100 thoughts to “Michelle Obama’s Memoir, Fox News’ Twitter Account – Monologue”

  1. I simply cannot understand Michelle Obama's admiration for George W. Bush. She surely knows that he declared war in Iraq under false pretext.

  2. ABC is trying to get their tongues out of militant Moochies AssCrack, they have been licking her asscrack for a week now

  3. Seth's Al Gore sounds like Forrest Gump. XD (And at this point I'd be thrilled to take either one as president.)

  4. Breast feeding a 9 year old? As far as I'm concerned, that's child abuse. Nobody in the Pacific North West owns an umbrella and it rains here 340 days a year…and everyone goes to work. (all sarcasm)

  5. You need to have someone on staff whose job it is to, whenever you cough and can't speak, promptly put up a graphic of Miller with the lightning and look of horror.

  6. Have Yaall Seen The F Trump Music Video? Deep https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2yX-p9KWSpsdxpsKXuAESu03RgPX7w9S

  7. Someone, PLEASE, for goodness´sake, teach this imbecile some manners.

    I’m looking in from Europe, folks, like, ya-no, where YOU came from …

  8. That little girl is going to Gabe a rough go. I’m sorry but you have clear memories of your mothers tits in your mouth, you’re screwed for life.

  9. Is it really a ceremony to only honour american lives? I thought it was to honour everyone who died.

  10. So Tr🤡mp didn't attend the memorial? So much for respecting our troops. If I was an NFL football player, I would walk on the field with an umbrella. This goes to show, that him and his supporters, are proven hypocrites…AGAIN!

  11. Nine years old doesnt sound that impressive, I was expecting him to be like "till she was nineteen years old." If you are going for a new record be a little more committed lady.

  12. Dude? Just noticed. You have some big assed ears. That hair tufted about them, just makes'em look like bigger. I'd still do ya, tho. But my lobby is off limits.

  13. Don't worry about your vocal slip, Seth. Talking is difficult…I think that's what Sean Hannity says to Trump every time noise comes out of his mouth😂😂😂

  14. Another book by a demoncrat for more demoncrats to read and faun over as if he/she was actually worth it!!!! The TDS is bad in here…someone please find a cure fast

  15. Breaking News. President Trump was rushed to hospital tonight for an emergency Asshole transplant. Unfortunately, the asshole rejected him.

  16. Wow!! No BULLYING HERE RIGHT?? Good way to teach your kids right? Or is this you asshole ways in saying, hey, we’re not BULLING. Humm, what would y’all call it?? 🐷🐷🐷💩💩💩👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮

  17. I hear "t'dump" still licks his daughter ivanka clean every night while his she-male wife MANlenia watches. like all the rest of those pig repuliCUNTS do.

  18. Not surprised pedo trump didn't go to the Memorial to honor allied veterans. He's a "draft dodger" & "nazi sympathizer". He couldn't face "real" soldiers & those who faught to stop nationalist facists like himself !

  19. …oops Brits do not eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Most of us think it's a revolting combination, though very typical of American cuisine which so often mixes sweet and sour (salted caramel WTF is that about). Jelly especially makes Brits laugh as to us it's what you call Jell-O.

  20. Of course Trump does not want to caught out in the rain. That mass of unorganic schmutz on top of his head would spontaneously burst into a war with the rest of his body. And we all know how Cadet Bonespurs feels about going to war. I'm rich. I don't go to fight in a war. War is for the poor people to die in. Instead of welfare we have warfare. That is how I plan to get people off of welfare.

  21. Seth, you were so cute in this video, giggling and making adorable facial expressions whenever your audience laughed, I couldn't help but giggle too. Keep up the good work, and stay healthy! ^^

  22. Careful there Seth. Making fun of a black woman writing a book may get you called a racist. Make fun of white people, it's well received these days.

  23. Oh, hey. Loads of transphobic comments from 4chan pedophiles, the authority on despicable behavior. -.-

    Are you sure you newfags aren't the NPC'S? Because you all sound exactly the same. I'd find more diverse dialogue in old Bethesda games.

  24. Now I can't tell who does a good Donald Trump impression. Stephen Colbert or Seth here… it's a hard decision they both do a great Donald Trump impression.

  25. Seth! 😂😂😂 I find you funny but this is the hardest I’ve laughed during one of your videos and it wasn’t even scripted. My poor ribs. 1:35 is hilarious. Comedy gold. wiping tears

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