New Video Shows China’s ‘Wartime Controls’ To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

New Video Shows China’s ‘Wartime Controls’ To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

50 thoughts to “New Video Shows China’s ‘Wartime Controls’ To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News”

  1. @0:30 she's looking for attention. She even offered to empty their trash 😳😷They declined her help for Severa reasons but mainly she Does Not speak the language and would be useless. Two the government disinformation would be exposed by her. Go home lady ✈ #Karachi

  2. The top three things that make this virus absolutely terrifying.

    Coronavirus incubation period can be up to 28 days. Keep in mind 95% of cases are 5 days but outliers do exist and pose a larger threat due to not showing signs even after 14 day observations.

    Coronavirus family of viruses can survive on surfaces without a host for up to 28 days.

    Chinese officials suggest the Coronavirus maybe airborne.

  3. Release & FREEDOM for Muslim UGYHUR.. InsyaALLAH ALLAH Help China.. 👍😊👍Now ALLAH Punish U force for HIJAB & NIQAB Mask..

  4. Lmao CDC looking into making sure it doesn't spread while US released 179 evacuees after 14 day quarantine after being exposed to 1 infected person on day 14, plus china says 24 day incubation period. Well done CDC 👏👍

  5. Real people not just the number…very sad the world need to united: please check this study:

  6. Wtf why they brought virus in my home state Texas? Idiots don't know what will happen to U.S economy if Dallas/Fort worth or Houston gets lock down because of this.

  7. Here are 10 easy things you can do right now that are scientifically proven to help boost your immune system. Most online "health" websites don't know these basic things you can do to prevent disease. Take care of yourself!

  8. Smokers take their masks off to smoke 22x a day. Touch everything, then put an infected cigarette in their mouth on-ramping the virus down their throat and into their lungs. 68% of Chinese men smoke, compared to 6% women. Bad Air Quality in China due to industrialization and smog. Then add to it the effects of 5G weakened immune system and you have the perfect storm for a pandemic.

  9. Can you get rid of pneumonia without antibiotics?

    Viral pneumonia may have some of the same symptoms, but the symptoms tend to be less severe. Bacterial pneumonia requires treatment with antibiotics. Viral pneumonia does not require antibiotics unless it causes a secondary bacterial infection.Jul 3, 2018

  10. Just stop being cruel to animals. No virus. Don't be stupid. No army , no government can win against a virus. Just look at the current situation, governments on their knees

  11. no mention of the children its killing only old people and smokers o yea just wait its all going down its ok its just old people and smokers what a fnnn bunch of you no what this is serious prepare

  12. 0:32 she "had to stay".."she can help ppl" yet she is another one they keep in closed doors and have to feed..smh!!
    unless she is caring for ppl in her flat..she is pure arrogance..

  13. Fear not and do not support this agenda of freedoms being taken away by a fake bio weapon! Listen to what Joe says about the matter before u believe your slave master’s propaganda!!

  14. Thanks for sharing, Great content as always! This highlights allot of areas which needed to be addressed regarding situations of this nature. Felt it was simply a matter of time. Could have been worse, maybe it's a blessing in disguise. this should get everyone attention and make it a priority possibly preventing something worse in future.

    Also worth mentioning this could be a catalyst for the economy slowing down. For example, Apple and other big companies are being effected as workers aren't allowed to work etc which will essentially effect trade. A few out of many way it will also influence stocks etc The banks in china which fund big companies abroad in many european countries including U.K, many will loose allot on allot of money, which could pressurise them to close down causing a domino effect further fueling the situations where already experiencing.. Allot to consider however rest assured the answers are all out their we just have to ask the right questions and find the answers ourselves. With my help, your journey should be allot easier. Visit my website to learn how things works, develop an eye etc plus much more all for free…

    Some stocks are high however worth mentioing companies are buying their own giving the imrpessions stocks are doing well, will not be able to last long..

    Incase anyone hasn't noticed, Bitcoin and crypto are benefiting from all of this, with prices reaching high levels and spiking on news related to coronavirus. Almost a safe haven just incase banks etc face any issues where meeting face to face is becomes a problem or maybe pressure from chinas economy and others causing a doming effect..

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  15. The thing that has world governments alarmed and what they're purposely not telling you to prevent panic, is the fact that even after you've been "cured" for Coronavirus your body still carries around the germs for other people to be contaminated and eventually infected.

    And remember that the symptoms remain hidden for weeks while you spread the undetected germs around. It's insanity.

    (in my opinion) This virus was clearly made in a laboratory. Everything about it sounds to measured.

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