Mueller Says Trump Wasn’t Exonerated, Could Be Charged After Leaving Office: A Closer Look

Mueller Says Trump Wasn’t Exonerated, Could Be Charged After Leaving Office: A Closer Look

-It was a busy day.
Robert Mueller,
the former special counsel
in the Russia investigation,
testified before Congress today.
For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
Of course, Mueller’s testimony
was highly anticipated
with lots of people
expected to watch,
except one guy who claimed
he wouldn’t watch,
a guy notorious
for watching more TV
than is medically advisable,
and that’s the president
of the United States.
Trump said this week,
he would not watch the testimony
because Democrats shouldn’t
get to keep talking about
the Russia investigation.
-Mr. President —
-One question.
-No, I’m not going to be
watching, probably.
Maybe I’ll see
a little bit of it.
I’m not going to be
watching Mueller,
because you can’t take
all those bites
out of the apple.
-Of course, Trump
thinks you can’t take
all those bites out of the apple
because he’s never taken
more than one bite
out of an apple,
and that was a mistake.
[ As Trump ]
“This meatball is disgusting.”
[ Laughter ]
[ Normal voice ] But it would
have been instructive for Trump
to watch because he clearly
has not read the report.
I mean, it’s over 400 pages.
There’s no way Trump’s ever
read anything that long
in his life.
If he gets a fortune cookie
with his takeout,
he hands it to one of his aides.
[ As Trump ]
“Just give me the gist.”
[ Normal voice ] In fact,
despite his obvious lie,
Trump almost certainly
was watching the hearings
because before
they even started,
he predictably lost his mind
on Twitter again.
All of these are
just from this morning.
-“So, Democrats and others can
illegally fabricate a crime,
try pinning it on
a very innocent president,
and when he fights back
against this illegal,
treasonous attack
on our country,
they call it obstruction —
Why didn’t Robert Mueller
investigate the investigators?”
-“Why didn’t Robert Mueller
and his band
of 18 angry Democrats
spend any time investigating
crooked Hillary Clinton,
lying and leaking James Comey,
Lisa Page and her psycho lover
Peter Strzok,
Andy McCabe,
the beautiful Ohr family,
Fusion GPS, and many more,
including himself and Andrew W?”
“So, why didn’t the highly-
conflicted Robert Mueller
investigate how and why
crooked Hillary Clinton
deleted and acid washed
33,000 e-mails
after getting a subpoena
from the United States Congress?
She must have great lawyers.”
-“No collusion. No obstruction.”
-“The greatest witch hunt
in U.S. history, by far.”
-Dear God, his tweets
would make more sense
if they were scribbled on paper
and faxed to a newspaper
under the zodiac symbol.
But at the very least,
today’s hearings
might have been informative,
both for Trump
and for members of Congress
who have admitted they didn’t
read the whole report.
More than a dozen
members of Congress
readily admitted to Politico
that they, too,
have skipped around
rather than studying every one
of the special counsel
report’s 448 pages.
That might explain
why some Democrats have
spent the last few months
trying to educate
their Republican colleagues
by reading sections
of the report
into the Congressional record,
including sections of the report
that include colorful language
which has given us fun clips
like these.
-Page 78 of Volume 2
of the report says and I quote,
“When Sessions
told the president
that a special counsel
had been appointed,
the president slumped back
in his chair and said,
‘Oh, my God.
This is terrible.
This is the end
of my presidency.
I’m [bleep].'”
-On Saturday, June 17, 2017,
the president called McGahn
and told him to have
the special counsel removed.
That evening, McGahn called
both Priebus and Bannon
and told them that
he intended to resign.
Priebus recalled that McGahn
said that the president
had asked him to,
“Do crazy [bleep].”
[ Laughter ]
-It is both great and weird
to hear a curse word
come out of Elizabeth Warren.
It’s like watching a nun
take a hit off a joint.
What they were reading
into the record
were details from the report
on Trump’s various attempts
to obstruct justice,
including ordering his
former White House counsel
Don McGahn to fire Mueller.
But Trump has repeatedly
insisted falsely
without offering any details
that Article 2
of the Constitution,
which is about
the executive branch,
gives him the power
to fire Mueller
and do whatever he wants.
He’s repeated that argument
over and over,
including during
a rambling speech yesterday.
-Article 2 allows me
to do whatever I want.
Article 2 would have
allowed me to fire him.
Nobody ever mentions Article 2.
It gives me all of these rights
at a level that nobody
has ever seen before.
We don’t even talk
about Article 2.
Then I have an Article 2
where I have the right to do
whatever I want as president,
but I don’t even
talk about that.
[ Laughter ]
-First, “I have an Article 2,”
is such a New York way
of saying it.
[ New York accent ] “It’s not
jaywalking when I do it
because I got an Article 2
right here, buddy.
Stop your honking.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Normal voice ] Also…
I like how he says,
“I don’t talk about that,”
even though he constantly
talks about that.
He’s like a grandparent
who won’t stop talking
about how you won’t call.
“I never hear from you,
not a phone call,
not an e-mail,
not even a card,
but still,
I don’t complain.”
[ Laughter ]
Also Article 2 does not
give you the right
to do whatever you want.
If that’s the case,
it would have been
a lot shorter.
[ Laughter ]
This is why today’s hearing
was so important.
The lawless president who openly
welcomed foreign interference
and then tried
repeatedly to stop
the investigation
of that interference
thinks he can do
whatever he wants,
which is why we need a Congress
that will hold him accountable.
Now you heard the president
in his tweets today
and for the last few months,
he was totally and completely
by the Mueller report,
and since Donald Trump
is known as a truthful guy,
I am sure once
the hearings began,
Robert Mueller confirmed exactly
what the president said.
-The president has repeatedly
claimed that your report
found there was no obstruction
and that it completely
and totally exonerated him.
But that is not what
your report said, is it?
-Correct. It is not
what the report said.
-So, the report did not conclude
that he did not commit
obstruction of justice?
Is that correct?
-That is correct.
-And what about
total exoneration?
Did you actually totally
exonerate the president?
But Trump scream tweeted,
“no collusion, no obstruction.”
It was in all caps,
and if it’s in all caps,
you know it’s true,
like when you get an e-mail
that says “free boner pills,”
you know it’s legit.
[ Laughter ]
You’re not gonna pay
for those boner pills.
[ Laughter ]
Right off the bat,
this was the key exchange.
We heard from the investigator,
that his report did not
exonerate the president.
In fact, there was at least
one very specific reason
Mueller couldn’t just go ahead
and charge Trump with a crime,
and it’s because of guidelines
from the Justice Department’s
Office of Legal Counsel, or OLC,
that say a sitting President
cannot be indicted,
which Mueller confirmed today.
The chairman of
the Judiciary Committee
Jerry Nadler also asked Mueller
about his attempts
to interview Trump
which Trump refused
and revealed how long
Mueller had tried to get Trump
to sit down for an interview.
-Did the president refuse
the request to be interviewed
by you or your team?
And is it true that you tried
for more than a year
to secure an interview
with the president?
-Well, you didn’t go through
the proper channels.
If you want Trump
to give you an answer,
you either need
to go to Fox News
or send him a rambling tweet
that praises him in syntax
he’s familiar with.
“Mr. Very Innocent President,
sir, we would love for you
to sit down for a very
exonerating interview, sir,
because you are the best
and most not guilty president,
with the most innocence, sir,
and everyone says so, sir.”
And then…
[ Cheers and applause ]
And then after
the chairman’s first questions
came time for the Republicans
to open up their questions
with the ranking member
of the committee,
Doug Collins,
who warned Mueller
that he would try
to speak slowly
and then immediately
rambled so quickly
even Mueller
couldn’t follow him.
-I’ll talk slowly.
It’s said that I talk fast.
I will talk slowly.
Your report states that
your investigative team
included 19 lawyers
and approximately 40 FBI agents,
and analysts and accountants.
Are those numbers accurate?
-Could you repeat
that, please?
-Is it also true that you
issued over 2,800 subpoenas,
executed nearly
500 search warrants,
obtained more than 230 orders
for communication records
and 50 pin registers.
-That went
a little fast for me.
-Dude, are you
a member of Congress
or an auctioneer?
He didn’t get
the answer he wanted,
but he did sell three paintings
and a hog.
Republicans also tried
to grill Mueller
by criticizing him
for specifically
stating in his report
that Trump had not
been exonerated,
but as usual, they devolved
into partisan name calling,
when Republican congressman
called Democrats socialists
and slammed Mueller
for how he handled
the allegations against Trump.
-Americans need to know this,
as they listen to Democrats
and socialists on
the other side of the aisle,
I agree with the chairman
this morning
when he said Donald Trump
is not above the law.
He’s not, but he damn sure
shouldn’t be below the law,
which is where Volume 2
of this report puts him.
-No, I agree
because that isn’t a thing.
[ Laughter ]
Though if anyone
could be below the law,
it’s Donald Trump.
Trump looks up at the law
the same way he looks up
at an eclipse.
[ Laughter ]
“Below The Law” sounds
like a straight-to-video
Steven Seagal movie
starring Donald Trump.
Now, compare that tirade,
to the straightforward questions
of some of the Democrats,
which produced matter-of-fact
yes-or-no answers.
-An unsuccessful attempt
to obstruct justice
is still a crime.
Is that correct?
-That is correct.
-Does that mean
you have to investigate
all of his conduct
to ascertain true motive?
-President Trump directed
White House Counsel Don McGahn
to fire you.
Isn’t that correct?
this hearing was flying so fast
it must have been impossible
for Trump to follow along.
Remember, he’s used to Fox News
where his favorite hosts
speak slowly and loudly
in words he can understand.
-Paul Ryan needs to step down
as Speaker of the House.
-See, nice and slow
in a New York accent.
Jeanine Pirro…
Jeanine Pirro is like
Dora the Explorer
if she’d grown up
on Long Island.
[ Long Island accent ]
“Can you help Boots find
the auto body shop?
Good job.
Molto bene!”
[ Normal voice ]
This captured
the fundamental weirdness
of the hearing.
Mueller wants the report
to speak for itself,
and that report is
incredibly damning on its own,
which is why Mueller
often responded with
simple yes-or-no answers.
In fact, so much of this hearing
consisted of the Democrats
reading excerpts of the report
to Mueller
and having Mueller
confirm he did, indeed,
write those excerpts.
-On Page 77 of Volume 2,
your report also stated,
“In addition,
some witnesses said
that Trump privately
sought information
about future
WikiLeaks releases.”
Is that correct?
-The president engaged
in efforts, and I quote,
“To encourage witnesses
not to cooperate
with the investigation.”
Is that right?
-That’s correct.
-Didn’t the president say,
quote, and this is on page 116,
“If he doesn’t write a letter,
then maybe I’ll have
to get rid of him.”
-Yeah, he wrote it.
That’s why this whole thing
was so weird.
He already wrote down
everything he knows.
It’s like if you called
in Ernest Hemingway
to grill him about
one of his books.
“Is it true that
one of the characters
is an old man?”
“And he is, in fact,
on the sea?”
“That is correct.”
Republicans, meanwhile, tried
to impugn Mueller’s credibility
Like when Congressman
Louie Gohmert bizarrely
asked Mueller if he was friends
with former FBI director
James Comey who, of course,
was fired by Trump after
Trump asked him for loyalty
and told him to shut down
his investigation into
former national security adviser
Michael Flynn.
-You and James Comey
have been good friends,
were good friends,
for many years.
-We were business associates.
We both started off in
the Justice Department —
-You were good friends.
You can work together
and not be friends,
But you and Comey were friends.
-We were friends.
-Gohmert might just be jealous
that, unlike him,
people have friends.
“And this friend of yours,
he’s someone you can
have lunch with,
maybe catch a ball game,
and when you’re going
through a rough patch
in your personal life,
he’s there to lend an ear?
Maybe your family and his family
take a vacation together
once in a while?
Well, that must be
very nice for you.
Mr. Mueller, I have
one question for you.
Will you be my friend?”
[ Laughter, applause ]
-And then Gohmert went off
on an unhinged rant
that went on for so long
he eventually got cut off
by the chairman of the committee
which led to a very curt
response from Mueller.
-If somebody knows
they did not conspire
with anybody from Russia
to effect the election,
and they see the big
Justice Department
with people that
hate that person
coming after them,
and then
a special counsel appointed
who hires dozens or more people
that hate that person,
and he knows he’s innocent,
he’s not corruptly acting
in order to see
that justice is done.
What he’s doing is not
obstructing justice.
He is pursuing justice
and the fact that you…
-Gentleman’s time —
-…ran it out two years
means you perpetuated injustice.
-The gentleman’s time —
-I take — I take your question.
-Gentleman’s time is expired.
-The witness may
answer the question.
-I take your question.
[ Light laughter ]
-Now, apparently
“I take your question”
is a pretty standard
legal response,
but it sounded like some
Dowager-Countess-level shade.
“I take your question.
Now, if you don’t mind,
do [bleep] right off.”
[ Laughter ]
In particular, Republicans
seem focused on the fact
that Mueller listed
possible instances
of obstruction of justice
and said he cannot
exonerate the president.
Republicans basically argued
that it was unfair for Mueller
to put that information
in the report
if he could not
indict the president,
even though the rule
specifically said
he wasn’t allowed
to indict the president.
But then one Republican
congressman accidentally
got Mueller to offer
an extremely revealing answer
on whether Trump could ever be
charged with a crime
in the future.
-Was there sufficient evidence
to convict President Trump
or anyone else with
obstruction of justice?
-Uh, we did not make
that calculation.
-How could you not have
made the calculation?
-Because the OLC Opinion —
the OLC opinion,
Office of Legal Counsel,
indicates that we cannot
indict a sitting president.
-Okay, but the —
Could you charge the president
with a crime
after he left office?
-You believe that
he committed —
You could charge the president
of the United States
with obstruction of justice
after he left office?
-Oh, those were very fast yeses.
“And would you like to be there
the day he’s arrested?”
[ Cheers and applause ]
That guy was a Republican.
He was a Republican,
who accidentally
got Robert Mueller
to say on national television
that after Trump leaves office,
he can be charged with a crime.
You know when Trump heard that,
he started pushing the sofa
in front of the door.
[ As Trump ]
“You’ll never take me alive.”
[ Normal voice ] The bottom line
from today’s hearings
is the same as it’s always been.
We just got to see it played out
live on TV.
Russia interfered in
the election to help trump.
Trump welcomed and encouraged
that help,
and then he almost certainly
committed crimes
to obstruct the investigation
of that help.
Mueller couldn’t indict Trump
so the only remedy
is impeachment.
It’s up to Congress now.
They’re the only ones
who can hold the president
accountable for his…
-Crazy [bleep].
[ Laughter ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheers and applause ]

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  46. There is no legal term of "exonerated" you are either guilty or not guilty according to evidence or lack of it. If you are going to make a video about a subject then maybe know a little something about it first. You fuckin muppet.

  47. Who said we won cold war, Russia has been laying in wait, looking for the opportunity to bring down the one of the leading democracies of the world. No bombs needed to bring down this Eagle, they continue to discredit democracies all over the world, they seem to be succeeding, perhaps a lack of leadership from USA

  48. And the more he shows his true self, is the more he shows himself to share the true hearts and values of the white Christians how have declared a special national day of prayer to glorify their New Messiah. They voted for him because he is "one of them" and "tells it like it is". And he is indeed one of them in all their hate, bigotry, misogyny, ignorance. And he does indeed "tell it like it is": America is racist and despite any kind of veneer of tolerance there is the ugly racist underbelly just waiting for the right savior to allow it to come out in the open like roaches.

    And if you people who call yourselves Christian don't like being called to account, then you shouldn't have voted for him. You shouldn't have voted for abti-LGBTQ bigots, and racists like Steve King and Mike Lee. You shouldn't have voted for misogynists who want to deny women autonomy and subjugate them because you big book of hate says so.

  49. It seems members of the GOP are more interested in protecting Trump and their own party, than the people of The United States.

  50. Is anyone going to address his claims that no one has ever seen the 200 year old document that is the basis for our whole government?

  51. Lol, when Trumpo loses next year and must hand over the office to the next elected president he will call in sick and take the next flight out of the country to his home country of Russia.

  52. I get confused with the logic, see whether I can get this correctly. Muller cited he cannot charge the president because of DOJ guideline, then after all the investigations, he said he cannot exonerate the president. So put this logically, if Mueller started on the ground that he can charge the president without any restriction, and he found the evidence that he definitely there is ground to charge, then he will definitely recommend charging the president. My logic is right? I get confused.

  53. The first rule of Article 2 is: You do not talk about Article 2. The second rule of Article 2 is: You do not talk about Article 2. Third rule of Article 2: Someone yells "Stop!", goes limp, taps out, the article is over. Fourth rule: Only two guys to a Article 2.

  54. Trump always sounds like he is slurring his words. He doesn't drink so it seem,s like benzo;s may be a possibility. He shows signs of extreme anxiety,

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  56. Trump has grasped The Senate leader, has stacked the supreme court, other judicial lifetime appointees, so gone is the Legislation, gone is the judicial, gone will be the Democracy. What will the people do?

  57. This was very nicely done. Seth explains things so much better than most of the news anchors on the USA news channels – like MSNBC and CNN. Fox News is nothing but a gossip channel IMO.

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