56 thoughts to “News Now Stream 06/21/19 (FNN)”

  1. Thank you President 🙏❤️ you just won the second Term by refusing to go to war. First president to keep the promise.. love you President ..

  2. If that was an AFRICAN-AMERICAN "MAN" THEY would shoot until ALL THE GUNS WHERE Empty! THEY TOOK THIS MAN in a LIVE! AFRICAN-AMERICAN should Pull ALL Their Sons and Daughters FROM U.S.A. MILITARY!!

  3. Gracias saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo Bolton 2020,

  4. I Was Glad To Have A Chance To Hear The Dems Running For A Chance To Sit In Our White House. When I Hear Either Dems Or Repubs. They Sound Like Full Of Shiite. I Hear Everything I Want Them Too Do When They get Into Our House They Never Do What They Promised. I Cannot Lie As I Know our Creator Let Us Know Thru Kim Clement Back In 2003 That Trump Would WIN easeily. I at that time was not aware of the of the profit so I wasn't aware of the fact that God had his hands very involved more that usual. 2020 is going to be a landslide. That being the case as it was stated by Kim Clement. Now putting that aside here is what I see. As it stands not one Rep or Dem has what I think it takes to win or even come close. Looks like I follow anything my Creator and his son King of Kings says after All I as many are sheep 🐑 of the only good shepherd. Be honest use the brain God gave you and start seeing the truth by our super loving father. Amen

  5. Are the reporters asking redundant foolish questions because the fire guy speaks like Cava or their just a bunch of high school dropouts? He doesnt know how to control the reporters.

  6. its nce cool morning i was like as talvered family my mom fine btw they said i can have this old thing and you guys gave alot to do them knowing got me brought back and stuff so yeah tom and tony micheal are my guys

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  8. yeah me sarah gilbert were getting on breakaway and stuff over are daughter found and that i got em on star so yeah

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  11. i done nelly ericsa and albert both thats why they getting me back as him rihgt now they really call these personas i was taught it when i was kid it was for new family back in 80 ok they can have starving

  12. ah its all theirs now yeah they got my house in nroth scotsdale to cange finally jhonda and them both did

  13. my dad like ford probe i had done eruo style with power he said nos works he gave me that i spent 5 gran on blown head gasket car that had 91 thousand and set for awhile 91 miles miles on it m=jhonda fine now we both are ron should remeber alison

  14. tony micheal side swiped my 69 fod pick up like my dad yesterday on way to frys electronics and stuff i spent lot of money on her with 460 to have done like my dad truck =he re gret not putting a 460 in it so yeah

  15. yeah i know my house coast me alot what you espect arizona my home state now i know we moved hear when i was little so yeah

  16. that was first thing id di was pay off my credit big time like 10 grand i owed whew me and desiray are fine my dad care about her i let rachel go after i meet that girl doing what i was doinf and she sweet heart i have her living with me

  17. i bought lot fo were houses store my stuff in thow i completted my chevron car collection they said i had it right

  18. my dad been driiving the probe to work james can have his new patch i bought 2 dogs and new cat so yeah i saved danny from being uthnised so yeah

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