Nikita Dragun Shuts Down Bretman Rock Feud Rumors!

Nikita Dragun Shuts Down Bretman Rock Feud Rumors!

Nikita Dragun’s Snapchat Series Nikita Unfiltered
dropped over the weekend, and after fans suspected a feud brewing between Nikita and Bretman
Rock, she’s now addressing what really went down between them. What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. bringing
you all the breaking news updates here from my at-home Clevver studio as we continue to
practice safe measures. On that note, Nikita is also doing her part in stopping the spread
of the Bretman Rock feud rumors that recently transpired. This all went down because of one cryptic
comment she revealed during her Nikita Unfiltered Snapchat series. In one of the clips during the second episode,
Nikita is chatting with some girl friends when she reveals that it was weird seeing
Bretman at his birthday party after not seeing him in over three months. Nikita then went on to note just how confrontational
she really is, adding QUOTE, “For me to head-on attack this and ask someone straight
to their face, ‘What the f*** is going on? Did I do something wrong?’ and literally
NOTHING.” It’s no question Nikita and Bretman who
used to be best friends, have been through their share of beef, but fans also noticed
that at one point, Nikita revealed that she and Bretman were set to collab on a project
they’d been working on, to which his manager called it off. Naturally, this worried fans, like this one,
who took to Twitter to share what they’d heard, writing, “Who’s watching Nikita’s
series on Snapchat? It’s interesting… Apparently bretman and her had a collab they
were working on and his manager called it off.” Nikita was quick to clarify the fan’s question
and smash feud rumors between she and Bretman, saying, “He just has a prior agreement that
conflicted with the collab… all tea no shade just trying to show the business side that
goes on bts.” So maybe everything is as good as it can be
between Nikita and Bretman, but eager fans are more concerned with the fact that there
was still a planned collab, soooo are those plans just going to waste now? Fans responded by asking questions like, “Does
this mean we’re still getting the collab eventually?” Thankfully Nikita also addressed the collab
already in the works after being postponed, responding to a fan yesterday with, “Bretman
and i r totally fine btw !!! obvi sucked that the collab couldn’t happen bc of a prior
agreement he had… don’t worry miss collab will still be cuming #nikitaunfiltered.”
As many may already know, Nikita and Bretman’s friendship has had its share of ups and downs
in the past. Last year, Nikita, Bretman and his sister
Princess Mae, all took part in a Mukbang video for Nikita’s channel, but fans were quick
to slam Nikita for her rude comments toward Princess Mae. Comments and tweets came rolling in following
the video, like this one from a fan who wrote, “Damn I assumed nikita dragun knew bretman’s
sister personally but the fact they met for the first time and nikita was talking to princess
LIKE THAT??? If I were bretman she would’ve gotten kicked tf out. Being rude and putting
down other women ain’t cute girl..” Fans also called out Bretman for not standing
up for his sister at the time, however, since then, he and Princess have spoken out about
the drama. After the backlash, Princess took to Bretman’s
Instagram story saying, “I already talked to Nikita… They both apologized and they’ve
realized things. I’m a very forgiving person. We’re over it. You guys should be too.” Ok, so aside from it being awkward during
Bretman’s birthday party, it seems that he and Nikita will always remain the close
‘soulmate’ friends they’ve always been. Until their anticipated collab hits, I’m
curious to know your thoughts on Nikita’s new Snap Series and all your predictions on
what their upcoming collab will entail, so get the conversation going down here in the
comments. After that, don’t forget to click right
over here to see the shocker that is Jeffree Star And as always, don’t forget to hit that
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Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

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  2. Wasn't she a whole B I T C H to Bretman's sis? She's lucky Princess didn't molly whopp her with how rude she was last year.

  3. Honestly…Nikita comes off not like a nice person at all. Don’t get me wrong bretman also comes off “rude” too but Bretman to me comes off very kind and respectful. I feel like Bretman nows when to tone it down! Nikita on the other hand has NO RESPECT! Nikita definitely doesn’t have respect for women just in general. The female “friends” she does have are honestly there for just clout and attention. The basic white girls from La who will tolerant anything for a check or for fame type of bitches let’s be honest. Nikita probably paying them to be friends with her because she has no real friends! Just like she paid that straight man to pretend to be her boyfriend 😂😂😂😂 He definitely didn’t even want her ass neither!

  4. That is wrong… they blurred the name. She’s not talking to Gabriel Zamora. Her and Bretman are fine. If you watched the WHOLE episode she said she saw *** (Gabriel) at Bretman’s party and they still don’t talk. And she went onto to tell them to blur *****(Gabriel) whenever she said his name. Then, her friends said “do you want us to go up and knock on his door?” If you have watched Nikita and Gabriel’s videos together… he lives above her in the same apartments…. girlllll get your tea straight!

  5. Nikita is nothing but a fake plastic rat who believes that the world revolves around her and she’s irrelevant trash

  6. Can y'all stop being so toxic towards Nikita and just put the past behind us

    And move on damn you guys the comments is so poisonous

  7. Collab with Nikita……😂😂😂😂😂😂. Girl, did he not see her pop up store “grand” opening??? I guess they won’t have to make too much product since all of the 6 people that showed up will be supporting it 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. i thought she was talking abt gabriel and that she saw gabriel zamora at bretmans bday party haha 😂 was it just me ?

  9. I don’t think that was something rude but most of the people love DRAMA.
    Check me out hoes

  10. I do not think it was bretman!! Some people are saying it’s Gabriel Zamora since one the Jeffree argument happened he started communicating with her less when he was her ride or die

  11. Since so many people don’t like her just unsubscribe to her Chanel and unfollow her from everywhere so she doesn’t get money out of us

  12. Imagine feeling weird and ask is there something wrong if YOU ARE BEING THE FUCKING REASON. You were rude and being disrespectful to his sister wtf do you think?

  13. I love nikkira show and l respect what you saying I understand but I don't know why people are saying rude things about her I mean like she are human being

    Anyway thanks for the news love your channel❤

  14. I never liked Nikita, she seems so egotistic and all about herself. She’s gross. I always click exit whenever Nikita is on his videos

  15. Wait, isn’t Clevver News suppose to be talking about celebrities? Not this narcissistic so called “beauty influencer” Nikita? Her show isn’t interesting, it’s just another show where hundreds have already done it

  16. Ugh, Bretman's just better off without Nikita anyways, like their vibe don't even match at all. All about Bretman is real, his body, his face and personality and Nikita is just the opposite of him trying to live this "bad bitch" lifestyle but it's not working out for's like oil and water, it don't mix lmfao..

  17. 2:04 what does that have to do with up n downs between nikita n bretman tho? He clearly never called out Nikita and stoop up for his sister. It still annoys me till this day even tho I know he likes his sister.

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