No Comfort To Be Found For President Donald Trump In Recent Polling | Deadline | MSNBC

No Comfort To Be Found For President Donald Trump In Recent Polling | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “No Comfort To Be Found For President Donald Trump In Recent Polling | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. Approval Rating= 3 point 6 %

    Trump: I the chosen one hereby ordered the 'point ' to move out of the rating.

    Rating: ok, 36% i t is……..

  2. President Donald Trump. Everyone believed in the terrorist attack in the US in 2001.Warned in advance.A million rubles would give for information in advance.Delirium.Preparation millions of dollars.Afghanistan over $ 2 million killed 10 Marines.The organizer of the Afghan the devil 90.His SWAT team.20-30 people.Strong man 2 meters tall.In the US terrorist attack is worth 100 million dollars.Rescue costs $ 1 billion.Save.In 3000 I believe.No Expensive rescue.In 20 years.1 terrorist attack.There is no money for a terrorist attack .Talibs.They have enough for food and clothes.

  3. "Reverend" Al Sharpton is historically a ridiculously racist maniac. Why would MSNBC invite him for a serious discussion about politics when race is such an important issue with this president?

  4. All my Republican friends, trust me Trump will be President again come 2020..
    Don't believe me? Just stay home on voting day and wait for the Breaking News on FoX…

  5. Polling told us that Hillary had a 98% of winning.
    There isn't one promise that the left can keep.
    They say free healthcare and education only because they are trying to get elected. In reality, it is impossible .
    We will be much worse off once Trump leaves.
    Good thing that the left will vote for a rich white person to go up against Trump.
    You people act as if something will change for the better if Trump were to lose.

  6. Stop to realize that what good we had in the economy was from Obama, but trumptrash has been systematically destroying it for Putin. America stand up for democracy now! Vote, but do more than just vote!

  7. Still waiting for a more balanced moderate candidate… Stronger on the importance of the economy, global market place to pay for future social programmes… Someone people in the centre, undecided and maybe some republicans can also vote for..

  8. But here is the problem with all this. The US American population are like sheep. They can be rapidly swayed in any direction. Let's say the economy starts to tank over the next 6 months and they all hate trump and then just before the next election some random event occurs that strengthens the economy…they will all swing back his way again. These figures are meaningless – they change and meander constantly.

  9. I have a special app with a vast array of political/economic/social algorithms on my computer and by next late Summer it calculates Donald will have morphed into 27 individual personalities and will have asked for asylum in a fictious resort known as the Trump Rehabilitation Center. He expects to charge each of his personalities $45,000 per month and spend the proceeds building a 30 foot high wall around the establishment in order to keep them all safely contained where they can no longer hurt anyone. He will also charge the public 100 dollars an hour to chat with any of his alter selves where each can only say, Lock Me Up.
    So in conclusion…
    Lets watch the rest of the World famous…
    Trump Family Reality Show
    before its over.

  10. If the whorepigs vote for a Dimtard in 2020, objectification levels with rise exponentially. Black whorepigs are particularly vulnerable. Debauchery is prime indicator of civilizational demise.

  11. How have those polls been working out for you? Hillary had a 92% chance of winning in ‘16…the Democrats have no idea what a good economy looks like.

  12. In 2 and a half years I have still to hear or see or read a single statement by Trump that is more than bluster and the most simplistic possible wording of complex issues. This doesn't mean that the Democrats are automatically going to put forward a capable candidate, but it does mean that the Democrats are automatically going to put forward a candidate who is a better choice than Trump, because that candidate won't be Trump. It really does seem to be that cut and dried.

  13. The economy sucks! You can't go by GDP. Unemployment is low because people do not qualify for unemployment benefits and have to work under employed part time jobs, or just gave up looking for work this causes them not to be on the radar as counted being employed. Americans are dire conditions. Homelessness is at a all time high, there are no jobs that people can actually provide for their families, etc. I can go on and on. America really need to open their eyes.
    Forget the Recession, we are heading towards a depression fast. Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to America.

  14. Jumping in elsewhere than where I saw this in a thread here – yes, many Americans aren’t the brightest, which definitely helps with Trump’s base. You’ll get dumb, stupid, uninformed people in any country in the world – God know, there are plenty in mine – but things are different in America, which is unusually insular and inward looking. People in my country can discuss our own politics – but we can also readily discuss America politics, or matters all around the world. By contrast, ask the average American to, say, discuss the complexities of Brexit, or what is causing the civil unrest in Hong Kong, and I’d be astonished if they could give you a semi coherent answer on these, and these aren’t exactly niche little news matters squirreled away somewhere. Thus, when you have a base which knows very little about the world – and thus, even less about international geopolitics and economic complexities – there’s no room for nuance or subtlety, or any cold, blunt realities about America’s faltering power and relevance, or about the absolute carnage Trump has done to America’s reputation and image on the global stage. They just want simple slogans, and to believe in simple ideas which any of us foreigners could immediately point out aren’t true, but it’s just easier to believe in his empty words and blame us than to take a cold, hard look at the nature of where America is, how it got there, and where it goes from here.

  15. will somebody tell Donald Trump that he has been diagnosed with Obama syndrome and it's killing him as well as driving that nutt nuttier then a fruit cake.

  16. That's what they said when he ran for president. He'll never be president is all I heard and BAM he was President. Don't want to admit peoole came out of the woods to vote that hadn't voted in yrs. They forgot about the silent citizens

  17. Fake news! How can they be ahead with nothing to offer the American people or any positive plans for America? It’s all pure bull crap! From these fool’s!

  18. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it a million times more, you want Trump gone, 1.) get registered or make sure you are still registered; 2.) go vote; 3.) take your friends & family with you.

  19. Those things could be said about me too. Missing everything from birth certificate to ins. & Estate Documents. They've wiped me clean. My Identity.

  20. It doesn't matter what his ratings are. As long as the Electorate can vote their conscience then we don't have real chose in who the next president is. What needs to be done is remove the Electoral college first.

  21. We must make sure the Electoral College behaves correctly in 2020 – instead of giving a win ("they" were clearly bought off) to Illicit-45 when the country majority voted against him.

    Who are the acting members of The Electoral College? That's something that must be looked into, if we're going to have a more honest election process in 2020.

  22. because only the white supremacists and non educated persons are still there. they dont understand the over all situation .

  23. To me recession lands next summer. I was a senior researcher for economy for a Japanese news paper. The numbers don’t lie. This recession has been predicted by economists who were tracking China and US balance sheet. No good! On the top of it Trump is doubling down tariff war on China trade. Watch Monday morning market.

  24. Whole panel filled with Republican talking points. Did none of you learn anything in 2016!!! You will not win this election by turning Republican. They will not vote for Democrats period. You will only win with a progressive candidate that brings out young voters. Just like they took back the house in 2018 that means Bernie or Warren. Biden will fail.

  25. Trump approval rating could be 20% and I’m still going to Vote against him Do not believe in the polls we believed them before and lost

  26. The great white hope. Our commander in Chief president Donald Trump is working very hard everyday to build our new world order and world domination. He is fighting very hard for the American people and all people can do is whine and complain.

  27. The list of Dems running in 2020 is the worst dumpster fire on the planet.
    Socialism,sanctuary cities,open borders,higher middle class taxes and free
    stuff for illegal aliens? NO THANKS.
    Trump will crush all of them like cloves of garlic.Bet on it.

  28. What makes all you knucklehead pundits think he gives a crap about another four years? Did you ever consider that he is just playing you fools?

  29. If anything it shows the corrupt corporations that control 90% of the countries media have totally brainwashed people. Yes for the most part that would be MSNBC and CNN. Trump 2020! He is fixing the problems useless politicians have been piling up for there who. MSNBC STFU AND PUBLISH NEWS NOT NAZI like PROPAGHANDA. Haha Al sharpton. Nothing like a racist talking smack to our president. Democrats running for office should help anyone with a brain turn right around and vote for Trump! Trump 2020

  30. As a white women I’m absolutely ashamed of ANY woman, no matter what her race, that could possibly support this despicable, lying, sexist, vile, psychotic, racist piece of garbage known a trump.

  31. Okay, MAGA, let's hear some more of your bold hysterical screaming predictions that Trump is going to when in 2020.

  32. 5:50 Nick "I don't like this guy but i'm still going to vote for him". this statement reminds me of Jill Biden telling people that even if you don't agree with my husbands policies you should still vote for him, I know this is insane. Its not what the "Party "wants (and the Politicians think of the "Party as themselves not you and me) it's what the voters want and I would say …we want Warren and Bernie or vice versa but I think they will put Biden as the candidate no matter what the People want because the Dems want Abrams as President and they want Obama Care back and Abrams will give it to them because they are going to give her the Presidency. If Biden wins he will retire soon after and give the Presidency to Abrams( he said so on "The View", on a silver platter. Watch and see if I'm right.

  33. Trump inherited Obamas economy .trump just hasnt totally destroyed it yet .imagine if he inherited Bush's economy with the great recession.bush inherited clintons surplus producing economy to a great recession in 6 years .

  34. Anybody is a better person candidate or president than trump could ever be.trump has the lowest approval rating ever of any president.any thing even a dead fish could be a better president than trump.

  35. To use an old ( and non-politically correct) saying: the LUNATICS are running the Asylum. Ever since WWII, people have asked " how could this have happened" in a country that was filled with intellectuals, artists, great universities, etc. The Trump Administration have answered that question. Take a Lunatic that appeals to a certain percentage of the population, and surround him with an evil cabal of sycophants and toadies and men who will do or say anything to maintain power, then stir in racism and xenophobia and you've got yourself a fascist regime that would make a Nazi smile with glee. I hope the lesson has been learned – that Democracy can slip away easily and fast. Don't listen to the polls. Vote like your life depends on it. Blue Tsunami in 2020. Make America SANE Again !.

  36. You still think people look to you for truth don't you? LMAO! you know your tabloid TV though right? Makes me sick really but your so obvious and your statements are ludicrous its like watching a car crash. Can't…seem…to be able…to look away………

  37. Finally these non college educated white women are waking up to this conman president. Anyone can perform better than him.

  38. This is exactly why Trump and the republicans keep blocking election security! They need foreign interference to win! How is that MAGA? Vote blue no matter who!

  39. Americans are brainwashed to think they are NOT entitled to their own tax dollars. Normal countries pay taxes to get health care, medicine, materity leave etc. The USA pays taxes so Walmart can hide billions offshore and underpay employees. You really need education reform in the USA.

  40. That 36% is the Wall supporters and people like RUSH the pill popper who is still trying to be relevant by keeping HITLER'S foot soldier's ready to do mass shootings. Bob Marley said brainwash education to make you a FOOL, their is quite a few still hanging bcz in a long while, they didn't feel this important. So know that they have agent Orange, it's to hard to relinquish that soothing feeling of HATRED. GOD bless and be safe out there people. ✌ ☝

  41. To everyone out there that wants the Occupant evicted in 2020. Get everyone you know registered and registered correctly! Every vote single vote matters. I have a bad feeling that the Occupant is not going to vacate the premisis peacefully………..🇺🇸


  43. I didn’t vote for the orange man….. or the witch…… but this time more than ever I may have to vote for him….. DNC, Please give us someone better than Joe and All those other Nuts…. by the way Rev Al is a True Racist.

  44. Why is the Daily KOS poll never quoted? In the Daily KOS poll, Warren is ahead with 44% of the votes! Biden is status quo: an old white man with corporate and big money donors. We need change!

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