Number of COVID-19 cases in S. Korea reaches 156

Number of COVID-19 cases in S. Korea reaches 156

the number of coronavirus cases here in
South Korea is skyrocketing it reported 52 new cases today alone
for more we have our chat Jonghyun on the line for us so Jonghyun
where are these new cases 741 out of the 52 newly confirmed cases in South Korea
are in the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding towns on book two
province among these new cases 39 are tied to the
Shin taunted charge of Jesus which was visited by the country’s thirty first
confirmed patient but the number of cases is likely to search as some 500 of
those churchgoers are saying they have symptoms of the corona virus as
community based transmission is occurring in tegu the metropolitan city
government is postponing all events where many people are likely together
until March on top of that all day care centers in tegu are recommended to close
until further notice other regions have also reported new cases three in Seoul
two incomes and lambda province and one each in chungcheongnam-do
chungcheongbuk-do gyeonggi-do toll of two provinces wangju and teju well this
is causing a lot of concern indeed especially in Daegu now South Korea also
reported its first two coronavirus fatality yesterday tell us more about
that he was a 63 old man who had been
hospitalized hospitalized with schizophrenia in Songdo tanam hospital
for more than two decades he died after showing symptoms of pneumonia early
Wednesday but upon conducting an autopsy doctors discovered he had covered 19
experts say the mortality rate of the virus outside Wuhan is estimated to be
around point to 2.4 percent the Florida murders but higher than influenza
further deaths from kovat 19 are likely to occur over time in South Korea
especially if new cases continue to mount at the current rate back to you
Devon all right J Jonghyun thank you for that

80 thoughts to “Number of COVID-19 cases in S. Korea reaches 156”

  1. I think that the coronavirus can multiply in the sewage, and multiply in the rivers and seas, when we start to see fish and other marine animals killed on the shore, it will be too late.

  2. That report of first man dying sounds like the doctors n nurses around him might have it to cause that had to do autopsy to find out

  3. Take vitamin c and zinc or multivitamins and don't go out unless needed. If you ever go out then wear face mask and eye protection. Wash your hands with soap and water or disinfect with alcohol.

  4. I pray that SKs can be more transparent with the world as this unfolds, in comparison to their neighbors. They can give us the real numbers and the true rate of spread. S.K you must set a better example than China did, for the well-being of all. Please get well soon 🙏❤️ keep us up to date

  5. Moon puts more priority on winning elections than sending out the right information.
    We should not trust the Korean media.

  6. And now the next day we have about 158 more cases confirmed

    Are we still gonna be delusional and still compare it to the common flu?

  7. Let me give you guys a tip. If your outside do not breathe or inhale very hard. Just enough air to get in. This will minimize all air substance in your lungs. Avoid touching anything.

  8. I trust South Korea 100%. I know they will do their best for their citizens. Stay strong. The recovery rate is very good.

  9. Sleep is recommended and plenty of it to best build immunity.
    Along with a good diet and exercise.

    Burning essential oils such as Eucalyptus or Tea Tree in the office or home will eliminate 95% of viruses, bacteria and fungi if used in the right concentration.

    Suggest they be trialled in air-conditioning systems as well.
    Bleach on all hard surfaces…. its the best.
    Your call!

  10. I live in Daegu nobody is panicking here people are reasonable 50 cases out of 2.5 million and a 63 year old man dying is not that serious

  11. GcMaf and C60 would greatly boost the immune system if taken at this time amoungst other greatly beneficial effects This is being kept secret by pharmaceutical companies and governments.What an utter disgrace.

  12. The guidelines for preventing the spead of the virus should include advice to avoid shaking hands with other people. The hands can carry the virus; thus the advice to wash hands well. But if you shake hands with someone and unfortunately pick up the virus you will likely touch your mouth/nose/eyes with your hands before washing them. Shaking hands could be a factor in the virus spread among church groups.

  13. .2 -.4%? Lol? How long has it been since mass infection outside of China? Prolly not even enough for most people to show symptoms much less die from it. Wait a month and see then. And that's me imagining stuff based on the official metrics China decides to show, ignoring info about building multiple crematorium and detections of high concentrations of sulphuric acid was it I believe? Which is a sign of burning organic matter in huge amounts, allegedly.

  14. 한국인인데. 뭔말인지는 모르겠지만 신천지 잘못은 확실하다. 한국의 대구라는 도시가 비상에 걸렸다.

  15. Update 21,2.20
    Contracted the disease, 76,821
    Still infected

    Thanks for your updates 😉

  16. Tldr : This very sick old korean woman ‘believed’ that her ‘god’ will save her and went on to attend several church gatherings in daegu despite having multiple flu symptoms. Her fellow church members welcomed her virus laden body with open arms ‘believing’ too that their ‘god’ will protect them and they will never get the virus.

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