‘No More Running’: Impeached Trump Faces Historic Senate Trial He Tried To Duck | MSNBC

‘No More Running’: Impeached Trump Faces Historic Senate Trial He Tried To Duck | MSNBC

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  1. It is premature to declare that the Constitution works, when there is every chance that the Senate will not remove Trump. Either way, the current system is not sufficiently robust to remove a corrupt administration, in a timely fashion, before devastating damage has been done, nationally, and internationally.

  2. Dont be surprised . . . With PROOF POSITIVE AGAINST djt and his gang of co conspirators, he will LIE, DEFLECT, AND LIE EVEN MORE. Good news, In the end, no one ever really gets away with anything. Tic toc. Galatians 6:7.

  3. They should have a change of venue instead of the Senate hearing what Congress has this should be we the people And the people should decide just like a jury for president should stay in office

  4. Ari: No more setteling, no more running. I love it. For the first time in tRumps life, he will pay for what he has done. About time.

  5. Am I understanding this correctly? Will Tяump actually attend the trial and try to defend himself? If so, then I can't wait to watch him squirm.

  6. As the senate gets ready to start impeachment, there are 53 gop seats warming up. Soon those seats will be too hot handle. Remember this day gop no one is above the LAW NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Justice is not blind and, it carries its weight evenly and fairly for all.

  7. Dems look so stupid right now…. Like seriously, impeachment aside. Higher tax, more regulation, more socialism, less freedom all around including SELF DEFENSE, horrible national security, horrible foreign negotiations records… Literally a joke of a policy platform, straight up tyrant.

    Then, to top it all off, they triple down by leading the charge with absolute dipschiff airhead tyrants like Pelosi, Dipschiff, Cortez, Schumer, Biden, Sanders, and Omar.


  8. Let's call it what it actually is.Not what the so called "free press"calls it.They walked over to the Senate with their pink dresses and 150$ ties as if they were paying respects to the dead at Stalingrad.I have have never seen something as gaudy and as pompous as NY guineas and jews and CA guineas and jews walking towards the Senate.I gagged.We all knew the outcome of all this drama since day 1.
    Of course lawyers are similar to journalists in that without massive drama they are all unemployed.

  9. This stage of impeachment is not a regular trial, in stage 1 Congress impeached the President and present the evidence or lack of evidence as of in this case. Stage 2 of the impeachment the Senate proceeds with reviewing the Congress case as presented. The Senate's job is not to work on the helping with the Congress with their impeachment.
    This Democrat impeachment is a sham without a doubt. It will fail as there is no evidence for a crime by President Trump.

  10. It’s pretty clear that Donny put a hit on Marie Evonovitch! If she had stayed in Ukraine, she would be dead today!

  11. Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu tomorrow morning Mr. Khamenei wants to speak and pray for his fans at the Grand Mosque in Tehran, and you will attack the mosque with a rocket or drone where Mr. Khamenei will speak tomorrow. And then pray that the people of the world know what his reaction at that moment of attack is just to laugh. Thankful . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Lev needs immunity for the felonies and he straight up lied about being with Nunes with Eukraine officials he's laughable…as are Dems
    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Stefanik 🔥 🔥

  13. This is the evidence that our entire elected body have lost any objectivity I hate Trump He is so offense in my op but This impeachment debacle doesn't serve us the people at all senate going to shoot down no matter what the evidence

  14. Trump would get away with shooting a person on 5th Avenue as would any white, rich, powerful man. That's a no-brainer!

  15. 👎Fact: “Inditement for High Crimes”, are non existent. A total lie voiced by MSNBC. Articles are: “obstruction …& abuse…”. Another twisted MSNBC blurt: “Public facts,…first recounted by a whistle blower…”. Fact: Eric C., whistle, CIA guy SNITCHED hearsay acquired from Lt Col Vindman, thus that snitch should testify.👌.

  16. Seeing how far unlawful imposters like Devon Nunez will go to undermine the Constitution's separation of powers doctrine leaves me hopeful but not convinced.

  17. Trump is a draft dodger. He is a coward, that's easy to see. Of course, he has been dodging this impeachment trial. He and his enablers (republicans) are guilty as sin.

  18. Trump 2020 democrats ruin our country from slavery to the lies of 2020. All ABC networks are the work of the enemy of the US citizens.

  19. Hey we want to impeach you because you didn’t send our tax money over to another country fast enough lmao I seen it all this is a crime against the office

  20. Just in this 5-minute clip there's at least a dozen false statements.
    Democrats and their minions in the media – what a delusional bunch of losers…

  21. What happens when all defense and support fails in your own country and not across borders.. say the legal system sides with the rich and the utility starts getting away with stealing millions from unsuspecting citizens? Naturally the rich media would label you as a terrorist threat.. when people remember how the courts usually got remotivated to do the right thing.. yeah right huh.. God wants you to start putting your thinking caps on.. the world is lazy witness.. reverse engineering and cross applying potential patterns seems to work.. Oh.. and did you notice 'Guilt pays'.. Everything from climate change, sanctions, to road safety.. Somehow it ends up being contrary to the moral and always about the money…

  22. Donald Trump is so corrupt he needs to be impeached and taken out of office no one is above the law the Senate needs to hold him accountable

  23. Thank you, Ari Melber, for speaking clearly about this. I hope with my heart and soul that our government will "work" in this impeachment matter.
    I predict this trial will end in a travesty against justice. We need only look back to the Kavanaugh approval, to see that the Senate Republicans are most likely bought and sold already. I suspect they really are owned by Trump and his promise to take over the country and save the unwashed Democrats from needing to live in a land governed by true law and decency.
    I reject Trumpism. I reject cruelty for ego's sake. I reject the worship of money as a god.
    I am a proud American citizen that sees complicity in the silence of our public all across this land.
    —I understand the silence— It comes in many forms and for many reasons. I am living my life as usual today (except for typing this)…. trying not to be bogged down in the mire of corruption and deceit and hatred that flows in our government (and too much from the top down). I am still proud to call myself an American, but my pride is being tested and torn at and mocked openly and lied about by Republican leaders and followers alike. I do not enjoy this. And I find it very disturbing to see that Christians are at the front of the pack, being leaders in the meanness, being fine with the lies, being sure that they are "right" about everything they believe.

    /kənˈsərvədiv/ —-adjective
    —-holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

    /ˈlib(ə)rəl/ —-adjective
    open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
    "they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people"
    (of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person's general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.

    Given these definitions, I am happy to say I am more liberal, and less conservative.
    Change happens whether we want it to or not. And being ready to accept change is my way to move forward.
    I sure hope the change that is underway leads us to an America that looks more like what I imagine Ben Franklin hoped of the future than what Donald Trump is hoping for.
    Ben Franklin eas an inventor! Trump is a deal maker (at any cost)!
    But in the near future I would imagine that plutocracy will obliterate morals and manners and the justice of democratic law. I truly fear that 'Cash Is King' —
    And the America I thought I lived in is not real.

  24. Perfect, just drain the swamp of the demonrats and all will be great again!! Go Trump, you are the best thing to happen to America, and 65,000,000 people have the sense and truth to be behind you!!

  25. What I want to know is… How many of you DemocRat Vermin are going to commit suicide when Trump is declared innocent and then reelected ?

  26. NO MORE RUNNING Now lets interview the whistleblower ERI C C ARAME LLA and interview Hunter Biden while at it.
    THE CIRCUS IS OVER!!!!!!! Drain the swamp.

  27. 1) there will be no consequences, only an acquittal
    2) facts won't matter, the leader of the free world has just been implicated in a possible assassination plot of a US Ambassador
    3) Americans don't care, they love the orange turd
    4) trump won't be judged the same way as anyone else would
    The only point I can agree with is that he now has nowhere to run and hide, lets see in the other filthy pig lets witnesses testify

  28. The most dangerous weapon no one can overcome or defeat is God's wrath. So in light of the Ukraine new investigation, Trump will be removed from office and his lawyers will spend time in prison. People tend to forget God plays his role in everything and the power of prayers will play a role in Trump's future as president. What goes around will absolutely come back around.

  29. God HELP America .. man … between FOX, Trump and QANON have sure screwed you over well and truly … they have half America believing in this grand conspiracy of the deep state all conspiring against you all and that only He can fix .. Instead of just inviting Zelensky to the WH to discuss his concerns and invoke the treaty USA have with Ukraine on criminal investigations, he sends his pathetic lawyer to muddy the waters even further, undermine the anti-corruption warriors like Yavonavich, and uses FOX to hide his crimes .. if Trump had of successfully hid this crime 2 people would have won big Time.. Russia would have cast all aspersions the meddling they did on to Ukraine and have America abandon Ukraine and Trump would have won the 2020 election in a landslide … now that it has all come to light … Trump will be lucky to make it to the election but Putin has still won, watching America sweat in its own filthy corruption … either way its a Win-Win for Vladimir Putin and for America such a strategic and humiliating failure .. Your allies are disgusted in Trump and what Americans have Voted to allow America to become

  30. remember when presidents werent impeached and they actually talked to the press in a reasonable manner. They didnt cheat on their wives and taxes and rarely called other politicians names….ahhh, those were the days.

  31. trumpy has been caught before. He just fights to the bitter end, and settles. Expect no real change in his defense until he settles: on martial law.

  32. No, when the ENTIRE Republican party is CORRUPT and COMPLICIT, the president can continue to RULE LIKE A KING or A DICTATOR. The party of "The rule of law" shows their true colors as the party of power without morals.

  33. #trump is the best…but get ready #patriots …the loony left will do ANYTHING to prevent his re election….even civil war!

  34. those Senators who are afraid of tRump and theirr white supremacists Constituents had better know that the American people are on to them. And had better vote for removing this vile insane criminal out and into prison. “Or bad things will happen”

  35. You think you are doing yourself any good by humiliating the President but you are disgracing yourself because the whole process is unfair… You should be trying the deep state rather. Biden , his son and Co

  36. A friend told me that Mitch McConnell wants to keep Lev Parnas' documents out of the trial, I sincerely hope he's ignored!

  37. The republican controlled senate will be held accountable for their vote and if the evidence is as damning as Lev Parnas suggests then Trump should resign or go to jail.

  38. I Bought me a can of peaches! I hope when this trail is over. I can open it!
    Truth, That's all I want to hear. I'm so tired of the lies and twisted stories.

  39. MSNBC You are the most politically biased Mickey Mouse organization I've ever seen. Wait a second. That's an insult to Mickey Mouse . You're just trash.

  40. Rump says he doesn't know Lev Parnes. Says he never met him. Bill boards should go up all throughout every state, calling Trump out for his continuous LIES.

  41. Listen to them narrate "Solomon" 😂
    Can't wait to see Nancy loose her seat. And get put on trial herself. 😂

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