Official Trailer | Season 1 | STAR

[music playing]
since Star was little,
she believed her
name was who she was.
[music playing]
[camera shutter clicking]
But I told her, fame is a trip.
It ain’t love like a
lot of people think.
[camera shutter clicking]
But she wouldn’t listen.
[music playing]
through six foster families
in the last two years.
You’re a thief, habitual liar.
You think it’s any
easier on the outside?
Do you even have anywhere to go?
[music playing]
First thing I’m going to
do is go get my sister.
It took five years for
your ass to show up.
You used to say we were
going to be famous.
You still sing?
Yeah I still sing.
I got a plan.
[music playing]
I met this girl on Instagram.
She grew up in foster care.
And everything she’s been
through is in her voice.
And we need to
get in the studio.
So you want me to open up your
trust fund for some white trash
you met on the internet.
I need to make music
that feeds my soul.
Damn girl.
You’re straight off
of a page of Vogue.
[music playing]
We’re going to
start in Atlanta.
Where we going to live?
There’s this lady
named Miss Carlotta.
She’s been writing
letters to social services
saying she’s our godmother.
She’s been looking for you
and your sister a long time.
[music playing]
(SINGING) Because just
when I was about to give up,
I heard Jesus say, Jesus said,
change your tone one day.
[music playing]
We heard Atlanta has
a crazy music scene.
And we’re starting a girl group.
Your mother and I
had the same dream.
I’m trying to keep
you from getting hurt.
I can’t get hurt any more.
You know exactly what
I’ve been through.
[music playing]
(SINGING) I bring me.
Get my, about my, go hard.
The minute I heard
that girl sing,
it made me feel we got the
makings of a super group.
(SINGING) It is what you see.
And I bring, I bring me.
Stay away from those girls.
[music playing]
(SINGING) Who shot ya?
Who knocked ya?
We gotta stick together.
[inaudible] these people,
they don’t know anything.
-We’re going to slay today.
-Yeah we are.
My butt looks good.
It does.
(SINGING) I can be a
soldier, I can be the king.
I can be the President,
get someone to sing.
I can be a hip-hop
bullet-proof vest.
I can be a tattoo
bleeding on your chest.
[music playing]

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