New Case Against Jeffrey Epstein | All In | MSNBC

New Case Against Jeffrey Epstein | All In | MSNBC

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  1. I'm surprised MSNBC is telling the truth about this person who was so close to the clintons bill rode the Lolita Express 40 *

  2. Acosta voluntarily resigns, Trump distances himself from Epstein, Barr removes the warden and officers involved with Epstein's suicide. I don't want to add to any conspiracies, but the way things are happening, there has to be something they're all protecting.

    Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy confirms that the multi-millionaire has a number of broken bones in his neck. Those injuries indicate Epstein first strangled himself to death before he hang himself. Some could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and have someone commit suicide and not lose voters

  4. They only had a massage with happy end.
    These women accepted money.
    They looked 18 , some of them.
    Slander and no proof, right student judge of mine?
    Jeff escaped. Swatteams are on the hunt.

  5. Epstein has taken the place as the new Lee Harvey Oswald. And the now FAILED Clinton Cabal is still running for cover, but it only a matter of time.
    Please watch:

  6. there should be no plea agreements, there should be no pay out's unless found guilty, the law is the law, it should not be bought of, it's a disgrace to the justice system, money is no object to these people, and i keep asking myself, where was the parents of these young girls, my two girl's at the age of 14 and 15 had to be in the house for 10 o'clock no later, should the parents not be reprimanded to. total bad parenting, if you allow your young girls to hang around beach parties and be groomed by these evil people there's something wrong.

  7. an epstein look alike was placed and strangled to death, a guard that never worked there was placed on duty. the cameras conveniently turned off, epsein shrieks and gurgles. the next day faulty pictures of a look-a-like were taken.

    TLDR: epstein is still alive and wont be doing time for his crimes. thanks Hillary.


  9. So let me get this straight. Msnbc dont think the origanal plee agreement that silenced sexual assault victims should be thrown out? What a bunch of pedo protectors.

  10. How about a new law protecting people in jail? How about a law that says feds need to tell the truth to tax payers. Look at this BS: "In the letters dated August 12, US District Court Judge Richard Berman wrote to the warden to inquire about the July 23 incident, saying "to my knowledge, it has never been definitively explained what the BOP (Bureau of Prisons) concluded about that incident." The warden at the time, Lamine N'Diaye, replied that an internal investigation into the incident had been completed, and that the matter would be reinvestigated as part of the investigations into Epstein's death. N'Diaye said he couldn't divulge any information about the original investigation."

  11. That’s why he was put in the position of AG to be the fullback and block and make a smooth path for him his boss and anyone in trumps circle that includes looking at what they got from Epstein’s house and to shred it

  12. How did Epstein break his neck with a paper bed sheet??? I looked at his cell on Google and it no way possible he hung himself. Stop calling it suicide,without presenting forensic evidence.

  13. Just a elimination process for targeted conspirators for replacement.
    "Cuz, I'm from the government and I'm here to help…. myself to your stuff"

  14. He was sprung from jail and is still alive. That's what I think. The body has already been claimed by an "unidentified associate". Now, we will never know the truth.

  15. 1:20 This would be Ghislaine Maxwell. She was formerly, Epstein's girlfriend. She was also the daughter of the newspaper tycoon, Robert Maxwell, he of the mysterious drowning off his luxury yacht in 1991.

  16. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧From trump “I’ve known Jeff for 15 YEARS. TERRIFIC GUY,” Mr. Trump told New York magazine in 2002. “He’s a lot of FUN to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much AS I DO, and many of them are on the YOUNGER SIDE.”

  17. Bill Barr needs to recuse himself. Barr has deep ties to Epstein. Barr's father even Epstein his first job – working with children despite having no qualifications.

  18. Trump, Clinton, Dershowitz, Acosta, Barr, Prince Andrew… every last one of Epstein's pals deserves to rot in prison for the rest of their inhuman lives.

  19. Bro…He's probably not dead…what powers that be tell us and the facts are two different things…one thing is for sure…he had to go away…and no trial…the left hand and the right hand are fighting each other…

  20. Her attempt to content Epstein and Bar and vague are weak. Most of her connections are second or third party associations. The real story is the connection between Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton. Hillary has already lied about the number of times Bill flew on the Lolita Express. Now the infamous portrait of Clinton has surfaced. This keeps getting weirder and weirder. Just think how close that pervert pedophile came to becoming the first lady of the USA.

  21. He is a co-conspirator  – Nothing this admin does  should be honored if America is ever lucky enough to get them out.

  22. The DOJ “investigation” into Epstein’s death is besmirched from the get go as long as AG Barr has anything to do with it. He’s too wrapped up in Epstein’s past and a trump patsy to boot to be at all credible. And trump himself is implicated in the whole mess going back decades. It really needs someone of Mueller’s caliber, but alas trump it appears is scot-free to continue his campaign of wreaking havoc and chaos on the nation.

  23. The real question here is, what is Barr so afraid happening if he recuses himself from this case? If he has no skin in the game then he should have no problem walking away and who convinced him to resend his first recusal and why. It seems as though someone higher up needs him on the case for some reason or another. I know of only one person who gets mad at and threatens to fire people if they recuse themselves from a case that he himself has a lot of skin in the game in. Me think we should start with said person.

  24. Let be honest he was a dead man walking when he was arrested, a man that knew too much about the psychos of the Democratic Communist Party.

  25. Wow! For the first time I agree with something that I saw on MSNBC. Barr should recuse himself in order to avoid the Democrats claiming that he and/Trump, covered up for any of Epstein's cohorts. Barr's connections to Epstein are far too compelling to ignore. This doesn't mean that Barr did anything wrong, or that he will do anything wrong, but you cannot expect the public to ignore such relationships between the accused, investigators, attorneys, and/or judges.

  26. The Clintons are saying its a suicide and Trump is tweeting from day 1 that it looks like a murder.Cnn mocks him saying he believes conspiracy theories.

  27. Instead of cooperating with govt to look into Epstein death, the media and their support tycoons TRIED to downplay BARR , they were so scared that BARR will uncover all the truth . Dont think American people are stupid.. i bet they hired millions people to bring up the name BARR and try to influence to stop him. Don't even dream !!!

  28. For the record
    All the William Barr haters should know he Never flew on Epstein's jet ever. Bill Clinton flew 26 times with Epstein

  29. EPSTEIN is Dead !! Because they said so ! " I saw the gurney and the Ambulance " OK, now I believe what MSNBC and the controlled lamestream media is passing on to us .

  30. If she knows that her allegations against AG Barr are not valid or good enough, then her only reason to bring them up is to muddle the waters, not very professional. Just another crook.

  31. The multi millions, 5 stories building in Paris own by Jeffrey Epstein. The address : 22, avenue Foch, Paris, France. Check it out at Google maps.

  32. This is done to hide the truth!! The court will busy dealing with the lawsuits that the criminal court will not deal with who was involved in the criminal ring !!

  33. I would just like to see all the names of these pedophiles come to light and that they are known to the public and put to shame

  34. Why have the guards not been given a lie detector test….really. What are we now the Saudi of North America maybe they should have just chopped him up a flushed him.

  35. Clinton's case of impeachment. maybe. did not go deep enough. in case! they might of found/ that Clinton was in on it. at the time. with Epstein, at the time of impeachment. just a guess.

  36. They broke his neck while they strangled him 😆. Nobody was more shocked and appalled by Epsteins suicide then Epstein

  37. Really? Barr's ENTIRE CAREER is based on actual, real and hard impropriety, on breaking the law to shield presidential crimes, on cheating and lying to the public, and he has been doing that successfully for DECADES. He is so corrupt, even the birds on the trees know that, so why should he bother about mere appearances? His back is well covered by Heritage Foundation, Donald & co, so he has nothing to worry about. And he is getting feistier and stronger. He'll keep doing his dirty work until someone handcuffs him.

  38. This is a good law they did,👍 and I agree getting an outside investigator, can’t be a Democrat either because there’s so many Democrats involved in this … just look at Epstein’s black book..

  39. Next time America should vote for men of integrity like Dr. Ben Carson for President. Someone with an open book past.

  40. I am sure there are going to be many, many more to come out and say he took pu$$y from them too, now that everyone knows just how much he was worth!! They will try to get their hands on some of that wealth that he once had. By the way, America already knows why Trump has ordered an investigation. He wants to be sure that the investigators make sure his name stays hidden from what he and Epstein were doing in the earlier years.

  41. why haven't the victims of trumps say he was there too.  We know that trump and Epstein use to hang out and party and they even talked about young girls.  Trump knew and he also walk in on young teenage virgins at his  pageants while they were getting dressed

  42. Love Joyce Vance! She is absolutely correct about Barr recusing himself. Also confidence in Barr, just isn't there! He has burned his bridges to truth long ago. His reputation stands true today about being a cover up, dirty, criminal player. Actually it would be great if he resigned but recusal helps. He is putting his own spin to early on in the case to be believable! Give it up Barr!!!

  43. Yeah, Barr has damaged the rep of the AG and the legal system. He's untrustworthy, a liar and covered for Trump by misrepresenting the Mueller Report. HE IS SUSSED. He cannot be the investigator without EVERYONE knowing he is quite capable and WILL cover again.

  44. The public might loose confidence ??….dude that happened in the 1960s……the gov's only worsened..

  45. Oops⁉️
    The Priests can’t be protected anymore by the pope who has been very silent about child abusers
    – and the Religious Right has a very Huge Target on their backs now…

    Everything is on a Perfect Schedule before the beginning of 2020

    But what is even more interesting, the Guns are even waking up the police, that they are at risk now after the Philadelphia shootings … That police Chief couldn’t even give his interview without looking like a mouse caught in a trap.
    – He just kept repeating himself with the look of fear in his eyes, that they are also a target of the white supremacy robots.

  46. Roman Catholic Church? There's not enough space in all the prisons in planet earth to accommodate those sick pedophiles.

  47. Barr will not recuse himself because he has to make sure Epstein's association with his father will never be investigated…too many coincidences

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