My Response S02E01 📰 PEW NEWS📰

My Response S02E01 📰 PEW NEWS📰

Oopsie doopsie (Oopsie doopsie)
I’m oopsie doopsie and oopsie doopsie, woopsie.
Good evening, I’m Gloria Borger
I wasn’t planning to make another, video about this, but then Vox went ahead and published not one, but two articles about PewDiePie. (Teh)
I’m so sick of this guy! Vox owns The Verge…
Which means that this is actually the third video in a week that they post
smearing him as an anti-semite and now white supremacist.
Wow, they must really like this guy.
*Laughs in Swedish* PewDiePie’s ties to white supremacy spell serious trouble for the future of YouTube.
Ignoring that incredible headline just for a moment, if you think just for a second they picked a photo where I’m
blinking as the main photo for this article as a cheap attempt to make me look as bad as possible,
uh, then you’re wrong, okay, this is actually how I record all my videos and, uh, in case you’re new to my channel
it’s just the thing I do, okay?
*Laughs in Swedish* So not sure what happened here, well,
let’s read some headlines to investigate because that’s the best way in the world to get your facts
“PewDiePie promotes Nazi Propaganda…”
“YouTube Star PewDiePie Promotes Channel With Anti-Semitic Content”
“PewDiePie gives shout out to hateful, anti-Semitic YouTube channel”
“PewDiePie’s ties to white supremacy spell serious trouble for the future of YouTube”
Here’s what I actually said in my shout out video:
E:R who does great video essays about, uh,
he did one on, uh, Death Note which I really really enjoyed.
So what actually happened a quick rundown
I already explained in another video
But I was getting so many subscribers, that I thought it would be nice for me to shout out to some smaller channels
It was at the end of the video and I shouted out 28 channels. Now, this was clearly my mistake
I should not have picked that goddamn many channels because obviously
I’m not gonna go through every single video in their past like two year
old videos just to make sure that maybe they said something that doesn’t align with
myself. One of them featured Nazi imagery and jokes and
that’s why I decided to remove him from the list and then ended it out of the video
I think most people would be pretty sensible about a mistake like this keeping all these things in mind, but oh no no,
Oh, no no, that’s not the case it led to an absolute barrage on Twitter
I don’t think I’ve gotten this much attention on Twitter since, uh, since The Wall Street Journal thing
They must have really thought they had me this time
I don’t know people making these it was insane claims about me saying I shepherd
legions of 14-year-olds to neo-Nazi content
It’s an anime review,
that’s the main point of the video.
Love that PewDiePie pretty much openly says “I’m
If that’s me openly saying I’m not see it’s a pretty goddamn cryptic way to put it.
This, uh, developer from Ubisoft said
“Enough is enough!”
“Gaming industry I’m going to need you to end this dude”
“You know exactly who you are…”
“Cut ties with him… NOW” *NOW echoes in background*
Don’t worry. She’s just spreading her positivity guys. Please don’t be mean, this is just spreading positivity.
Now she apparently removed that she’s working for Ubisoft after this.
So, I don’t know if she actually got fired or not.
Bum, Bum, Bum Bah-Bah-Bah Bah, Bah, Bah-Bah-Bah Bah, Bah Bah Bah-Bah
I responded in my first video saying that I didn’t actually know these references and basically, oh well, this was pretty dumb.
I’ll delete him from the recommendations. That’s pretty much all I can do at this point, thinking that would be it.
But oh no no, oh no no, the number one argument that was constant.
I’ve seen this argument being thrown around constantly on Twitter and in media and I’m just gonna use Huffington Post as an example.
But so many people have been using this argument
against my defense saying I actually didn’t know.
“PewDiePie’s Excuse For Promoting Racist”
“YouTube Content Includes More”
“Racist Content”
Saying that, okay, maybe he didn’t know about the 2-year old videos and the videos on his other channel,
saying that, well the video that he recommended had
, uh,
jokes about Heather Heyer’s death in it and making fun of an autistic black guy.
We have him now boys. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.
The video pointed to Heather Heyer.
How could he, I don’t know who this is. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be disrespectful.
I honestly genuinely have no idea who this is.
I know about the Charlottesville’s incident,
and I know someone died there.
And basically The Verge wrote this as well as saying that there was aerial footage of the moment when
a car drove through the crowd of people during the white supremacist led unite the right rally in Charlottesville last year.
So this was the video that I recommended specifically, I get it. It sounds pretty bad.
But let’s just take a second to watch what that footage look like, “That victim will die of a heart attack.” This is 37 minutes into the video.
“And then she will die by being struck by a car”
“there’s too much *Blank* in the way for a car to hit her because the situation is”
“Impossible and that’s the cause of death as well.”
“The woman would die of a heart attack. Death flicks didn’t get far enough into reading the rules on the Wikia page.” Now
I blurred the footage not because I don’t want to show it but specifically because I don’t want to instantaneously transform
76 million people into Nazis, which is definitely what’s going to happen. If anyone sees that footage, obviously, I didn’t know about this footage.
I think most people outside of the United States don’t know about this footage.
I tested it out on a couple people just to make sure I wasn’t crazy but that was the case.
No one know about this footage and E:R put it in there as a joke.
It’s extremely edgy and an inappropriate joke and I would not have publicly recommended this video if I knew about it.
But the hidden reference of it, it’s the joke. That this really a horrific footage
most people won’t even recognize it that that’s in there without most people recognizing it, is the joke. Secret Nazi jokes, everyone.
They’ve been around for literally, since the age of the Internet. And, oh, sorry and even just showing this footage pushing for that
this is white supremacy is that this the reach is still very far? This guy followed up with saying to the trolls. That’s right
if you criticize someone, you’re a troll! They’re saying PewDiePie didn’t know who Heather Hayer was. Last year
he tweeted about a photo of white nationalists marching with tiki torches saying this, “These guys clearly watched one too many PewDiePie vids.” Now
I don’t remember tweeting this at all to be honest,
but I did remember tweeting was this, I don’t have a high-res photo because I have a bot that deletes all my tweet.
It’s a long story. “Dear Nazis: Stop looking so identical to me. You’re really not helping my case.”
This image that Huffington Post used for the Charlottesville’s rally just look strangely a lot like me.
That was all I joked about. This doesn’t prove that I knew that aerial footage.
It has nothing to do with it. The second argument was that in the description of the video,
it had a racist, edgy, joke. That’s right, the description. How could I have been
so stupid? The thing that everyone checks constantly.
So these two facts is what most people have been using online as evidence against that,
“Oh, he knew, he knew what he was doing, okay.” It’s like, “Oh, well, he made Nazi jokes in the past. So
obviously, he’s 100% guilty.” It’s like logic conveniently gets thrown out the window
uh, for the sake of lambasting me and it’s just, you’re really just exposing yourself for having idiotic
ideas and cannot look more than two second deeper into an issue.
Does all of this really justify calling me a white supremacist by the Vox?
When have I ever expressed myself in that way? Now, looking at the Vox article, uh, because it’s hilarious.
They can’t first of all can’t even get my name right, I get it, It’s really hard writing is hard,
it’s not expected from journalists. “PieDiePie” “PewDiePew”
(Glorious chuckle sent from the heavens to bless us with it’s presence)
Vox said talked in this article about my alliance with the alt-right.
This is something I’ve been accused of before and have said, no, that’s not true.
They mentioned the alt-right 29 times in this article. It’s almost like they’re
obsessed with these things. So what are the evidence that ties me to the alt-right according to Vox?
Well, get this guys, I don’t even know if I should bring this up because I don’t know if
I want to expose myself to this hard-hitting evidence and facts that they got me with. I reviewed
Jordan Peterson’s self-help book.
First of all, Jordan Peterson is not alt-right.
He’s another figure that the media doesn’t like, so they label him as alt-right as a way to discredit him. He’s
disassociated himself with alt-right personalities and second of all, reviewing a book,
doesn’t mean anything. It’s not proof of anything.
It’s literally a self-help book. It’s the least controversial thing
I’ve read in so long. The second argument that Vox had or evidence,
that I have ties to the alt-right is because I followed people on Twitter that they deem alt-right such as Ben Shapiro
And Laci Green, among others. That’s right
Laci Green alt-right hero everyone. You remember that? Her sex educational videos.
Deep-diving Nazi imagery. You just got to dig a little deeper.
Very hidden references, way more hidden than E:R’s.
“lol according to Vox, being followed by @pewdiepie makes you alt-right”
So what if I follow Vox, does that mean Vox is alt-right?
Can’t wait to see your response to this Vox, I basically have you in a corner now
(Demonic laughter raised from the depths of hell to win over our minds)
So apparently the journalists of this article of this reporter
thought to herself, “You know what, this is, uh,
I wrote some garbage today, but you know, what, not dumb enough. I need to make it even more stupid.
So she went to Twitter and wrote, “As an addendum to my two recent articles on the potential for serious extremist
radicalization that PewDiePie and his 76 million followers represent on YouTube…” Everyone who’s watching this video, everyone that’s subscribed to PewDiePie
represents serious
extremist radicalization. Seems like a pretty fair description. I mean, the views of this, uh,
reporter comes across pretty clear when it’s not through the editorial framework and, uh,
she basically says that, “a kind reader pointed out this recording of a stream in which PewDiePie plays Pavlov with a player.” And
it’s this guy with a, I don’t know how to explain it, it’s this guy with the
parody of a Jew image and,
Jew mocking name basically. This person is so stupid
I honestly genuinely feel bad for her, “Whether or not he knew, he apparently hangs out in gaming communities where it’s possible to
game with people using anti-Semitic slurs and avatars.
(The chuckle of Ying and Yang, perfectly balanced to bring both good and evil)
It’s a public video game and I didn’t even interact with this guy. It’s like holding me accountable for going outside and
having the views with other people. I’ve even seen this clip a hundred times. I didn’t even notice the guy’s name.
I think it’s such a great example of
me being painted as an anti-Semitic and me being painted as a Nazi, when all I’m doing is playing video games having fun.
I didn’t see this guy. I watched it a hundred times,
I never saw this guy and even then, I have nothing that doesn’t prove anything. Maybe PewDiePie
didn’t realize this was an anti-Semitic handle or he did but didn’t care enough to exit the game. I
should have done the right thing guys. I should have just exited the game immediately.
This whole thing, this a giant guilty by association?
Reviewing a guy’s book, ah, how could he, playing in a public video game, ah, following someone on Twitter?
Just cause you interact with someone online doesn’t mean you endorse all of their views.
That’s such an incredibly stupid thing to think. She even pointed out that the harassment I’ve got any response from PewDiePie supporters
especially bears out all the points being made in the second article. Being criticized is not harassment.
Finally, I wanted to take a look at the bigger picture here, you know, this controversy has more or less passed at this point,
so what really were the effects. The main thing that I got criticized for this shout out was how incredibly
irresponsible it was for me to
recommend this channel. And in a way, I can understand at least that argument.
But people saying that I was shepherding legions of 14-year-olds towards neo-Nazi content. And The Verge saying that a hundred and fifty new thousand
subscribers, which is just blatantly false. It was fifteen thousand. Who some of whom may be extremely young
turning into anti-Semitic hateful content, appointing people to certain channels especially ones built on hateful content further
radicalized young viewers on YouTube. That was the effect of this. Now, this is just blatantly not true. Even if you watch E:R’s videos,
yes, they have very edgy jokes.
And I’m not here to debate it, of anything about who he is,
but the main point of these videos at least you could argue, are not about these
political issues and I think that’s why you went over my head, uh,
to recommend this channel, because I’m just here for the sweet anime.
That’s all I really care about, but regardless of that, twelve thousand people subscribe after me recommending this channel.
And then it was immediately dipping after that. You can see it here,
it was going down, but then the media comes into the picture, they mention him in every single article
I’ve seen, they bring up E:R’s channel. And there you go,
he gets fourteen thousand subscribers.
E:R should really honestly just thank the media for giving him more a bigger shout out than I did. I’m extremely irresponsible.
You are aware of the damages that you are saying it’s costing but you’re causing more damage. It’s the basic strives and effect of
the more you try and cover something up, then the bigger it gets and they’re not, they’re not unaware of this
it’s pretty obvious that they know how this works at this point, but people don’t care, people
just want to be outraged online. People just want to get clicks online and it’s the same thing with these, uh,
articles. Finally I wanted to end on, uh, on, uh
notes about why I think Vox is going after me, and it’s not me saying this is concrete evidence to why, you know,
I definitely have made mistakes and, uh, I
I deserve to be criticized when I mess up, but I think part of the reason why I, me especially is getting so much, uh,
I don’t know what to call it, slander, it’s because, uh, I have more influence than a lot of media outlets.
That’s not me flexing, again, that’s a fact, and they hate that. The Wall Street Journal posted earlier this year,
I know Wall Street Journal.
Uh, “Vox Media On Pace to Miss Revenue Target as Digital Advertising
Disappoints”. The expected Vox media shortfall is another sign that the digital media
industry is struggling to adapt to the reality that online ad growth is becoming harder to come by,
especially as tech firms such as Facebook,
Google, and Amazon corner the market. And one concern for Vox media, much like other digital firms,
is that revenue from sponsored content isn’t growing as fast as it once did. Ever since the year
2000, a newspaper advertising revenue in the USA has just completely plummeted.
I mean 50 years of progress is completely went out the window. According to the Guardian,
It’s estimated that every dollar spent on advertising in the western world,
90 percent of that goes to Google and Facebook.
90 percent. Keeping that in mind, you have the biggest creator on YouTube.
How can we make him and YouTube look bad at the same time?
PewDiePie ties to white supremacy spells serious trouble for the future of YouTube.
I don’t mean to get into, oh, this is why, I obviously don’t know.
I think this headline makes a lot more sense
keeping these things in mind. A lot of people point to my controversies at
stunts as something that I deliberately do to boost myself and my brand to get more subscribers. PewDiePie
endorses controversial anti-Semitic views to gain subscribers;
stunt backfires big time. That’s right. It was a stunt to recommend a channel.
Another article saying, why, why has YouTube’s biggest Star not being cancelled yet? We cannot keep letting him get away with this!
Why is no one stopping him?
The reason why, despite all my controversies that I’m still so popular is because fans know who I am.
The people who actually know my videos and know me,
know that all these things that people say in the media just aren’t true.
And when I have made mistakes in the past, I’ve apologized and moved forward from it and moved on from it.
My fans don’t look at the world with the insane lens that everyone is an enemy that needs to be publicly destroyed by running these
articles about me, smearing my name and calling me white supremacist, calling me racist. You are
watering down the definition of these words, by keep calling me all these things,
these words will no longer carry the same meaning and in a way you are doing these people that are actually racist and, uh,
anti-Semitic, a favor and I don’t doubt that there are racists an anti-Semite in the world.
But you’re looking at the wrong places,
and people know it. You are also hurting your own brand and as a news outlet you are just losing your
credibility because people know this isn’t true and
that’s probably the number one thing you’d care about protecting, as a media outlet. Is that what you’re saying
the check is actually true? What you’re saying is actually unbiased but you spell it out
so clearly that that’s not the case. Fox doesn’t allow comments on their articles,
gee, I wonder why. If you go on Twitter and check the replies,
the response is pretty unanimous and that’s even coming from
people that are fans of Vox, saying “as a left winger and fan of many of Vox’s productions,
I’ve become every time more disappointed with articles about PewDiePie’s ties to the alt-right, it’s just thin connections being
extrapolated over and over again. This isn’t not me picking one,
if you go through it’s the general consensus from these
articles. The more the mainstream media talks about me, the more I just gain from it, and that’s not me benefiting from controversies,
That’s because people know these are smear campaigns and people are tired of it. People can’t stand these articles anymore.
You can kick and scream, “Ah, PewDiePie’s a Nazi!” all you want but it’s not going to change that fact.
But I think most importantly out of all this.
The number one thing that I want people to take out of this is:
Subscribe to PewDiePie. That’s right, PewDiePie now at 77 million
subscribers, I’m gonna rate Vox media a zero.
I’m Gloria Borger.
And this is Gloria Borger out.

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