Matthew Perry Takes The Friends Apartment Quiz – The Graham Norton Show

Matthew Perry Takes The Friends Apartment Quiz – The Graham Norton Show

over the years magic I like knew you were in some interview were talking about how you knew that friends would be a big hit like quite early on there was there in a specific episode Jinyu I did know that friends was gonna be ahead I didn’t know that it was gonna be the giant hit that it was I tell you today but there was one episode where there was a blackout in New York City and I was stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre that was that we in it she was in it yes you’d know that if you’d lost it yes I was stuck in an ATM vestibule with her so she was in it friends yeah the TV show press yeah and that show that episode really made me think that we were doing something special because I supposed you were kind of a way for you could see the others in the apply could see the others in the apartment and the audience was really laughing and it just felt like the right thing and there was a spooky thing that when you got the scripts of where you auditioned I mean you it wasn’t that you kind of thought I could be that guy yeah well I was unavailable because I had done this terrible TV show about baggage handlers in the year 2199 friends were all auditioning for the show called friends and there was this character named Chandler who was very similar to me so I would help them with their auditions and I finally said let me just do this for you just imitate what I’m doing and go in and some of them got very far and almost got the job and then somebody finally saw the baggage handlers show and decided that wasn’t gonna get picked up and then they allowed me to be on friends Wow well is it our office I think has more than its fair share of friends geeks okay like you know the famous quiz episode when the girls lose the apartment yes I remember that okay yeah so what the guys wanted you to see if you could remember the answers to the Chandler questions in the quiz if you can’t Gemma artisans write on it do you remember this episode no Miriam no hope so if only don’t shut out till Matthew don’t get it but feel free to shout out if you can then get it okay sure is on okay here we go here we go according to Chandler what phenomenon scares the bejesus out of them oh that’s Michael Flatley lord of the Damned you are correct yes okay what is the name of Chandler’s father’s all-male burlesque I actually know that – that’s Viva Las Vegas you’ll definitely know this one you will definitely know this one every week the TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey’s apartment what name appears on the address label mrs. Chandler bong the last one the last one is what because this is the famous thing that no one although Chandler was the only one with a kind of a proper job right throughout the series it was never kind of talked about what he actually danced right it was in computers something computers so should we see of anyone the audience knows this before do you do you know where I am I’m not sure so does anyone know what is Chandler’s job oh there’s a hand a hand back up there see wait wait there’s got to be a microphone coming to you one second what do you think job was transponster gone – Rachel no know anyone else or a guest oh no there’s a lady the back lady the back oh you’re having to get a very strange angle we we’ve never spoken to anyone the back row before Hey yes statistical data reconfiguration oh you’re so close you’re so close that’s what it actually is statistical analysis and data reconfiguration she’s so close and the guy at my channel on came back from the bathroom and my friend said that’s not my Mariana life what is the name of Chandler’s father’s all-male burlesque I actually know that – that’s Viva Las Vegas

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  1. It was funny When a question comes up in the quiz: "what does Chandler do for a living"? And Rachel quickly responds, 'Transponster…" and Monica yells "That is not even a word…" and they lose the quiz and , not to mention, their flat to Joey and Chandler.

  2. I swear when he said there was a specific episode when he started thinking the show was gonna be a hit I literally knew which episode I was talking about 😂

  3. Dude should have laid off the drugs a little. He looks like he's 65 and has been on the street for the last five.

  4. Fake audience they don't even know about Transponster!
    Monica-That's not even a word.
    And boys won the apartment!

  5. Can Chandler shut up and let the lady in center speak? No offense, she's just funnier.
    Sorry! American. Forgot to say full stop. Full stop.

  6. Before I watch the rest and read comments which I’m avoiding looking at and the video is paused at 3:29 but it is a Transponster.

  7. O man i watch every vedio entitled matthew perry i just love to listen him whatever the talk is about…

  8. It's a little uncomfortable, but super adorable, to see how clueless Danny Devito can be sometimes. He looks great as a sexy 90 year old lady.

  9. Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. It's almost bigotry for people to claim this isn't a real thing.

  10. Bravo Norton. what a great combo.. lets invite Mathew Parry from friends. and the weird old looking woman from Harry potter named Hufflepuf.

  11. Mónica lo aprendió cuando él renunció! Análisis de estadísticas y reconfiguración de datos!😱😍💕 Los amo: a Matthew y a Chandler, forever!

  12. me: oh yay a friends related video
    clicks the video
    me: already love it (cuz yes mathew parry😍)
    me: wait what
    starts to laugh

  13. 2:57. It's actually Miss Chanandaler Bong. Not Mrs. So Matthew Perry was wrong. I'm surprised Nortron didn't correct him. 😉

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