Nigel Farage doubles down on claim Tories bribed Brexit party candidates

Nigel Farage doubles down on claim Tories bribed Brexit party candidates

I mean, Ann Widdecombe made it
perfectly clear, she received two phone calls from a senior official in number 10
offering her a job on the negotiating team if she stood down as an election candidate. – So she’d swear on the bible that
that was the case? – And you know, I think you can agree
with Ann’s views in life or disagree, but the fact that she’s a very honest woman,
I think nobody would ever disagree with. Fact. Fact number 2: Sir Eddie Lister rang up our candidate
for Peterborough. – The prime minister’s chief of staff. – Yeah. Offering him a job in higher education
if he stood down as a candidate. I mean, they’re the things that are
already out in the open and what I have said John, is that there
was actually a package put together in which eight senior figures in the
Brexit party would go to the House of Lords and be part of the negotiating team
in order for us to stand down. And I was shown the list that we were
given from number 10. – It was that specific?
– It was that specific. – Does this in your mind? – It’s corruption.
It’s corruption. – Does it amount to high level corruption? Is it the kind of wrongdoing, if you see
it as serious wrongdoing, that should result in someone being charged,
collared by the police, and sent to jail by a court? – What shocks me is how little shock
there is about it. – Do you think that people should be forced
to pay serious legal penalties for this? – Well, I doubt they will be but I think
what it does show, is just how absolutely rotten and broken our politics has become
and why it needs major change.

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  1. Minute 0:12
    "Stood Down"
    Mr. Farage sir, um, pardon me for saying, but that would be physically impossible.
    We stand up, not down.
    Our feet become our heads, and our heads become our…
    Oh! 😲
    nevermind. 🙃
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace🌿 🕊

  2. A Latin-American style Tory Party celebrating a rip-off treaty, a disruptive Brexit Party with a 3 word manifesto (WTO) and an anti democratic liberal party. Regrettably left with no other choice than Labour.

  3. I used to hate Nigel then I saw a video of him crying about all the abuse his kids get because of him yes I know you would say he deserves it but it made me see he’s a human like everyone else should not be abuses

  4. For "The system is corrupt and we need major change", read "Its my turn to exercise some corrupt power along with Arron Banks and our Russian backers."

    The idea that this serial liar is coming to the rescue to root out corruption is utterly risible.

  5. Not as bad as corbyn and his free broadband bribe. it’s like offering the public three magic beans if you vote for labour.

  6. The main problem I have with the Brexit party is that wto Brexit is never going to get through Parliament , so it’s pointless promising it .

  7. Do you think you are being set up Brexit party nigel Ann. Outher,s. This is strange don't you think. ,,,how's do you even know it came from number 10 Bribe,s. By phone call strange …….. I did see Boris on u tube. Say. He is going for a free trade deal. And not in line with the EU. Plus end by 2020 but it will be a bit longer. Its now been said. But that statement was a lot better and moor like what nigel wanted. That's why he stood 300 down so as not to go for Boris votes ,, and only stand in LAB Leave Area,s to gain seats. And For Boris con to get their votes.

  8. Nigel, you have fecked the Brexit Party and disenfranchised millions of voters you said you would give a chance to vote for a clean brexit. WTF is going on? You don't even stand against remaine r MPs?! I wanted a choice other than the same old 2 parties and it is now gone and I don't really know why. I am disgusted and I am a hard brexiteer. We have been betrayed, and for what??????

  9. The whole system stinks. Our politicians, lawyers and media are completely corrupt with most in receipt of big handshakes from the EU. We have officially become a Banana Republic. Nigel is our only hope for a clean Brexit and escape from all this rotten corruption.

  10. Nigel Farage is a brilliant politician and we will never leave Europe unless we all vote for the Brexit Party. The Tories are not only corrupt but they are LIARS. and Labour are not much better Keep going Nigel we are all behind you. No-one wants the Tories back in power!

  11. It's illegal under the Representation of the People's Act. Will the police step in to arrest senior members of the Tory Party for corruption and misfeasance in public office? Don't hold your breath.

  12. lol…so Farage abandons his principles and goes full on Tory, supporting the party responsible for the worst living conditions and medical care since the wnd world war. So much for changing rotten politics.

  13. So the Brexit party are all liars and loons to the Guardian types.. but the moment they claim something against the torys… they are to be believed without question… The left really cant see what they are can they

  14. Just this once I don't entirely disagree with Farage. Our politics have become more corrupt than in the last 70 years, arguably 100 years.

  15. What is frog face up to now? If there is evidence, then the GE could be set aside as corrupt. Who is this bloke really working for? First he betrays everything he supposedly stood for by disenfranchising millions, now this!

  16. Fraudrage is doing his best to divert from the 600 candidates he promised to fight for the Brexit party until he come up with names it means nothing! Any nobody from the Conservative party can offer anything REMEMBER FRAUDRAGE PROMISED TO FIELD 600 CANDIDATES AND FIGHT FOR EVERY SEAT, MAYBE THE CLOCK ABOVE PARLIAMENT SHOULD CANGE ITS NAME TO PINOCCHIO FRAUDRAGE ! AFTER ALL IT HAS FOUR FACES!

  17. Of course, our humble Mr Farage is the paragon of virtue? Much as I understand Boris is an out-and-out liar, Farage is also not to be trusted. He sells immigration myths and lies to the working classes just so they will vote for him. What they don't realise is that he has an alternative agenda. Poor fools who vote for him I say hehe

  18. Brexit has shown people you never really get what you vote for,It has for once shown parliament in its true light.There is no democracy!!

  19. But Mr Farage and Mr Trump are buddies!

    I can't quite square his condemnation of the Tories with his constantly overlooking or excusing Mr Trump's serial offences. He is guilty of double standards, or he is naive, or he is himself corrupt. 

    Like Prince Andrew, he should be distancing himself from someone under suspicion of High Crimes and Misdemeanours etc. 

    He is right about the corruption of the Tories. He is wrong when he excuses Mr Trump's lying and bullying as 'speaking from the heart'. 'From the heart of his self-interest and narcissism', perhaps. 

    There really is, therefore, something that does not ring true about Mr Farage. 

    In the case of Trump, it has been clearly shown that he and his associates pretty systematically project their own offences on to their opponents. 

    Perhaps this also explains Mr Farage? 

    I am afraid he seems to me entirely untrustworthy.

  20. When you build a subscription service masquerading as a political party for opportunistic MPs then are surprised that they are easily bribed. A real political force like For Britain is what is needed in the UK.

  21. If true, then it was the stuff of old school horsetrading to protect Brexit from a Nigel gone awol and his Brexit(sic) Party.

  22. And cupcake I am still mixed between Brexit and Boris its funny watching these cupcakes cack on eatch other Jo was the best telling the country who she worked with for the past couple yrs, very bad colluding gal tottot.

  23. Nigel you had the Establishment on the run, now your chickening out, we 17.4 million people who voted out are becoming dismayed by this U turn on your part.

  24. Don't like Farage, don't like his policies certainly don''t trust him BUT in this instance he is 100 percent correct and it certainly shows what a manipulative liar boris is.

  25. Brexit Party promises that they will not stop at Brexit, but full-scale political reform including the abolition of the House of Lords. All other parties are on the same Gravy Boat. Unless you belong to the privileged few, you are daft not to vote for Brexit Party.

  26. the conservative imperialists have been killing and enslaving people for a very long time , why would they think twice about a little bribery . their end game is to have 90% of the human race work as servants to the other 10% .

  27. It's corruption I totally agree with him on that. I mean, we talk about political corruption in Kenya or in Brazil, what is the difference?

  28. How many politician's have had bribes over the years and how many took a bribe to stop us leaving the EU it's common place and as been going on since the house's of parliament were built this is farage trying to get one over on Boris Johnson for not giving up seats to the Brexit party 🇬🇧☠🇬🇧

  29. We have not had brexit as a no deal would sink Deutsche Bank thats in vast trouble. Thus ripple effect to global economy would be vast.

  30. Now that Pandora’s box has been opened it is only a matter of time before confidence in our system will be completely gone.

  31. I can not believe all these Brexit Party voters condemning all these Brexit Party politicians, that is no way to speak about these future lords and ladies, have they no sense of inferiority, to there so called betters,

  32. There’s so little shock mr Farage because we expect nothing less than treacherous behaviour from all other parties the system is corrupt and a CLEAN BREAK BREXIT VOTE BREXIT PARTY is my only stance even after you stood candidates down it’s a somewhat naive move however reciprocity from our sneaky prime minister was never going to happen his party is no leave party none but Brexit party.

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