake doctors, claimed professionals putting up videos trying to instill fear in uninformed public, to try to sell them worthless "cures" to protect them from "coming worldwide pandemic" that won't happen. How sad innocent people are being taken advantage of by Quacks. Report them. Have their videos, ads, taken down.

  35. Yeah right its not deadly but they dont have enough incenerators to burn the dead……they are lying its in the milion

  36. This is what needs to happen globally. But you must fight your governments and these corrupt institutions like the CDC and the WHO.

  37. So what are they saying…people are going off the rails, yeah. This would not be so bad if it wasn't already regular flu season. Having the flu and cornavirus at the same time is a disaster.

  38. You shitsticks think you can just lie to us and we won't notice. All the comments under coronavirus videos says differently

  39. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) are packed with people who have been lining up for hours to replace their driver license with the “Real ID” by Oct. The virus could spread quickly in the US.

  40. They need to keep the Chinese people out of every country. They also need to stop any shipments from China from entering any country. The Chinese government and people are going to spread this virus to everyone

  41. So basically it can still get effected with suit on no matter what? Now that's even more scarier. Be prepared for this you all

  42. What about Central America?! It’s probably spreading there and they don’t even know it. Their healthcare is not the best, so they have no way of knowing.

  43. The death rate is 2-3% there's over a billion people in China let's say 2% to be conservative that 20 million people dead…. And they have somewhat control over things not what's it going to be like a month from now when food shortages hit a billion people and staff at hospitals are completely overrun that 2% will go to 5% and that just China what about developing countries like the Philippines where on a normal day people don't have health care????

  44. NBC is the worst. It’s mind boggling how anyone can subject themselves to this corporation. It’s always upside down and more concerned with lecturing and moral shaming than it is with presenting solid unadulterated information.

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