New  Nepali Movie – “Manjari” Full Movie ||  Latest Nepali Movie 2016 || New Nepali Movie “मन्जरी”

New Nepali Movie – “Manjari” Full Movie || Latest Nepali Movie 2016 || New Nepali Movie “मन्जरी”

Mom, please step aside a bit. Ok, that’s better, now be still all right Aunty, I am asking you to
smile just a little bit. Daddy, at least put a smile on your
face while we are taking pictures. Uncle, you go and sit too. First, you take their photograph. Please go and sit there. Take their picture first. Please! Come on, why are you so adamant? Sure brother. Where is mom? Call her. Come on Granny. Leave, leave me I said— Come on please. Why take a photo of an old lady? It’s good for nothing. Manjaree What are you doing? Where is your attention? You’re looking at the family picture in the classroom. Silence. Are you here to study or just kill time? Everyone be attentive. Sit down. God! I don’t know if what I’m doing is right or wrong. But please be with me. I was driving on the right side of the road. And now you are running your mouth, Asshole. If you are leaving your home to be with me forever, Then don’t even bring a penny from your home. She should have arrived by now. Why is she late? She said she would be here by 4.30… It is the same shop she said to be at… Would she come or not? The one who dives in the ocean gets a pearl, The one who dives in love gets betrayal. What if she betrays me? Shit! Why do I doubt her? I know how much she loves me. What a lame thought! Why is this man staring at me? Give me the money. Do it fast. Stay here for a while, I’ll be back soon. What are you looking for madam? T-shirts are over there and new shoes are over here. Oh, you are looking for jeans. T-shirt that match the jeans are over here. Where is the trial room? Over there. Son, don’t roam around with useless guys. I’ve cooked meal for you…eat it. I have to reach there soon. I have to do some cooking there. Madam has asked me to stay there till the worship is over. So I’ll be here the day after. You take good care of yourself. How much is it? Let me see the tag please. Wait, I will take it out. I will take this too. Just a sec. Thank you. What else? Oh that hot chick from yesterday,
Met her while she was here yesterday. Sir, when will this bus arrive?
Hold on a second What’s the matter bro?
The bus is coming from Taulihawa, Hang on a sec Might be on the way, wait for a while. So, what were you saying Sir, will it take time? It may, go and have some tea, it will be here in a while. What happened?
Did the bus arrive? Where is it? It might take some time, should we have some tea? That’s why I told you to leave in the morning. You said it all of a sudden and I had to manage the money as well, isn’t it? God! If you had the monetary problem,
you could have told me so, I would have brought it. I am gonna marry you, how could I ask money from you? Doesn’t matter! Only I know how tensed I am. What if someone sees us? Oh God, I am so dead, it’s my uncle. Uncle? Where is he?
See in the front, what if he sees us? You hide behind me. He’s gone.
How long will it take? How would I know? The person at the counter said
to wait for sometime while the bus arrives. Ishwor how do I tell you? Even a momentary
delay would lead to what consequences? Thank God, uncle didn’t see us.
I have lied at home about my extra class. When I am even a bit late Granny
starts looking for me; shouting at me. baby, oh baby! Why isn’t she home yet? Why are you ladies quiet? Where has my granddaughter been this late? She is not home yet, she is young, shouldn’t you find out? How this old deaf lady can shout!
I’ll go and straighten her up. A young girl is not home yet. Does it not bother you? Stop running your mouth.
Didn’t she say she would be late due to her extra class? And why are you shouting?
Don’t we know what to do? The only thing you know is to sit idle in front of the T.V. We are not deaf and blind like you.
Why do you envy us watching TV? You are worthless, the least you can do is keep quiet. Wait, wait till your husbands come home.
I’ll straighten you up. Fine, we will what you want to do. Fine, it will be taken care of today,
Either you guys stay in this home or I do. Sister, what did she say? Keep quite. Don’t speak. Do you want to have some noodles?(sings Nepali song)I am better than this jerk. What a class singer is Udit Narayan. Baby, why are you crying? Tell me what happened? Why are you crying? Are you scared? Should we get off the bus? Why do you think so? I have never spent a single day
out of my house till date. I haven’t left my mother till date as well. At least you have your parents, uncle, aunt, and granny in your home… but I only have my mother and yet I left her for you. What is the use of crying remembering them at this point of time? Tell me what should I do to stop you from crying? Can’t I even cry now? I am also human. Do I do this everyday? Do I run with somebody daily? And do I run away with girls everyday? This is the first time for me as well.
I am equally scared as you are. I can be strong only if you support me. But if you don’t want to run away, let’s just go to your father and tell him everything about us. Are you crazy or what? If he finds out, he will kill us both. First we get married and then we will see. Daddy will surely forgive us then. You Just put red vermillion on her head,
did that give you the right to be her husband? Shouldn’t you consider Status, Cast, Prestige, Nobility of family? Her father will never accept you as his son in law. Sign this paper stating that you don’t have any relation with that girl. Why should I sign? I didn’t force her to get married. The girl wanted to. You work as a driver in that house, shouldn’t you think? Should you not mind your own business? You don’t puke in the same vessel where you cook. The girl approached me first with love letters. What should you have done? You should have informed your employer. He trusted you and gave the job, didn’t he? You receive a salary from him. A civilized human being should always be loyal. Leave it, Leave it all, there’s no point in discussion. Whatever the girl had given you, return it to her… And then sign in this paper stating you
don’t have any relation with that girl… And take as much money as you want and leave. We got married in adherence to law.
Don’t try to buy us with money. Don’t talk much, just do as I say. Who are you to tell me what to do? Will you sign or not?
No I won’t. Will you sign or not?
No I won’t. Will you sign or not? Will you sign or not?
No…No… Hello! Who’s this? It’s I. How many times have I told you not
to call while I am in the factory? Tell me quickly what happened? Baby is not home from school yet. What? What happened? Tell me properly. While she was taking off for school,
she told me that she would be late because of an extra class. It’s already 8’o clock and she is not home yet. Son, I told these two witches numerous times throughout the evening. They didn’t listen to me. Do something. While you two were here, still couldn’t
take care of my only daughter? I’ll kill you. Tell me where’s my daughter?
Where’s my daughter? Tell me. Tell me where she is? Leave me. I’ll kill them. Brother, hear me for a second. We don’t have to lose our cool in this situation. Brother put yourself together, instead let’s try
to find out where she is, how has she been. You look more handsome when you are asleep. Sorry, I was angry with you. You too are short tempered. Hey filthy boy, how did you steal my heart? Don’t.
Come on Sriju tell me. Pampered girls What kind of people are you?
Didn’t you see the bike coming? Why didn’t you honk? If it had horns, I would have honked. You need to have horns in your bike. Bike owner should have kept horns. Borrowing someone else’s bike to show off. I didn’t borrow it. It’s a test ride. Yah right, this was the only road for a test drive. We always test drive in this specific road. Hey kiddo, push the bike. Why did you talk to that boy like that? So what? Hmmmm, when did we meet after that? Why is your bike slower than Butwal’s rickshaw? It’s not that you are supposed to change the face of Kathmandu if you reach early. It’s not that. If it’s not then what? Mate, will we reach Bus park on time? Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop Watch out there. Keep your bike aside. Didn’t you see the traffic signal? What sort of rash driving is this?
Where were you hurrying up to? Sir
Shouldn’t you drive properly? I am going to Kathmandu and my friend
here is dropping me to the bus park. Still, shouldn’t you drive slow?
Why were you speeding? Move fast! Move it! Move it quick! See that rude girl laughing . When did we meet after that? Why not?
You won’t understand. Tell me, Hey, Look there… Ahhh, Your weight is on my body. I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. You get scared too. You were laughing your ass off then.
Do I look like a fool to you? Show your arrogance to someone else. You are a girl, so act like one.
Don’t you know about good behavior? You are not a kid, are you? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Don’t mess with us or else you will regret. Understood? I am warning you. What wrong did I do to him that he scolded me so bad? Jerk. Come my grand daughter, come to Granny. Don’t bother me Oldie. Granny-Why is my grand daughter angry?
Baby have this milk. I won’t eat anything. Come on be nice, drink this glass of milk. I said I won’t drink it and I won’t. Baby, do as aunt says. Drink the milk. Filthy dog, I will.. You are a girl, so act like one.
Don’t you know about good behavior? You are not a kid, are you? Baby, Drink the milk. Drink the milk. Aunt, I have already told you once, didn’t I?
Please leave me alone for a while. Baby! Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Don’t mess with us or else you will regret. What’s wrong with my baby? Drink this milk. How many times should I tell you, I won’t drink it. I mean it. Here, talk to your father. He is on hold. How quickly do you have to whine? Hello!
Baby, did you say won’t drink the milk? Nothing like that, dad. Did your friends say something to you?
No daddy. Did Aunty say something?
No daddy. Did the boys tease you?
Tell me daughter, I’ll straighten them up. I’ll chop anybody who tries to do something with my daughter. No daddy. It’s nothing like that. So should I come home? No daddy, it’s not necessary. I’ll drink the milk. Ok, so you drink milk and study afterwards.
I will be home soon. Okay Daddy. Stubborn girl…Only listen to her dad. Let’s go. Baby, what happened? For nine days, you are not supposed to see the Sun and Men. Why so?
It’s our tradition. We followed the same in our times as well. If you’re a girl act like one. Don’t you know how to behave well? You are not a kid, are you? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Don’t mess with us or else you will regret. I have to wait till tomorrow to see my daughter, isn’t it? Chandra
Yes brother. Inform everyone. And tell the guys for overall preparation. I don’t want anything missing on my daughter’s birthday. You understood, Right?
Okay brother. Daughter, tonight is the last night, Your dad is very anxious to see you. You will be seventeen years old tomorrow. And do you know,
Your birthday will be celebrated at the ancient temple of our village. Now, have your dinner. ♪ Flowers have blossomed in the yard ♪ ♪ With a sweet fragrance ♪ ♪ Put a black vermillion ♪ ♪ Avoid the bad glance ♪ ♪ With a sweet fragrance ♪ ♪ Avoid the bad glance ♪ ♪ Come take her Lord Krishna ♪ ♪ Will give away happily ♪ ♪ A princess as beautiful as a flower ♪ ♪ We have saved her for you ♪ ♪ Will give away happily ♪ ♪ We have saved her for you ♪ You wanted this sort of
behavior from me, didn’t you? Now please look at me… but he didn’t even care to look at me What a Crazy girl! She’s smiling
at me even after such scolding. This is the first time
I feel so strange.. What’s happening to me? I always think about him. ♪ Wonder what’s going on
I’m pretty shaken up ♪ ♪ What has touched my body? ♪ ♪ I am getting restless. ♪ ♪ It feels like, my life, is in motion now. ♪ ♪ I’m pretty shaken up ♪ ♪ Wonder what’s going on
I’m pretty shaken up ♪ ♪ What has touched my body? ♪ ♪ I am getting restless. ♪ ♪ It feels like, my life, ♪
♪ is in motion now ♪ Here sir. Thank you. You are welcome Here, this is what you
wanted, isn’t it? Thank you… Sriju….Sriju.. Oh wow! New scooty?? When did you get it? Just today
Let’s go for a ride. Let’s go. Sriju wait or I’ll tell mom. Tell me, where are we heading? Just be quiet, I’ll take you there. Tell me, where are we going? Stop irritating me, just
wait for sometime. It’s fun right? Why did you stop here? be quiet, get down for a while What are you going to do? What happened? Start it now. What happened? It won’t start. Listen there is a workshop in front.
Let’s go there. Ohhh, so this is your plan princess, huh. Let’s go there. Please! Alright. L.T. Motorcycle Workshop All kinds of motorbikes
are repaired by expert and experienced mechanics
with guarantee here. Hello! Who is the owner? The owner is not here. Our brother here looks
after everything here. We have to get our bike
repaired from the expert hands and even our bike here
wishes for the same thing. Kid,tell him I am busy.
I can’t repair it now. Got it. Why are they talking like this? Let’s wait for a while then. Hello…We will wait for sometime. Come baby. Come sit…Sit… We will have to wait
anyways…sit down… I have to learn it quickly. When he’s done with that
bike, he will repair ours, No, no, I mean he will
repair your bike. Don’t pinch me. Kiddo, go and see what’s
wrong with her scooter. Okay bro. Bro!! The wires are split. So what are you looking at?
Fix it. Why don’t you look into it yourself? How would the poor kid know? Keep quiet. Bro, I can’t fix it. Seems like he’s an expert. Tell them to take their scooty. Ok let’s go. Wait! Tell him to take a
proper test drive first. Listen, she wants you to
test drive her scooter. How much is it? Come on. Baby will you have juice? No Wanna have cake? I don’t want anything. Why are you angry with me? I am telling you I
don’t need anything. If you get angry with me,
I don’t have anybody to talk to. It seems like a dream.
How did you enter in my life? I was just my mother’s boy
always focused on work. Oh hello! Why are you leaving without
asking for money? No, I don’t need it. So, where are you going?
Hop on, I’ll drop you. Listen, you go from here. I don’t need free service. You ride the bike and
I’ll sit behind you. I told you, go! Oh so you are scared. Hey filthy guy, I think about you everyday. I like you. Oei!!! What did you do?I brought the
tyres to get them fixed… not ruin them! Run bro…Run…I’ll mend it. Who is the owner? Call him. Brother! That is petrol! Hold it firmly… hold it firmly… It’s fun, right? Ohh, I am gonna fall down. I told you to hold strongly. Ishwor, son what happened? What happened to him? Are you drunk? No mom. Did you do marijuana? Nah! So what happened son? I have toiled real
hard to raise you, Do you have the same dirty
habits of drinking, smoking and gambling like your father? Ugghhh mom, don’t talk rubbish.
You know I don’t do these things. So why were you uneasy? What happened?
Is there a problem? No!!! Then? That…that girl… Girl? So you were dreaming of a girl. No mom. Hey kid, Look after the
things till I come back. What are you staring at?
Mind your own business. I’ll gouge your eyeballs. ♪ (Background music playing) ♪ Stop, stop, stop Don’t you have to pay? Oh! Keep the rest. He gives 20 instead of 30 and
tells me to keep the rest! Look!!! The same old board, the same old bikes, same old chair, same old dirty kid. Where is Ishwor? He’s roaming somewhere. Where? I don’t know. He doesn’t even
carry a cell phone. Do you really not know
or just pretending? I would have told you if I knew. You scounderel, don’t talk much… Hey, why are you
hitting the kid? Look at his face, When he grows up he
will commit 20 rapes, 10 murders , he will be
a big shot criminal. Don’t hit me in the head. So you have become a great person? Don’t be a smart ass. Go and bring me a cup of tea. Go! Money? Little bastard, he’s asking for money. Do you ask money from guest? Fetch me tea. Go. Motherfu….he’s too much! Ishwor bro is my mentor, he has the right to scold me… he can use cuss words as well… who
the fuck are you to scold me? Cheap asshole, he’s
here for free tea. Why should I fetch tea for you? Asshole, thinks he is a smart ass. Mother*****Son of a bit**…. You did ask for enough sugar
in the tea, didn’t you? Yes, sufficient enough. Idiot, pretends as if he put it himself. Tea and doughnut Tea and cigarette Tea and Apple Tea and snack You mother*****, do you deserve
to have this cold drink? Are you superstar Rajesh Hamal? You want soft drink…
Iwill give you mine… Take it brother. What’s changed? You’ve started showing
respect to me. It’s nothing like that brother, I am giving you the
elderly respect, brother. You have started calling
me brother as well. I am respecting you because you are elder to me, brother. Oh is that so? Why is this so full? This is the latest one, have it. Come here. Have you ever drank this? No I never drink this. So you haven’t? Just have a sip. No, you are the guest. You have it. No, drink a little… drink a little… drink…drink… ♪ (Background music playing) ♪ Why is she entering
in the liquor store? God! These Butwal girls… Are they drunkards or what? She is going further inside. Is she his daughter? They’re heading here. Namaste My daughter needs an almond shake. Here, this is why you’ve
brought me here, isn’t it? How much do you earn in a day? Not much sir, just 4
to 5 hundred Rupee… That’s a reasonable income. And how big is your family? Is it sufficient to raise them? We get through sir. Hey God! Protect me
lord, protect me. Hey god, I will never
focus beyond work now. lord, protect me. It’s all over in a moment. I won’t think about her
even in my dreams. What are you looking at?
Mind your work. What else am I doing then? Make it fast. Hey dude, when did you arrive? Now you’ve got time to ask. I just got in from Kathmandu. Came right away to see you… And you are coming right now? Look, how many cups of
tea and cigarettes. At least carry a cellphone jackass? Which year are you living in? What is up with you? Nothing. I am asking you what happened! Nothing has happened. You seem different. You didn’t inform at the
garage while leaving. Are you seeing a girl? You keep quiet. You listen to me carefully, Girls will listen to
you in the beginning…. but later they agree to marry
whomever their parents want them to. Girls cannot be trusted. You are listening to me right? Where did I keep the match box? Look, I am an experienced dude, Hey, where are you going?
Listen to me. Such a jerk, took off without even listening. Why did you go inside that
liquor store? Tell me. So you scared? What? Did you get scared seeing my dad? No, why should I be
scared of your dad. Don’t act, I could see it in your face. You were scared. No, that was not my scared look. So you get more scared
than that as well? Are you teasing me? I am not scared of anyone. Is it? Yes Is it true? Yes So can you kiss me on the road? HUH….Hold on… What happened? Do you… really like me? I like you a lot. ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ The heart that tends to fly away ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ The heart that tends to fly away ♪ ♪ I have started to ♪
♪ wander in your garden. ♪ ♪ I have started to blossom. ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ The heart that tends to fly away ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ The heart that tends to fly away ♪ ♪ I have started to wander in your garden. ♪ ♪ I have started to blossom. ♪ Baby, can I ask you something? You won’t be angry right? Tell me Do you really love me? Listen!!! my friend says, What does your friend say? Girls love you from their
heart in this age. Later they get married to whomever. Their parents tell them to. How many times do you
ask the same thing? Should I kill you? How many times? But I don’t believe what he says, Still I am just an ordinary mechanic And you belong to a rich family. That’s why I am scared. Shut up! Crazy, Filthy guy…. ♪ Residing in the soft heart ♪ ♪ What bond have you created ♪ ♪ Playing with my heart ♪ ♪ Slowly ♪ ♪ Teasing, you smiled ♪ ♪ Residing in the soft heart ♪ ♪ What bond have you created ♪ ♪ Playing with my heart ♪ ♪ Slowly ♪ ♪ Teasing, you smiled ♪ ♪ Feelings you have
exchanged in such a way ♪ ♪ In this lonely life of mine ♪ ♪ Feelings you have
exchanged in such a way ♪ ♪ In this lonely life of mine ♪ ♪ In your warm arms I have
started to be absorbed in ♪ ♪ I have started to roam in ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ I was happy, I was well ♪ ♪ You awakened further desires ♪ ♪ You rose in my eyes in such a way ♪ ♪ Further dreams you decorated ♪ ♪ I was happy, I was well ♪ ♪ You awakened further desires ♪ ♪ You rose in my eyes in such a way ♪ ♪ Further dreams you decorated ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ The heart that tends to fly away ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way ♪ ♪ The heart that tends to fly away ♪ ♪ I have started to wander in your garden. ♪ ♪ I have started to blossom. ♪ ♪ Love has tied it up this way. ♪ Please fix my flat tyre. Hey kiddo, fix it. Sure Hey! Do it properly. Here, take the money. Go keep it inside. What happened? Where is she? She didn’t come to school today. Where is she? I don’t know. Call her. We are not going to send our
daughter to an outsider, rather we are sending her in another home. That’s right. The boy is
in America, he earns good… And there is no complain
in regards to his family. You know it all. This year is auspicious for marriage, There are no good omen in the next
three years says the astrologer. Why are you silent brother-in-law? What should I say? I
can’t think of anything. My daughter is studying and she
wants to continue her studies. And on top of that she
is our only daughter. She doesn’t need to study to get a job. She has studied enough. I mean they have ample wealth. She will relax and stay Isn’t that right, mother? Son, what is the point
of her studying further? How long should we
keep her in our home? We don’t get good
proposal that often. And on top of that,
we already know them. Aunt, I don’t want to get married, Please tell them I don’t
want to get married. I want to study. You already know enough
about our family And you know the boy from his childhood. Listen, don’t think too much. It’s not good to keep a grown
up girl in home for so long. She’s already seventeen. I was 12 when I got married… and your wife was just 14
when you got married to her. Hey, why are you disturbing
us by honking here? I am repairing my horn. Is this the place to repair? Go somewhere else… Move it. Hey what is it? Leave it, it’s fine. How are you daughter? How did you like your American groom? Is he good enough? Where are you going in
your school uniform? Uncle Tell me Uncle Tell me daughter Uncle I want to study. Everybody
wants me to drop out of school. They want me to get married. Nobody listens to me. Please talk to them, They will listen to you. Please uncle You want to study? Yes Come with me. We need not listen to our daughter.
We are the one to take decision. Wait mom!!! We don’t have to stop her education. So are you calling off the wedding? We don’t need to stop
the wedding as well. What do you mean? Please
explain it to me. Let her complete her studies here. Take her with you to
America the next time. What do you have to say? And if she wants to study further, she will study in America. Tell me baby, this is
what you want right. Srijana, my family is
fixing my marriage, I have to meet Ishwor. I can’t live without me. What are you talking baby? You two guys have nothing in common. Think about your status. It was just a temporary thing, But
you are getting serious about him. Sorry, I couldn’t hear nonsense about my love. Sorry Srijana, I slapped you but you know
how much we love each other. I can’t stay in that
house for even a minute. They have already fixed my marriage. Take me with you or else they
will forcibly get me married. Please Ishwor take me
anywhere away from here. Marry me Then nobody can separate us. Why are you not saying anything? Why are you silent? Tell me do you love me? Tell me do you really love me? Please take me far away or else I’ll die. I can’t live without you, I can’t. I can’t. Don’t cry baby. Don’t cry. Wait and give me a day. Let’s go. Srijana, don’t tell this to anyone, Okay. Sure baby, I won’t. You deposited your money saying you
were going to open your own shop. Why do you need all of a sudden? If you needed it, shouldn’t you
have informed me few days earlier? You are right sister, Something urgent came up Instead give me whatever is feasible. Ok..Ok, I will see. Sister! If it’s possible give
me about five thousand. Listen, take care kiddo. I am leaving. Ishwor. How dare you touch her? Sorry brother, it was an honest mistake.
I am sorry. Ishwor leave him. Leave him.
It’s fine, leave him. Don’t you think I know the police? Don’t you think I know how
to file a police report? What are you talking about? Is this how you run the school? Why are you quarreling with us? Why am I angry? Look I respect you and
that’s why came here Otherwise, why are you people
talking like this to me? Listen sir, we are illiterate people, the only language we
know is of weapons, Some may say us good
or some otherwise, even our own children
doesn’t know us well…. We send our child here
for good education. I apologize for my brother’s behavior. It is obvious to be angry when your
young daughter is not home yet. It’s not wrong to ask us but
his approach was wrong. Instead you go and enquire
with her close friends. I don’t know uncle, Look, tell me the truth or else you
cannot even imagine what I can do. I don’t know anything. I didn’t
even go to school today. Yes, she is suffering from fever. She has not been to school as well. She’s told you everything.
Why are you threatening her? Look, my daughter always hangs
out with your daughter, So she knows everything about her. If she speaks the truth it’s fine, otherwise… Your family… I will kill you all. What do you think of yourself? You are threatening my
daughter without a reason. I will call the cops. Go and
bring my cell phone from inside. Wait, hear me out for a minute. What is there to hear? You are all a bunch of goons. You are threatening a young girl. Please be patient and hear me out. You too have two daughters. How would you feel if one of your daughters would
not return home late night? He has just one daughter, we are searching for her without
drinking a single drop of water. We have lost our cool
searching for her. I apologize for my brother’s behavior. Sorry… Daughter, we are just asking you, you are her best friend, You often visited our home. She’s just a kid, My heart aches just thinking if
something terrible would happen to her. If you know anything, Please tell us. I beg of you. We won’t do anything. Let’s go. Uncle Tell daughter, Uncle, she is in love with a motorcycle mechanic named Ishwor. They are going to get married. That’s why they ran away. Uncle I really don’t know where they are headed. What’s this? How did you come here all of a sudden? Let’s go and talk outside. Thank god I wore pant while sleeping. What has happened? Let’s go and talk over tea. Which film directors have you met? I’ve met all of them. Why did you come to Kathmandu? Nameste bro. Did the director wake up? He is still sleeping. These crazy film lads arrive before sunrise. Guys like to do pranks. I’ve told you outsiders are not allowed. Uncle, he’s my friend. I won’t bring him from tomorrow. Let’s go. Greetings uncle! What greeting? How many times do I remind you, there are 7 people living in the room
which is supposed to have 4 people only Shouldn’t you think? Don’t get angry uncle. You’ve not paid the rent
for this month as well. We have collected the money and
handed it over to the director. We don’t live here for free, do we? Why did you give it to him? He is a thug. He’s conned many
people for the sake of movie. You think I don’t know him. He has assured to return everybody’s
money once he directs a movie. As if he’s gonna direct a film! Look!!! The day when the donkey grows horn, he will direct a movie that very day. Do I not know him? Hey uncle!!! Are you angry because you didn’t get cast
for a rape scene in his film or what? Did he mention you casting as a hero? Look at his taste even in this old age. Let’s go Ishwor. Hey Homey, are you going to the tea shop? There’s a hot girl standing there. Go Homey Go. All the best. Hey Homey won’t you go for work? In a while. Tell me what is it? Homey I have brought a girl with me. What? Where? There, in front of the tea shop. We eloped from our homes to get married. Is this a game to you? You eloped with a girl and you
want to marry her as well. What a girl! Ask her to have some tea. Take her away quickly, wait in the alley at the right corner. I’ll be there. Go! Go! Go quickly. Go! Go quickly. Are we going? Where is your friend? Let’s go. I have to go to the washroom. Where are you taking me? Come with me. Yuck! (spits) Didn’t I tell you I have to go to the washroom? Why did you bring me here? This place smells like hell. My friend told me to wait here, he will be here in a while. What a friend! Here he comes. Didn’t your friend get any better place? I will come in a while. Why are you dropping a bomb
on me all of a sudden? Her family were about to get her married. She came to me crying and asked me to
take her with me or else I’ll die. I couldn’t let that happen. You are the only one I can count on. You know it very well. That’s why I came to you for help. Don’t take me wrong. I don’t want to put you in any trouble. Tell me what should I do? Don’t think like that. I am your friend, if I
don’t help you who would? If I had my own room, You guys wouldn’t have to worry. I am dependent on someone else. She needs to go to the toilet. She might be tired as well. We came via night bus. I got it But our apartment
is filled with guys only. There is a single toilet and
bathroom on every floor. Everyone leaves at 10 or 10.30 for work. You got it right? I don’t even know what is
happening in my room right now. Instead I will go there
and see what’s going on, Until then tell her to hold on. I’ll be back. Please don’t get mad. Don’t mind!!! He’ll back in a moment. Dammit! This guy is again into yoga This director is busy selecting artists, This moron reads every detail
including ads in the paper, These guy are still sleeping, Hey what are you watching, duffer? Shall I tell about my friend? Even if I do, they won’t believe me. And even if they do, they won’t help me. Because….. So you guys are staying in this
room for a long time right? Yes, it’s been quite long. Oh, how can you all stay in
a single room like this? Bro! What do you do? I drive a tempo from Ratnapark to Kalanki. So your life is going to revolve
around the steering, isn’t it? And what about you two? There is a fast food restaurant near Bhimsensthanbridge, we two are cooks over there. How can you guys work in such extreme heat, If I were you,I wouldn’t have done it for even 5 minutes. What a pity! And what about you? I work in a primary school at Samakhusi. What work? I teach the kids. How can you stand talking to the kids for the entire day? And uncle what about you? Me? I have worked as an assistant director in 15 movies till now? I am seeking job as a director. You are aging and still you
are not a director yet. Is it enough to survive? At least if you had worked in a decent restaurant, it would have been enough. And what about you brother? I do marketing of a washing soap. What a miserable life! Carrying the soaps roaming
around the city like a dog. And what about you sir? Me! I work in a jewelry shop. There is a big jewelry shop in the Civil mall, I work there in the diamonds section with full air condition. The owners are the relative of mine. They were insisting that I stay with them, But I don’t like staying with relatives. This room looks small but… I
will manage for the time being. It seems as if god has arrived
in your form, isn’t it? Yes! Yes! I felt as if a great producer
has arrived in our room. Please sir have a drink. Yes sir, please. I’m choosey about what I drink but since you guys have requested, It’s all right. Cheers! Cheers! Hey guys, isn’t this the same
shop where Homey works? Yes it is. Look at that filthy cheap liar! Let him come to the room this evening. Come, Come…have a look…water resistant watches. What’s up boys, you guys have set the tone early today. Did you get your salaries? Get me a drink. The whole shop’s responsibility
is on my shoulders, I am tired of selling the diamonds. Why are you looking at
me like some dumb guy? Wash the glass and get me a drink. What are you staring at? Get me a drink. You cheat, you lie to us. Hey guys leave him, What bad has he done to any of you? Leave him… Hey director, keep quiet and enjoy your drink. If you talk too much, you might get some. Asshole! You’ve lied to us. The owner is your relative, huh…Liar! Hey why are standing like a statue near the door? Nothing. Tell me. Nothing dude You do remember what I said to you? Keep it in mind….or else! Yuck, what a filthy place! Don’t get mad. He might be on his way. It’s been so long and all I’ve been hearing is he’s on his way. When is he coming? Good! Good! You are photogenic. You know Rajesh Hamal, BirajBhatta, Nikhil Uprety, And what is the name of that
popular young actor…Aryan Sigdel, My script is intriguing, My characters are riveting. My script is intriguing, My characters are riveting. By the way what’s your full name? My name is Hari Prasad Sharma sir. People know me as Aarnosh in film line. The astrologer says things will be good for me, So my film will be a guaranteed hit. I always bring some luck sir. And you, what do you want to be? Sir, I want to be a villain. Then scare me once. Good! Good! Now step behind. Good! There’s a saying… The plant that shows promise has smooth leaves And can you enact a rape scene in my movie? Can you enact? I will do it sir. If you teach me, I’ll do anything. But why didn’t you go for a hero instead a villain? Initially I will play a villain…. and gradually cast myself as a hero later. Good! Good! And you definitely want to be a hero right? Yes sir, I’ve got lots of offers but I won’t do anything besides the lead. Actually I have a plan to enter into politics, That’s why I’m planning on coming clean. Okay, then you are a hero and you are a villain. Good good!!! I will call you guys soon for the agreement. Thank you sir. It’s fine. If you want I will do anything for you. It’s okay. Hey guys, Listen… There is a Tibetan MOMO shop just little
further from the nearby MOMO shop, Clear my bill of a plate of MOMO
and a plate of Chow Mein, okay? Sure sir. Homey, you didn’t go to work today. Yes, I am not feeling well today. Ok, you take rest and take this key. Homey, you are in my sight, I will somehow cast you in this film. Okay? Thank god, the room is empty now. I will go and call them now. What did my wife cook and send me today? Not again, the same old cauliflower and potato… She never learnt to cook anything except rice. What’s this? This is Tandoori roti and chicken uncle. How long you going to
have the same old food? You should have meat sometimes. I brought this for you. Why are you giving me such
good treatment today? Are you trying to run away
without paying the rent? Wait, wait… who are you guys? You guys go. Uncle, they are my villagers,
they’ve come here for their exams. They will stay here for a
while and then leave. I had my doubts when you brought
this Tandoori and chicken. You are completely worthless to me. Just take your stuff along
with them and leave now. Uncle they are students, they won’t stay long. They will stay a while and leave. You have this delicious
food in the meantime. Ok fine, send them soon. Sure, you don’t worry uncle. I won’t keep them here long. You have your food. My dear uncle… Let’s go. Go in. Ishwor, listen to me carefully.
Nobody should see her around here. Most of the guys here are rogues. So take care of her. If anyone asks, tell him
you are my friend. There is the bathroom, lock it properly from inside when you enter. I will go to the market for some
shopping, I’ll be back soon. Ishwor, there is no lock on this door. There isn’t? I will stay outside the door then. Yuck, what a dirty bathroom! Ishwor, How can I bath in a place like this? Baby this is just for today. Please manage it. Wait!! Who is inside? It’s my brother. Who are you? I haven’t seen you before. I am Homey’s guest. Homey’s guest? He himself is a guest, so that makes you the guest of a guest. Be careful, there is no lock in the door. Tell your brother to bath carefully. Thank you. The boys around here are jerks. Mind it. I have to wait an entire day to take a bath. Here, change your clothes. Otherwise you will catch cold. You change while I stay outside. Ishwor! Ishwor! What happened baby? Everyone is watching me. I feel shy. Who is here to watch? Look around…. scumbags! Why do you have to look there? No, I feel shy. Wait a minute while I cover it. Is it okay now? The guys who live in this room are so dirty! There are nude photos all over the walls. Just change quickly.
While everyone is staring at me, how can I change? Who else is left now? Look there. Wait… I can’t cover that one… Turn around and change and… I will cover you There is nobody watching you now, is there? Just god. So is god allowed to see you? Only Ishwor(god) can watch. Hey, what are you doing? Leave me. You naughty boy. I get tick….. Half a day has passed waiting
for the vacant bathroom, I am so tired of walking
around in towel. Now I get my turn. Huhh! Girl! Hey guys, there is a
girl inside the hostel. Hury up!!! Bro, do you have tooth paste? What? Do you have toothpaste? Toothpaste? Resham bro, you are sleeping till now? No, he is not Resham. He is my brother. Brother? He is still sleeping. Is it? What happened? He is suffering from fever. Fever? Then do one thing, There is a clinic down there, you take him there. Sure I will take him there. Take him there okay. Alright. That doctor is really good. Sure. Thanks. Thanks for the toothpaste bro You liar! Where is the girl? That’s his brother. I’ve seen from my own eyes. What is this then? This? So you really saw her? What kind of jerks ask for toothpaste from others? What kind of place is this? I don’t know. I am talking to you, understood? Quick! Can you lend me a matchstick? Matchbox? Wait a sec. Wait a sec. Where? Look at the sandal, a lady’s sandal. Wait. Hey homey, wake up. He’s not Homey. He is my brother. Sorry, so that’s your brother. Hand me the matchbox. Is that your brother’s sandal? It’s good. Why do you care for the sandals? It’s my sandal, I like it. You got the matchbox. Yup Now please leave. Thank you for the match. Why are these boys coming here so much? Just be quiet and sleep. Again there is someone coming for something? What kind of place is this? It’s you! I am sorry buddy! Sorry! Please don’t get angry. I didn’t do it on purpose. The whole day, there were guys coming
and disturbing us knocking on the door. That’s why I…Does it hurt? Did you get wounded? Leave it! You guys have this food. Don’t laugh. Please don’t be angry. She’s a bit childish. Yeah right! She is a kid and that’s why she has the
courage to do something like this! Have your meal quickly, we have to go out. We’ve got lots of work to do. Does Ishwor work here? Yes he does. Did you have any work with him? How long has it been that he has worked here? Since his childhood, he has learnt the work from me. Today he didn’t come to take the garage key from me. That’s why I came to open the garage myself. He isn’t a troublemaker, he is a decent fellow. Did he do something wrong? Nothing so. I had some work with him. Where does he stay? The other edge of Butwal, he stays in refuge center with his mom. Can you show me his home? Why not? This kid here knows his address, he will show you the way. Hey kid come here. Yes Go with him and show him Ishwor’s home. Come back soon. Okay Alright, I will take my leave. Thank you. You are welcome. Kid, you have seen his home right? Yes. Can you show me? Yes. Okay, step inside the vehicle. Hey take him in. Everyone seems like goons. Move in. We don’t register marriages here. When you register your marriage, come with your citizenship and photos, Fill this form and your marriage will be registered. Thank you. Let’s go. Hey wait, I will help you with this. You? Yes, but you have to spend some money. How much will it take? Not much, 5 to 6 thousand will be enough. Now what? First of all we have to arrange a place for you two to stay. We will look for some places first. Sir, we have to leave now, we will come later. Please come, I will be around. Okay! A month’s rent is four thousand, but I need three month’s payment in advance. Ok, we will inform later, let’s go. Who all are staying? We only rent
our rooms to married couples? They are the one to stay. Are they married or not? Where do they live? They are married sir. They are a couple. Hubby, come here once. Seems to me that they have eloped from their houses. They are saying that they are married but I don’t see the girl wearing any vermillion or anything. We can’t let them stay. Sorry, my wife’s already rented the room to someone else. I am sorry again. Thank you sir. He has brought us to the same place again. Hey, where is the house? We came by car, I am confused, I think it’s somewhere here. You came here by plane, dumbass? No, let’s walk. I will find it. Hey show us the way! There, yes this is the way. I am confused. Asshole, are you coming here for the first time? How much money do you have? Just around three thousand You have eloped with a girl to Kathmandu
carrying only three thousand. I too don’t have money at this time. I could have brought money and ornaments with me, but you are the one who denied me. You didn’t even allow to bring in my clothes either… Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this mess. Just be quiet. What I did was right. Stop! Stop! Is his house here? No…I’ve got to pee badly. Let him go. Make it quick! Baby, get up please. Get up. No I can’t walk now. I am so tired. Don’t be stubborn. Get up. I can’t walk any further. Get up please. Hey you two love birds, get up and walk quickly. We have to find a room till evening. Look, he is calling us. Get up fast now. Who is the room for? It’s for them. I’ve seen quite a few cases wherein they pretend to be a couple, but the girl turns out to be a bar dancer. They bring strangers to the house. I don’t think they are married. What are you trying to say? We love each other and we are getting married. If you want to rent us the rooms then
do so otherwise don’t talk rubbish. Why are you shouting at me?
I am saying it like it is! I get lots of people like you! Look… Shut up! Why? What sin have we committed
that we don’t get a room? Whatever we do is none of their business. I don’t have to rent my room to you.Please leave! Mother******, you have been leading us
around Butwal Market this entire day! Tell us quickly! Hey don’t beat him. He is a kid. Is he a kid? Is he a kid? He has fooled us this entire day around Butwal Market. If he gets a chance, he will sell a living human being. He is just a kid…you as an adult need to understand this He might have forgotten. Leave him! Son,
now think properly and show me his home okay. You will show us right? Yes I will show you. If you lie now…. Shut up! Which one? This one. You liar! Don’t! Excuse me, Yes Is this Ishwor’s house? Yes it is. Is there no one at home? Ishwor’s mom is off to work. She will be home tomorrow. Ishwor has gone to work. Where does Ishwor’s mom work? I don’t know. What’s wrong? Nothing. I had to meet her. Baby, hold on for sometime.
I am sure something will turn out. It’s about to get dark, Still we haven’t found a room. My mind has gone blank. Should we look for a cheap lodge? Are you nuts? If there is a police raid and you tell them we eloped to get married, you will be sent to prison! If we could just spend this night somehow, We would certainly come up with something tomorrow. Idea! There is a cinema hall there. You guys watch a movie from 6 to 8.30 pm, There is a bus park nearby, catch a bus to Muglin,And again
take a bus from Muglin to Kathmandu, It will take 4 hours for each leg of journey…. And meet me in the morning in the same place as today I will manage everything for you guys. Don’t worry okay. Don’t worry Stay here. He didn’t even have his meal. Where does he go so often? Hey, tell us where is your son? Who are you people? What did my son do? Tell us, where is your son? I am just back from work. I really don’t know. Why are you asking…
asking me? Who are you people? Don’t lie to us. Tell us the truth or else
I will dig your graveyard right here. Really,
I am not lying. I really don’t know anything. Do you know what crime your son has committed? Till today I don’t know if my son has done any mistakes. Your son has kidnapped a rich man’s daughter. Tell us who your son’s friends are? I don’t know anything sir. Trust me you must have been mistaken. Liar. Wait, I’ll talk. Please come here for a while. Who is your son amongst them? This one is my son. And who is he? He is my son’s best friend. What is his name? Where does he live? His name is Homey and he lives in Kathmandu. But I don’t know exactly where he lives. Where is his home in Butwal? He lives in Gore Tole here. Hey Ishwor come quickly. Let’s go. Let’s go. You guys must be tired. We must go. Get in the taxi. You guys are going to get married today. What are you thinking? Come sit, sit, sit…Hurry, we have to go. Come…How much is it? Two hundred Ishwor you stay here, I will bring some stuffs. Okay I will come fast. Excuse me, Is there a changing room here? Yes When she is ready, let her change. Sure, I will. Let’s go. You have to get ready as well. Let’s go. Come on Here Thank you Why all this? Can’t I do a bit for my best friend? Ok fine,
stare at her as much as you want after marriage. As for now, let’s move. It’s getting late. Come quickly. Greetings. You have to wed them. Now the bride and groom will exchange garlands. Now the girl’s brother or parents will come
forward to give away the bride to the groom. I will give the bride away. I will give the bride away. Let’s go or it will be late. Homey, you are here performing the ritual for your sister. And you didn’t call us at your sister’s wedding. He is my childhood friend. They eloped. That’s fine, but you should have told us anyways. I didn’t know how to break the news. That’s why I didn’t say anything. How foolish you are! We are all here for you. You didn’t
have to get them married like this. If you had told us, we would also have participated. Let’s go. Let’s go. Taxi! Go sit. You take them to the room.
I will be there in a while. Okay. See you. Hello Kishor! Ok, I will put 20, Me 30, Me too, ok let’s contribute. You too contribute. Yes, Yes Yeah Let’s go. The work place that I told you
about, we have to go there today. I am going out somewhere tomorrow.
So. Let’s go now. Let’s go. Okay. I will be back in a while. All right. I will leave now. Do you know this guy? No I don’t. He works here. No he doesn’t. He doesn’t? This guy? He sells watches
at the footpath outside. Outside? Outside Does he come everyday? Yes. Thank you. Welcome. Hundred Rupees, Hundred rupees,
Hundred rupees for each belt. Hundred Rupees, Hundred rupees,
Hundred rupees for each belt. Brother? Yes Do you know this guy? Yes I do. He sells watches right here. Right here? Does he come everyday? Yes everyday, but today he has
to attend his friend’s wedding. He might be here in a while. Friend’s wedding? Yes But he will come, won’t he? Yes. Greetings Kranti brother. Greetings. How are you brother? All good. Yup How is it going? It’s good. I’ve told you about my mechanic friend, didn’t I? Yes He is the one. Greetings. He is Kranti. We are here to talk about work. Yes, why don’t we sit inside. Sorry, I’m getting late for school. I shall leave. Why don’t you guys talk? Sure. I will go now. Thank you. Let’s go. My poor baby, In what condition she might be? How is she doing? Okay I will take you to them. You got married today right? You don’t need to work today, will start from tomorrow. Sure…. Thank you brother. Okay. I will take my leave. Uncle! Baby! I am sorry uncle. Baby, At least you could have told me. Why did you do this without telling me? You eloped without informing us, Just imagine what we have been through. I was too scared uncle. I couldn’t tell. I did what I thought was right at that time. Your father would have agreed to
what I would have said, wouldn’t he? I would have convinced him. Everyone is waiting for you back there restlessly. You two come along with me, I will work out everything. Where is he? At work. When did you come? Why are you waiting outside? Come in. Manjari’s uncle has arrived. Who? Uncle. Go see for yourself. At least you could have told us earlier, There was nothing to be afraid of. We too understand. I have talked everything with her. Let bygones be bygones. Everyone is waiting back home. Everything will be fine once we reach there. Please go talk to her and get ready to leave. I told you once we are married
everyone will accept us, didn’t i? When uncle will convince daddy,
he will also accept us. Nobody has had a single bite to eat since I left. Let’s go. What are you thinking? I know everyone will agree. Everyone loves me. They will do anything for my happiness. Please let’s go. Thank you very much For taking care of my child. We will take a leave now. I misunderstood them initially. They are good people. They look good together. They love each other equally. They married against your will. Please forgive them. What else should I say? Wish you a safe journey. Let’s go. Okay, take care. Thank you. Thank you. Homey, you did a good job. Thank you very much. We will meet again. We will leave now. Buddy, take care. take care. Don’t get worried. Everything will be fine. Don’t take worry. It will be fine. Okay, We will meet soon. I will inform you everything. We will leave now. Please don’t forget your sister. We all are on our way. Why are you silent? You guys are newly married couple, Have some interesting conversation. It will look good. Okay, you guys might be feeling shy, I will start the conversation. I will start the conversation. Baby, what are you studying? Science What are your plans for further studies? M.B.B.S I don’t understand much about these things. What is your qualification? I studied till fourth grade. I couldn’t further my education
due to family crisis. Baby, your daddy has visited few colleges
regarding your further studies. Ashok, how much wealth is there in her name? 15-16 crore? No, it’s more than that. How much do you earn in a month? Around 5-6 thousand per month, but if run my own shop then around 15000. What is your caste? Didn’t you get it? What is your caste? Please answer my question. Human race. That I can see, I can distinguish between an animal and a human. Animal also have types, don’t they? Tiger is an animal, Leopard is an animal, Dog is an animal, In which species do you belong to? Tiger, leopard, dog or a pig? You piece of trash! How dare you eye a rich man’s daughter? Uncle please don’t hurt him. Pour out your anger brother! I had to see this day. I loved you more than anyone in this world. I fulfilled your every demands….to see this? You have insulted us in front of the whole society. Didn’t you care about our prestige? People used to respect my son,
he obeyed him and you ruined his image. It’s better to be childless instead of having a child like her. Wait, don’t beat my bay, she is just a child. He is the one who brainwashed her. You filthy dog. You brainwashed my daughter. How dare you? I will….i will bury you alive. Ishwor…Ishwor… Leave him Leave him…don’t beat him… Leave him…don’t beat him… It’s not his fault, Don’t beat him. God save him…Ishwor…Ishwor…Ishwor Dad Leave him. Ishwor….Ishwor… Daddy I will do whatever you want me to do. Please leave him. Daddy I will do as you please. Daddy I will do as you please. Daddy I will do as you please. Throw away the glass beads quickly. Throw away the glass beads quickly. Throw it daughter. How could you wear it in his name? Throw it away I said. Throw it daughter. Remove it! Throw it quickly! No! You won’t? You dare to disobey me for this scoundrel? No! So you won’t throw right? Wait! Daddy! Stop, stop. Stop! Stop! I will do it. Daddy! I will do it. I will obey everything you say. You can’t die Ishwor. You can’t die Ishwor. I don’t know you from today! Leave him father! A few years later…. Manjari! Manjari! What happened? Manjari! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! Ishwor! I never imagined I would see you in this situation, I made a huge mistake! I thought you were fine, I didn’t want you to be in this state, I would have rather died before seeing all this! I am a sinner, a sinner! I thought you would be fine. I was the one to force you. You have gone mad because of me. God, what shall I do? What was our mistake? We just loved each other. Is that a sin? I won’t listen to anyone. I won’t leave you Ishwor. I won’t leave you. I won’t leave you. I am…. I am your Maiya. Ishwor, I am your sweetheart. Ishwor recognize me I am your Maiya. God what has happened? I can’t leave him now. He is like this because of me. I forced him to elope. How can I leave happily leaving him in this state? He has gone mad because of me. I am a sinner, a sinner! Manjari! Come with me. After this, Manjari and her husband
started to take care of Ishwor.

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