New Nepali Movie – “PREM GEET” Full Movie || Latest Nepali Movie 2016 || Pooja Sharma,Pradeep Khadka

New Nepali Movie – “PREM GEET” Full Movie || Latest Nepali Movie 2016 || Pooja Sharma,Pradeep Khadka

KINDLE CINE STUDIO Aasusen Film Production PREM GEET Only few people believe in god and goes to the temple. The rest goes to get peace and refreshment. Some visits temple with bundle of problems. This boy in problem too. Preem,his name is prem. His biggest problem is his mother! He calls his mother “mamu” in low voice with love. Mamu ,what has happened to the toothpaste? He raises his voice when he gets angry. Mamu! I replaced all the toothpaste with water. What’ll you do? Mamu I’m not his housemaid , to serve him every time. Wait and watch,I’ll teach you a lesson. Where are the soap and the shampoo? I dont know. Hey! Mamu! Goddess! My mother keeps on troubling me. Why is it so? It is said,even god can’t understand the nature of a mother. How can this poor guy understand her nature? May be he’ll understand. He has no other option than that. Where is my belt? Where is it? Hey! I’m Getting late for my office. I don’t find the other pair of my shoe. What’s this? I don’t find the other pair of my sock too Mamu! The lunce is ready, come and have it. How can I go to office this way, where is my stuffs? Don’t blame me. Here is your belt, take it. You always misplace your things like a child. You should search it properly. Your sock is here too. You don’t search things properly, take it. It’s been a month since you joined your job. I need a daughter-in-law, I don’t want to hear any excuses. I am tired of hiding your stuffs… I can’t look for your stuffs every time. Prem has an unusual habit. When he gets stressed… He plays the music and starts to dance. I am just growing young, there is nothing to hurry. I’ve still time. I had told my mother, I’ll find a girl my self when the right time comes. We shouldn’t hurry to choose our partner, everything has the right time… Stop teasing me, you haven’t left any girl for me. What is her name? Komal. No… Wait… Wait… Listen, I wouldn’t have forced you if you weren’t my only son. I fear whether the girls would spoil you. Won’t you get married unlessyou find someone of your choice? Yes. Prem,I’ve chosen a girl for you. I want you to meet her. Go on a date with her for few days and marry her. are you making fun of me? You wouldn’t dare to make fun of me if your father was alive. Don’t talk about father. Don’t you know that i feel sad when you talk about him? If he ware alive, he would be happy to know about my affair. No, he wouldn’t be. I won’t marry The meaning of my name is love but you don’t want me to fall in love. Sit down, sit down, sit down. Listen to me. Think about your father’s prestige in this town and fall in love. you have a week. Do whatever you like within a week or else you’ll have to marry a girl of my choice. I won’t marry. I’ll keep a fasting, harsh than before. I’ll keep a harsh fasting and won’t come back to consciousness. She always blackmails me emotionally. she always forces me to marry. Prem has a lot of things to offend but he doesn’t want to hurt her mother. Not only his mother, he doesn’t hurt anyone. He starts dancing without music sometimes,when he gets stressed. If there is love in your fare, it takes no time to find someone. And if you don’t you won’t find for the lifetime. Prem is going to face a new problem. Good morning sir, sir, Good morning Oh! Have a seat. Ok sir, Prem. Yes, sir. You told me that you will do anything and give your best to this office, before joining us. Am I right? Yes,sir. Good! You are the right person to me. Thank you, Sir. Prem. Yes. You take all these things and go to kagbeni now. No, I won’t since it’s too far. Prem! An old man has gone to kagbeni though our travel agency yesterday. But he forgot all these things here. He has gone there to perform religious offering for his dead son. He compulsorily need these things for that. These things are very important so o can’t send them with someone else. IF we deliver these things ourselves,that old man will bless us and our company will earn good will too. Find someone for you within a week or else you’ll have to marry with the girl I choose. I’ll give you a week vacation to enjoy in Mustang. Our company will bear all expenses. Keep it in your mind if you didn’t go there I’ll fire you from job. Either Prem will have to quit his job or help that old man. Let’s see what will he do. Mamu says, I must fall in love within a week. Boss says, I must go to the Himalayas for a week. I am in such a dilemma. How will I find someone to fall in love? Prem starts dancing when he gets stressed… …this time he is sharing his feelings to the goddess and dancing too. I need a favor from you fr the last time. Goddess, may I find a girl on the way, who has missed her bus. Then, I’ll give her a lift. Do that much for me. Please, Goddess. Listen! Yes. Can I have a cup of tea? Sure. Where is the tap? It is there. Okay, thank you. Take the tea. Okey. Where is your destination? Kagbeni. You’ll go till kagbeni? A girl missed her bus, will you drop her to Kagbeni? Are you sure? Yes,Shall I call her?She is inside the house. What is her name? Kavya. Catch it,catch it… Catch it,catch it… Yes Well done,I’ll kill it today. It’s my snacks for tonight. Give it to me. What are you doing? Thank you, Goddess. Listen, Go along with that guy. Go. Okey. Hi, I am Geet. I am Prem. I am fro kathmandu. Pokhara. I missed my bus abd left my bag in it. Will you give me a lift? Sure. How much for the tea? Stop it! What’s wrong? Are you trying to take advantage of me? Chance !!! No,not at all. You boys try to take advantage of girl,when they ride with you. It’s because of the off road. You are supposed to concentrate on your riding rather than other things. You are lying me. Shall I slap you? Sorry. Hold your ears. What? I said,hold your ears. Hold your ears. Go back. What? Go back. I’ll ride the bike. Ride it slow. You told it’s an off-road,I am riding it properly. You liar. Ride it slow. Are you afraid? Goddess, you listened to me but she is so weird, It’s totally worthless. Sorry, sorry… You boy think that we girls are worth for nothing. I can ride a bike like you. Is that the way of riding? You should have applied the brakes on time. It’s all because of you. Oh! Mom. What? What did I do? I didn’t have to ride it, if you had ridden it properly and we wouldn’t have fall down. Oh! Oh! You are blaming me. Are you coming or not? I can’t come till there. Carry me. I can’t carry you. Are you trying to annoy me? What are you looking at? Carry me. No. Be careful. You got angry when I touched you and now you are comfortable even when I am carrying you. This isn’t fair. What are you doing? What happened? Bring my shoes and my bag. Goddess! Goddess! what is all these? Take it. Put them on me. I won’t. What might be she searching for? Isn’t there anything to eat? I am feeling hungry. I am hurt and you are thinking of eating. Give me the first aid kit. You should have told me earlier about your wound. Did it hurt? No. you are lying me. You are calling me with disrespect. Yes. I’ll call you the same way. You are not allowed to do so,Only I can call you that way. Geet, Yes Why are you different? What do you mean? I can’t explain. I am of different nature from my childhood. I was young when my mom left me. Where is your mom? My grandmother always forced my father for second marriage, in order to have a grandson. But my father didn’t do second marriage. Do you know the reason behind it? My father loves me as both his son and his daughter. My father used to dress e like a boy in order to please my grandmother. He used to make my hairstyle like that of boys, put mustache on me. My grandmother used to get happy seeing that. I felt good being like a boy to them and i still do. I’ve beaten several boys, when I was in school. I’ve changed nowadays. What? I got changed because of my grandmother. She says, no one will marry me if I didn’t change my attitude. I felt that she is right, boys used to fear me, so I changed my self. a little bit. Why have you come here alone? I ran from my home. You ran away. why? They always force me to marry. My grandmother has no other topic than that. Shall I marry the one I choose or the one chosen by my grandmother? Goddess, we have the same problem. Am I right or not? Yes, Mummy. You talk in my favor when I am with you. Later you will do whatever she wants. I know you people act so well. Uday, She is our only child. We would have a grandson if you had get her married. If we had grandson , she would always be with us. We can’t keep her with us forever. No, we can’t. I don’t want her to go far from us after marrying, since she is our only child. We can’t keep her with us forever as well. That’s why, I have thought of marrying her with someone nearby. She can easily come to us in and we can visit her whenever we miss her. We should marry her nearby, so that her children can come to us easily. I won’t marry. Did you see? I will find someone myself when the right time comes. No one has to worry about me. Father, make her clear about it. Sure, daughter. What did you say? Whose is the right guy for me in our college? It’s not that easy to choose. Boys fear ever to look at you. Binay is right for you,isn’t it Ashmita? Don’t annoy me.Binay is mine. Don’t even think of him give her your boyfriend, if you can. Your love is one sided. Yes, Fater.I am with my friends. What happened to grandmother? I will be home. I have a pain in my chest. I have a pain in my chest. Papa, What happened to grandmother? She has… My heart has swollen due to high tensions. If this happens again, it’ll be hard to save me.Doctor said so. Have so many tensions.Doctor says not to take stress but is it possible? No, Mother. I have a wish to see granddaughter’s marriage before I die. look,my chest is paining again. Yes, mother. Uday, if we could marry her somewhere near… …her children could come to us and we could visit her often,isn’t it? Yse,mother Grandmother, I will marry. I will marry with the one you choose. My granddaughter! My granddaughter! Our daughter will get married now. Now,she will get married.She will have children. How was my idea? Old woman! Geet, Daughter. Listen to me first. Whose side are you on? Of course, I am on your side. Here she comes. I won’t talk. I won’t talk to anyone. Listen to me. She is gone. Listen to me. I was trapped. She says, she will go to pilgrimage or the old age home if I didn’t support her in this drama. I didn’t have any other option. I have an idia. Your friends Manisha, Karishma… Ishmita. Yse,Ishmita. Go and stay with them for few days. When she admits not to talk about your marriage again, you can come back home. Yes. Do you see whom do I support? My father. But my father doesn’t know that I’ve come here. Now, I will troble especially my grandmother more than my father. My mother has troubled me the same way like your grandmother. But I haven’t left the home like you,I have come here with some work. What did you say?say it again. I mean my mother is more dangerous than your grandmother is. Mother,Please come here. What are you doing? Please come here. Leave me,What are you doing? I got the job today,I’ve brought something. Take it. Sweets. Have one. Have it. You have it yourself. I am done. You also have the dinner. I am on a hunger strike. What? Why? Listen, you have everything you want. I told you not to do a job but you didn’t listen to me. Well, that’s fine. You have grown old enough. I have chosen a girl for you. Marry her. Mother. Time has changed, Mother. Firstly, i have to like a girl. Fall in love with her. Then it happens. How can you be sure that the girl you choose love me and look after us. Listen, you are my only son. Your father has made good reputation in the city though he isn’t alive. I won’t allow you to do things on your own. You know mother, you come in second number among the world’s best mothers. Who is the number one. My Mother. When you smile, you are the number one.
When you are sad, you are the second number. Have your dinner if you want to be the number one. You are kidding me? Mother. I am feeling dizziness. Don’t touch me. I am about to fall unconscious. Will you marry the girl i chose or shall i fall unconscious. I haven’t eaten any thing from the morning. I am felling hungry. Answer me quick. Have your dinner then. Sit down. Don’t touch me. I am on a hunger strike. My strike will continue until you marry with the girl I chose. I won’t even drink water. I don’t understand. She always behaves like this. Father. Why has mother changed these days? She wasn’t like this before. She was fine with whatever i do. She used to forgive my mistake. Why has she changed these days? I will make her eat the dinner today. You know, I haven’t obeyed my mother though she forced me a lot. That’s why she gave me a week, to fall in love. Goddess, may Geet never get angry. Please. Prem. What kind of girl do you want to marry? A little aggressive. What? But only with me, not with my mother. The one who loves my mother. The one who cares my family more than I do. She has the right to get angry with me but she should smile when I beg her pardon. Like a friend. And what kind of guy do you want to marry? My grandmother wants me to marry someone near to my locality but I don’t. I want to marry with someone who will stay with us… …being a grandson to my grandmother and a son to my father. They have taken good care of me till now. Now, I want to take care of them. Hey! we don’t have a chance to pair up. Why? Why is it so? Firstly, we are from two different cities, Secondly, you can’t leave your mother and your home and i can’t leave my father and my grandmother. So, we don’t have possibility to pair up. Is that clear? Oh! We can be friends. Friends. Won’t you be my friend? Just a moment. Friends. Friends Hello! Mother. Where did you reach? I have almost reached Kagbeni. Your one day has almost finished. Listen, did you fall in love with someone? Forget it. Mother. Hello! Prem. He hangs without completing. Have taken me lightly like others? Don’t mess with me. Geet,Let it go. -How can you leave me on the way?
-It’s all right, let’s go. Are you challenging me? Come let’s fight. I told you to sit inside the bus but you didn’t obey me. You really want to fight. Don’t take it seriously. She has a habit of joking. We are going to Kagbeni and we are getting late. Let’s go. Good morning. Good morning. Good evening, sir. Good evening. Good evening, ma’m. Do you have a room? Yes. Do you have two? Not only two. We have seventeen rooms But sixteen of them are occupied. Let’s go to some other hotel. Sir,it’s a tourist area, it’ll be hard to find room. Let’s go. We will surely find. Wait. Will you misbehave with me? Are there two beds in that room? Yes. Let’s go. Room no. 111. Listen, either one or two, that makes no difference. You don’t need to worry about anything. Let’s go. What did he say? Nothing, let’s move. Sir, what about the dinner? We won’t have. Oh! I got it. Prem. What did he say? I can’t say it to you. Try to figure out yourself. He really mean that. How can I say it to her? Oh! Hello. I changed my appearance so that you may not change your mind. She amazes me. What are you doing? Leave me. Geet. Help me goddess. Geet. Leave me. Why did you tie me up? Who knows when your mood changes? Uncle, take it. My son was elder than you. We were arranging for his marriage. But we could do nothing, he left us. I had bought these things for his commemorative rites but I left it in Pokhara. What should i do? I have lost my mind since my son died. It’s alright. You came this far for me. I have nothing to give you. May you two never get apart from each other. May your love be immortal. May you always be happy. May you always be together. What’s wrong with you. Are you serious with that old man’s words? Geet. I’ll return back home. I have no worries for my office, they have given me time. But i need to chose a girl for my mother. You can’t go that easily. Since you are leaving, promise me that you won’t talk to me on wards. Will you? Hello! Prem Will you? That means you won’t go. You may find your soul mate somewhere around. Listen! Yes. Did you see my friend? No. I didn’t. I didn’t see her. Your friend left you behind, Prem. Let’s go. Hey! Sherpa. Will you take your friend on a horse? Take the horse if you want to. What shall we do? Why are you laughing? Nothing special. Am I not looking beautiful in this dress? Of course, you are look so beautiful. Let’s take a selfie. On the horse? Yes. Come on. Come fast. Are you ready? Yes. Come little closer. Smile. Hang this photo on your wall OK. Geet. Yes. I wore this dress because I had a hole in my pant. Why did you wear? I wore it because I felt love for you. Oh! it hurts. Did it hurt? You know, what people would say if we had fallen from here. Such a nice couple committed suicide because their parents may not have accepted their relation. hello! What happened? Did you fall in love with me? There is no chance, we have already made things clear Hey! Geet. Where are you going? Why did you bring me here? You should act like sherpa since you have worn a Sherpa dress. Listen…. Listen…. Listen… What is this, Geet? I have ordered this for you. I dont’t drink. I really wish to see you like a Sherpa. Drink it. I don’t drink. Drink it. No, I won’t. I won’t trouble you on wards. I am sorry. Please, forgive me. Sometimes you beat me. I won’t. Sometimes you make me to carry you. Sometimes you make a hole in my pant. I won’t. Are you driving me mad? Shall I beat you? No. Do you know who i am ? I used to be the don of my college. I have been through many girls like you. Sometimes you beat me. Sometimes you make me to carry you. Sometimes you make a hole in my pant. Are you driving me mad? Shall I beat you? Do you know who i am ? I won’t say all these. I am not the don of my college. I respected all the girls of my college. Hello! Father. Hello! Brother. You shouldn’t have let him drink much. The local wine here is too hard. Thank you, goddess. He can’t wake up before tomorrow morning. You will be bored. Let’s go. Have the lemon water. It will help to control your headache. Could you wake up last night? I guess you couldn’t. You might be bored. I might have bored you yesterday, I am sorry. Leave it. i am in stress. What’s wrong? My father had called me yesterday. Grandmother has locked herself in her room
and hasn’t eaten anything since i came here. old woman! Is it so? I don’t trust her. She might be pretending this time too. She’ll again start her mess as I’ll reach home. I know very well about my grandmother and your mother. Prem, I have an idea. Both of our problems will get solved. Will you support me? What is it? Let’s get married. What? What did you say? Don’t take it seriously. We won’t get married in real. Let’s go to Muktinath temple and get married. let’s take some pictures. And show them to our parents. Our parents will ask about their
in-laws, what’ll we answer them? My friend! You came to marry me from abroad and returned due to some emergency…. …I’ll say this story at my home
and you do the same at your home. It’s so simple. We’ll tell them that we will see each other after 2 years. We will be free of stress at least for two years. Think carefully, it’s not that easy. Why shall I think? Our parents lies us, why can’t we? Why don’t we help each other if we can solve our problem? Okay. Coffee? We are getting married today. You should join us. Come fast. I think the owner of this hotel took our marriage for real. How can we sleep with all these mess? Let’s clear all these. There is only single bed. I will sleep on the couch. You may not call me after going back. I know you won’t. You might remember me for few days,
then you’ll forget me after you find someone. You’d have asked my number
if you had thought of calling me. But I have your number. While we were taking snaps,
I saved my number in your phone secretly. Prem! I will choose a girl for you. A one who’ll match you, love you. Why are you silent? Are you worried that
you’ll have to find someone for me too? Won’t you tie me up today? I don’t see anything to tie me up. No, it’s okay. I trust you. You have an hour transit in Pokhara. I have arranged your ticket that way. Prem, we can go together till Pokhara. Cancel my ticket. You have an emergency. What will you do if your grandmother is really missing you? Take care, Geet. Thank you, Prem. Bye. Bye, Geet. Prem, I have recorded a video message
in your phone, check it. Prem.. I may not be with you when yoou’ll get this video. Few things remain unexpressed even though we try to,
so i recorded this video message. I have troubled you a lot, I don’t know why I did so. My father used to say, you don’t need to find partner from nearby. He was worried whether the one I choose may be
like him or not, may he care me like him or not. I was watching you, you are best enough
for me than my father ever wanted. I love the same way you do to me. I won’t ever find someone like you. I am sure about it. You do whatever I tell you to, you always smile though I hurt you… …I can never find such a loving and caring person like you. Both we have the same problem. Neither I can leave m family nor can you. We shouldn’t leave them either. We shouldn’t be selfish. I trobuled you a lot. Please, forgive me as your friend. I am sorry. Geet… Uday… What happened, mother? Geet is back home. Geet! Yes. Listen to me. Tell her that I haven’t ate anything. Okay,mother. You are home. Welcome home. Daughter. Are you looking for grandmother? She just ran to her room.. I mean she sometime runs inside the locked room,
sometime she cries, sometime she shouts. Daughter. She hasn’t ate anything since you left. Father. Yes. You can’t speak a lie. Yes, I can’t. I know, I know. what do you know? Do you mean you know how to lie? No, I don’t. Mother. Mother. Where is Geet? You should have locked the door. Oh, I forgot. Where had you been leaving us? I was so worried. Isn’t it , Uday? Yes,mother. Geet. Didn’t you think of us before talking this decision? I am sorry. Everything happened so fast… You will know how parents feel in such situtaions,
when you will become a mother, I can understand your feelings,
but I can’t make you clear about it now. Our child got married without informing us. Yes, She did. He haven’t called me yet. If he called, I know what to do with him. What is son-in-law’s name? yes. What is daughter-in-law’s name? Prem. Geet. Geet? Yes. Where is he from? Pokhara. Kathmandu? You ruined everything. You need two days to reach her home. It’s me to go not you. Where is he? We need to see him. Why are you alone? Where is she? He had come here to marry me. He returned to USA due to some urgent works. He will come back after two years. Two years? Yes. She has called me to USA too. What? Will you go leaving me alone? I won’t go. How can I leave you alone? I will better wait for him but
I won’t go leaving you both. Uday, I fell like I am going to have an attack again. No, you won’t. You will never get attack again. Is it? Yes. Our son got married. But he married without informing me. It’s okay. Our daughter-in-law is so beautiful. She is more beautiful than the one I chose. But… ….how might be her behaviours. No, he is good. The one with such a good look must be enough. He should be good. Yes, mother. We can do nothing even if his behaviour isn’t good. It would be better if he was from somewhere near. He looks more handsome than the one I chose. Hello! Prem, Shouldn’t you have called me? Yes, I should have. Hello! Hi! Geet, it’s me Prem. When did you reach home? It’s been few hours. Then, you just got time to call me? I am sorry, Geet. You forgot me. I had told you would forget me. I swear, I was looking at our pictures. Don’t make an excuse. Don’t get serious with my video message. I love kidding sometimes. That’s it. Hello! Yes. Are you hurt with my words? Don’t get hurt. This is how I am. Geet. Keep on talking with me this way. Keep troubling me the same way forever,
I will keep listening to you. Geet, I miss you. Please, try to understand me. Hello! Hello! Hello! Geet. What are you doing? You don’t need to make-up to talk on phone. I will ask Geet to make a video call to our son-in-law. I’ll talk a lot with him. I am ready. It takes time. it’s night out there in USA now. She might be sleeping, how can I distrub her. You may talk to her later. I need to talk with her now, make a call. She’ll get angry if I distrubed her. All right, make a call after an hour. What are you talking? If you didn’t talk, I’ll go for a hunger strike. Hello! Okay, bye. What’s wrong? I’ll make a video call to your daughter-in-law. Okay. But it’ll take some time. -Don’t distrub me for some time.
-Okay. Hi! Honey. See our son-in-law. Father-in-law. Grandmother. Greetings! Father-in-law. Greetings! Grandmother. Greetings! Son-in-law. Good bless you. May you make more progress, may you make good fame. Please, don’t cry. You wanted to talk a lot with him, talk with him. She can’t stop her emotions. I know. Geet has told me everything aboiut you people. You love Geet a lot, now i’ll get your love too. Geet. Where are you baby? You know, I’ll get your parent’s love. What are you talking? You are like a son to us. What are you saying, Uday? No doubt, he is our son. Sir. Did you call me? You are quiet busy on your phone these days. You’d concentratr on your work. Don’t get serious,let me explain you. I am marketing our travel agency in Kathmandu. A group will be going to Mustang through our agency. Is it so? Yes, Sir. I was about to tell you after conforming everything. Okay, keep it up. Listen, I am going to Kathamandu for few days. Concentrate on your work. Sure,sir. You don’t need to worry. Listen, Prem. Yes. Bring that group to our agency at any cost. Okay. Why are you crying? Please don’t cry. Grandmother. Father. Please don’t cry. Father. What’s wrong? What happened to mother? Why are you crying? What’s wrong? I felt asleep after the lunch. Our relatives were shouting at me
for not inviting them in her marriage. It’s all right. We’ll give them a party. I was missing her, so we went to Pokhara to see her. But she had come to Kathmandu. We came to Kathmandu but she returned to Pokhara. I got ill because of travelling. I was too ill but couldn’t see her. I work up at the right time or
else anything could have happened. We see such nightmares sometimes. Please don’t cry. Geet, our son-in-law understands. Tell him to buy a house nearby us. We will help him in need. I don’t mean that he shoulf stay with us. Don’t say such things, they may get hurt. Then, shall we send her Pokhara alone? I don’t mean that. We’ll go with Geet. Father and you shifted to
Kathmandu for my studies, didn’t you? Yes,we did. Then. We’ll shift to Pokhara for our daughter. We’ll make a house near to our daughter’s. You and I should stay there. It’ll be easy for them too. We’ll do anything for our daughter’s happiness. You love your daughter so much,
that’s the reason you didn’t marry again. Prem. I am listening, go on. Are you feeling happy? You tell me first. I am in confusion. I feel I should be happy,
again I feel there is no reason to be happy. Why is it so? Why? Both of our parents have
accepted our relation,haven’t they? Yes. Then. It’ll be easy for me to manage time since
your parents will be staying near to us… …You can take good care of them too. Please, don’t think anything else. Prem, sometimes I examined you whethere you meet
my father’s expectation, I troubled you as a friend. I regret for my deeds. Why do you think so? I like the way you trouble me. I like you to trouble you as well. Shout at me if I troubled you a lot. Okay. Beat me if I quarreled with you. Okay. Pamper me if I cried. No. I’ll do anything you tell but I won’t make you cry. Geet. Let’s meet somewhere. Where? Where there will only be you and me to talk. About Prem and Geet. Geet. Yes. I am angry with you. You can’t, only I am supposed to get angry. You should pamper me, forever. I’ll get angry, you pamper me. Pamper me, I am angry. You even don’t know to pamper. Geet. Teach me how to pamper. It’s not that hard. When a girl gets angry,
hug her tightly and share your feelings. It’s easy. Geet. Geet. My heart was always with you
though we were physically apart. It was always with you. I didn’t express you, I wasn’t apart from you. We didn’t marry just to take pictures. I didn’t want to leave my parents,
I didn’t want to lose you either, So, I thought of such an idea. We didn’t marry in real but i gave my life to you that day. My idea worked now. We’ll soon be together forever. We are so lucky. Everyone’s love do not get success,
people have died because of it. But we… Don’t talk such things. We’ll decorarte our world with love and happiness. We’ve good understanding between
each other and our family understand us. Is there anything else than happiness in our life? There is a thinf. What is it? Our family love and trusts us so much
but we haven’t told them everything yet. We’d tell them that we didn’t marry in real. You are right. Yes. I’ll tell my father today. Then we’ll get married in real. You and me. Imagine about our honeymoon. WOW! My staffs look after my business. I give my full time to my family. Yes. Okay, se you tomorrow. -Okay. Greetings!
-Father. You are home. -Listen to me….
-Listen to me first. Make a call to invite your friends tomorrow. Is there anything special tomorrow? I’ve organized a family get together party. I was thinking to organize in a hotel…. …but your grandmother wanted to
do it in our house as it’s the first time. It’s fine, isn’t it? We should let people know that you got married. Tell Prem to be online in skype tomorrow. Shall I tell him or not? Is it so? Oh,no… Is it so? My mother taught me, we shouldn’t lie to anyone. Isn’t it, mother? Okay, stay quiet till tomorrow. You may tell them day after tomorrow. I’ll do the same. Okay, I’ll be online tomorrow. Okay, bye. Okay. My co-worker was on a leave… …he was on a date with her girlfriend,
our boss saw him on the spot. So he wanted me to talk with the boss. You are lying to me. You are making excuse, not to let me talk with Geet. What did she say? Tell me. She loves you as her mother
and she wants you to do the same. I don’t have a daughter. Tell her, I’ll love her as my daughter. – Greetings!
– Greetings! -Are you fine?
-Yes, we are fine. Have something. What’s this party for? Wait a moment, you’ll know. -It’s a suprise.
-Tell us. -Hi.
-Hi. Sorry, I am late again. You are always late. What’s this party for? Wait for some time. Taalk about my partnership with
Mr. Uday, I’ll take care of you. Don’t worry. I’ve talked with him. Why are you making us wait? It seems he won a lottery. Just a moment. Okay. Shall I have your attention please? Thank you. Daughter. -Just a moment.
-Okay. Listen. Son-in-law will be online on time? Yes. You might br thinking, why I invited you all today. I have good news for everyone. My daughter got married with the one she chose,
she didn’t even informed us. What is this? It’s not a good news, she should have
informed us before getting married. All right, keep quiet. I’ll give you a party separately. Where is our son-in-law? He lives in America. He is online now, to introduce with you people. Make a call to him. I request you all to give him your blessings. What can I say more. Hi! Geet. Hi! Greetings! Son-in-law. Greetings! All of our relatives have gathered here,
to introduce with you. Greetings! Everyone. Greetings! Stay clam, we’ll introduce later. Wait. Hi! Brother-in-laws. Hi! How are you? I am fine and what about you. Excuse me. Namaste! Son-in-law. Namaste! You? -Yes, it’s me.
– That man is so weired. You! Scounderl. When did you go to America? You told, you were doing marketing in Kathmandu. Is this your marketing? Leave it. Now you are fired. Fired! You are in Pokhara and you
lied them that you are in America. Why did you close it, talk to me if you can. Who are you? You came here with him without our invitation. And you are insulting my family. You better get out from here. Okay. But I’d like to tell you something. He works in my office, in marketing section. His name is Prem. He lives in Pokhara with his mother. Or else why did he clsoe the skype, as he saw me. Think about it. So, I was trying to give you the information. Think about it. Father. Father. Father. Father. I am sorry. I am sorry. I’ll tell you everything. Please, don’t get angry with me. I should be happy in spite of being
insulted in front of my relatives. Do you mean that? I’ll explain you all the reasons behind it. I know everything now. You don’t have to explain me. You are prepared to lie us everything. You had gone to stay with your friends
but you went to Mustang without informing us. Then you met with Prem. You did fake marriage and took snaps just to show us. You did fake marriage in such a holy temple,
just to take the snaps, to show us. Not only that, you lied us that Prem is in America. I didn’t want to go away from you. So I… Don’t play with our feelings to hide your deeds. We were ready to sacrifice everything. For your happiness, we were ready to do anything. You didn’t trust us… …so you married without informing us. Make a call to Prem. You both have played with our feelings and prestige. Call him immediately. He isn’t a bad guy. He is innocent in this case. Father, please convice her. Shut up! He care me like the way you wanted to. He is a good person. Please, trust me. You are lying us again. If he is a good person like you told… ….if he really cares for you… …why did you fake marriage? I used to trust you blindly before. But I won’t onwards. Not only our prestige… ….you have hurt our trust on you. Give me the phone. Why are you crying, what’s wrong? Nothing has happened to me. Leave me alone. Hello! Who’s speaking? I am Prem’s mother. Who are you speaking? Is your son from your real husband? Watch your mouth. What has my son did? We lost our prestige because of your son. He left us of nowhere. He ruined my granddaughter’s life. Whose blood is your son? Hey! Watch your mouth. Tell me the name of your granddaughter. Geet. Your son did a fake marriage with my granddaughter. All of my relatives know about it now, did you get it? You can’t understand it
since you don’t have any prestige. Shame on you. Mother. Mother. Listen to me. Mother. Mother. A woman who has never crossed her decorum… …if someone points on her dignity
like she did to me, she gets too hurt. You too have my self-respect. Geet has hurt her father and her grandmother. And you have hurt me. Mother,forgive me. You had told me to keep our child
happy ever, before leaving this world. I tried my best, Anju. I tried my best. I never compromissed for her happiness. I behaved like a friend to her, more than a father. Why did she hide such a serious matter from me? Why? Where did I fail to raies her up? Please tell me, where did I fail? Where did I make mistake? Where did I make mistake? I need your answer. It might be fun for you guys to get married. BUt it’s a serious matter than
getting insulted among your relatives. So, you should pray pardon
in the same temple you got married. We’ll go there with you. Tell him to bring his relatives. We’ll have to dismiss your marriage in the same temple. If you can’t say, I’ll talk to them. Make a call. I’ll find a partner for you. She isn’t the only girl left on this earth. I am ready to face them anytime. This jeep will go to Kagbeni, it’s the last vehicle. Reserve your seat, it’ll go to Kagbeni. Are you going to Kagbeni? No, we are going to Muktinath. You missed the vehicle to Muktinath. It’s the last vehicle to go Kagbeni. Get in if you want to go, we are leaving. Will you pay Commemorative to
your father since you have come this far? Okay,Mother. Wait, we’ll go. Come,Uday. Shall we move? Yes,let’s go. Please, exchange you seat with her. Love you. Love you too. We’ve reached Kagbeni, let’s get down. This bag is so heavy. Which is your bag? They were travelling on the same vehicle. I’d have never came with them if I had known before. You can never speak well. You’d have better travelled in another vehicle,
raher than acting superior. Greetings! No,thanks. My granddaughter was about to
ruin her life, god saved her life. Thank you, god. It’s good that my son didn’t get marry in such cheap family. I don’t care if my race discontinues. Namaste! Sir. Namaste! Madam. Carry the luggage, Phurba. You told you are five in total. It’s there. Are there more luggage? They are with us too. Are they your family? Yes. Namaste! Sir. Namaste! Namaste! Carry the luggage, Phurba. Let’s go. Why did you include them? It’s a tourist area, it’s hard to find a lodge. He knew everything about here,so he booked the rooms. It may be hard to find a shelter. May they don’t find a shelter. No matter where we stay, we’ll have to pay for it. All right, pay for them too. You don’t need to, I’ll pay your bill if you don’t have. Carry the luggage, Phurba. Give the luggage. Handle the luggage with care. Let’s go. They don’t seem from a good
family background, she seems too clever. I’d have taken action to that old woman, if she was of my age. She is too much. We don’t have to face this situation,
if she had given good culture to her granddaughter. I feel irritated when I see her. She is suh a shameless person. Sorry to distrub you. Our hotel serves juice after the dinner. -It’s an apple juice. Home made.
-Thank you. Take it, Madam. You are our old customer. Geet, I’ve mixed sleeping tablet in
everyone’s juice except yours. Don’t worry, it’s a normal dosage. Let’s meet as they falls asleep, please. Go from there. Thank you. Shout at me, Prem I troubled you a lot. Beat me up. I hurt you and your mother. Beat me, shout at me. Please Geet, control yourself. You haven’t committed any crime, you love me. Is it crime to love someone? We made a mistake, Prem. But our parents could have forgave us. It’s said, even god gets happy with the lovers. But,why are our parents unhappy with our love? Neither they see is crying nor do they feel our pain. They have made our heart ill. We can’t live without each other. But,our family won’t let us live together. What shall we do now? My mother doesn’t listen to me. My father doesn’t have any trust on me. They are our parents, we should try to convince them once. But, what if they denied to listen us? Let’s close our eyes and listen
to our heartbeat, we’ll follow what it says. I’ve been taking the sleeping tablet
since your mother passed away. Normal dosage doesn’t affect me. I am not waiting to ask you, where have you been? I want to tell you my plans. After giving commemorative to your grandfather,
we’ll go to Muktinath tomorrow…. …to beg pardon for your mistake. Then we’ll return Kathmandu by day after tomorrow. I’ll sell all my properties within few days. Then… …we’ll go somewhere far, where no one knows us. You can start a new beginning there. Father, I want to tell you everything in detail. Let me complete first. If you want to go with Prem, I won’t stop you. But… …you’ll have to quit the relation with us. We’ll always pray for your happiness, wherever we may be. Goodnight! Close your eyes and listen
to your heartbeat,do what it says. It’s better not to be in relation with
the people who have ill manners. I won’t have to face them anymore. I’ve left a mobile for you, collect it from the hotel reception. Geet? Prem.. Prem.. Prem.. Prem.. Your father might be coming. Geet. Geet. Geet. Geet. Yes. Have Geet left her phone with you? Okay. Have Geet left her phone with you? Okay. She left the phone for you. Where is Geet? I don’t know. Uday,Where is Geet? Prem.. …there is no one else than you,
who listen to me and understands my feelings. My parents don’t trust on me. I know, not only my parents, I’ve hurt your mother too. Whom do I tell that you’ve done nothing wrong. You can’t hurt anyone. I can’t leave my father and grandmother. And you can’t leave your mother. Or else, we’d have been happy in our own world. You are equally important to me
like my father and grandmother. Neither I can leave them nor can I leave you/ Whom do I tell I can’t live without any of you. There is no one else than you,
who listensto me and understands my feelings. There is no one else. I felt it’s better to go far away
rather to live a harsh life every day. Like you told, I closed my eyes
and listened to my heartbeat. I felt, I’ll go far away so that I can never return back. So, I’ll never return back again. There is no one else than you,
who listen to me and understands my feelings. There is no one else. Prem.. …I couldn’t keep my promise
to be together with you, in this life. But, I’ll always love you being your heartbeat. I’ll always be in your heart though I’ll be far from you. Whom do I tell we’ll be together in our next life. There is no one else than you,
who listen to me and understands my feelings. There is no one else. There is no one else. Geet.. Geet.. Prem… Geet.. Geet.. Sir, take the vehicle. If we had fallen down from this slope,
People would say.. …Such a nice couple committed suicide because
their parents may not have accepted their relation. Why did you take such a decision alone? How can my heart beat without you? Won’t I be lifeless every moment? You shared your feelings to me before leaving. Whom do I share my feelings with now? There is no one else than you,
who listen to me and understands my feelings. There is no one else. Prem…

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