MIGRANT CARAVAN LATEST NEWS TODAY Dec 14, 18 :  Girl D in custody after crossing US-Mexico border

MIGRANT CARAVAN LATEST NEWS TODAY Dec 14, 18 : Girl D in custody after crossing US-Mexico border

61 thoughts to “MIGRANT CARAVAN LATEST NEWS TODAY Dec 14, 18 : Girl D in custody after crossing US-Mexico border”

  1. Why hasn't the little girl had food or water for days? where was her dad? Trump can't be responsible for every single thing that happens. It is a tragedy that the little girl died but parents still have to be responsible foe their children.

  2. They are not running from violence in her country. If this is even really true it’s her parents fault for sneaking in here. Mexico offered them all asylum and jobs but they turned it down. If they are so afraid of their countries why are they proudly waving their countries flags ?? There are so many people ahead of them who have filed for asylum in their own countries ( some in very dangerous situations ) and have been waiting for years to be brought over. Why should this group come in before them ? What would happen to us if we went to China’s or Russia’s boarders and demanded to be let in or stormed their boarders ??? We would either be killed or jailed for many years. My parents are from Central America and they had to wait 4 years after applying to get here. They were forced to give half of the money from their business for protection or be killed and were in terrible danger but they waited. Why are these economic migrants more special than my parents ??

  3. The death of the child is the parents fault and the organization who gather the caravan and brought them to the boarder they should be arrested and charge for the death of the child and any other children put in danger.

  4. What a shame. Wrong always has consequences, this is carelessness of the parents,I hope others see this and learn from their mistakes.Cant see how parents can be so negligent, Parents are so set in their ways that they are blind to the need of those they are responsible for.

  5. Since Mexico let them cross their borders then it is Mexico's problem because they are making attempts to extort money from The Americans people and government that is considered a crime that means Mexico is held accountable and an accessory to those crimes along with the police who allow them to make this attempt to extort money from the United States every action needs migrants have made is considered a felony and every action from those who planned it or participated in it or gave a aid and comfort they are all considered accessories to their crimes right now the United States has that authority to make arrests all parties participating in this racketeering operation this violates the RICO Act they have attempted to steal money without having any legal lawful mechanism set in place they have demanded money and held our border as hostage that is considered a terrorist attack that is violated the American way of life that is a violation of the Patriot Act are government officials will not act against these individuals threatening Americans then those individuals should be arrested I encourage everyone to call your congressman and Senator and advised him the people now have constitutional law enforcement officers and we are seeking their arrest for failure to protect the American people

  6. Well I can say it is I've never seen so many cowards weather on that side of the Border or this side of the Border 1000% cowards what's wrong don't you think you have an obligation to protect this country 1000% cowards don't you think you have a responsibility to protect this country 1000 % cowards don't you believe that your Pledge of Allegiance makes you responsible 1000% cowards if the American people aren't willing to stand up and defend our president and make sure that those you put who have a lower position than your president are acting completion with their laws than that makes you a coward you put them in office it's your job to remove them each state is responsible for their congressman and Senators that you send to Washington if they act in opposition to the Constitution then it's you the people other states which also Aid and assist by allowing them to act against the Constitution if we are thousand percent cowards in this country than everybody just shut if you can manage to do that then maybe the rest of us can manage to get our job done if you do not support this country you have no right to speak so stop if you do not support this country you don't have any rights so shut up freedom of speech is for those who became the heroes of our country and fight everyday they didn't forget what the responsibility was unlike a thousand percent cowards do

  7. We are constitutional law enforcement officers and we're requesting that all Americans Aid and assistance in making rest if you want to be a constitutional law enforcement officer or Patriot police law enforcement please reply to this message

  8. Before forwarding any information to us make sure that you investigate what a constitutional law enforcement officer is this way will save us a lot of time of explaining everyone's responsibility to this country

  9. We are registered in New Mexico with the Secretary of State Corporation division we are known as these United States of America Incorporated we have authorization to arrest and detain all foreign and domestic enemies that means all elected officials appointed officials and employees of our government for working in opposition to the Constitution

  10. Little.girl die so sorry to hear that.parents are the problem why would you let kids walk not have water foods weather changing not caring for then you has the kids take care of then Mexico could care less.you put your kids thought that.

  11. These should be put in jail for letting their children did this is not the us fault it’s the parents fault and the liberals telling these people lies

  12. If this happened here in the America to U S citizens the parents would be in jail endangering the welfare of a child child endangerment murder these parents hold be just same as our people they are no better the child died because her Father did not provide her basic needs

  13. The parents put their children in danger so how is that our fault, they want welfare then child after child for ore they are leeches

  14. The man was obviously NOT the father of that child…most of the children in the caravan with just a male guardian have been abducted and the child is used as an anchor to seek asylum in the US

  15. They should have stayed in their own country, people will learn the hard way really don't care maybe the others will learn but they really don't care about their children, so we must do the same no feeling no freebies here

  16. How can parents willingly put their children through all this? This little girl would not have suffered so if her parents had one ounce of intelligence. They put these kids thru so much trauma. God help them.

  17. They need to do way instain mother! Who kill their babbys because these babby can't frigth back? It was on the news this mroing. A mother in Ar who had kill her three kids. They are taking the three babby back to New York to lady to rest. My pary are with the father who lost his chrilden. I am truly sorry for your lots.

  18. Send them back to their countries no more illegally entry on the U S
    We are tired to pay for this people our taxes are used to pay for their medical attention their food stamps education we need to stop this right away

  19. Parents are responsible for putting these kids thru this hell !!! They need to go home and work things out with their GOVERNMENT !!!!!!

  20. Feel bad for the child but not our fault, we have laws an we can't just open our borders, they have diseeases, I don't want or care for these people, Americans have needs as well an the communist democrats don't care about us

  21. 7500? Cutting it a little short aren’t you? Why don’t you report on the 3,000 missing illegals? Migrants… they invaded Mexico.

  22. The migrants are mexicos problems not America's only when they cross illeagaly is it the u.s. problem not really we catch them process them get there pictures and fingerprints we deport them no problem stay out of america and you won't haft to live on the run don't sneak in to America is what I'm basically saying.

  23. Please tell me they did not do this to their child to push the agenda. Doctors say she had no food or water for several days prior to her death. These people have been given three meals a day since they got to Mexico, food being brought in by many different groups daily including food and fruit for the children. There is no reason she should have been without food or water. If she did not eat or drink it is because they did not take care of her. God bless this child’s soul and may she forever be in Gods care.

  24. They were given food and instead of eating it they were throwing it away!! Who's father wouldn't feed their children? Maybe she was kidnapped.

  25. This head line is totally inappropriate.
    The head line should be
    7 Year old migrant girl dies by Father crossing US border illegally

  26. Nothing that's going on with this caravan is the U.S problem.we are not responsible for their long travel,for them having no food,for their bad conditions,none! Decisions have consequences and they have to live with theirs. They want to try to invade a country they will have to deal with the fallout.as far as the U.S is concerned Mexico let them in their country,it's their problem now.

  27. Boy they all got clean clothes and they all clean looking healthy living like they are how come these so clean I'm looking at the photographs and they also clean so I don't get it

  28. They did not use tear gas on children again the parents put the kids in the middle. If someone was throwing rocks at me I'd shoot tear gas at them too if patents put kids in the way oh well …..

  29. I blame the organizers of these Caravans because they told them all these lies and now these they just up and left them it is the organizers fault they need to be put in prison for all of this

  30. These people is obsessed for crossing to US. They have given shelter, food and healthcare from Mexico government. They refused the gracious offer of getting asylum from Mexican authorities. That would allow them to legally work in the country. If they.were in danger as they pretend it would be pretty good. It is just s fsrce, a cheese ploy to force them anywhere they wish??

  31. Son delincuentes la mayoría le tiran piedras á nuestro policía son delincuentes y prostitutas exigir á su país respeten

  32. is it considered crimes against humanity if the usa needs to build tent cities, but the parents of these kids choose to force them to sleep on the street? every single person with a child sleeping on the street or in a tent should be locked up immediately.. STOP THIS CHILD ABUSE NOW!!!

  33. Not neglect!! Charge them with abuse and murder. Not giving water and food to a child that young for that distance would bring dehydration,sickness,death. Those parents are not that mentally challenged! They just don't care.

  34. damnj the americaNS DIDNT DRAG HER ACROSS THE BORDER WALL use deadly force to stop every one of these criminals invaders from crossing the us borders

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