Megyn Kelly Scores Guest Spot on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ | THR News

Megyn Kelly Scores Guest Spot on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ | THR News

– Three years after leaving Fox News,
Megyn Kelly is making her
return to the network.
The former Fox News host left the network
in January of 2017 after
public conflicts with
her former colleagues Bill
O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.
But she’s now returning to
the network on Wednesday night
for a sit down interview
on Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Carlson announced the
news on Monday, saying,
“This Wednesday night,
two nights from now,
“someone who knows an awful
lot about NBC is making
“her first TV appearance
since parting ways from
“that channel nearly a year ago.
“Megyn Kelly will join us on this program
“for her first interview.”
Carlson hinted that her
appearance will be in regards
to reporter Ronan
Farrow’s claims about NBC
in his new book Catch and Kill.
Kelly parted ways with NBC in January
after public outcry over
the host’s treatment
of the topic of blackface during a segment
about Halloween costumes
on Megyn Kelly Today.
According to sources who spoke with
The Hollywood Reporter at the time,
the agreement between
the host and the network
means she was paid out
the remainder of her
three year $69 million
contract upon her departure.
That being said, this Fox
News appearance doesn’t mean
Kelly will be returning to
the network any time soon.
A Fox News spokesperson spoke
out in a statement, saying,
“Megyn Kelly’s forthcoming
guest appearance
“on Tucker Carlson Tonight
was coordinated weeks ago
“and is a one-time occurrence.
“Any future programming
changes we are considering
“do not involve her.”
Kelly has previously written
about her time at Fox News
and with accused sexual harasser
and former Fox News Chief Roger Ailes
in her book Settle For More.
Kelly will be portrayed by Charlize Theron
in the upcoming film Bombshell,
which depicts Ailes’ downfall
at the media company.
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and until next time for The
Hollywood Reporter News,
I’m Neha Joy.

36 thoughts to “Megyn Kelly Scores Guest Spot on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ | THR News”

  1. OMG! Please don't let this woman Megyn Kelly back on Fox News. We just got rid of one bigot Shep Smith, we don't need a rerun of Megyn back…She's so biased it's unbelievable.

  2. I won't be watching her segment on her time slot. She doesn't belong back on Fox. Sorry for edit. I removed the word "turncoat".

  3. Don't let that brainless k–t back into the fold, FOX NEWS! B-t-h thought the grass was greener on the libturd side and it took them less than a few w weeks to screw her over. THAT'S HER PROBLEM! Let her go work at Walmart.

  4. Serious as a heart attack, let her draw welfare before letting her back on FOX NEWS. She BETRAYED us by thinking she was worth a damn by the switch and the libturrds turned on her within two weeks. She doesn't belong on FOX, if she was STOOPID enough to not see it coming. Go apply for unemployment, b-t-h!

  5. This bird got – what, like $60 million – and she doesn't even have to go to work? How many of you would feel like losers if something like that happened to you?????????/

  6. I liked her on Fox. When she asked Trump the question during that debate, about tweeting mean things to women. That was a leget question at the time. Trump unloaded on her and she joined the me too movement and got a job across the street. I never heard her bad mouth her audience, just her boss. It was never cool of Trump to expect softball questions at the debate. She did get kicked out of NBC for her blackface comments. She got kicked out because liberals hated her because she work for Fox. She got kicked out because she interviewed that kook that said Sandy Hook was an Obama conspiracy that never really happened. She lost her last two jobs because she did understand the internal politics of her work places. She was smart to get that cash though

  7. Kelly is a fraud creep who scored big time with her bs sex harassment claim at Fox. let her off the air and just keep counting her 10's of millions or better yet let her give 90% away to some good causes. but she wont'.

  8. No one better to have on the Republican's side (again)…..than a '""WOMAN SCORNED"" (by the liberals)… katy bar the door ….and l like her. They made her look so stupid on that idiot show…..and of
    course the NBC crew ..HODA.. SAVANNAH .ROKER.. Mr MSNBC WILLY…. all acted like she was a JOKE. She will nail them to the wall. I hope she got her millions. She wasn't a yes person for the COMMIE community of NBC. TRUMP TRAIN…all aboard for 🇺🇸 2020 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
    🚂–🚃🚃–W–I–N–N–I–N–G–🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃 🇺🇸🕊

  9. Why would tucker ask her to appear on his show, she should stay with her liberal friends. Good bye and do the let the door slam behind you.

  10. I have NO TIME for Megyn. Her attacks on Trump and bailing from FOX to go to her liberal playground should be evidence enough not to give her a platform for her left leaning opinion,s

  11. "Nothing surprises ME any more", exclaims skank deep throat Meg.
    Holding microphones like phallus, dripping imaginary cum from she/her wide mouth,
    collects 69 MILLION dollars (irony, huh?) to STFU
    "This is HOW'S IT'S DONE!!
    Implausible, honey.
    (psst – CHOOSING #DixieChicks stupidity paid off for you, but only once)

  12. The hot bitch just hot asked about that other bitch Anderson copper's question to Biden. " oh i know anderson, he probably wishes he could have rephrased that one." Really bitch? Thats your hard hitting observation to that idiotic question by booper? What a gucking joke she still is. Hot, but a fucking twerp. She should strip.

  13. I'd STOP watching Tucker before EVER wanting to watch Megyn again. That's why I'm HERE….I couldn't watch her for one MORE MINUTE.
    I'd miss Tucker, but I'd rather miss HIM than tolerate MEGYN whom I've come to loathe with good reason. She is a turncoat with zero integrity.

  14. I can still remember her interview with Michael Moore on FOX. He was flirting and she was all "oh stop, tee hee". This woman is greedy, ruthless, and a waste of time to me.

  15. I just watched it. People can grow and change. No one is perfect. What I saw was a humility and a willingness to recognize she could have been wrong. I have grace and mercy for those who are willing to recognize they were incorrect. Be open to those who desire redemption.

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