Now Live: Visions of N’Zoth

Now Live: Visions of N’Zoth

N’Zoth is out there
and we need answers now! We are doing all we can. By the light… Do you trust me? Just tell me how to prepare
for this attack. -Our armies–
-Will be useless. N’Zoth will strike here. He’ll manipulate emotions. You won’t be able to trust your senses… …your memories… …your friends. Now, die with your precious Light. We must obey N’Zoth! After all, what is real? Seems that you’re able to withstand
the visions for longer than before. Each excursion prepares you
for the horrors of Ny’alotha. Don’t you see, old friend? It’s already begun.

100 thoughts to “Now Live: Visions of N’Zoth”

  1. same old content being rehashed again i see.take a under utilized zone change the levels and a few critters and wham slap it out as new content.thanks blizzard now i know why i no longer play your game.

  2. Us: Wrathion! How do we stop him?!
    Wrathion: Well…
    Us: It's another cloak isn't it? What is it with you and back slot items?
    Wrathion: And here's a backpack as well!
    Us: ….

  3. Love that WoW is dishing up some serious eye candy for us to drool over during the literal months of mindless grinding that awaits us. I mean, it isn't account wide essences, but hey, it's something. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Girls, I know Wrathion is looking like a full snack plate out there, but can we appreciate the retouched model of our one true king and angel faced boy wonder Anduin Wrynn? Boi oh boi has he gotten HANDSOME! 👌👀

  5. I like to call this patch: "Okay, back to Uldum, again. I know you've been there 12 times today, but seriously, go back."

  6. This trailer didnt seem to have the OMPH most of the other ones did showing off features and content. I dont feel as hyped as i normally get.

  7. There are aspects of WoW that I miss and then there are other aspects I don't. I will say though, I knew that Classic wasn't going to last. People pushed Blizzard to put Classic out, with the expectation that it was the answer to so many problems. It didn't and now Blizzard is back and square one trying to come up with new content to get players interested.

  8. It's either real or it's a dream, there's nothing that is in between. Twilight, I only meant to stay awhile. Twilight, I'll give you time to steal my mind away from me.

  9. looks like an awesome raid/patch. Just wish n'zoth and nylothia got their whole expansion. Love old gods. And I say that as a huge sylvannas fan and loyalist too.

  10. I’ve only played for a few hours but does anyone else feel like blizz instead of making another island. Just threw a purple ring around a location and it totally feels like an island quest hub all over again. Have the same tricks currency rep blah blah blah to grind.

  11. Real nice that you're posting all these videos when the EU doesn't even have the patch yet. Very classy. Even got the launcher to have a pop-up saying the content is live, except it isn't.

  12. Always the late patches that are the most interesting. And next expansion will be the same. The start and middle of it will be terrible. And then they'll try to swoop their mistakes under the rug.
    Same systems, same progression. Same same same. WoW has become such a boring game because they lack the intent to blow new life into the game with new systems and inventions. It's so stail like a still body of water. Blizzard, you know your playerbase is waiting for the fresh and new. Remember Mists of pandaria? good times, fresh and new. And what was the #1 argument against MoP "Eww pandas". In it though was the best expansion yet. It had so much new things it felt so refreshing and fun to play the game. Now it's a chore, and that is all it is.

  13. One guy: this is bad
    Other people seen his comment 1 minute later: this is very bad it sucks
    In their minds: I actually liked it.

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