New York Doctor Reports From Front Lines Of Coronavirus Crisis: ‘It Does Not Spare Anyone’ | TODAY

New York Doctor Reports From Front Lines Of Coronavirus Crisis: ‘It Does Not Spare Anyone’ | TODAY

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  1. What is determined as essential is pretty interesting. I sell electronics and we still do that right now. Older people need their phones, TVs, and somehow Nintendo Switches during this medical crisis lol. Also, if social isolation was the goal it backfired where I live. People are closer and more jammed up together then ever. 100+ waiting lines as store opens and place looks like Disney during the day because people suddenly have increased needs. Im convinced humanity isn't smart enough to stop this virus. Young people lick floors and throw things on the floor and old people act like because a place is one of the only 3 places open in a city that they all gotta go there. Also, stop leaving your snot rags on the floor please… we are forced to pick them up, thats just evil and sick.

  2. So this Dr caught Ebola but I just heard him say he never worried about his personal protection during the time he was treating people with ebola. Isn't Ebola more deadly than this virus.

  3. I worked at a restaurant and now I can't get tips or hours and i have to pay my bills, I don't know what im going to do

  4. He said there was no need to wear protective gear in Africa during Ebola outbreak. That's probably how he contracted it.

  5. Wake up people! This is a bunch of crap. The virus isn't real, the numbers and people they claim to have been affected are made up. Do you know any of them? The celebs who claim to be "positive" are either in on the lie or have been lied to by deep state doctors. This is a Hegelian dialectic move of problem reaction solution to control as a test case the population with fear and to bring them under marshal law. This is a fabricated pandemic that is completely false. Don't buy into it. They are using fear to control the masses to get them to do what the deep state wants and that is to live under eventual tyranny.

  6. MORAL of the story: DO NOT "pack" ur state with ILLEGAL & ILLITERATE criminal aliens 1

    ps: VERY FEW illegals deserve to stay in the US !

  7. I am a nurse and my hospital does not have enough N-95 masks for us. Our PPE consists of a thin surgical mask, flimsy yellow gown and a face shield.

  8. Medical, police, retail
    workers, please watch, not clickbait!!! Share, re-post!
     please, please watch this!!! We can HALT the
    spread of this pandemic in ONE DAY!!!
    They would protect the eyes from
    droplets and particles, and you could easily cut out sections and glue filters
    onto them, or make a retrofit station, where people could take them to have
    replaceable filter cartridges installed/glued on.

    There must be millions or billions of
    these already in private and commercial ownership, right now… plus dive
    shops, Costco, etc. The full-face mask already has the tooling, molds, etc. for
    production, we could roll these out to hospital employees, etc. And the CPR
    masks, I was thinking of airline oxygen masks, the movie industry also might
    have them as props, but usable. Or airplane graveyards, decommissioned, etc.

    DYI Bidet, free materials you
    have now!!! Conserve toilet paper, pat dry with spare cloth.

    Full-face snorkeling mask

    Snorkle masks

    CPR mask

    Two other possible solutions

  9. More people than necessary could die if all fevers and coughs are assumed to be CoVid 19. Someone with appendicitis and a fever may not get the treatment they need, because dangerous assumptions are being made.

  10. Actually America is not able to control the infection instead of not concern. 80% mask in Amercia rely on import and in a global emergency, what they can do is just pretend nothing important happened. Otherwise it will cause a panic of the whole country, because they can not offer enough masks and other treat equipments.

  11. Why were China not so open about who it effects or were China open and our goverments misled us all – its not just old people it effects badly

  12. The amount of Lucifer/Tom Ellis comments there is has me rollin’ like my friend and I were just talking about how this guy looks like him (plus it’s my fav show) 🥺😂

  13. Well we don’t all have N95 masks to wear and hand washing isn’t working so you’re going to have hundreds of thousands that are sick and need hospitals.

  14. this guy should get actor of the year……all of a sudden there is no heart attacks and kidney issues….right…all the pics are still and of staff….where's the patients????? don't tell me the media can't go as they go into war and into 100+ a mile hurricane winds….it's cuz they are lying and you fools fell for it.

  15. Husband works pest control and apparently its essential work so stupid hes out there putting himself at risk going into people's houses, he wears a gas mask, goggles and we wash his clothes when he comes in. What other precautions can we take…

  16. It is a hoax. It always was a hoax and still is a hoax. You spend enough time and money and you can make anyone believe anything. Corona virus in point.

  17. There is a lot of doctors questioning of the overwhelming infection in NY and why 40,000 need a ventilator?? They are saying something else is going on there, not just coronavirus???

  18. The doctor needs to get over it and move on. The virus has several medicines that work on the virus, so give it and let the patients get better!

  19. God bless everyone on the frontline. In my state a police officer was killed. I saw all the police outside hugging and shaking hands in front of hospital. I felt bad about the situation but in the back of my mind I was thinking about if anyone could have the virus. Yesterday on the news they mentioned some police officers have tested positive for the virus. It's only natural when someone dies,but now you better face time everyone. Prayers everyone 🙏

  20. God bless everyone on the frontline. In my state a police officer was killed. I saw all the police outside hugging and shaking hands in front of hospital. I felt bad about the situation but in the back of my mind I was thinking about if anyone could have the virus. Yesterday on the news they mentioned some police officers have tested positive for the virus. It's only natural when someone dies,but now you better face time everyone. Prayers everyone 🙏

  21. God bless everyone on the frontline. In my state a police officer was killed. I saw all the police outside hugging and shaking hands in front of hospital. I felt bad about the situation but in the back of my mind I was thinking about if anyone could have the virus. Yesterday on the news they mentioned some police officers have tested positive for the virus. It's only natural when someone dies,but now you better face time everyone. Prayers everyone 🙏

  22. NYPD still towing cars on NYPD hope Hound employee tested positive for the virus in College Point risking people's lives

  23. Our new soldiers are the medical field the ventilators animal hospital beds these are our new military personnel and we must support them as much as possible by staying home, distance yourself as much as possible it isn't hard take this seriously everyone. .. if they only test those showing signs and only 20% will show signs then all numbers for infected are really 5 times higher…do the math! THIS IS SERIOUS STAY HOME AND LET'S GET THROUGH THIS. EVERYONE LIVING ON EARTH WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

  24. i was reading the comments im so sorry for people who they still have to go to work …i am one of them and im really scared every single time i have to leave afraid about my parents more than for myself workers might be essential but its so stupid you see people coming in for just to update their books or deposit 2$
    all banks HAVE to close and people can use the atm machines ! this is so dangerous for us !


    UPDATED: MAR 23, 2020 | ORIGINAL: NOV 15, 2019

    The First Time the Plague Broke Out in the US, Officials Tried to Deny It

    In 1900, newspapers and politicians claimed the doctor trying to stop the plague had made the whole thing up.



    The National Library of Medicine

    At the turn of the 20th century, the world was gripped by a plague pandemic that had spread from China to port cities around the globe. So when a 41-year-old San Franciscan named Wong Chut King died of a particularly violent disease in March 1900, there were worries that the pandemic had finally reached U.S. soil.

    After examining samples from Wong’s autopsy, the head of the city’s Marine Hospital Service confirmed those fears: the plague had come to America. And unfortunately, it never left.

    Wong’s death marked the beginning of the United States’ first plague epidemic, which infected at least 280 people and killed at least 172 over the next eight years (the actual numbers of cases and deaths may be higher). The disease was likely introduced by rat–infested steamships arriving at California’s shores from affected areas, mostly from Asia. But instead of alerting the public, city and state officials—including the governor of California—denied there was any plague outbreak at all.

    The Plague Presented a Threat to California's Economy


    Group portrait of health workers with brooms, sprinkling cans, axes, hoses, rakes, shovels and other equipment used to destroy rat habitation areas, standing in front of the storeroom (on left) and U.S. Public Health Marine Hospital Service District Headquarters during the San Francisco plague campaign.

    The National Library of Medicine

    The reason for this cover-up was partly economic. There was a fear in San Francisco and the state capital of Sacramento that if news of the plague spread, it would hurt California’s economy, says Marilyn Chase, a lecturer at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and author of The Barbary Plague: The Black Death in Victorian San Francisco.

    “There was a very real threat that California’s $40 million fresh produce industry…would be lost,” she says. With that in mind, “the state actually appealed to and secured the collaboration of the surgeon general of the United States” to keep word of the disease silent.

    Official silence about the disease also entailed undermining Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun, the head of the Marine Hospital Service in San Francisco who had identified the plague bacteria in Wong’s body. As a public health official, he was determined to stop the disease from spreading. At the same time, local politicians, business owners and newspapers were determined to discredit him, says David K. Randall, a reporter for Reuters and author of Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague.

    “You had the local newspapers calling [Kinyoun] a fake, calling him suspicious, implying that he was just trying to take money from the public coffers and this was all a big scam,” he says. These newspapers even suggested “he was injecting dead bodies with plague so that he looked like a hero.” Business leaders and politicians echoed this rhetoric. “A state senator in Sacramento stood on the senate floor and said that Kinyoun should be hanged for what he was doing,” he says.

    New Field of Medical Science Met With Skepticism


    Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun.

    National Institutes of Health History Office/Flickr Creative Commons

    This large-scale denial of the plague was also, in part, a rejection of a new type of science that few understood. Kinyoun, who is now known as the father of the National Institutes of Health, was at the forefront of the field of medical bacteriology. Unlike doctors from an earlier era, Kinyoun used a microscope to study microorganisms his patients couldn’t see. California Governor Henry Gage was particularly averse to this new science.

    “[Gage] basically said: If you can’t see the disease, if you can’t see what’s happening, then how do I know it exists?” Randall says. And like many others in California, Gage wasn’t even sure white people could get the plague in the first place. “The idea was that if your ancestors had survived the plague in Europe, then you somehow evolved immunity,” he says.

    Contrary to this misguided belief, the plague did infect white San Franciscans; but in the beginning, it hit residents of Chinatown the hardest. Many white residents initially remained unconcerned since they attributed the outbreak to the racist perception that Chinese immigrants were disease-ridden and dirty. Residents of Chinatown, in turn, sometimes hid the bodies of plague victims to prevent further discrimination against their community.

    “People [in Chinatown] were desperate to keep it confidential, and there were very good reasons for this,” Chase says. After the first confirmed plague death, “there was a blockade against Chinatown, at which time people could not go to work, they could not get goods in or out. The people were hungry.” There was a real fear that the discovery of more plague victims would lead to more quarantines or building-burning, a crude method of fighting disease.

    Knowledge of the plague outbreak eventually managed to spread outside of California. Out-of-state newspapers picked up news of the outbreak a few weeks after Wong’s death, and Kinyoun sent federal officials regular memos about the plague’s escalation. Just as California’s political and business leaders had feared, states threatened to cut off trade with California to prevent the plague from spreading.

    Still, California leaders stuck to their story. In a letter to the U.S. secretary of state cosigned by San Francisco jeans magnate Levi Strauss, Governor Gage blamed Kinyoun for the “plague fake,” as he called it, and claimed San Francisco had “never seen a living case of plague.” A year after the first plague victim died, Gage successfully convinced the federal government to relocate Kinyoun to Detroit. By then, there were about 100 known deaths from the plague.


    Group portrait of P.A. Surgeon Rupert Blue (first row, fourth from right), members of his staff, and three men in civilian clothes, standing in front of the San Francisco Plague Suppressive Headquarters at Filmore & Page Sts. in San Francisco, California during the San Francisco plague campaign.

    The National Library of Medicine

    The man who replaced Kinyoun as head of the Marine Hospital Service in San Francisco was Dr. Rupert Blue. Though he too faced resistance in fighting the plague, he had advantages over Kinyoun. He was better at communicating scientific and medical information to the public, and also better at earning the trust of the city’s Chinese community.

    Blue helped end the outbreak with initiatives to clean the city and eradicate its rats, whose fleas were infecting humans with the plague. By 1908, San Francisco was essentially plague-free, and California newspapers reported this news even though they’d previously denied the plague’s existence.

    The Plague Persists in the United States


    Two men dissecting rats believed to be spreading the plague.

    The National Library of Medicine

    However, this didn’t mean the plague had left the country. The United States still reports an average of seven human plague cases each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Almost all of these cases occur in the western United States. In the summer of 2019, reports of prairie dogs with plague-carrying fleas forced parts of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge to shut down.

    In reporting for her book, Chase learned that scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Fort Collins believe the strain that now exists throughout the west originates from the strain that was first carried to U.S. shores by ship rats around 1900.

    Chase says, “It was very likely the delay in controlling the San Francisco plague” allowed it to spread—and persist. 



  27. Take away for China: Mother Nature has spoken and she says, "You can't 'eat" everything that flies over or crawls upon the face of the earth'.

  28. Everyone questions the logic of shutting down the world for what appears to be an ordinary cold & flu season. All descriptions of the coronavirus match the ordinary, common flu and there are the same amount of deaths as any other flu season. It's a case of 2+2=5

    Each year 50,000 die from the flu, globally. Only 10,000 have died from the alleged 'coronavirus', globally. Obviously, this indicates that the 'coronavirus' is a hoax and is intended to determine if you would ever question the 'official story' or detect any discrepancies. Influenza killed about 80,000 people in the 2017-2018 season, according to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Currently, the 'coronavirus' has allegedly killed 10,000 – 14,000. Quite obviously, there is no global 'pandemic' of 'coronavirus'. They just passed an 8 billion dollar aid bill to fight the ordinary, common flu season after inciting this massive hoax. It's a common tactic of 666 (the Elites) to create hoaxes that leech into the tax revenue of the countries and heist billions and trillions to enrich their own membership.

    I've come to understand that a great many news stories are completely acted-out and written and have absolutely no reality. They even made the 1997 film, "Wag The Dog" to explain how they do this. Ordinary people don't suspect what they are told by the news – making it a potent weapon of mass-mind control as foretold in the 1976 film, "Network". The problem is that ordinary people have no concept of such a vast conspiracy so they dismiss it. They fail to recognize their opponent in this world – which is the 'wolves in sheep's clothing'. They look human but are Reptilians inside. They're called 666.

    "Wag The Dog" starred Dustin Hoffman who also starred in "Outbreak". Wag The Dog depicted news events that were total hoaxes being staged by actors and a director. This is exactly what such things as Kobe dying in a helicopter, mass school shootings and Las Vegas shooting and now the fictional 'Corona Virus' is. These events are fiction being dramatized by the news media as if they were real.

    Another movie about this is "Network" (1976). The movie predicted that TV news would eventually become such a powerful mind-control weapon that people should throw their televisions out the window. Too late.

    The purpose of such hoaxes is to manipulate the mass psychology of society and was explained in one of the most famous novels ever written, "1984" by George Orwell. To gradually corrupt the subconscious mind, we are shown 'great lies' that are reported as truths by our government and media complex. In each case, subtle proof is provided so that we can know that we are being lied to. As we learn to ignore the truth and accept the lies we become 'good, compliant citizens'. For this purpose we are shown an endless stream of great lies… But in each case subtle proof is given that they are lies so that we can practice learning to ignore the truth and embrace the lies.

  29. alot of us wont be getting through this, ………………….we will be dead……………….. cant stand it when they say that

  30. read bible or watch on you tube time to get spiritual house in order this whole corona virus is planned by Satan thru Freemasons and no Freemasons are Lucifer worshipers not god of Jesus Christ .Also catholic church is branch of masonry to deceive us all Ezekiel 8 in bible explains Antichrist people


  32. Lol the doctor who recovered from an Ebola Virus says this over dramatised virus " does not spare anyone ". All this scaremongering is getting oh so familiar with other Pandemic warnings .Its like the Millennium bug where mutant cockroaches would make planes fall from the sky and peoples PCs would explode in balls of molten heavy metals

  33. clearly liberal propaganda. I can tell they are actors on a stage. Massive coordinated deception to steal the 2020 elections. Note, no loyal Trump supporter has been infected Curious? If you watch Fox News, you can't get infected. I've heard that Republicans coming in to the ER for broken bones, suffered from beatings by liberal thugs, they are categorized as Covid19 and infected with the normal flu. LIes

  34. Anyone else notice how sanctuary cities have become major victims of the Covid 19 epidemic ? ? GOOD RIDDANCE and that's sad but TRUE ! !

  35. MY FRIENDS SON IS A DOCTOR IN NEW YORK… he was in a ventalator i prayed for him in a matter of a few days he was sent home to recuperate….please pray the rosary?

  36. Even though Kobe got fried alive in a Hell-o-copter at least he isn't a living dead zombie frothing with coronavirus like those of us who survived the tragic crash. BRAINS! I will eat your brains!

  37. if you are outside when you don't need to be, you may end up in the emergency room and risk the health of our doctors and nurses on the frontline

  38. Tv spreading lies + goberment are liars + scoentist are liars + doctors are liars = bunch of evil ego ! 5G = disease spreading eorld wide

  39. "It Does Not Spare Anyone"
    Wow… this is almost as dumb as "More people get infected every day."
    As in "After Red, the traffic light changes to Green." and "After rain, there will be sunshine.".
    Thanks for these prophecies for people without a working brain.

  40. Please, take the time to share this to everyone. It's a special tribute, a thank you to everyone during this difficult time.

  41. I pray the blood of Jesus over you brother! Your doing a great job! Thank you thank you thank you. Dont give up!

  42. We as a nation need to pray for God s help and mercy for our drs. Nurses care givers. Before you scoff, remember it could be your son, daughter, mother father, brother or child hanging on to life. Then there arent enough medical staff.

  43. As of 3/25/20
    As regards COVID-19 in the US The CDC reported:

    More people died of the flu in 2019 then will die from the COVID-19 virus

    984 deaths

    % that died
    10-27% 85+ yrs old
    4-11% 65-85 yrs old
    ???? No other numbers given.

    They go on to say that eight out of 10 deaths have been people 65+ yrs old

    Of the 68,440 presumptive positive & confirmed COVID-19 cases

    636 were Travel related 1074 CLOSE CONTACT

    Of those 66,730 UNDER
    INVESTIGATION on how they caught it

    I guess they don’t have enough money to hire the people to figure out how these people are catching it. With their great concern about people working they should hire some more people to work for them.

  44. Come on New Yorkers! You are tougher than some little virus. Go to the theater. See the parade. Go out to eat on the town like De Blasio told ya.

  45. All of this because of China throughout the history most viruses came out from the so called China due to their awful way of eating animals like mice snakes bats … wtf they must grow up

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