Manhunt for Canadian murder suspects focuses on Manitoba after sightings in Gillam

Manhunt for Canadian murder suspects focuses on Manitoba after sightings in Gillam

So the search for Kam McLeod
and Bryer Schmegelsky continues
and we can now confirm
that there have been two
established and corroborated
sitings of the suspects
in the Gillam area.
These sitings were prior to the
discovery of the burnt out vehicle.
There have also been no reported
stolen vehicles that could be
attributed to the suspects.
At this point in the investigation,
we believe they are still in the area.
– The community is in distress.
There’s definitely a lot of community
members that haven’t gotten sleep,
I know that for sure.
– You can see from the reallocation
of RCMP personnel, for example,
the application of technology
and the use of drones
as another example, the police
services are dealing with
a dangerous situation and they are
putting all of the appropriate
resources into making sure that
the public is kept safe.

50 thoughts to “Manhunt for Canadian murder suspects focuses on Manitoba after sightings in Gillam”

  1. canadians are crazier than the british and swedes.
    note thanks the guardian news for deleting my conments.👌

  2. Canada murders: police look to remote Manitoba town in hunt for teen suspects ►

  3. I'm sorry but "shmegelski" sounds like a made up last name. Like Jack Black in School of Rock pretending to be "Ned Schneebly"

  4. This is bogus, this story doesn't even make sense, the cops are either covering something up or they dont have a clue as to what's going on.

  5. State worker I saw they were arguing so I kept going I didn’t stop , like what why would t you stop and say hey what’s going on do I need to notify police , you may have saved lives but I kept going wow !!!!

  6. Hard to understand that they burnt the vehicle without having any other means of travel. To leave on foot doesn't figure specially looking at there behaviour this far.

  7. It's cool how we go on sprees in Canada whereas murikans just shoot up a school or church. RIP Maple Syrup Rambo!

  8. Locals are saying they got out on a train. If so they likely separated by now and have changed their appearance.

  9. I would guess they would have gotten out on a cn freight or cp freight going east bound toward ontario

  10. Damn Canadians suck at criminal investigation. Allow your citizens to protect themselves. Arm & load from Texas, United States.

  11. If these two guys would have threatened the lives of a Prime Minister or President (even without merit or jokingly), they would have been rounded up days ago!! If this same situation happened in the U.S., I have no doubt they would have been long caught by now. It appears that we are inept at efficiently handling situations like this. If I'm not mistaken, the Canadian Armed Forces have only just got approved to be used within the last 24 hours. That's ridiculous. Every and all resources should have been launched right from the beginning. What a shameful display.

  12. Both tall guys so easy to join the dots……..unless the losers have shot themselves with aid for buying ammunition.

  13. People don't believe all the rhetoric being pumped out by the MASS media there is always more to the picture

  14. Man… right wing violence is getting out of hand. Neonazis are responsible for the majority of terrorism in developed countries… scary times with Putin, Trump, Erdogan, Bernier attaining power and/or spewing hateful rhetoric

  15. It’s likely that they stole a vehicle in Thompson, or they are down the Butneau road and stole a boat and are using the cabins that are stocked with food. There’s lots of cabins in that area.

  16. Did authorities check the Holiday Inn in Winnipeg?… They're probably watching from poolside on the big screen.

  17. Of course a major train line being 200 feet from the burned-out vehicle…

    Yeah, they're still in the area

    I mean why not stay in the area, and go camping, when you can jump on a train and in 8 hours escape

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