Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 16, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 16, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

76 thoughts to “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 16, 2019 | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Sometimes the things the news reports makes me glad I live under a rock. I'm going back to put my head back down and eat my hay, and pretend I can't see the wolf hiding in the woods!

  2. "…after a quick procedure out came the ring…" Good thing or the groom would have to utter "with this turd I thee wed". 😂💩💍

  3. Big Baby and his GOPee sycophants want war in an election year so Emporer Palpatin….I mean President Trump…can claim War Powers Act and hold onto office.

  4. Duh, gas is $2.17 and the reporter acts like it's never been higher. Fake news as usual. I don't trust ANYTHING the media says.

  5. The U.S. Intelligence also told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which was untrue and led us into a senseless war.

  6. let the saudi's handle their own problems. if they weren't running a war with yemen they wouldn't have been hit. and we shouldn't use this the go to war with iran. it would have the same outcome as when we invade iraq , a country that didn't attack us.

  7. oh, you go to Alaska in September, really? why don't you travel in February instead. oh wait, you can't, because it's cold, right.

  8. I couldn’t care less about SNL. There’s nothing at all compelling to me about people taking under the belt jabs at other people. It’s totally unnecessary. And idk anyone who even thinks it’s ever humorous. But apparently a lot of folks like it, their shows are STILL on. I’ll never understand it. It’s like pity-TV. So maybe ppl watch bc they feel sorry for the moot waste of an hour.

  9. How is being stupid enough to swallow your engagement ring news hope they don't have children no telling what she would be dumb enough to do

  10. How is that ring story on the news…. they must have been short on stories. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I was sitting here waiting on the big reveal. I was like this can’t be it…

  11. I used to be proud as an American, now I am just ashamed. Both corrupted party would ruined the whole world just so they can profit from wars.

  12. Why was trump’s first response about the attack that he’s waiting “to see how Saudi Arabia wanted us to proceed?” Since when does the US take war orders from Saudis? F*CKING CORRUPT PRESIDENT! And WHY should we get into THEIR war? I don’t care if oil prices go up, KEEP THE US OUT OF ANY CONFLICTS BETWEEN SAUDIS AND IRAN!!!!!!

  13. yeap …you should be worried it this News affect most of the United States people in the world ….. just for God sake not saying The Americans The Truman Show go google it. :p


  15. Iran I love all PEOPLE, Palestinian territories I wish you get your land back, the OTHERS trying to get the whole world, if you tell trump you bomb us, we bomb trump properties, peace agreement agree

  16. Why doesn't Saudi Arabia decide what actions to take? Why does the US have to be the world police?

    We don't need war.. The US going over to Iran and causing death and destruction is NOT THE ANSWER!

  17. Be happy for all the little kiddies gone to a better world free of constant lies and deception.freed from this Insane asylum

  18. Hello there!
    Stop making vehicles that uses oil and gas.
    Start converting the cities and get off oil.
    We have a solution,
    Stop complaining about oil.
    Om Mani Pad Me Hung!

  19. It's not at all surprising if it was Iran who attacked. They're at war with Saudi Arabia and the US. US weapons killing Yemenis, Iranian weapons killing Yemenis. And the US, Saudi Arabia AND Iran all benefit from a spike in crude oil prices

  20. Why are we still concerned with Saudi oil? We've spent more on war protecting those oil reserves we weren't interested in? ??? That money could have been used in redesigning the thirsty gasoline engine. But noooooo the USA is still in love with its ex wife. Just can't let go. …so we all have to pay for this love triangle.

  21. CNN is BEGGING for war with Iran. I’m sure Fox is too. Who owns these corporations and why do they want Iran destroyed??? I know. Do you?

  22. Run the presses! My dog pooped on my bedroom wall. Now that's a better story than the swallowing of the ring.💩

  23. Who in Iran? You're so imprecise…backed by what proofs? Either you tell or you don't.
    You 're just throwing pieces of informations around causing a tantrum,..what for? Do you need another war for petrol? I am not even commenting the rest of the news…

  24. Has nothing to do with IRAN
    This is manipulation by governments of Saudi, OPEC, and specifically US lead by a schizophrenic maniac tied in with Israel businesses

  25. So you report on the striking union workers but you don't mention that these automakers are shipping those jobs to Mexico and China, hence the need for tariffs to protect our jobs.

  26. It's unbelievably sad that with all the stuff going on in America the news is choosing to report stories about swallowing a wedding ring 🤔

  27. Addiction is a medical disease. You like to call people names I are you know the bully like Trump. Hope your family doesn't get involved with opioids cuz it can be tragic.

  28. no please keep pumping out tons of steel & pollution to cover our cities entirely with parking lots & asphalt
    it's what the future generation wants

  29. You people just keep pumping out the propaganda. For just one thing, Global Warming is a hoax. Just because they show pictures of melting glaciers doesn't mean anything. They are working towards their New World Order and eventually the Mark of the Beast. Unbelievers will laugh but just look at the 5G Skynet system going out. Just like in the movies. There will be a surveillance system just as Orwell wrote about. Wake up peopl,e. Don't believe anything you hear in mainstream media. They use their lies to program us and control unsuspecting people.
    They want a 3rd world war so bad that they can taste it. Depopulation is their goal. Look up Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. The ruling elite of the world have plans that don't include anyone that thinks for themselves or Christians. Just as the Bible warned us about.
    Any changes in weather are caused by the crap that they spray in the sky. Geoengineering or chemtrails. There are many purposes for it. The sun is going thru a period that is not favorable to life but we will get thru it if government stays out of it. Carbon is not the cause of any of it.

  30. What do you expect. Saudie Arabi has been looking for a way to raise gas prices for the longest. Trump wants the Saudies to keep pumping money into his failing businesses. This is a guaranteed win win win situation. The Saudies get more for their oil trump keeps getting money from them and America destroys Iran for Israel. Perfect set up. Now maybe the American public gets a bonus their children get to be killed in a needles war.

  31. How can anyone fall for this garbage. Do you really think Iran wants to fight a war against any country?? Same war garbage over oil, different President.

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