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Poppy Harlow
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Good evening, I’m Poppy Harlow, welcome to Pew News
Youtube’s most trusted news source on the internet, on YouTube. First story is
incredibly important. The Prince recently got married, and it turns out
he got married to…
a lizard! Lets watch
[Video] Yo, this is some weird (flipping stuff) right here, guess this is Prince Harry and his girl
her face
does not move
Look at that. Are you (freaking) kidding me?
That’s not normal.
[Pewds] Oh my god, uncovered.
You’ve heard it here first on Pew News. No other news site is going to report this.
Why? Because it’s a Madame Tussaud mannequin, and I thought the Queen was scary-looking. Obviously,
there’s something fishy going on here
And you rest assured, me, Poppy Harlow is going to dig deep into it, to get you guys the fact, get you guys the truth
Next story, I think since I’m new here, I want to have my own thing, you know, Gloria had the Pew pew pew, I can’t do that
That’s not me. That’s Gloria. I found this story to be really interesting,
it’s a- talking about a nine year old placed in rehab for her Fortnite addiction.
She was so addicted, that she wet herself to continue playing.
Jesus christ
Now, I remember back in the day when I play World of Warcraft and other MMOs.
It was a social thing like all my friends played it.
So if you didn’t play,
the game, you were basically out of the social group.
So I can understand how games is so important to the youth, especially a game like Fortnite, you talk on mic, you play together.
But it’s clearly become over the top. You see all these videos of screeching little kids going
[Adult] Jacob get off, off.
*depacio roblortnite edition*
*depacio roblortnite edition*
Get off.
*depacio roblortnite edition*
*depacio roblortnite edition*
[Kid] Get off what? *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Adult] The Xbox. (F(more like E)(Why do I
watch these with captions))) *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Kid] Whhyyy? *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Adult] Turn it off. *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Kid] Why? *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Adult] Turn it off. *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Kid] But, but… *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Adult] Turn it off, c’mon. *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Kid] But I can’t just bail on him! *depacio roblortnite edition*
[Adult] No. Yeah you can *depacio roblortnite edition*
Turn it off *depacio roblortnite edition*
*depacio roblortnite edition*
*holy hecc*
[Kid] *crying*
[Adult] I was joking.
you have summoned satan
[Pewds] I don’t know what it is with children crying. It just feels good. You know, I don’t know. Probably something wrong with me,
Poppy Harlow. World Health Organization recently
classified gaming,
gaming disorder as an official condition and, a lot of people responded to this. “That’s just stupid,
This is just outrageous.” But seeing how people react to not being allowed to play video games,
You kind of, you kind of get that. Maybe it is a problem.
I definitely used to be one of those squeaky little kids; when I wasn’t allowed to play,
I would literally just sneak out to play anyway, and look where that got me. I mean- I’m Poppy.
I just- I was just thinking about someone else. I know this is such a weird thing to think about
Maybe you’re, you’re, you’re all 9 year olds as well. So it might be a bit in the future
But if you had kids, would you let them just freely play on the on the computer?
Because when I was a kid, that’s what I wanted to do, and if my parents didn’t allow me to do that
They were the assholes. “When we asked our daughter what the problem was, she became unusually
argumentative and aggressive, which we just put down to her hormones (oh yeah). The parents said they limited their daughter’s playtime
*Hmmmm* on the Xbox to one hour,” Oh, she plays Xbox,
that’s the problem. “during school nights and two hours on a weekend
but the seriousness of the situation was was made apparent when her father found her sitting on a
urine-soaked cushion while playing the game,” But did she win? You know if she’s winning? I can sort of understand.
Especially you see twitch streamers (peepee) themselves all the time anyway
The next news, everybody. Memes is going to die
Sorry, the next news.*Finna Dab* Memes is going to die everybody,
there’s a new article in question called article 12, (article 13 you freaking liar go commit die xd) which is made to
Protect copyright for users on the Internet, but it could lead to the death of memes, everybody.
Oh, no. This has been talked about,
everywhere on every news or an article I’ve seen but very few youtubers aren’t surprisingly talking about this
I think people are still so burned out on the net neutrality issue, that people are still like, “Oh,
I can’t, I can’t be bothered with another issue.”
Like, do you remember last time a law was introduced, that you felt,
This actually helps me. This new idea that some politician introduced actually helped me actually,
benefited me. Wow.
The last thing I can think of is the fact that you can now use your cell phones, or your tablet’s device, even
during takeoff and landing.
Which is so nice. That was the first time where they said that. I’m like wait a minute. They changed the law,
for the better?
For that- for my sake?
How did how did this happen? But yeah Metro is saying “The EU could be about to ban memes and ‘destroy the internet’
Memes ‘will be banned’ under new EU copyright law, warn campaigners.” “Death to MEMES? EU copyright law could mean hilarious memes
disappear forever.” Oh, not the hilarious memes, what am I gonna do without the E?
I really like the Metro article about this new, you know, I’m Poppy Harlow
I’m not supposed to give my own opinion. But what am I gonna do instead of good old 2012 memes?
What am I gonna do with that success baby kid?
What am I gonna do without Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” meme? “The Copyright Directive is an attempt to
reshape copyright for the internet, in particular
rebalancing the relationship between copyright holders and online platforms. Article 13 states that platform providers should ‘take measures
to ensure functioning of agreements conclude with the right holders for their use of their works'”
So let’s say I made a meme, and it gets distributed everywhere.
I can copy STRIKE other people and make money for that meme. You can still sort of do that.
I don’t really see the point of this. I remember a few years ago. I actually got a copy
STRIKE from my lawyer.
It came through my lawyer. Sorry
It came through mail to my company, because I used one of those rage memes.
Apparently one of the person that made the rage meme,
was trying to cash in on it. And I think it was asking for less money than it would have cost for my lawyer,
So we just said (flip) him.
The thing is I understand what they’re trying to do,
but clearly this is the idea of someone that doesn’t understand the Internet. The Internet is all about sharing. It’s all about reposting and
generally, no one seems to have a problem with that. And it’s a certain ecosystem that’s already in place and if you mess with that
idea, it’s going to ruin a lot. What what’s positive about the internet? A lot.
What’s good about the Internet? This article will make it so that you can’t remix songs, for example.
And these sort of things where fans put their own input on
material, that’s what makes the original material more popular. That’s how things get spread around
the Internet, It’s a positive thing for everyone involved and there’s really no reason to maintain that, or throw any,
branches in the machinery.
It’s sort of the same, I think, as making Let’s Plays completely illegal,
because they own copyright ownership of the game, which is, yes.
They technically do, but also they
benefit massively and pay Youtubers a lot of money to play their games because they know it’s free
advertisement, and it’s going to bring more attention to their game, and make it more successful.
So to mess with that system everyone, knows it’s a bad idea, even though there are certain cases where these things do happen.
I would hate for YouTube or the internet in general, to turn into some sort of copyright competition.
YouTube is already adding a new tool that lets anyone copyright if anyone uses anyone- anything from you.
Let’s say I use an image from someone else,
they can copyright that video, and take the revenue from, from that video. Great, great idea, great idea YouTube.
the thing is, I could claim so many videos myself, you know, I search ‘PewDiePie’ and there’s millions of
views on videos that are compilations,
like this one of me saying (Nugget)
I could make money out of this, I could claim this video if I wanted to and it’s just like, why, what’s the point?
It’s short-sighted and it’s dumb. The voting of this I think will take place on the 20th,
so make sure you spread word around this. Share this video guys so we can stop this, because memes must survive. I’m Poppy Harlow
Maybe the dab is a bit. How about a
How’s that? It’s that weird?
That’s pretty cool. I like that one. Next news.
Let’s talk about
video games, hurray.
I made my e3 video, but I didn’t really get it-
I mean, sorry PewDiePie did his e3 video and he didn’t really talk a lot about the games
so I’m going to do that instead, as
Poppy Harlow. This game called ‘Ghosts of Tsushima’ looks awesome.
I would love to play this game. [Character] *Whistle* Mitsubishi
[Pewds] For those who don’t know, Ikou means let’s go. I’m a level 4 Japanese nihongo, so
Just just so you know
[Characters] *Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo*
[Pewds] Very very exciting, but the here’s the problem,
there’s so many games that always look cool in the trailer. I remember this game ‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ the trailer looks so cool, right?
But then the game came out and it’s like
*Sad trombone noises lmao*
Mediocre. Great. I’m glad I got so hyped for a garbage game
I’m never gonna play. Then we have Fallout 76 which is supposed to be an online game. Yay.
[Game] You must rebuild
Not just walls not just buildings but hearts, minds and
America itself.
[Pewds] Yay, (thats the same yay as before brad wtf) cause the Elder Scrolls online game was so epic, just lived up to the same hype as I had.
*sad trombone noises xdddd *
I wanna be hyped, but I feel like I’m just fooling myself. There’s no point. I’ll wait for the game,
I’ll look at the reviews and then I’ll make an assessment, okay. And you should do the same.
We finally got to see some gameplay of ‘Death Stranding’ which is a game
I’m really really looking forward to. It looks aesthetic as hell, dawg. (my culture is not your sentence)
Hey, look it’s a walking simulator everybody. I’m just kidding
I actually really look forward to playing even if it is a walking simulator just because it looks so immersive
oh non onon dont fall please sir
no drowning on this property
the bag noo
how did the bag come back
no dont fall again
Come on it looks cool. ‘Last of Us 2’ – of course
I’m also gonna play. A lot of people that seem actually mad about the kiss and
I’m always like why, what’s the big deal? Are you actually bothered by two girls kissing? Like what’s the actual issue?
They kissed in the DLC
Okay, I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here for a second okay from one perspective, I’m like it’s a really sweet kiss
they already kissed in DLC. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal it was made
so to contrast the darkness and gruesomeness of Ellie’s character going from kissing to
really intense gory battles and stuff, right?
That’s a point that you’re given contrast more impactful trailer that way on the other side of the coin
I’m kind of like they really showed it in our faces, if they want to be playing the social justice card or whatever,
why can’t you be more subtle with it? Can it just be without it being so in-your-face?
present or is it supposed to be that way to break the stigma?
I guess what I’m trying to say is should we break stigmas by shoving it into people’s faces
or should we just
Let normal things that you want to be interpreted as normal, and no relationship that you want to be normal, just be normal
That doesn’t have to be, “Hey look at us
Huh, what do you think of this? Huh? Two girls kissing? Ha what do you think of this? Huh?”
And the same thing can go for the ‘Battlefield 5’ trailer
So many people are mad at this trailer, holy hell it’s the worst-performing
Battlefield trailer of all time. Let’s play devil’s advocate because it’s so much fun on one hand,
it’s their take on world war, which is what they said
“It’s our take on world war 2” They can really do whatever they want within certain limits
obviously, you look at games like ‘Wolfenstein’ and it’s the Second World War but it obviously is
completely different. Battlefield isn’t the most realistic game. You look at the
the glitches and how silly it is and how over the top it is
Why is it so crazy to people that a woman is kicking ass (brad come on) in the trailer now for the other side of the coin?
Battlefield has always been actual battles that actually happen at least in a lot of ways. That’s how I see Battlefield.
You play these battles in these locations that actually happen by two different countries as far as I’m concerned,
British soldiers, female soldiers, didn’t fight in the front line in World War 2
They just didn’t. And in a lot of ways,
you’re sort of bastardizing (brad!) the people that did die in World War 2 if you’re making a game, if,
that is supposed to be World War 2, at least that’s what Battlefield did, right, they recreate battles
It’s not like Wolfenstein at all,
which in my opinion, is a completely different universe,
if you want to do that than, fine. But if you’re gonna call it world war 2
and the way Battlefield has always done it feels misplaced, now,
I don’t think anyone actually has a problem with a woman in as the front figure of, of
Battlefield. I think the problem is that it’s a British soldier, because we know there were soviet female soldiers that were badass (now im dissapointed in brad) in World
War 2 and there’s some really interesting history there that you could actually I don’t know if you want to lift that side up,
why not highlight that instead, why not highlight something that actually happened?
Which to me feels a lot more inspiring if you want to have that movement of yeah girls kick ass or whatever.
But obviously they can’t lift up soviet to being something positive
It has to be in the brits or whatever, and it to me I watched it and it’s just kind of cringe-worthy in my opinion.
There’s to both sides of the coin and you can argue each one of them,
but ultimately I don’t care some interesting stuff to discuss nonetheless. I am Poppy Harlow.
Oh that makes sense now.
Remember to leave a like on this video, I really appreciate it, and
Check out tomorrow’s video.
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