Mitch McConnell Already Loses Grip On GOP Caucus, Softens Rules After Dems ‘Ate His Lunch’ | MSNBC

Mitch McConnell Already Loses Grip On GOP Caucus, Softens Rules After Dems ‘Ate His Lunch’ | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Mitch McConnell Already Loses Grip On GOP Caucus, Softens Rules After Dems ‘Ate His Lunch’ | MSNBC”

  1. To be consistent with the ideology of untethered self interest, who could possibly blame the President of the United States for enabling obstruction to impede truth? If truth gets in the way of self interest – obstruct it. i mean, isn’t that what millions of Americans want genius and stability to look like? Right?

  2. Yes Mitch McConnell has control of the Senate and I’m sure he will do everything he can to back this corrupt president But in the end Mitch McConnell will fall and go into history with Donald Trump is the worst president in history way to go Mitch You’ve destroyed a wonderful career a career where people thought so highly of you . you sure have let the American people down

  3. Kentucky will vote him out! Spineless!!!! He doesn’t care about our country or our children!!! Our children..think about that!

  4. When you go back to Kentucky Mitch McConnell make sure you hold your head down and be ashamed of the way you are in the senate because you definitely aren’t for the people President Trump is your man so you go ahead and follow him forget America and forget the American people because that’s what you’ve done

  5. Moscow Mitch working for the Kremlin and Putin’s gang of oligarchs. Keeping their boy, trump in power and destroying our democracy. Behavior like that has one word to describe it… traitorous.

  6. It does not look like Moscow-Midnite Mitch has lost much control from my vantage point. After the conclusion of the proceedings at almost 2:00 AM he appears to still control the other 52 cowards in the senate.

  7. Mitch has not lost anything his master in Russia is too busy eliminating the Russian congress to give him instructions.

  8. Why attach your loyalty and legacy to a president that has just 2 possible terms? Life goes on afterwards, make sure you can as well…

  9. Mitch McConnell has secured his reelection bid by being absolutely loyal to his God Emperor Donald J Trump. That's why Kentucky is 100% guaranteed to reelect Mitch McConnell to the Senate because they reelected,…. no wait,….
    Uhm,…. are you sure this is a good strategy?
    Are you really really sure?
    OK,…. whatever you say,….

  10. Looking at this from the outside in , objectively , these people don't have a clue what's going on , this is all pure supposition, guesswork, assumptions and speculations . No one was in the room to witness what actually took place .

  11. Hey Mitch, November will be here before you know it … you may want to start putting your personal things in boxes now

  12. America CANNOT be run like the Kremlin.
    Remove all GOP members and install TRUE LAW ABIDING PATRIOTS!‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. To all Americans you’re losing the value what makes America an exceptional country.
    This type of trial behavior is beset left to China and Russia.

  14. Am just here to see the Conservative and Liberals divide each other in the comments #adividednation #adividedcountry

  15. The lawyers trump hired we should call them the 4 liers for trump, I know their law instructors are ashamed of them. They should be ashamed of themselves. They sound like they have no honest since of the law. Justice for all, not with them picks. Trump should not be in the white house, he's a thief a lier a bully and the list goes on. And one wonders why this dam system has falling apart. Look at you people do any of you have the character of jesus, if so just be honest and let the chips fall were they may. I'm not a lawyer, but I been watching, this president is guilty and is as sinful as day is day and night is night. I don't deserve we the people deserve better than trump and his dog mad ic administration. And his rotton set ups to ruin this nation and the people and you and your families also. This is been predicted in scripture and most of you are falling right into the hands of the devil hinself, good luck. You all need it. Choose, right, or wrong. Good, bad you can make that decision. Remember someone bigger than all of you is watching. I being a Christian call him, GOD and I hope and pray most of you know him to.

  16. Mitch has lost no control. This is a few moderate Republicans trying to save their jobs. There will be NO WITNESSES, there will be NO NEW EVIDENCE, and most important, this will all be thrown out by EVERY REPUBLICAN, ALL OF THEM. Let's not pretend this is new, our politics have always been a joke. There has never been a world war fought on the continental US, that is the only reason we have survived as long as we have.

  17. The Reason why No witnesses.
    1. Political Backers know they will have legislative agenda approved by Trump incompetence so they can maintain Power.
    2. White Nationalists believe there Dream of All Ethnicities Purging will be completed.
    3. Religious Leaders who have preached about God to enrich their lifestyles know they have to pay their dues for the Devil.
    4. Rally Bases with no agenda are just Celebrity , Adrenalin, Deviant junkies that believe his bad behavior gets them through his corruption.
    5. Foriegn Countries that are relishing in our nation Division will continue in aiding our country downfall. And these are the reason why everyone who has tried to defend, Lie and Omit corruption in this Administration have and will continue to go to prison.

  18. This treasonous coup attempt on a sitting president will ensure that trump wins 2020 by the biggest landslide ever. The Democrats are so corrupt and a total disgrace. The transcript is there for everyone to read. There is no crime. Fact.

  19. Mitch McConnell Legacy will be despised as trump's Lackey in History , the truth will come out once trump is gone , but those republican senators who are in for life in the senate will pay .

  20. this is all a scam. McConnell and Collins came up with this dog and pony show so she could save face with voters back home when she votes AGAINST impeaching Trump.

  21. Is Mitch being Honorable as a Senator or as a Republican.. all these years of trying to stack the
    Judicial Branch in favor of Right
    Wing thought… Honorable thought
    …manipulated for corrupt purpose
    Eyes Open America all corruption
    must be exposed and eliminated…
    Many business practices..etc.

  22. Boy, all the Alcoholic Senators, and there are many, are really going to hate going all night without their taxpayer paid aged scotch… or martinis…

  23. Moscow Mitch and senate republicans violating their oath to the law and the constitution and the American people. Remember them when you vote.

  24. The turtle did not lose his grip. It was done on purpose to make it look like he is workable. He did not give the House anything! All the amendments for documents and witnesses failed in the Senate. Trump, the people's number one enemy will continue with his cheatings, idiocies, and corruption. He may even get re-elected, JFC!

  25. Why is this president so scary to these millionaires… what if they lose their seat….they are set for life. …..DO THE RIGHT THING !!!

  26. Never trust any republican. Today they voted, without an exception, all unisono against a fair trial. They should all be sued for breaking their oath to the constitution. Disgusting and pathetic their behavior

  27. I am surprised that the Republicans are not cornering Trump and telling him that if he does not stop all his idiotic behaviors that they will censure him if not remove him. It worked with King john and his signing of the magna carta. They need to put a ring in his nose and keep him on a leash.

  28. You would have to be blind not to see the Republicans are in the biggest COVERUP of all time. It's so obvious. It's the elephant in the room. Their all involved, or scared shi–ess to say anything. Is there no morality left?

  29. McConnell is a filthy, FILTHY politician.

    Dems are regularly referencing the ACTIONS of Trump, and the actions of those he directed.

    Republicans are regularly talking about the actions of anybody else’s character the majority of the time, OTHER than the actions of the person being investigated.

    Unfortunately, the demographic of the uneducated and stupid has surfaced in such a large number that many of us are suffering the consequences.

    Like many of the idiots below.

  30. As Mitch is obviously obstructing justice, can he be impeached for it?
    I am asking this as a serious question, as in my life, I have only seen trials in courtrooms, and this kind of obstruction ( trying to keep evidence and witnesses out of the trial) would never be allowed.

  31. McConnell is as much a lowlife as Trump, but in some ways he's worse because he (McConnell) should know better than the madman Trump, who is pathetically out of place as President, a title he is totally unfit to hold. Both of these two traitors should be impeached. Worst President ever, worst Senate leader ever… by far. Two pathetic peas in the same pathetic pod.

  32. Doesn't matter at all. Ol' Mitch will make sure they don't have 67 votes on the Articles, or to remove President Trump. And this Democrat meltdown is over.

  33. Obvious to intelligent people is the fact that the house demonrats presented articles of impeachment for the sole purpose of accusing the Senate of not impeaching the President simple because hes a Republican. Over looking the fact that they have nothing but circumstantial evidence. Nothing directly stating that Trump withheld aid to affect the upcoming election. Lets not overlook that Prima Facia evidence exists that Biden broke the law. Thats the ultimate coverup that the Demonrats are trying to sidestep. They know Trump wont be impeached because he didnt do anything illegal. They would have to prive that he wasnt fighting corruption but was instead trying to gather false information against a political opponent. If Trump were guilty he would have paid a private firm 9 million for a false dossier inorder to claim conspiracy. Oh wait and he would have gotten fisa warrants under this false dossier to spy on his opponent. Oh wait! Who did that?

  34. America waking up! America showing it's ultimate power in being super smart, doing whats right under our Constitution!

  35. So mitch how do you look yourself in the mirror knowing you have betrayed your country and for what? trump who is, as you very well know is not deserving. traitor!! DEAR REPUBLICANS WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!!

  36. Thank You Democrats! For your bravery and defending the laws and people of this land. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You and God Bless You All!

  37. 2020 is gonna be a great year.

    I'll be watching CNN and MSNBC melt down when President Trump is acquitted.

    I'll be watching CNN and MSNBC when President Trump is re-elected.

    I'll be watching the left wing, liberal, whale saving, tree hugging, pillow biting democrats implode and begin to eat each other.

    2020 is gonna be a great year.

  38. We can only hope that Moscow Mitch never gets reelected!!!! A truly dishonest man!! History is not going to Be kind to the Republican Party!! Unless they do something honest!!

  39. McConnell is a lowlife.  I don't live in KY, but yesterday afternoon I made a contribution to McConnell's challenger in KY 2020 senate race, Amy McGrath:   A former Marine fighter pilot, a mom, a solid American.  We are the greatest country in the world.  We deserve better than this hideously corrupt mafia gang that is taking over our government !!!!

  40. Tired of Moscow Mitch's BS? Let him know. It's easy! Here's his contact web page and you can email him right from there. I sent him an email telling him how much money I sent to his opponent, Amy McGrath and why I think that anyone like him who tries to subvert justice at the peril of our nation has no business holding any office. Since money seems to be the only thing Moscow Mitch pays attention to, having no shame or sense of decency, it's probably the best crowbar we have. You might want to do the same. Can you imagine what would happen with this hearing if McGrath's donations sky rocketed over the next couple of days?

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