Official Trailer | Season 1 | STAR

Official Trailer | Season 1 | STAR

[music playing] CARLOTTA (VOICEOVER): Ever
since Star was little, she believed her
name was who she was. [music playing] [cheering] [camera shutter clicking] But I told her, fame is a trip. It ain’t love like a
lot of people think. [camera shutter clicking] But she wouldn’t listen. [music playing] JUANITA (VOICEOVER): You went
through six foster families in the last two years. You’re a thief, habitual liar. You think it’s any
easier on the outside? Do you even have anywhere to go? [music playing] First thing I’m going to
do is go get my sister. It took five years for
your ass to show up. You used to say we were
going to be famous. You still sing? Yeah I still sing. I got a plan. [music playing] I met this girl on Instagram. She grew up in foster care. And everything she’s been
through is in her voice. And we need to
get in the studio. So you want me to open up your
trust fund for some white trash you met on the internet. I need to make music
that feeds my soul. Damn girl. You’re straight off
of a page of Vogue. [music playing] We’re going to
start in Atlanta. Where we going to live? There’s this lady
named Miss Carlotta. She’s been writing
letters to social services saying she’s our godmother. She’s been looking for you
and your sister a long time. [music playing] (SINGING) Because just
when I was about to give up, I heard Jesus say, Jesus said,
change your tone one day. [music playing] We heard Atlanta has
a crazy music scene. And we’re starting a girl group. Your mother and I
had the same dream. I’m trying to keep
you from getting hurt. I can’t get hurt any more. You know exactly what
I’ve been through. [music playing] (SINGING) I bring me. Get my, about my, go hard. The minute I heard
that girl sing, it made me feel we got the
makings of a super group. (SINGING) It is what you see. And I bring, I bring me. Stay away from those girls. [music playing] (SINGING) Who shot ya? Who knocked ya? We gotta stick together.
[inaudible] these people, they don’t know anything. -We’re going to slay today.
-Yeah we are. My butt looks good. It does. (SINGING) I can be a
soldier, I can be the king. I can be the President,
get someone to sing. I can be a hip-hop
bullet-proof vest. I can be a tattoo
bleeding on your chest. [music playing]

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  1. So glad there will be a season 2 & 3 😍. I never watch tv shows , movies listen to certain music because of the skin colors if it like or sound good Ima watch it and listen to it simple as that. Race will never be in my decisions .

  2. i hope the same people who were judging this show actually watch it now and feel dumb af. Everybody tried to make it about race but the show took a different direction. It isn't all focused on star even though they named it after her but they have so many plot twists that you wouldn't have known by the trailer. People should just stop judging by the trailer and actually watch before making a decision. I low key like this better than Empire. Y'all talking about how blacks are perceived on this show but the black lives on Star are way more relatable than Empire. How many of y'all came up off of selling dope and got rich and boujee??? Right. Quit hating without giving the shit a chance. i feel like this show is slept on too much for empire to get so much love yet this is made by the same man and this isn't even scraping the amount of views it gets

  3. Ryan aka Alex should be lead singer she has an excellent voice .Even Simone has a better voice than Star. I don't know what these people were thinking

  4. After actually watching the first season of Star, coming back to this trailer, and sorting through these comments it's pretty insane how wrong you all were. First off, the white girl isn't even the lead (although her ego has you convinced she is), yes the show is titled after her but her spotlight ends there. The black girl (Alex) is the one with the best voice, the most swag, the most rhythm, and she happens to mix and write all the songs. The spotlotlight is shared equally between all three girls and their voices are evenly showcased in every song, Simone and Alex sing lead just as much as Star. Star never once preaches to Alex about privilege, she tries but Alex quickly shuts her down and reminds her exactly what being a black woman in America entails, becuause yes, there's a huge difference between a struggling white girl, still catering to privilege and a rich black girl who, in public is still regarded as a minority. Race relations are one of the shows biggest topics which is why a white woman is featured so heavily, so there are different perspectives.

  5. So much hate toward a white lead. The storyline is perfect and the story makes sense. They're mother was a junkie which many white females are, had a child of some decent and a biracial child black and white. They have beautiful voices as their mother did before them. A black girl with a drunk mother and a rockstar father grew up with her father hoping to have her lead a life he didn't have. With her father musical jeans as well she contact the white girl (star) and they eventually become a group with her sister (Simone). In reality there's lots of white mothers who are junkies and black men are great musicians so both of their backgrounds make sense. The lead only is lead because she's white and has the background of more of the hood mentality which most see as a shocker.

  6. Jesus and the heavenly angels are about to bring the end to Satan's wicked world including the entertainment industry shortly and 7 billion judged wicked will be destroyed at Armageddon and Jehovah God won't feel sorry to see the wicked gone forever even those in the satanic entertainment industry-Matt 24:14,15,21,29-31,36-39;Matt 25:46; Psalms 37:10;Jer 25:33;Rev 16:14,16;Ezek 3:17-21;Ezek 7:3,4. Those slained will not be remembered in Jehovah's new world on a paradise earth-Rev 21:1-5

  7. Woww people are actually complaining because the only seemingly white girl in this is the lead? The rest are either black or of other race… people need to stop making everything about race ffs

  8. Hello Starshine answer with your stupid self because you need y'all start and I'm watching you right now so get out star and stop making it

  9. I'm going on vacation and I understand that you have a great time and I understand that you r beens and u try I have ye but I have been trying for a while now we have a eursydydjj visit with your

  10. Y'all are bitching about the lead being white and black people getting pushed to the sides, yet literally 85% of the main cast is non-white (Star, Hunter and Hunter's mom being the only white main cast members). Besides, if you actually watched the show you'd realize that it touches on soooo many important issues like racial injustice, domestic violence, drug abuse and how being transgender affects the person's relationships with other people. It is so raw, so real and I bet if you could look past the lead actress being white you would actually enjoy the show.

  11. "I can't get hurt anymore" That's the most false thing I've ever heard. I wish I could say that, it seems like all I do is get hurt. My suffering isn't over yet

  12. Its almost 2018 and im just looking at all these comments talking bout how bad the show is gonna after its premiere and how having a white lead isn’t believable (as if white people cant have a bad background or experiences 😒) and im like but this show is great and going on season soooooo….

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  14. How to get away with murder, Undercover, Luther, Empire, Quantico, Black-ish, That's so Raven, (Orange is the new black) and more.

  15. For those who are on the app called Amino, here is the official Star community

  16. hey star adem maroon 5 all alone right now are. we do what sing fist sing ok with you not do know tall you are ok

  17. Im sick and tired of these idiots saying they are not gonna watch the show because the lead is white. So what? Like that doesn't mean the show is bad. Its actually really good and has more action and stuff then you think. There is murder, fighting, drama and more. You say "white people don't experience discrimination because of their colour. Yes they do! In the show the white girl (star) is discrminated cause of her colour countless times. In real life too. Things have changed, people make fun of people cause they are white ALLL THE TIME. You might say "oh this person is only saying it cause they are white" im black. Im Jamaican my parents are, basically my whole family is. this is ridiculous everyone is equal and the colour of the leads skin shouldn't determine if the show is good or bad.

  18. The show that started it all..inspired me to get back on my grind. It’s come so far, I wasn’t sure it would make it to season 2 and here we are in the middle of season 3

  19. Star don’t even look full white to me.. i was hellla confuse when they called her racial names😭.. she looks light skin/mixed to me!

  20. Been here since day one when I first kept seeing this trailer on tv when I was 19☝️ years go by so fast, this the type of show my future daughters are going to see when they are 19 too ❤️ I love this show

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