100 thoughts to “Nunes drops a bombshell, reacts to reports of Russia trying to help Trump”

  1. The Deep State, demonic Democrats, the entrenched swamp, big tech and corrupt media have done more than Russia could ever do to destabilize American democracy and disinform voters to sway election results. From James Howard Kunstler's blog re NYT article on Russia's plan to interfere in 2020 elections: "The true wonder is the Times' poverty of imagination, reviving a tattered cockamamie story that bombed abjectly the first time around. I suppose, in a culture addicted to stupid sequels, they expect Robert Mueller will be called back on-duty to sort this one out like he did so nicely before."

    How dumb do they think Americans are to think that they would buy into the Russian Hoax a second time around? Incredible.

  2. Devin Nunes is trying to shoot bats out of the sky at night. Spinning in circles in the dark throwing shots at anything that moves. He’s on track to self destruct for hitching his wagon to Trump.

  3. Russia wants America to have a strong economy…rebuilt military…your 401 k to be maxing out..border wall to keep bad hombres out…so thanks Russia…for helping or economy…🇺🇸😅🤔🥳🙆‍♂️

  4. This was one of the worst interviews I have ever seen. The woman really had no idea what to say to nunes and he had very little worth saying.

  5. Democrats claim Russia helped elect Trump in 2016, they claim Russia is helping to elect Trump in 2020. Did Russia help elect Democrats in 2018 to take over the House? Notice the Deep State Democrats and the Media Industrial Complex only scream "Russia" when they are on the losing end.

  6. Yes Nancy your right the Russians want Trump to win the 2020 election…because America being better benefits who really…🤔

  7. russia hoax 2.0 .. cause russia hoax 1.0 did work… idiots keep making the same mistake and expecting different results.

  8. "The same old, same old" is Democrats accusing Republicans of precisely what Democrats are guilty of. Makes it so easy to know what they're up to – they plainly tell us! 😂

  9. Nunes's so called "guy's" are just doing there critical CIA. FBI & NSA honerable job's, preserving & protecting USA democracy.

  10. Nunes is right. Stop giving the newspapers carte blanche to print unsubstantiated lies that jeopardize national security and serve to undermine elections. Hold them to account and punish whoever is leaking classified information or lies related to classified information. Let the courts sort it out.

  11. The democrats keep saying that the Russians are trying to
    influence our elections. Maybe so, it looks as though they have convinced the
    democrats that socialism is a good thing and the Dems have a bolshevik as their leading candidate.

  12. oh god….you had to show Pelosi the rippers face…we need an age limit. Senile people cannot hold postions in govt omg! Shes bat sh*t crazy.

  13. The Democrats' actions appear to be such that they WANT Trump to win, so they can blame some entity other than themselves for their loss, thus gaining the presumed sympathy of those who would be mindless enough to believe such a ruse. Apparently, they really do not have any objective values to offer anyone, only the ad hominem character assassination in hopes of leading others into the hell of their own collective narcissistic disorder. President Trump is courageously playing a shadow-boxing game to expose the covert shadow lurkers who react to his antics like reptilians whose ability to respond with intelligent gravitas is sorely lacking.

  14. Yes Nancy Pelosi, the evidence is there…what evidence?
    May be you should call Robert Mueller and ask him to run another investigation about the
    “Russian collusion”, in order to waste more of the American tax payers money.
    You and your Democrat cronies are truly desperate.

  15. Yes do bring on Russia Don't you need to be riding Bill Barr and asking him where is the big time charges you have been talking about ? Get off Russia , Russia will do what they have always done and there is nothing we can do about it . WHY REHASH SOMETHING THAT HAS BEEN PUT TO REST . I WANT TO KNOW WHO WILL BILL BARR TURN LOSE THE NEXT GO AROUND <><~~

  16. Never have I ever seen this much BullS—t during an election year!! Here we go again with these “leaks” from a uncover person or group spreading more stupid junk!! Why are all these people and their behind the scene “ leakers” are once again trying to cause more problems with the coming up presidential elections!! This is a real zoo full of nut cases!! Nancy and her buddy’s started this entire thing with her lies and her brain dead followers. Instead she and her” gang” were shown to be nothing but liars, cheats and her credibility is forever gone when mobster granny tore up Trump State of the Union speech!! She didn’t show strength she showed how much she hates Trump and everything about him. Well it backfired on this demwit!! And her cohorts in crime. She lost alot of credibility when she tore his speech up! The silly junk the Washington Post is spreading and of course good old CNN is ridiculous!! If Trump doesn’t want to show his tax returns why should he?? Obama didn’t show his birth certificate till he was in his final days of being President and he should have never been elected President since he was born in Kenya!! Did everyone get fired up over this?? No. He was President and I do believe all his pals knew he should not have even run for President since he wasn’t born in the US. If you people that hate Trump so much you’d love to see him fall off the face of the earth well you folks has a lot of explaining


  18. You can tell these news sources are proDemocrat, the truth doesn't matter to either one. Good luck in court Devin.Trump 2020!

  19. I'm a conservative, Christian Republican. All this bad news against Putin is propaganda. Putin has brought the abortion rate down in his country as well as the suicide rate down, and alcoholism has gone down 80%. A huge number of young adults and youth now consider themselves devout Christians. Homosexual marriage is against the law. Russia is lucky to have such an excellent leader as President Putin.


  21. Pelosi is a very stupid women and out of her stupid mind..l wonder what she'll do if it's almost election day like in November? I bet she's gonna get a heart attack..

  22. Pelosi makes my stomach turn. I am so sick of her lies about the President. Is she going to be so appalled when the illegal votes for Democrats are thrown out along with the graveyard vote? Yes she will be but only because that will show how drastic their losses will be. Nothing is Free People. Trust me accepting Bernie Sanders Socialist lies will hurt everyone in the end. He hasn't been doling out any of his millions toward the college students he claims to be so worried about or the homeless, or the poor imigrants. No he hasn't nor will he.

  23. Bernie Sanders is really a socialism..He talks about giving free stuffs to every body and alot of people are too greedy about free stuffs that wanted to vote for him..but he's gonna change later on and he will make the prices go up higher..like a box of soda will be like $29.99..That's what socialism is all about..And that is absolutely true even Biden too.. People just don't know about that and wanted to vote for those two.

  24. Why would Russia want Trump to be president? He has placed sanctions against them. Is the left really so stupid to think that makes sense? I bet most leftards didn't even realize we have placed and have endorse sanctions against Russia. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE ELECTED DEMOCRATS SAY!!! this is not rocket science!!!

  25. Intel agencies briefed senators that Russia is assisting Trump for 2020 yet you folks believe Nunes? You deserve the weakening of your country's security. Stupidity and intentional blindness shouldn't be rewarded. The Russians aren't coming, they're already here.

  26. Keep it up one day Russia might just give these loonies on the left a war, Notice no wars with any countries have popped up in 4 years under Trumps presidency. The left loves wars as its the biggest money maker, I feel like they want war with Russia. Keep provoking the bear and it will bite back.

  27. Wait! Is Putin paying us voters to vote one way or the other? If so where is my dam [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ι,οoο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅ ] check for 2016 & 2020?

  28. If that is true, it just proves that Putin has very good taste and very good judgement. He can tell the difference between a giant and bunch of squabbling midgets.

  29. Trump denied it the first time. What? He's going to admit it now? He was foiled with Ukraine, he'll take what he can get. What's puzzling is that McConnell hasn't made a move to prevent further intrusion in our elections from the Russians. Even though measures have been presented by the House.

  30. Russian helping Trump…. Russian helping Bernie…… russian helping Trump and Bernie ! russians are handy . anybody else needs some help from the russians ?

  31. Did the Russians help the DEMOCRATS win the house back in 2018?? Why didn't they stop that if they are so pro TRUMP?? If he's their boy, why did they allow him to be impeached by allowing the Democrats to win??? Asking for a friend. Why? Makes no sense people!

  32. The DNC is pissed that Sanders is leading their party right now so here they go! Time to bring out the Russia card!! GTFOOH!!!

  33. Funny how America is abscessed with outside influence on it election by feign powers , Yet guilty of the same offence all over the world, The biggest overseas country that influence Americas election is A.I.P.A.C but no one mentions IT!

    Learn basic, conversational manners before taking a job interviewing some of the most important people in the Nation.

  35. There are MILLIONS and Millions if not Billions of people across the Globe trying to influence the people to keep Trump keeping America great as it keeps other country's great as well. So every Country is in on the Conspiracy. Goodness.

  36. I will say that Nancy Pelosi is a liar,She is lieing to try to startup another impeachment and the people need to put a stop to it,Those that are starting this bull crap again the people need to physically remove them from congress

  37. Really yet again still the concept of the United States Constitution has not been violated and I'm not going to stand there or sit here and be dictated just cuz I do not vote Republican nor Democrat just cuz you do not like that my family has served in the military I believe in a free world but I do not believe in people getting more money or effort

  38. Democrats lying to you and stuffing propaganda down your throat is democracy, but Russians telling you the truth is treason. More nonsense by Democrats.

  39. Nunes won't sue anyone he lost a case on Friday and as usual he's full of it plus it probably was him your finished you washed up hack proven liar come and sue me

  40. Come on liberals the definition of insanity is doing the something over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

  41. I just read an article saying Putin wants Bernie to win. Just sayin' the Russians must have lots of popcorn and just must be totally enjoying the show.

  42. What happened when Eric Holder said on national television “I’m The Presidents Wingman, so when he wants me to look into something or someone that’s what I do”

  43. It doesn't matter what Nunez says he's going to be on the unemployment line real soon he's the type of person that'll probably work it Walmart are McDonald's then we'll see how he can live with a minimum wage job

  44. The reporting and analysis originates with Trump administration appointees so it is misleading to claim the substance is a politically motivated fiction invented by Dems. Regardless many below keep saying "hoax" even the Republicans (with the exception of the President) accept that there was interference by Russia in 2016 and Nunes says as much in this interview. If there was something favorable to Trump's narrative that could be leaked from the briefing do you think that would not have been? If it was would Nunes be going after the source of that leak hard? If you wanted Trump to win the election who of the Dem front-runners would you hope to emerge as the candidate who would most likely lose? Bernie would not be a bad option in that case. In any case the Russians will have achieved the end of increasing the divisions in US society. Maybe confidence in fair elections would be improved if, instead of blocking progress, Mitch McConnell allowed some of the bills put up by the "do nothing Dems" regarding foreign interference to go through to voting in the senate?

  45. The Democrats have cried wolf to many times nobody believes them they need to be arrested and removed from office and hanged for treason

  46. And Nancy is up to her repeated garbage, as usual. Way to Go Nunes, sue the hell out of the Washington Post… same as NY Times. I do want Bernie to win the DNC because only 51% of the dems are extremely left and come closer to socialist. So, for Donald J. Trump, you would take 100% of the Republicans, say 10% of the JFK style dems, and most of the Independants. Such a win! Same w Elizabeth Warren as the DNC winner. Even Grabby Joe because he is Creepy, always has his hands on little girls for photo ops, crowds, etc. Plus what has he done for America in the last 30 years of being a dem politician? Bloomberg is a cold fish and has done nothing but raised taxes in NY and banned large size cups at McDonalds. Give us a break! GO PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  47. Russia is outplaying America and Americans 6-0. While focus on the deliberately planted rumors and disinformation re Pres. Trump and Russia, the real Russian candidate who is a long term mole in America in plain sight, long term seed in the states, is Comrade Bernie…….
    Think America, think!

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