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  1. Ummm🤔 he not all that lolz wtf well looks don't matter I guess..Gom on girl you must of been creepy around on Mac miller. Just out of the blue he puts a ring on it wooh yep u went there lolz but never mind life go on for some

  2. She's a donut licking hoe 🤣 Pete is hideous looking he looks an extra from the from the Michael Jackson Thriller video 🤣😆

    Dueces biotch ✌️✌️

    Rest easy Mac love you boo 💔 Gone way too soon your music is life, and will live on forever!!
    ✝🙏🕯️💕 💋

  3. She says "we don't have any evidence of cheating here" with this the most smug little "fuck you" face. If someone gets engaged 2 weeks after you break up, you better believe that person was talking to that other person for a while.

  4. I don't understand how she can date someone for over two years then break up and get engaged to someone new within weeks. That probably hurt Mac Millers heart the most and he def had to be in pain.. I too would be really hurt if that was done to me… RIP MM💧

  5. I forgot one thing………Can everybody stop blaming Ariana for his death, and stop calling her stupid names cause all of you guys are just wasting your time tbh

  6. Yea….well the music video she made "into you" really reminds me of PD as the guy she goes off with to the hotel…and Mac the celebrity guy she dates in the spotlight on that video.

  7. I been with a girl like that, engaged to hella dudes in a row or always trying to talk me into marrying her. It’s some girls dream to be married, don’t matter who the guy is.

  8. Love is beautiful, but it is also extremely dangerous. Be careful who you give your heart to.

    Also fuck that snake faced skeleton bitch A.G. you will get yours what goes around comes around you will know this soon enough.

  9. Anyone who blames Ariana for Mac's drug addiction-led death is ignorant and needs to get over themselves. Ariana set a good example for people to not stay in relationships with addicts, addicts of any kind are the hardest people to be around and to love, their drug of choice comes before anything. It was up to Mac Miller to save himself, unfortunately like many others, he didn't. By the logic of blaming Ariana you may as well blame everyone in his life for not babysitting him. It was his responsibilty to sort his life out, girlfriends are not mothers.

  10. Dumbass got a tattoo and now they broke up. He's only limited to girl with the initials A.G. Well, that's if this is real anyway. Sometimes they do this as PR stuff and a way to boost sells. Time will tell if that tattoo is real

  11. I was trying to find a update but I can't, about that Sham of Engagement, well it's over should have never happen, I'm not a fan either one of them, I'm just saying, and I'm dumb ass tattoos, now he got it covered up like a heart and the heart is ugly, stop putting ink on your body for somebody you really don't know, and everytime I see her she look like she 13 maybe when her woman kick in should finally get a man.

  12. There's something wrong with her. Pete Davidson looks creepy, at least to me. He is not good looking at all. Im not sure what she sees in him. I think she is just obsessed with getting married (not the actual marriage), being proposed to, getting a diamond ring, wearing the white dress and walking down the isle. I mean it's all pretty and fairy tale like, but after that comes real life and it is not so fairy tale like. I think she has some sort of personality disorder or she is just a little slut.

  13. Rest In Peace Mac Miller. I miss your adorable relationship with Ari. And hope you are safe on the other side.
    RIP. Mac <3

  14. this actually breaks my fucking heart .. & the fact that people attacked her for his death just makes this more horrible. what is wrong with you guys.

  15. hearing he was devastated and heart broken actually made me cry bc he left the world thinking that ariana was over him and she was going to get married. i wonder if he knows that she is devastated too

  16. We miss you Malcolm. We know it wasn’t because of Ariana let the people talk. For those who are real Mac fans they know he’s been struggling with addiction since macadelic. You guys don’t know anything and don’t deserve to speak on macs behalf. He wouldn’t have wanted all this negativity to be around Ariana.

  17. people really should stop hating on her because she is trying to make awesome music for us to love and listen to and some of u are barging in on her private life and hating on her so some people just have chill…… btw rip mac

  18. Ariana Grande you made a biggest mistake in your life his the cutest guy ever what's wrong with your head out of your mind shame on you

  19. ok so im seeing all these commentd saying that ari didnt treat mac well or something but like if she didnt love mac she doesnt have to be w him and she can be with whoever she wants to after the break up and do whatever w them

  20. I don't care who hates on me and writes random stuff back but this is my rant.
    now that you've expressed yourself it's my turn. Yes, I feel horrible for what happened to Mac. He was a good man and may he rest in peace but it was not Ariana's fault!! She did not cheat with Pete. and Pete WAS the love of her life and people get engaged fast. deal with it. but don't go turning things around. Mac and Ariana's fans don't butt heads so don't try any of this "It was Ariana's fault" but, may Mac rest in love and in God's hands and may his music remain with us. ONE LOVE MANCHESTER AND JUSTICE FOR MAC!

  21. Many people here won't be back here to see my comments… Simply gone. as I'm going through their comments rn.

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