100 thoughts to “Multiple dead after police pursuit ends in gunfire”

  1. Im so pissed , so sad. How can they not care for the hostage. He and other people who have nothing to do are the ones who they were suppose to protect! Everyone who fired shots should go down because this is ridiculous. You cant do this. RIP to all that died and there families i pray they get justice!

  2. By the law the cops side  who order  gunfire he is going to be a death penalty within 1 week because he try to be a hero than he kill 2 innocent people he must die within 1 week

  3. Its sad..In a world where the color of skin..the preference of religion..the preference of sexuality..we find all kinds of ways to hate one another..when the real threat to our society is the government..whether Republicans or Democrats..they are all the same..we need to rise up has a society and band together..from the judges unjustly ruling..to government officials getting star treatment and to the hired law enforcement we expect to protect us…they do not care..my prayers go out to the innocent victims that lost there lives…and the many other innocent people that will be forever traumatized be these uncaring unpatriotic unprofessional act ..its sad..pray for ourselves and our families and one another..unite people

  4. This is what happens when our jail have a revolving door….
    About the police:
    Police job is to dictate,to defuse the current problem a.s.a.p…
    Extremely unfortunate the problem happens in such crowded area (rush hour traffic)…the young man who lost his life (ups driver)SHOULD NOT have happens,the police did not had a chance to smoke bomb or swat team or any other resources…..
    My condolence to the UPS driver family…I am very sorry that happened to such a young man and worse of all he was a family man….

  5. Notice at 1:24 how the UPS truck get filled riddled with bullet holes. Its almost as if they were not aiming. I can understand if the truck was moving but it wasn’t. So this was careless the 🤬 police didn’t give a 🤬. All they cared was the robbers and not the people. It’s 2019 and almost 2020 come on 😡. We should all know not to fire at a crowed intersection. But wait this is Florida and the USA.

  6. Those pigs should lose there badges and do some jail time it's sad they choose to hide behind innocent people as shields


  8. I hope the family sue them! Two daughters lost their father because of cops. To me they did everything wrong. They shouldn’t have gotten too near when they got into traffic. So many lives at danger. They should of shot the driver during the chase or keep the heliport on top until it was safe or let them go and then hunt after there wasn’t many people out in the streets.

  9. Florida's police agencies suck at their jobs. It has been proven time after time. In the Pulse shooting, Parkland shooting and now this one. In all they made poor choices and innocent people lost their lifes. At least in Pensacola naval base they did a better job!

  10. How are you going to open up gunfire with a hostage in the middle of rush hour traffic. That’s sad and unprofessional. Back off a bit, let the driver think he’s getting away and get him when he goes to get out of the truck. Too many trigger happy cops.

  11. Just Cowboys cops! Too many times to end this…300 cops cars chasing this truck…something when terrible wrong here…my condolence to the family….

  12. omg 35 rounds were found in the ups driver body…these cop are dangerous…this situation should have been handle different,,,

  13. 2.40 "unfortunately the 2 suspects are now deceased"…..FBI spokesman Piro.     I don't give one     @*&^%$-#$  damn about those  two worthless filthy thugs.   What about the 2 innocents?    Where are your priorities Mr. FBI ?

  14. This is a complete disregard to the safety of the public. Every police officer who discharged their firearm should be held liable in the death of the UPS driver and one innocent victim. They should all be punished and financially bankrupted. Include their chain of command for not properly traaining them.

  15. Why did the police engaged knowing they had a hostage. Police killed the hostage that's crazy.i thinkthe cops should be investigated by i.a.

  16. It's all type of cameras in the UPS truck that will show you who shot first and who shot the driver in the truck but they might try and cover it up. Cuz yall know how law enforcement is they stick together especially when it's black suspects

  17. Trigger happy cops didn’t care about innocent people or the hostage, they should all be fired and prosecuted including the chief of police……

  18. The police killed four people over some damn jewelry. No one shot at the police. Who would when you're completely surrounded?

  19. The police had no business surrounding the UPS truck like that in all that traffic. They should of stayed back. The thief's hadn't killed anyone at that time. They had a truck of material items, but most important they had a life on board who was a victim. That didn't matter to the police. They are to protect money,and business's not people. They open fire for items. When all is said and done could of been replaced.Those people who lost their lives can never be brought back. Thank god more people weren't killed. This was a job for the helicopter to take lead.

  20. What?? “We are deeply saddened to learn a UPS service provider was a victim of this senseless act of violence” y’all was the one who killed him.. wtf hope that didn’t go over y’all head.. they need they guns taken away until they learn how to use their brains

  21. My prayers go out to the families of the innocent people you would think police officers are trained on how to handle situation like thatlike as in may be falling back and only having the ghetto bird (helicopter)on them the whole timeand they would have thought that they had gotten away and the outcome would have been different

  22. Hijacking something that sticks out like a turd in a punch bowel, is stupid.
    This tells me, the assailants were black.

  23. what do you want to bet that the two robbers are here illegally …….you people whine about the UPS driver being killed by police….however….if UPS allowed their drivers to carry a firearm….as they should when you deliver packages with sometimes a big monetary value…….but UPS being the cheap bastards they are would rather exploit cheap labor……police could have went about it a different way…but this was a situation where innocent bystanders are going to end up casualties……they happen unfortunately , thats never going to change.

  24. All those cops are on administrative duty now. And forced to hand in their service weapons. Still think they were right in the conduct? 🙄

  25. The police are out of hand. They have no value for human life. They have long ago crossed the line. They can keep there condolences. They should be ashamed. We need a new way of police training that values all life, not takes life for the smallest things

  26. this is so sad. two innocent people murdered by the police. these police are cowards and totally disregarded their training and oath to protect. no wonder people are scared of police.

  27. I still can't belive they didn't even try to stop the truck when they was chasing it and there was nobody else on the road. It doesn't take a genius to know they would be heading into traffic. I think that's what they were counting on.

  28. They should of shot the tires out making them isolated from public. The criminals were already shooting at the police before they reach the traffic.

  29. VERY IRRESPONSIBLE…tail them and get them in a safer area. What could have been stolen that the cops thought were worth HUMAN LIVES?? Cowards trying to be heroes.

  30. A senseless act of POLICE violence more accurately fits the bill. UPS appreciates law enforcers and their negligent roid raging murder of one of their employees over the theft of intrinsically worthless & highly insured rocks!

  31. Why not a pit maneuver ???? That wasn't deadly enough cops kill hostage to save citizens????? I guess they call this collateral damage

  32. Damn the cop killed the UpS driver and a motorists too sad. I guess they had no(yeah right) choice the suspects used him as a shield. Sad Christmas for the family. Stupid cops 6 month of crackerjack box training. Probably patting each other on the back. Looking at the video the cops shots first.


  34. They were only stealing. You don't have a warzone in the middle of rush hour traffic over some fricking jewelry. Follow them to their hideout with helicopters and nab them there.

  35. Act of Senseless violence !! YEAH BY THE COPS !!! there was no need for that much fire power if any ! Two innocent people died at the hands of Law enforcement whilst all the cops went home to high five their buddies on a job well done , really every officer that fired a weapon on scene should be charged with MURDER just like the drivers father said !!.

  36. The police were using civilian cars with civilians inside them for cover…. what exactly did they think would happen?

  37. The police engaged with these suspects in a crowded area with 100s of tax paying innocent civilians… the responsibility of police is supposed to be preservation of life!

  38. Not only did the police have no regard to the human body and they took participation in a wild west like shoot out they should of known better but of course our tax payers dollars are going towards this behavior. Unacceptable.

  39. Did they hire all these officers off the street that morning?! What a bunch of inept idiots! Anyone who discharged their weapon in rush hour traffic with a hostage involved should be immediately fired and brought up on charges. SICK AND SCARY!

  40. Americans are CRAZY!!!!

    Why, did police shoot the innocent U P S driver?

    He's unarmed!?

    From the sky video, it's obviously not the Robber desperately trying to get out of the truck!?


  42. Duck… Wth… Over 200 rounds in blaze of glory…The cops sacrificed the hostage life, no hostage negotiator, sad…

  43. how many rounds did it take or how many did they use 200 ? I heard it was 19 officers who was in charge no one was killed in the pursuit they had air support they could have just waited and watched and 2 people many be alive if they did no way should the officer's involved get away with murder . NO way

  44. So the police got innocent people hurt because they did not back off and use a helicopter to track the vehicle That’s bad police work

  45. Look at the minute 1:55 in the video that was the moment to use the police cars 🚔 to take out of control the ups car, but they prefer to be hiding behind the gun, behind civilians cars, behind innocent people, I’m a civilian but my reaction is protect others in a emergency

  46. WOW law enforcement are freaking stupid at least wait for those cars to move away before doing anything. Our trucks are paper thin. Send in negotiators offer a rigged car in exchange for the ups driver. You one of those bait cars that they car turn off at anytime then they can do their target practice when in less populated areas. Or just wait for suspect to run out of ammo. Its not like we deliver ammo in our trucks. Law enforcement posses me off sometimes.

  47. Can someone please explain why do the Police all have SWAT Teams for.

    The dictionary meaning In the United States is special weapons and tactics ie (SWAT meaning a group of elite police marksmen who specialize in high-risk tasks such as hostage )

  48. Didn't have time to lay down spikes, have a car ahead in the opposite direction, continue driving until gas ran out, avoided shooting randomly with a hostage and civilians close by?

  49. Let all people see now who is real Domestic terrorist and murdering of innocent people,.. Surely, that " blue devils" murderers shall have not justice for their crimes in their "blue devils " court .. but they now will have a vacation in Hawaii or the Bahamas..

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