34 thoughts to “Maxine Waters: Latest Dem tied to Nation of Islam”

  1. Are you Tucker Carlson's little boy??? Willie D talks about instances where men should've pulled out….!?!?

  2. I have always said, "The Congress people who yell the loudest are the ones who have the most to hide". Like Nancy Pig-losi, Madmouth Waters is taking money from the Drug Cartel.

  3. Maxine waters lives in a 5 million dollar palace in 90 percent white community, gated ,what a hippocrit ,love to h. Clinton behind bars for the email scandal and Obama for the wiretapping of Trump apartment

  4. Isnt this reason enough to install TERM LIMITS. Career politicians systems lead to dishonesty!!! she is a prime example of that !!! And we want to THANK THE SOCIAL MEDIA for not reporting all the news!!!

  5. Maxine Wattets has always been a terrorists supporter Black Pathers all the rest .a True sick Demonray of Californo Ive known her political endeavors a long
    Time on California . In fact there's a picture of her young sitting with a Radical of that day probably a Black Panther. Yeah she's a co.mie to.for a long time.
    Some parts of California sucks . THE REASON WHY SHE HAS BEEN IN HET JOB SO LONG IS ITS EASY TO STAY. SHE HAS GAIN GTEt wealth. By being I. One of the worst district in LA

  6. She is such an idiot! Does California water do to its govt representatives? The governor, Pelosi, Waters…..what in the world goes on out there? I know there are really good Californians!!! (They all relate shame and embarrassment.

  7. Poluted waters, arguably the most corrupt politician (and that takes some doing )in the whole , stinking , foetid, dishonest , evil sewer of the demonrat/communist party .

  8. I want to know why Maxine Waters has not been investigated for giving her daughter hundreds and hundreds of thousands of campaign money she needs to be investigated

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