100 thoughts to “McConnell now the latest conservative to be silenced by social media”

  1. The US Constitution is a uniter of differing viewpoints, it’s what has enabled our country to freely operate in DOMESTIC TRANQUILLITY (GETTING ALONG) with each other for 230 years. The warning signs- CENSORSHIP, Centralized Federal and State Legislation, Government/Media corruption and collusion, and many others, are breaking up the very foundation- Domestic Tranquility of We the People; Civil War II is its predictable result.

  2. Comments disabled on the Kellyanne Conway video today? Too bad. It would have gotten an upvote, instead it gets a downvote.

    If it happens too often, it will earn an unsubscribe. Fox News can become as irrelevant as MSNBC and CNN. We have plenty of sources for news that won't silence us.

  3. Fox disabled comments on the EPSTEIN video because they don't want people mentioning the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BILL CLINTON AND THE LOLITA EXPRESS.


  5. Its ok to set fire to google, twitter, and facebook properties, they are democrats and nothing is to much to punish these big tech scum. They are not human so they have no rights, harass their employees, their employees kids, set fire to their properties, its ok, they are not American.

  6. Give the tech companies a 20 million dollar fine for every report of being band off of social media . PERIOD !!!!! this should stop their bias overnight.

  7. Epstein was murdered
    Locking up the comments in epstein videos won't hid that fact.
    Bill Clinton is dancing on Epstein grave.

  8. THE GOP POLITICIANS like TRUMP and McConnell should leave Twitter and Start Posting Updates and Political Statements on their Own websites.. They Can't be held a Hostage by some Weed Smoking Leftiest Beta Male, who's even unsure his own gender., and showers once a week. .TRUMP Should Create a Website on which he will post his Daily Statements and Updates, Videos and Links.Otherwise this Bearded Dirty Bastard will block anyone he likes

  9. If big tech company show any bias they should be fined multi billions of dollars the first time and broken apart on the second offence, there should be no room for political bias in a free media.

  10. commie republicans are the biggest cry babies!
    no adult goes on twitter! that's for teens and Moscow Mcconnell attract Aryan geriatrics in nursing homes! Try going there to sell your lies, republicans!

  11. Jeffrey Epstein is live, and perhaps fck next child right now. He to much rich and corrupted to die. He bought ticket.

  12. The left is a disgrace to the human race ,they have no limits to thier corruption and obstruction. There is no low point in thier behavior that they will not cross .If they are allowed to continue with this disgraceful behavior our country is doomed. I am worried for our future. THE LEFT IS NOT RIGHT. Donald 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Twitter doesn't have an anti-conservative bias. Facebook doesn't have an anti-conservative bias. MF REALITY has an anti-conservative bias, you booger eating morons. Get used to it because your conservatism is less that a generation away from complete and total oblivion. You have three "news" networks you are using to spray your propaganda like diarrhea after a night of microwave burritos all over the country. And now you're complaining about social media?

    What precious little snowflakes you guys are. If you don't like Twitter or Facebook then don't use it. Aren't you the "Free Market" party? Well then if the free market works, and Twitter is suppressing conservatives and conservatives make up a majority (they don't) then Twitter would die on the vine, but it's not. There are more liberals and left leaning voters every day and you're angry and scared because you are LOSING.

    The left is rising and we will replace you. We don't even have to fight about it. You are all quickly becoming too old to matter any more. We don't have to out vote you when we can just out live you. Unless Donnie and Mitchy amend the constitution to let dead people vote (at this point, I'm not ruling that out) you are done.

  14. Fox is blocking all comments on Epstein video because they're part of the deep State they don't want it exposed

  15. This Sunday morning, on the political chat shows, there was
    enough grease on the lips of the female news contributors to lubricate all the
    moving parts of a 747, and enough hair dye to stain the floor of Madison Square
    Garden…with enough left over to finish half the Broadway stages in New York
    City…all to forward the practice of ‘appearance journalism’…

  16. Maybe it's time to 'De-platform' twitter. The whole shebang, including Trumps account. De-platform them, shut them down; PERIOD. Let them go the route of 8 chan. Trump would be welcomed on any other platform, especially with the potential revenue that comes with him. Give twitter a taste of their own medicine. Get woke, go broke. F'em. Then when all that is said and done; regulate the sh_t out of 'em.

  17. Supprise Supprise fox yet again disabled comments on a subject related to Trump and this time its his BFF Jeffrey Epstein

  18. Blur reality to a younger audience you don't think that happens do you lol stupidity in politics is epic they don't even know how it works bad baby is going to be president in a few years

  19. Umm who to believe CBS ABC NBC or Donald Trump .let me see for the last 60 years I always thought the American free press was the envy of the world BUT after trump fired Gary busey for lack of cookie sales I knew that he was the man , AND it's like my neighbor said if a person has any inner bigotry towards non whites then all you gave to do is hide behind trump and orthers will never know that you are a bigot as well and yes its 2019

  20. No one from Kentucky has anything relevant to contribute. They are the nation's fiscal toilet because they are racist and lazy.

    When the CITY of San Diego has a higher GDP than your entire STATE, you know that conservatives are as lazy AF.

  21. I wonder who's orchestrating the Goebbels playbook within Mainstream Misleadia and online access to information? Maybe "The Church Lady" would have a convenient rationalization, but it seems to me, we're left with our own observations to weigh fact and reality, against what we're being told is truth by a plethora of "experts" and being paid heartily to do so, will stick to the script they're given. In a world where everyone is trying to sell us an idea, it behooves us to be extremely critical about what we choose to believe. Survive the Jive. Just thinkin'…

  22. Funny how all the epstein videos have comments disabled. Trying to censor the masses…ridiculous. Don’t believe the propaganda of the media!!

  23. Outrageous!
    He is the fourth highest leader in America! What do they think they are doing? They are sure to get a reaction!
    Laptop jockeys sitting around in nerd lounges don't run the world and won't run the world ever!!
    This is an outrage!

  24. I see our DOJ doing NOTHING about the Censorship! BREAK UP THE BIG TECH CONTROL OF SOCIAL MEDIA!

  25. So let me get this straight, we can't show the violence the left does every day? But the left can blast anything they want? Makes sense

  26. You have no right to talk about censorship, Fox News, when you are disabling comments constantly, especially on EVERY Epstein video. Stop talking about censorship, it'll come back to bite you! Remember, Trump is tweeting "not nice things"/criticism about Fox News.

  27. Fox News, Judge Jeanine and Charlie Kirk are all controlled opposition. Don’t listen to these clowns! They are communist stooges who peddle lies and disinformation.

  28. social media should be charged with bias and be charged with free speech violations! the left is the violent racists ones! that is clear!

  29. It worked! Trump tweets Clinton had Epstein killed then Barr is outraged. Translation: Trump told Barr to "fire" Epstein to protect him and he obeyed orders. Then, both of them deflect.

  30. If you can’t figure out that Trump and Barr had Epstein killed, well, only Trump had both opportunity and motive. Too easy. But you people will believe whatever lie they tell you.

  31. The Social Media companies ought to be very careful when managing who is and who is not allowed to speak if they want to maintain control of the content on their networks.

  32. Hey, right wingers, social media has every right to shut down your hate speech. They are not bound by the freedom of speech rules like the government is. Sorry about that. Maybe you should start your own social media instead of trying to piggyback on already established platforms. Oh, because you can’t. Sad.

  33. These mobs will turn our representives against us.. many of them may not be as tough as Trump and will cowar to the mobs when is the Republican party going to fight back with counter protest? The left are out in the streets out side is working or at home I get it but we need to start fighting back.

  34. Count on Faux to have two commentators that have no idea how social media works discuss how social media works. Ugh. The protestors were disgusting, and calling for physical violence; regardless of political stripe, that's not permitted. If they posted the video themselves, it would also be taken down and the account frozen. McConnell was down for 24 hrs, and only that long because he refused to delete the tweet. Get over it, idiots.

    Oh, and Jeanine, you're the most divisive and ill informed loudmouth on Faux, and that's saying something.

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