8 thoughts to “MONSOON AND SAFEWAY FIRE: Full FOX News Now coverage 7-11-18”

  1. I have a vid of how bad and how fast our monsoons come. 7/12/18. It was nice, then winds picked up as well as the rain, then came the debris which is not normal in central Phx where the fire happened half a block where I was visiting a friend. I think my vid was 1min and 40 ish seconds.

  2. Shipping Carts as well as the wheelchairs I use from time to time….I ALWAYS USE ALCOHOL WIPES & REALLY GIVE THE HANDLES A GOOD CLEANING…!!! I have even used alcohol wipes to fully wipe down wheelchair to help the store to keep them clean & as germ free. I do my part & the only time that I don't is when there are no wipes & I really hate touching cats or wheelchair handles w/out first cleaning them. I wish a lot more ppl would do this for I rarely see any others beside myself & my family member doing this. It's worth taking just a minute or 2 to clean those handles. I had a local furniture store, Terry's Furniture of Elk City Oklahoma, send me a floor model instead of the lazboy recliner in a box, (brand new)…and the nasty chair gave me Candida. That chair had be sitting on their floor for years….I can't get any settlement on it & of course they are denying everything while I deal w/this terrible illness. where I live Women have no rights…I've had males tel me they can do whatever they want to women & get away w/it & I've had many prove this to be very true. When I saw what happened to a group of special needs kids…the horrific living conditions, over use & mixing of medicines that are never to be mixed & the hidden bank account that showed multiple identical check books….I lost EVERYTHING, financially ruined me, destroyed businesses I tried to have, killed my pets….I've been arrested while DRIVING MY TRUCK FOR PUBLIC INTOX & I'M ALLERGIC TO ALCOHOL, you name it they've done it to me including refusing medical care in an emergency situation. I had a collapsed lung and an officer standing over me asking me if I was going to be any more problems…referring to what was being done to those kids. Doesn't matter how well the evidence of proof is….they get to every attorney….they can do whatever they want to me….have't found one righteous person they have too much fun doing harmful things to I & my parent I take care of. I've been bed ridden now for 3yrs…just waiting to die …and to think of the things that I've done to help this community even tho' they were being so brutal towards me

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