Michael Moore: John Bolton May Be GOP’s Turning Point | The Last Word | MSNBC

Michael Moore: John Bolton May Be GOP’s Turning Point | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Michael Moore: John Bolton May Be GOP’s Turning Point | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Hey everyone u have to understand why and how a president has power and executive power it's a must not a coverup, moore is a ridiculous weak person who cares about his revelance

  2. trumpy has some really big bags under his eyes. Looks like someone has been having some stressful, sleepless nights.

  3. MICHAEL MOORE aka "Large Marge", this moron doesn't know, the Socialist can subpoena Bolton right now, why don't they? CRAZY NANCY should've enforced the subpoenas when this was in the House, the Socialist have no one to blame but that "old drunk". Remember, "we had to rush the impeachment, to save our democracy"??????

  4. trump can claim 'executive priv' and try to stop Bolton. but the only way he has of 'punishing' Bolton for testifying, is to fire him. hard to do when the guy doesn't work there. and Bolton DOES face contempt of Congress charges if he gets a subpoena and doesn't appear. that can happen no matter WHO you are. again trump is a toothless tiger because he's too stupid to understand he's not a king.

  5. Trump Paging Dr. FREUD. I wonder if McConnell was born without conscience like Trump or did greed and power corrupt him absolutely

  6. FACT: Its the Guilty that are afraid of Witnesses, NOT the innocent! 🙄

    #FarmersAgainstTrump2020 and this entire #CriminallyComplicitGOP 😡

  7. People better be careful cause now this can happen to any president. They think president trump is so into Obama what about all you guys can’t let this apeachment maybe you should treat trump the same way he would be a different person

  8. Trump is an American republic cancer. Trump-publicans are constantly feeding the cancer and if they don't eradicate by removing Trump from office the republic could be in a death spiral, one that started in 2016. Don't be fooled, Trump does not care about another President since, in his mind, he is the last President. BUT, he is wrong, and he doesn't even know it – ignorance is bliss.

  9. BTW, Moore is an optimist of American society and culture. I see America as a nation with a fractured society and an evaporating culture; it is snowballing into decline and the people here are incapable of coming together to preserve democracy. The GOP have clearly sold out to their personal desires rather than the country's. If I get caught planning to murder my wife, the crime is taken to court and looked at the same as the actual murder. The GOP might not actually be KGB Russian spies, but their deeds and the intent of their deeds shows me that they are more than willing to work with foreign governments to spite a political party rather than bring the two sides together. This public mentality of party-over-country is what led to the Civil War. That is why I believe that until there is massive bloodshed combined with a complete failure of government, America will continue down the path of hypocritical nonsense.

    And a message to Micheal Moore!! If you continue to be such an optimist, then you will make all of our lives worse once we find out we never planned for the worst of it all. Being prepared for the worst is what keeps people alive, not hoping one silly man will literally turn an entire political party in lockstep with Trump around. Get your head outta the sand!!! Half the nation refuses to be Americans anymore, and they are the ones who claim to be the MOST American!! This country has failed itself, its people, and history as anything but a handful of mistakes and getting lucky.

  10. Ali Velshi you mentioned at the end your nationality & religion. It is sad that there are so many ignorant Americans who hate just to hate someone different then themselves. I hope you stay safe during this time in America of hate and fear amplification.

    Michael Moore is correct, we would like to hear from all witnesses in the Senate. To the GOP Senate what are you afraid of?


  12. Is John Bolton a patriot or an enemy of the constitution, rule of law.
    Why now, why the fxxk now would Bolton come out & say if he was subpoena to testify he would, if he cared for the constitution & rule of law he would have done so at the impeachment hearing, I think the reason why? Is because he knows 100% Mitch McConnell wont allow him to testify, same for trump & he is happy about that, why? Because his book will be the no1 best seller when he tells the world what really happened.
    He becomes rich & no one hates him because he tried to testify but was not allowed & he writes a book telling all, how can anyone blame him…

  13. traitor-trump is a LAWLESS, greed-driven, pathological liar, a total fraudster, and a full-blown criminal psychopath! HE truly is a perverted, serial philandering, CHEAT,, sick, twisted, low-life, TRAITOR!!

  14. I don't hate many people, but this fat fk would sell his mother for a buck. He's never used his so called intelligence, skill or inside information to go after a Democrat or a Liberal or Socialist.

    M ostly
    S tooges
    N ow
    B ecause
    C orrupt

  15. The House needs to subpoena Bolton- Hold off the Impeachment till you get Bolton's testimony. The Republicans it was going too fast,  Nancy Slow it down, and get the Testimony.  How cares when you send the Articles, make them wait till October.

  16. What specifically are the other so-called "crimes" on the server? Name them now or stop hunting for something impeachable.

  17. A Kenyan born Muslim works for MSNBC? ….. Of course he does … Who else has a questionable history that's working for MSNBC?

  18. Who are these sidekicks in the background of Trump,always wearing cowboy hats, hard hats, etc. They look like The Village People on steroids….

  19. There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who love this country love the flag and want to see it prosper and everyone be happy. And then there are those who give a thumbs-up to MSNBC videos.

  20. Hypocrites , Trump had no witnesses or lawyers at his enquiry. Not allowed is that against the constitution ? I think it is

  21. Michael Moore's opinion changes to the highest bidder . He's a disgusting sellout pos. Buy this crap if you like crap.


  23. How did michael moore make all his money? Wasnt it from capitalism? And since when is he someone who is so knowledgeable about what is truly right for this country???

  24. If Bolton had anything he wanted to say to Congress he'd have done so by now. He's interested in making alot of money selling his book.

  25. Trump is a liar has always been a liar so when he opens his mouth the Republican are shady and the people of AMERICA KNOW IT

  26. Translation; we need to protect the president when he's breaking the law and s***ing on the Constitution of the United States of America and blowing leaders like Putin and Kim Jeong Hoon

  27. I hope you're right, Mr Moore, that the contents of the secret server, plus testimony from Bolton or others and the chief justice of the Supreme Court will finally be the dragon's undoing.

  28. You know a "Kenyan born Muslim." Met with a, sorting brain to find "other facts" about people he knows, stare. This man does not think of people in terms of where they are from or what religion they are. I love Michael Moore! He is a straight shooter and loves to shoot down corruption. Bernie Sanders is this kind of man as well, looking into what honor a person has in them. Not some ambiguous "label." I wish this administration had half of their honesty and integrity! Sounded to me, from Trump's little speech, that he wants his lawyers to scream, "Presidential Privilege!!!" to every question that Bolton is asked to testify about. But here's hoping the Judge, smacks them all down with, "Overruled!" Every single time!

  29. And the senate can decide what witnesses it wants to call. They should make it only witnesses who support defeating impeachment. The Dems played it all for impeachment, poetic justice says the Reps play it for their side. Dems were pathetic and will deserve what they get now and in November. Can't wait!

  30. If everyone told the truth and gave their honest opinions and factual first hand experience.. Trump would be arrested and out of office in less then 24 hours.. there is no question about it. when a man that can not get a dollar from a U.,S, Bank for years…. is somehow… coming up with billions.. you can rest assure it;s not legal…

  31. The breaking point is..Prove Trump never gave a dime of his money to a single veterans.. that he and his family in fact stole from veterans founds for years… Trump is a Con Artist he used vets and 911 to steel from the public the U.S. government and from the families of the victims… He truly is scum of the earth

  32. Bolton's testimony would be reverse engineered using sand with no lime (and his disfunctional divideand conspiracy crap would roll forward blocking out much result). Senate members won't change their spots….to much at stake (!in their back up against the wall world) and they'd rather cut their nose of to spite their face

  33. this is crazy. it doesn't matter what's on that server. Nothing will move the R base. And the R Senators are too scared of the base. So the R Senators will not convict. (Certainly not 20 of them!)

  34. Those aren't union men in hard hats behind him. I don't know a single union trade that stands behind this guy. Not even the Cole miners that have lost there jobs by the thousands because of his trade war among other things he has done that aren't what he promised durring his campaign

  35. Watch "Why John Bolton Wants a Fringe Group to Rule Iran | NYT News" on YouTube

    Watch "The MEK: The shadowy cult Trump advisers back to rule Iran" on YouTube

  36. Can we get more Kenyan-born Muslims 'round here? I see brains and wit to boot and I am happy for more Americans like this any day!


  38. Michael Moore is better when he is hidden. Other put pressure to have Bolton witnesses, and they are far more credible. He is not an expert in anything. By the way, I would handle Bolton with more care and suspicions.

  39. still the naivety from the left; does Michael really think the thing to make republicans turn on trump is a participation in the murder of someone name Khashoggi born in the middle east?? yeah, think again. that wouldn't even register

  40. Bolton we will buy your book. Please testify and follow your conscience. Win-win!!!! This is from a non American, we are just very interested in what you have to say!!

  41. I would think tRump knows Obama is very educated, intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate, great sense of humor, love children and animals. tRump has none of those qualities and it eats at him everyday. I imagine people has said to him "do it like Obama did!" That will start WW lll. Lol

  42. The best part is Trump saying he’s doing this not in his own interests but in the interests of future presidents.

  43. There are concessions that could conceivably buy Bolton . So I would caution against putting all eggs in a Bolton basket . There need to be many several if not many witnesses.

  44. Wow … Trump didn't seem as much of an (_|_) as he usually does. Now why can't he more cooperative on a regular basis?

  45. Just like the mueller report was going to change everything? No, these guys are all in. At least until trump loses or leaves. Then watch them distance themselves like the cowards they are.

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