Mark Ruffalo Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Mark Ruffalo Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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  1. He's something. I've never found him sexually attractive, but his face makes me want to squeeze it then kiss those chubby lips and cheeks.

  2. In the cut, Blindness, Infinitely polar bear, The normal heart, Reservation Road, You can count on me, Collateral, We don't live here anymore, All the king's men, Brothers Bloom, My life without me, Thanks for Sharing, Begin Again, XX/XY : some other excellent performances.

  3. I got all fogged up in that marvel BS that i forgot in how many great movies this guy has been in….by far one of the most underrated actors

  4. Begin again is what made me see Mark as one the best actors around. Too bad he only gets recognized for supporting roles

  5. A shame Mark didn't talk about his portrayal of Dylan Rhodes in Now You See Me. I thought he was excellent in that movie.

  6. David Fincher was insecure about making Zodiac? Wow. That's one of my favorite movies, and one that I personally consider to be basically perfect. It's kind of comforting knowing everybody can have the same anxieties and problems.

  7. I really like Mark he seems very genuine. I met his brother before he passed away he came to my bar where I was working and I laughed with him about his last name and said you have the same last name as one of my favorite Actors and he said yeah that is my brother I will never forget that idk its kinda an honor to meet the brother of one of my favorite actors. The movie that solidified me being a fan of marks was The Brothers Bloom even though it was only a supporting role his acting speaks volumes to me.

  8. 00:24 13 Going On 30 (2004)
    01:30 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)
    03:24 Zodiac (2007)
    06:21 Shutter Island (2010)
    07:41 The Kids Are All Right (2010)
    09:41 The Avengers (2012)
    11:36 Foxcatcher (2014)
    12:19 Spotlight (2015)
    13:37 Dark Waters (2019)

  9. "The Last Castle" — see it if you haven't already. Robert Redford plays a 4 (or 5) star general who made a terrible mistake in command, resulting in him getting imprisoned at a military prison. While there, he slowly discovers the warden (the late great James Gandolfini) is corrupt, and many of the military prisoners want him to take some sort of action. Ruffalo plays another prisoner but also the son of one of Redford's former (and well liked) solders under his command. That's all I'll say for now to avoid spoilers. It's fantastic.

  10. 4:25 It's funny how the guy is like "who's this Hollywood guy?" Whenever like he agreed to help make the movie. But yet he's still got to feel superior

  11. why didn't talk about The Normal Heart? he was amazing in that movie. i loved him there and in Spotlight. of course, he was the Hulk and he was awesome there too. when Joss Whedon and RDJ ask you to be on board, you just do it. no questions

  12. Professor Hulk would have been a great conclusion, if he was THE HULK first. Barely got any of that, thanks to Universal. unless they do yet another prequel movie that should have been out like Black widow.

  13. Anti American wants you to put trust in his words. Most of the Nation does not agree, and your Career has been ended by your own words. (But hey, you still made $30 million via the system you condemn, so you're good with that. )

  14. I know it was a tv movie – but The Normal Heart should have been on this list too. Mark was fantastic in that one!

  15. If he believes capitalism is killing us, is he going to return all the money he's made under this "horrible system"? Or is it just virtue signaling?

  16. Such a sweet guy. Love his character and therefore performance in The Kids Are Alright. Such a great film. One of the best blind-buys on Blu-ray.

  17. Didn't expect to tear up watching this. When he started talking about his brother and his experience on, "The Kids Are Alright" it felt so genuine. Such a wonderful human being.

  18. hey Ruffalo why don't you spend your time and money on sweeping all the pedos out of hollyweird ,,you pretentious complicit commie half wit

  19. How timid Banner is in the first Avengers compared to how much fun and the humanity he brings with Hulk in Endgame WOW

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