Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Andrew Yang gaining in the Polls and still Nothing from Main Street Media, this is the swamp that needs to be drained! GoYang2020!

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  3. We all know that when something is amiss, it is ALWAYS so much worse then it first appears to be. If it takes telecons to finally pin him down, then so be it. I can not wait until this low class guy is out of our hair for good.

  4. Democrooks are desperate. So desperate they have literally lost touch with reality. The desperation is in knowing they will loose the Presidency in 2020!

  5. IMPEACHMENT is a " NOTHING BURGER "..these Dem's idiots are self destructing.. good for them !!! 2 Presidents have been " IMPEACHED ".. neither cases involved any " laws " being broken.. but BOTH Presidents .. served out the remainder of their terms.. with nothing happening.. of the subject after the President's terms ended. Is every American so ignorant as to not know or be a able to just do a google search and LEARN HISTORY and FACTS ? the answer is unfortunately.. a large number of citizens are lazy and ignorant. Good news is these people DO NOT CONTRIBUTE anything good or bad in life OR… effect anything in Reality. Good news !!!

  6. I can't stand Trump, but the fact of a matter is that he did same thing that the Democrats and some Republicans been doing to him ever since he said he is running for office….
    He gives them a taste of their own medicine and everyone screams Impichement…..makes no sense

  7. NBC “ALWAYS” talks trash on our President Trump for the first 8 to 12 minutes every night!! I call NBC the “ I Hate Trump News broadcast”…NBC is next to CNN with bad news! Wake up America!

  8. The American people are sick and tired of this contentiousness and vitriol about the president. Leave him alone he is doing a magnificent job. He is breaking barriers that no other president has done. He's making strides in short periods of time. Everyone knows the American economy is the best it's been in years! Cut it out! STOP IT, LEAVE HIM ALONE. Let him finish what he's begun. The hand of God is with this man whether you like him personally or not!

  9. Now that we have been recording Cops we all see for ourselves Cops are way too eager to blow the brains out of anyone who threatens Cops with the slightest little thing. Cops continue to show that "citizens are the enemy". Way too many videos showing disgusting behavior from Police.

  10. My neighbors all vape, and they are not sick, quite the contrary they're Alive and Kicking, so idk this issue is very controversial, not sure, I don't vape, smoke cigarettes once in the while…🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  11. Sounds more to me like Trump was hinting that he wanted the president of Ukraine to invent something that wasn't there in order to "do him a favor." He was pretty much dictating exactly what he wanted the president of Ukraine to 'find.'
    And seriously, he's still spouting that "No obstruction, no collusion" nonsense? In spite of the fact that Mueller himself said that is categorically NOT what his report says?? What more does anyone need to find him ludicrous, and totally unfit to be anywhere NEAR the White House.

  12. Sickning to watch the NBC Nightly News as you continually bash the president, report only parts of any story that fit your narrative. Ex: Hunter Biden was reported by you as to receiving compensation from the foreign business in Ukraine. Perhaps it would have more weight in the story if you told us that he is paid $50K every month and he doesn't know the Jack Squat about their business. You simply glossed over an important part. I guess since it's negative for the DEM, it doesn't get told like it really is. Some folks call this fake news. This is not fake news, it's edited by a one sided, narrow minded, think they know what's best for the rest of us person who is the reason no one trust the NBC Evening News and other media; you know who you are. I woke up and learned to #WalkAway. I'm getting my ticket for the Trump Train in 2020. Most independents I know say the same thing. Trump has taken a weak country and put us back on top, yet you find issue with his every word. Shameful and disgraceful.

  13. It's not a personal, political gain issue when a citizen of the United States, Joe Biden's son, is carrying out criminal activities in other countries. The citizens of the US would want such people held accountable…and investigations, court hearings are definitely appropriate. If Pres. Trump is aware of such activities, he is certainly upholding the law by apprising the offended country of such and giving his go-ahead for investigations of a US citizen.

  14. OMG if they do not do something about the spin from Democrats we have a failed country that is looking so stupid and weak and broken just what a adversary loves , are they trying to destroy the country ? Just to get back to their corruption and we need transparency about Biden if he is thinking of running this country. They always say what they are actually guilty of and its disgusting.

  15. We already know of so many inproper things Trump has done. Makes you wonder what improper things he has done that we don't know about yet. Seems that all he does is improper stuff; very little proper. How much more damage will he do before he leaves in 481 days? What will we find when we clean up the damage? Just like a hurricane.

  16. cigarettes 480,000 deaths per year, burgers 'cause 4,000 deaths a year and vape 10 death so far, laws make no sense. Amber it was murder woman up and tell the judge that you are guilty of all charges.

  17. The prosecutor should subpoena her cell phone. I bet you when she was entering the poor guy's apartment, she was chatting with somebody on her cellphone. She has to pay the price for this stupid mistake.

  18. 😆 😆The Democrats and their “dumb witch-hunt ideas”…You gotta love a guaranteed Trump victory delivery from our Democrat friends in the House of Representatives!!! Go Democrats go you got this!!!!😁😁

  19. I can never trust joe Biden, he spoke on how he felt about black people!!! Can't trust a Clinton they put more black people in prison for little crimes..

  20. Is it any wonder that Trump thinks there is nothing wrong in his conversation with the Ukraine leader? He does not understand the White House and government duties and protocols. He is an unqualified President. Better off if he quits and and plays golf all day.

  21. Soooo why are we banning vaping?? Cigarettes have been killing people since they came out and so has alcohol. Yet still around and till going strong.
    All the companies need to do is put a warning like cigarettes and don’t market as safer.
    Why is it ok for one and not the other?

  22. Wait a minute did Joe Biden just do the same thing, actually got a prosecutor fired! They just open up a can of worms they just let us know they hands is just as dirty.
    It's time for independent president

  23. stop encouraging people to fly! Especially after you make a segment 'the climate in crisis'. What is wrong with you?? Also vaping is not an 'epidemic'; opioide's are. get on the right side NBC and stop aiding the problem as a wolf in sheep's clothing…

  24. Ok.

  25. I don't see anything wrong that the President did. I believe it is vital that there is an investigation done on Biden! Biden brought this upon himself not the President. I think the President should clean out as much of the corruption as possible! Anyone that fights against what the President did are enemies to this country and do not want the best for this country. Schiff, Pelosi, the rest of the democrats and the 11 fake republicans that are trying to impeach this President and should stop trying to distract the country from finding out the truth of all the corruption that has been going on. The people want justice!

  26. President Donald Trump is notorious for throwing people under the bus. Even those closest to him. His most loyal sycophants. He will throw them under the bus. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. That being said, the only question left is this, is this the time for Rudy Giuliani (among others) be thrown under the bus?

  27. What about cigarettes..? Ya know..Marlboro, Kool & Newports!?!? Cigarettes been killing people for decades and they havent banned them!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  28. Wait a minute, the favor was to help get to the bottom of election meddling ? I thought that's what the Democrats wanted ??? So the president asked for help, and that's a crime ? SMH

  29. Of course there's no evidence Biden's son did anything wrong, because Dad got his prosecutor FIRED, by abusing the power of the office of the VP. BIDEN used EXTORTION !!!

  30. Fox: Did you see the transcript?

    Julie Annie [Chump's personal Liar]: The entire transcript was read to me.


    Giuliani? Tú eres un mentiroso del primer orden. No…lo siento. Eres Mentiroso del segundo orden…o, el tercer. Abogado embustero. Me das asco. 🤢🤮

  31. Where was the safe? If it was upstairs, it might show it was someone who knew them, or had broke into their house and scoped it out beforehand.

  32. According to the CDC tobacco is directly related to the deaths of over 480,000 people every year equating to more deaths by AIDS, Heroin and Cocaine combined, why then doesn't the state governments ban tobacco for the disproportionate manslaughter from tobacco? = Tax revenue! Tobacco tax revenues bring millions very year to every state, and that's why! E-cigarettes don't bring a fraction of tax revenue to a state, thereby justifying any type of prohibition and criminalization.

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