Napolitano explains why Roger Stone is ‘absolutely entitled’ to a new trial

Napolitano explains why Roger Stone is ‘absolutely entitled’ to a new trial

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  1. He will be lose his millions purpitrate the fraud along with net works.Being Anti-American in America will not worke,never will worke.

  2. Judge nip is a worthless piece of garbage! nothing but an Anti-Trump who most likely only presided over juvenile cases. He along with all of the day time Fox News people are Anti-Trump

  3. This whole thing just reeks of the childishness of Democrats and their obsession with hurting our President. If this we're a story in a book we'd all be laughing at the ridiculous nature of the yarn being told.

  4. City of ____ or State of ____ are Corporations; armed guards working for Corporations are Mercenaries not Peace Officers. The Mercenaries (Police) work for the BAR Mafia.
    BAR Mafia = BAR Association = British Accredited Registry = Monopoly = Antitrust = Crown Temple BAR = City State of London = Foreign Corporation = Foreign Occupation = A Prison for your mind. You are a slave, Neo. A POW / Slave on the land where you were born. Civil Rights are man made; if man made them, man can abolish them (Civil Rights = Privileges).

  5. We're in crazy town for sure. Nine year sentence for threatening a CAT. Epstein got sentenced to 18 MONTHS for soliciting and procuring a person under age 18 for prostitution.

  6. Elizabeth Warren and BLUMENTHAL and Pelosi eric SWALLOWED OMAR TALIB MAXINE WATER NADLER OCCASIO and others PLEADED RESIGNED your a disgraced

  7. The democrats are so blatantly anti american its insane they still have supporters but shows how powerful having control over Media is.

  8. So Stone was found guilty of lying by a rabidly anti-Trump Democrat Stalinist kangaroo court where the jury foreman lied about being rabidly anti-Trump. This makes the bogus impeachment trial seem legit in comparison.

  9. Chuckie Schumer And Nancy Pelosi like sucking on boxes of Caramels I saw them helping to devour 100 Caramels but there wasn’t many eating those luxury sweets that ate them about 8 people .

  10. So stupid!! Obama and Axelrod were two peas in a pod! It was well know when Axelrod was attorney general Obama told him what he wanted done and he did I it no questions so please!!

  11. Thank you Law and Fact. We the People of the USA stand against evil and for Law and Order. Thank God for President Trump in Jesus name.

  12. Russia collusion was a fake investigation the lady in charge of the jury is biased And she's committed a felony by lying. About her knowledge in the Mueller investigation She's the one that needs to be disbarred and placed in prison. Makes a lot she was appointed by corrupt Obama. Shows more corruption in the Deep state

  13. Had enough? None of these grand juries and trials should be held anywhere near DC. There just isn't a pool of unbiased jurors there. Any way you look at it, it is unfair to the American public.

  14. Did Tameka Harris lie during voir dire in order to get on the jury? Give her a taste of her own equality then and sentence her to nine years!

  15. Trump called for Shift to resign, yet he didn’t resign? Assuming Judge Napolitano assertion is right Assange trail would be mared in bais!

  16. Stone should be given his final vaccine…..for helping traitor Trump take down America. The side-effects of the vaccine is becoming a vegetable… Trump

  17. Here we go again. The Dems are at it again. Thank you God we have an honest POTUS at the helm .
    Give ROGER STONE. deserves a new trial . It was biased from the start .



  20. Demoncraps knew including the judge about the juror. All trials are mistrial if such a incidence occurs. Demoncraps knew that Obama replaced over 400 military leaders with spies. You really think Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler have all the power with their circus acts ? They're being used and don't care as long as they get their booze, drugs, children to sexually abuse.

  21. the martyrs are stacking up in this new inquisition,how about the clintons and security guys who were going after trump,they lied on oath,this law fare needs to be stopped as brutally as it acts itself

  22. I "Unplugged" in 2016. A first time Seeing Napalatono in years. I hope he is just temporarily sick. He looks like a Sopranos Episode Lawyer who knows what HORSE is. OMG

  23. If the trial and sentence were so out of control, why did all 4 prosecutors resign from the case and 1 from DOJ entirely?
    And it is not at all appropriate for a President to pressure the AG to lessen a sentence for a friend. He can express his opinion, but if he is actively pressuring AG for personal reasons – that is highly unethical.

  24. Adam Schiff lied to Congress Hillary Clinton lied to Congress whitewash media devices busted up blackberries and all that other stuff. Benghazi people died, bought and paid for dossier about fake news about Trump. No one goes to jail. Rodger Stone Trump friend No one knows what he did he gets nine years.

  25. Oh, I get it now.
    The jurors for Roger Stone should only be signed up Republicans so as to stop those nasty biased Democrates.
    Never mind, round about half of Americans support the Democrates and half support the Republicans.
    So how do you select an "un-biased" jury?
    How about just select a representive sample of society and be assured the will carry out their duty to a higher standard than the Republican controlled Senate.

  26. lets see ,the last AG under obama said "I will NOT investigate any black man ! ,Barr says "i want to look into stones case and maybe lower his sentence ,when there is huge evidence that stone was forced to plead guilty when he was not and more. i think Eric holder should be investigated.

  27. Let every out of jail, shutdown courts it’s all a free for all now. A regular hard working person who made a mistake would not get this favor period

  28. All hail king donnie, the new king and head of the monarchy. You Americans are sure lucky to have someone of such superior intellect who can control your every thought and function.

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