Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer

Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer

Turn off the engine.
Step out of the vehicle.
Time is the fire
in which we burn.
Nice ride!
But, I’m gonna need
those keys. Right now.
I said right now!
Every day…
…is danger.
So, take no risks.
Don’t f*** up.
Don’t talk back.
They impose limits to control us.
Limits to make us blend in.
Make us ‘safe’.
But we own the limits,
and we’ll own the night.
Do you know
how fast you were going?
Survival of the fastest.
No prizes for second place.
But standing out
means becoming a target.
They destroy, so we design.
They control, so we create.
If you catch fire,
you’ll burn faster.

100 thoughts to “Need for Speed™ Heat Official Reveal Trailer”

  1. O comon. Its the NFS from 2015. 1:30,with some elements from NFS Pro Street 0:37. 0:49 Really: Mustang vs. 911 vs Lancer vs. Countach. Same class?? The golf is missing XD. Ähm physics. 1:01 ähm this is a Viper…. Bad KI 1:16… AND to much lights 1:32 , Its sounds like a Vakuum cleeaner 1:12 This is racing? Looks like a arcade-game!

  2. I think its going to be like "Need for speed Rivals", "Need for speed Underground" and "Need for speed Most Wanted"
    that's what it looks like to me too don't take my word for it!

  3. Пиздец как скучно. Вот без шуток, чисто фифа на тачках – каждый год одно и то же.

  4. Это будет очередная помойка. В которой я по кружусь на месте и выйду.

  5. Интересная концепция) Главное чтобы не было монетизации как в Payback

  6. Hope this one have better handling experience, both Need For Speed and Payback were horrible, but not that horrible as the game story. I still prefer 2005 Most Wanted and Carbon. Hope soon EA understand what is doing bad with this franchise and offer us a good game

  7. Why in a american city near the coast again tho? I mean…. Why is there still not a single open world racing game taking place in Japan

  8. To be honest I'd prefer remastered versions of Underground, Most Wanted and Carbon more than another "great" EA game.

    Like if you agree with me

  9. EA:Our sales are downhill
    Also EA: Lets have a latin girl speaking and saying some spanish words that will make it sell

  10. Gonna watch some reviews before buying it. Since MW, Carbon an Hot pursuit, we need to be carefull of Not getting disappointed again and again. Biggest disappointment of the last title was definately the driving physics.

  11. – "Please insert your credit card that has at least 1,000$ in it. "
    – I don't have that money.
    – Ok, i will sell the house, Jesus…
    – E.A. Thanks you.
    You can also purchase our Season Pass for only 999,99$

  12. To make this game great again it needs to b a mix of the old underground and rivals cuz the police chases have become weak

  13. Cmon ea Just read your feedback, we are the easiest customers of on industry. We want a u2 remake. Ure taking the wrong game. Stop those un real drifts. We need some grip monsters. And btw not more lootboxes

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