Nicole Murphy Scandal

Nicole Murphy Scandal

So Eddie Murphy. (audience booing) Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm, (laughs). (audience laughing) You will stop. (audience laughing) Eddie Murphy’s ex wife Nicole, Nicole you know I love you, but Nicole I had no idea.
(audience laughing) I had no idea of the rest of your resume, allegedly. (audience gasping) Allegedly. She was spotted kissing a married man. (audience gasping) Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is Antoine Fuqua. He directed Training Day and other good stuff. He’s been married to our friend from one of my favorite movies, Waiting to Exhale, Lela Rochon. (audience gasping) For twenty years! (audience gasping) She’s at home in LA, thinking everything was good, her man’s running around and Nicole pops up on his lips. (audience gasping) Oh, (laughs) I don’t know what to say. So Nicole issued a statement and her statement was, “Antoine and I are just family friends.” (audience loudly gasps) [Woman In Audience] Kissing cousins! I don’t know what to say, but one thing I do have to say is that back to you sir, do you know I ran into him once in my life and it was in Eataly. Do you know he shops there? Who? (audience laughing) Marco grab his mic please. (audience cheering) I ran into him though in Eataly, when I was there, the day of the sashay, yeah. (audience laughing) Nicole was no where around. I know nothing about this, but then Lisa Ray jumped in, cause you know Lisa Ray used to be married to the king of the Turks and the Caicos, remember that scandal? (audience laughing) Well she says, “Nicole, you went after Lela’s husband too? “Shaking my head. “So wrong, again.” Too, as in T-O-O. (audience gasping) So the assumption is, by Lisa Ray’s account, that Nicole goes after husbands, like she’s just out here in these, Nicole, no you aren’t. I, no I don’t believe that. Norman (laughing). Well (laughs) well we don’t know the status, the status of their — The status. The status.
(audience laughing) The status. We don’t know if they– Are family friends. You know, Lela Rochon or Antoine Fuqua. Cause we all kiss our family friends like that, right? Exactly, but we don’t know if they’re still, you know, if they have problems or if Antoine and Lela are separated but. Maybe. Yeah, maybe– Or maybe they have an arrangement. But they were spotted at a basketball game, their son’s basketball game, a few weeks ago. Whose son? Lela and Antoine. (audience gasping) She’s meeting the kids? Oh wait, family friend, I forgot. (audience laughing) Well look shout out to you Eddie Murphy, cause there’s talk that you’re gonna be on Netflix for 70 million dollars. (audience cheering) O-tay. (audience laughing) Look (laughs), look, Eddie hasn’t been on the stage since 1987 with raw and we know how iconic that is. I have no idea why he disappeared. This is a case where a man doesn’t need this money, he just probably misses the spotlight. The problem is that now he’s got to go to comedy clubs to work your jokes, that what comedians do, not me, I’m not a comedian, I’m a talker. But I just moonlight as other people (laughs). (audience laughing) So he’s nervous because you know, everybody has, the camera phones and their taking, oh my gosh I forgot China’s iPhone again. (audience laughing) Damn (laughs) two days without a phone. Okay, I’ll mail it today. Okay, okay. Okay, he has to work out his jokes and what comedians do, you know, they go to small venues and they work their jokes and if you laugh then they keep it in the set and like that, but if you film him and then you’re releasing stuff, it’s not going to as exciting as when he finally gets to the Netflix for 70 million dollars. (cheering) I know, right? Eddie, I must say, I am all in. All in. Yeah.
(audience cheering) It’s good. So, mm (laughs). (audience laughing) R Kelly. (audience booing) (laughing) Spokesman quit this morning. (audience gasping) And now his name is Darryl (laughs). (audience laughing) His name is Darryl Johnson and do you remember the night that I told you that Robert called me up at like 11 o’clock at night and was like, come to the studio, I wanna talk. And I wiped the coal out my eyes and threw on some leggings and reported to his damn floor to find out what he wanted to talk about. Well Darryl was there, okay, so Darryl Johnson is his last name (laughs). (audience laughing) He said that he stepped down for his own personal reasons. All right, it’s alleged that he quit after the day of sitting down with Gayle. Take a look at this and then we’ll talk. You have a twenty something year old daughter, would you allow her to be alone with R. Kelly?
Absolutely not. (audience laughing) I wouldn’t leave my daughter with anybody that’s accused of pedophilia, period. [Male Interviewer] So you would not. I would not leave my daughter with anyone that’s accused of being a pedophile. I would not. (audience gasping) [Woman In Audience] No, that’s right! Meanwhile, once upon a time there was a girl named Wendy and she was on the radio talking all this way back in the da-zay. (audience clapping) Along with covering the Bill Cosby caper. You all are late to the party. I’ve been telling you things for years, but you don’t wanna hear so all right, fine. No you don’t. [Woman In Audience] I don’t know, sis. No you don’t act like it. (audience laughing) (laughs) I am disgusted. I’m disgusted. Meanwhile, one of Robert’s girlfriends, okay, Azriel, she just turned 21. (audience gasping) Okay, you all are reading her for filth on her page, and here she is defending herself and Robert. Oh we’re not playing the voice? Yeah we will, we will. What happened? Go head, roll the tape. Come on, this show. This is exactly why I don’t post on social media because people are going to say what they want, people are going to take whatever they want and turn it into whatever they want, but at the end of the day, let it be known that I am definitely in love with Robert (bleep) Kelly, R. Kelly, yes. That is mine. (audience booing) Ladies and gentlemen, where are we going? The cops are being smacked in the head with full buckets of water, in the meantime, when you’re in trouble what number do you call? 9-1-1. That’s alls I’m saying. 9-1-1. (audience clapping)
This little girl is defending R. Kelly, right. Our mayor has checked out and shout out to our president. Anyway. And now, okay, you remember Jennifer Lopez, our friend, you remember that iconic Versace dress with the deep V?
(audience excitedly cheering) Okay. By the way, Jenn turns 50 tomorrow. (audience cheering) Happy birthday. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well Versace has now turned the dress into sneakers for $1,000. (audience gasping) Actually, $1,075. All right, they’re nude on the tongue to express her nudity in the dress, do you get it? Yes. Nude on the tongue and the dress. And during our morning meeting everyone was like, “Well how do you wear those?” I said with a solid color on the top. Like, you either wear all white, like you can wear panty shorts and a tee shirt or black leggings and a black tee shirt, or you know, something other than like, colors, like wild, you know, and let the sneakers talk for themselves. Audience clap if, no no no, clap if you, I like them, but clap if you don’t like them. (audience clapping) Well, clap if you like here. (audience clapping) Good! (hip hop music)

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  1. Why are we blaming Nicole? It's the man's fault. If he truly loved his wife and wanted her no temptation will sway him. Especially after 20 years. Stop blaming single women. Start holding married men accountable!

  2. She grown Wendy tho n its the same women but ppl keep saying kids where the so called babies if they like it we all should love it

  3. Ladies always check your man 1st because the woman may or may not even know you exist and even still regardless of whatever…the man is the one who you run up on because he made the commitment to you, not the other woman. Nicole Murphy has plenty of "Clones out here" ! If most of us BW & BM took the time to get to know ourselves 1st before jumping into these so called relationships and marriages it wouldn't be so messed up out here. Everyone is their own person, no one owns anybody… a man or a woman chooses to be faithful or not…everything in life is a choice. I came across comments from women on here stating "My man better not, or a B better not" take care of yourselves 1st and love you so hard that if you were faced with a situation such as this…you would be able to grow from it and possibly have the strength to leave if you feel that's the right thing to do. Some people lie and some cheat, that's life…live with it and go on. You have to know that you're deserving of a good mate, you deserve to be a full course meal to someone..if someone took your mate then he or she was not yours to begin with. Nicole is a 30 on a scale of 1-10 and honestly that is the reason so many women are bashing her..If she was a size 24, and looked 5 days over 51 no one would care because we live in a superficial world. So many women would kill to have that woman's body, let alone her money and her eyes. She can have any man that wants her and the average woman is mad about that fact because so many of them don't have Nicole's options. I say to all of the beautiful ladies who come across my post please Love you harder than you love anyone, take care of yourselves, work on bettering yourselves, daily compliment yourselves, treat yourselves to spa days, (if applicable) nail salons, try a different hairstyle, wear perfume, dress to impress even when you're around the house, get out often, SMILE MORE & embrace THIS LIFE ! It is so much more to life than wondering about what others are doing, watching them doesn't put money in our wallets, we're however adding money to theirs. #HAPPYDAYSAHEAD

  4. I don't think they bashing her so much more then him I think they feel she has more of a responsibility to the wife than he does…AND apparently if this not her 1st time then come on…she deserves it!! BUT as previously stated I don't kiss ANY of my family like that…and why are u apologizing if u felt uve done nothing wrong

  5. I miss the good-ole-days when you can just call a spade a spade and Nicole M. is a skanky whore who has low self-esteem so she sleeps with other peoples husbands. Now, we have all the proof in the world, and we will still say "ummmmmm maybe his tongue down her throat is innocent…they are just "family (phuck) friends" she's such a beautiful, build-a-bear bodied "angel"…FOH!!!

  6. Nov 14, 2018 · 5 Things you Didn’t Know About Haitian Familial Structure. The majority of Haitian marriages are common-law. Polygamy in men is socially acceptable in Haitian culture, although largely unspoken.

  7. Then I guess she has a very different definition of friendship then the rest of us do!

  8. Hahah family friends don't kiss like that.. you look amazing Wendy now that you are doing for Kuddos to Eddie Murphy and his Netflix show. I'm super excited..

  9. I don't kiss my family like that! Wth…girl bye.. AND he dead wrong cause he the one that's married! Chile

  10. Okay, this is sad, she's a bit off-kilter, just a tad. She needs a vacation… May God Bless her and her family.

  11. People say "dont drag the woman, the man is the married one …he is breaking his vows. Not her". I agree. However as a woman, i dont know how many married men i told to take a hike. They were cheaters but they were not cheaters with me. As women we dont have to act like a filling station where any man can just stop by and have some of you. Have standards. Aspire not to not be that side chic…that woman a married man spunked on and went back to his wife on. If he gonna cheat dont let it be you. As he cheats on his wife with you, he cheats on you with his wife. If he is responsible, so are you. You could say NO!

  12. Wow, his wife really let herself go look at Antoine Fuqua he's just as old kept himself in shape and looking good. she let herself go badly, so can you blame him. A Important parts of marriage is staying healthy and sexually attractable to to your spouse .

  13. I cannot wait for the Eddie Murphy Stand Up on Netflix. I've been waiting for so long for him to get back on the stage.

  14. 20 something year old daughter she is a grown woman .what do you mean leave her alone with someone she's not a child.what kind of question is that and he answered it if his daughter is 20+ shes grown she should be capable of making her own decisions

  15. Aziel whatever her name is is not a little girl she 21 years old she is grown .if she's not calling 911 that means that she's not in any trouble

  16. I believe people are dragging her so much because it's a continuous thing like more than 2 married men 🤦

  17. I am scratching my head and wondering why is Wendy still gossiping about other people when her own personal life is in the shambles 🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨

  18. What’s so bad abt a woman being with a married man doesn’t the married man knows he’s married smh 🤦🏻‍♀️,there’s ppl in the world doing worst & at the end of the day God is the final judge of us all.

  19. WHO IS NICOLE MURPHY…. why r u wasting time on this chick… Who is She?? I keep thinking she's Britney Murphy..

  20. Seems to me Wendy should have been paying attention to her own relationship and staying out of other people’s business. Just sayin cuz she missed some obvious clues. 😏

  21. When is someone gonna say they did NOT know Lela Rochon and Antoine Fuqua were married…I sure as hell didn't 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😭😭🤣🤣🤣🙄

  22. Men don't take blame cuz you supposed to know better! You already know we runnin hard, so keep your daughters and young women out of tha streets!!!

  23. She should apoilgizes to eddie murphy for her selfish behavior and maybe for him to forgive her if he chose to forgive her

  24. This lady is too old to be making these kind of mistakes.
    I don't think she really sees anything wrong..
    Like how you going to blame social media for blowing something out of proportion when you flat out got caught kissing somebody else's husband I don't get that.
    She seems like the type of person even if presented with evidence she will still try to justify..
    And I believe they actually had sex because they look wayyyy too comfortable kissing…

  25. Breakdown:..Basic biology of men and women are DIFFERENT especially sexually. Notice how women have only a FEW EGGS that they will have their entire lifetime. Whereas men produce BILLIONS of sperm during their lifetime. So biologically, men are wired to want sex more frequently whereas evolutionarily women are wired to not need it as much so that they can choose who gets their eggs wisely since its limited..
    With that said Women are mentally stronger then men, when it comes to sex. A married man should not put themselves in that situation because once infatuation of the p****y hits he will be gone and I mean gone…(they become dumb when horny)😵..most men can't even hang out with a female friend for long with out having some type of sexual thought. Even Godly men.. Its an everyday struggle for them, so imagine one that does not have God in his life, he trying to stick it everywhere🤦.. God gave women the power to keep that in line, but instead these hoes are now part of the problem🙄…

  26. Wendy Williams looks a bit mess in those photos when they catch her not ready. But I'll be damn if she don't look like a snack on TV. Them thangs be sitting right.

  27. I don't understand why women blame the other woman…Nicole is single he is the married man so why isn't he getting any flack.

  28. Lets get this clear, HE CHEATED ON HIS WIFE, NICOLE HAPPEN TO BE THE ONE ON THE OTHER SIDE, when we going to stop blaming jst the womans!!!! …what year are we?

  29. Happy married men don't cheat women re-evaluate your situation Nicole not obligated to turn your husband down because of you if he want to step out he going to step out if he's secretly not happy

  30. Azriel will be on her hands and knees begging r kelly ro let her go home! She is in for a rude awakening!!! I don't know when, but its coming!!

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