McConnell Says Impeachment Trial Against President Trump Will Begin Next Tuesday | Katy Tur | MSNBC

McConnell Says Impeachment Trial Against President Trump Will Begin Next Tuesday | Katy Tur | MSNBC

57 thoughts to “McConnell Says Impeachment Trial Against President Trump Will Begin Next Tuesday | Katy Tur | MSNBC”

  1. Q: Solicitation? Quid pro quo? Bribery? Extortion? Witness intimidation/tampering? Obstruction of justice? Abuse of Power? Contempt of Congress? Emoluments? Impeachment?
    Toxic Traitor Trump: "All of the above! White House buffet is fabulous!"

  2. Russian Republicans: Either too stupid to figure out Trumpelstiltskin has been compromised by Putin, or too stupid to care.

  3. The weight of the mountain of evidence against Toxic Traitor Trump on the scales laid Lady Justice horizontal, yet Republicans still refusing to aid this damsel in dire distress, would rather continue raping her!

  4. ~NEW! — Official 2020 Impeachment Guide~
    Democrats = wheat / Republicans = chaff

    Democrats = truth / Republicans = lies

    Democrats = Purple Hearts / Republicans = yellow bellies

    Democrats = true blue / Republicans = Russian Red

    Democrats = USA / Republicans = WTF?!?

  5. Q: How many Republicans does it take to change a real dim light bulb?
    A: Never got changed, they're still in the dark…instructed by Russia and Faux problem due to Earth's rotation, and also its present alignment with Ukrainus.

  6. America will now be forced to child-proof the Constitution against the toddler tyrants and gruesome grifters of racist, regressive, seditious Republicans.

  7. Republican: "Between our election rigging and Trump cheating, compromising himself with our prime foreign adversary, Russia, we won in 2016! We're going to repeat that "winning" strategy again, in 2020!"

  8. Today, many people who dont even like trump donated to his campaign and will vote for him because the Democrats are a bunch of lying Fascists who will do anything to obtain and stay in power.

  9. One day, someone will make a film about Mitch McConnell and how he betrayed America. The title of the film "Moscow Mitch" would be the most appropriate.

  10. Moscow Mitch, you are such a patriot, mother Russia is really proud of you. Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch!

  11. A known Narcissistic liar! McConnells a control & power obsessed bully who’s passive aggressive & protecting Trump by blocking everything about election security. He said no & ignored it & refused to protect Americans! This admin has to go.

  12. Omg this mans face is melting off
    Does he look more like
    leather face or the jigsaw puppet please comment below!👻

  13. U have to have a crime. They house didn't find a crime so they made up new crimes. Exactly like Hamilton said, bias houses cant remove presidents on partisanship. Aside from no due process where schiff should be censured, the senate has nothing to judge. They can listen and if there is no real crimes, they cant just keep having new witnesses until the dems can find damaging info on their enemy. That's projection. Now Biden _there is real evidence of a real crime. He sold out the office for kickbacks through his son. Same with Kerry and Pelosi. Look at them in China. It's serious corruption. No matter who the politician is, get the facts and put them in jail if they find evidence. No evidence on trump or they would have gotten it from the 30 mil during Mueller witch hunt notice not a word of fusion GPS during Mueller. That shows a fraud trial and investigation are going on

  14. Every time I listen to Moscow Mitch, I throw up a little. How a man like that, so completely bereft of integrity and morals, can come into a position of power like that makes me nauseous.

  15. The trial is already a fix up. The court already has the Getaway Car parked out the back of the slum where the drug deal has been going down

  16. Mitch, Mitch……come on buddy. Iys time to take your medicine and quiet down. Time to retire my friend. American, has its independence from the British. We won and established a country. So, just go and retire and enjoy the fruits of OUR hard work.

  17. In other words you were told to watch what you say before trial. "You have the right to remain silent anything you say or tweet can be held against you."

  18. At what point do theses reporter's call out Moscow Mitch and just say to his slimy flabby face " your lieing " 😠😡

  19. Simple question: If McConnell "wins" his upcoming re-election with Putin's help does he accept his electoral "victory" or does he admit defeat?

  20. playing dumb? only money on election security? then why did Trump/McConnell waste so much money for Trump's/McConnel's own reelection?

  21. After saying that he was working with the White House, he is not saying that he is going to be impartial – especially after criticizing "the product" from the House. Waiting has yielded even more evidence – and if you don't get Bolton and Giuliani – it would be a "Fake Senate" that is more interested in protecting Mr. Trump than trying him on what he has been charged with. Who trusts Mitch?

  22. Mr. Trump, deceiver, if you were really on the side of the Iranian people and supporting the Iranian people, you would have acted in your word and would have attacked the 52 two-pointers you mentioned.

  23. When you look at the House the President obstructed justice which is why it is necessary for Malvaney Guliani and Bolton to testify. If President Criminal hadn't obstructed justice by withholding witnesses then there would be no question about partisan House hearings. Which is why President Rigger is impeached. You cannot talk about witness partisan Mascow Mitch because you're guilty too. You are one of the witnesses and know exactly what was going on as stated by Soundland.

  24. Moscow Mitch??? You don't have to look far! You and Trump stand in front of a mirror and make sure your eyes are open. See the 2 traitors? Stop them from skewing the 2020 election with voter suppression or voter purge and allowing the Russian to do Trump's dirty work — like Ukraine being extorted and now the Russian hacked Burisma! All activities of the Russian attack our 2020 election will lead to Trump the White House and Rudy Guiliani his personal lawyer! Moscow Mitch is turning a blind eye and acquit Trump in the Senate Trial — injustice pie is now served to every American.

  25. The house wasn’t a trail it was a investigation and a indictment Moscow isn’t very bright Russia is already trying to interfere while trump is on trail that’s what he and the GOP think of the justice system of our constitution of our people that we are stupid sheep that need to fall inline behind what Russia wants

  26. Moscow Mitch is talking about Russian election interference as if it was something silly. Yeah, it's just the U.S. democracy imploding, who cares

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