Love Island’s Iain Stirling pays tribute to Caroline Flack

Love Island’s Iain Stirling pays tribute to Caroline Flack

We are all absolutely devastated
by the tragic news that Caroline, a much-loved member of our
Love Island family has passed away. Our thoughts are with her family
and friends at this dreadful time. Caroline and me were together
from the very start of Love Island and her passion, warmth and
infectious enthusiasm were a crucial part of what made
the show connect with millions of viewers. Like many of you, right now we’re all
just trying to come to terms with what has happened. My only hope is that we can all try
and be kinder, always show love and listen to one another. Caroline, I want to thank you for
all the fun times we had, making our favourite show. You were a true friend to me. I’m going to miss you, Caz.

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  1. ITV ARE SUCH HIPPOCRATES a few month ago ANT AND DEC STOPPED TV SHOW and told everyone to talk about ABUSE – MENTAL HEALTH – SUIC THOUGHTS and everything else

    Caroline Covered 2 Subjects TOOK HER OWN LIFE AND DOMESTIC ABUSE



  2. Firstly I'd like to give my deepest condolences to Caroline's family, friends and fans. My thoughts are with you all.

    I can't help but relate to Caroline's story. Most my life I've battled with mental health issues. I am 40 years old. Things came to a head on New year's Eve when my partner of 10 years and I had a domestic dispute in which I verbally and physically assaulted her. The police were called and I was arrested and taken to the station where I remained in a cell for 3 days until the court reopened on the 3rd January. Those 3 days were possibly the worst of my life, but possibly also the best as I had complete solitude to really evaluate my life, my actions and my mental health problems. It was a complete wake up call to get the help I needed and which I am now receiving.

    I pleaded guilty and owned up to my actions. I knew I had done wrong and I owed it to my partner and myself to tell the truth. For the next month I was allowed no contact with my partner while I stayed at my parents house and awaited my sentencing court date. I was given a 6 month deferred sentence and was told if I had no
    further incidents in the next 6 months, the sentence would be favourable.

    Since then I've been refered to and seen a psychiatrist at my local hospital, I've been put on appropriate medication, I'm awaiting a proper diagnosis and a referral for talking therapy and I've slowly but positively integrated back into my partners life, who has chosen to support me throughout all of this and welcome me back into our home provided I continue to receive help and show signs of improvement in my temperament and attitude, of which I feel there has been significant improvement.

    Some people have chosen to cancel me out. They see black and white, right and wrong, and in their eyes I did wrong. I think alot of people in life would feel the same. As Joaquin Phoenix stated in his Oscar speech, we live in a culture where so often we cancel others out for their mistakes. Fortunately for me, my mum, my dad and my partner of 10 years have supported and encouraged me throughout this difficult period. My partner in particular could have done what so many would do or be urged to do, and I couldn't blame her if she did. Actions have consequences. She has however made it clear that she loves me. She understands the complexity of mental health. She rightly also knows that if anything like this were to happen again I'd be on my own. But I don't feel it will happen again. I feel like I've seen the other side and it's not somewhere I want to be again.

    Mental health has thankfully received alot more focus in recent years and so it should. We can't outrun our own minds but what we can do is what so many people have been asking for, change. Changes in social media laws, changes in print media laws, and most importantly, changes in how we all collectively treat each other. It's a tough life. Too tough for some. We need to offer our hands of support to one another everyday instead of using our feelings to express words of hate, anger and judgement.

    RIP Caroline. X

  3. YO! He is not being sarcastic! He is naturally Scottish! Like me. So stop saying he is sarcastic! He and Caroline were great friends!

  4. When Iain said “I'm gonna miss you Caz!" (and even how he was going to cry) it felt down in my heart how much he loved her as dear friend.
    I'm still trying to come in terms to how and why did this happen. I just hope that this would never repeat itself again.

  5. With regards to people/the press blaming the CPS, no one should be above the law. Yes, Caroline's bf didn't want the case to continue, yes Caroline had mental health issues and yes, the incident might be perceived by many as a minor domestic dispute. However, the people who really know how minor or serious the incident in question was is the police, and they clearly had sufficient evidence to prove the incident was serious enough to warrant continued investigation. Also, the CPS has the right and the moral duty to proceed with a criminal investigation regardless of the wishes of the victim or the mental state of mind of the accussed, to protect the victim and anyone else from further incidents. I doubt very much that anyone who is appearing in court for a serious assault would be in a great mental state of mind, but proceedings must continue regardless. Many victims continue to support their abuser, the CPS knows this. They also know that a crime was committed. The fact that she was a woman, a celebrity, a person in a fragile state of mind shouldn't take significance over the law.

    This wasn't a show trial. It was the law doing what the law does. Maintaining justice.

  6. I read a comment saying "I didn't like her" and honestly winced at how disrespectful and entirely thoughtless it was. I wasn't necessarily her biggest fan but she was an extremely likeable person. A lot of people know who she is, she's presented one of the countries biggest TV shows Love Island, she's won Strictly, she's been on X Factor, not to mention many others. She's gained such a huge following throughout her career, which has sadly been cut horrifically short.

    While everyone is entitled to their opinion, there's no need to comment something like this. No one cares about anything negative you have to say. Ever head of the saying "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?
    – and also. No deserves this kind of nationwide hatred over something that's nothing to do with anyone else. Regardless of celebrity status or not. What's happened to humanity? What are we becoming if we as a people are capable of doing this? Its dire.

  7. Maybe urge women to not wrap lamps around there fellas heads then cry justice when the cps are only doin three Job . U wanted equality ladies well there you go !!

  8. He certainly wasn't sarcastic, poor bloke voice broke at the end. It was beautiful & I shared this on Facebook. This is still raw for everyone, I am upset by this tragic news, so goodness knows how Caroline's colleagues, friends & family must be feeling. I feel by watching the tributes from Love Island, that they are gutted. If anyone is reading this & has been effected by this tragedy, not everyone is negative . I just want to take this time to show my respect to Caroline's family, friends & everyone that had the pleasure of knowing her.

  9. The media and internet trolls led Caroline to her death, and all people can do is STILL keep hating saying Iain sounds like he’s being sarcastic! (Which he doesn’t, and isn’t.) Do people not learn? How hard it is to understand. Just be nice, it isn’t hard. Rest in peace, Caroline ❤️

  10. We really should be kinder to people. Like not abusing and assaulting your boyfriend. Only a truly terrible person would knock about the person they're supposed to love

  11. This is a quote from Refuge, they don't take the 'mental health' of a perpetrator as an excuse. The same should apply to female perpetrators: ''The vast majority of men who abuse women are not mentally ill. Research shows that the proportion of abusers with mental health problems is no higher than in society as a whole. If an abusive man were mentally ill, why is it that he only abuses his partner – not his colleagues, strangers or friends? This is another way of making excuses for the abuser’s behaviour.''

  12. Ffs people take there lives every day, family an close friends will be upset. Caroline flack does it an the TV an MEDIA go into melt down, man up an get on with it. 💪💪💪

  13. Someone on trial for violently attacking a sleeping person, didn't like the negative attention,and took the cowards way out. That's the reality. She was always extremely vain, and the emergency services had several run ins with her. But people saying she was angelic. If this was a man, people wouldn't be so sad. Look at the show she presented, a meat market of egos and vanity, debauchery. Hardly mother Theresa

  14. Guys it's not Ian's fault that he has that accent some people may perceive it as if he's being sarcastic but he's obviously not and of course he's gonna be the one to say the tribute because he is the voice of love island so it only makes sense for that to happen .( rest in peace Caroline✨)

  15. He’s not being sarcastic you can hear him holding back his tears so idk why people saying he sounds sarcastic

  16. Yes it’s sad that she committed suicide but why has everyone suddenly forgotten that she was due to stand trial for domestic abuse? If it was an abusive man in this situation, there would be no such tributes

  17. All lain is doing is turning the attention on 2him self so he can cash in on it, an by all the comment he's succeeded. 💰💰💰💰💰💰

  18. It’s like something out of Black Mirror

    Creepy times we live in.

    Being kind also means don’t attack someone with a lamp.

    Just saying facts.

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  20. If people listened for more than 10 seconds he actually loses his “sarcasm” (which just happens to be his radio voice), talks in a more normal voice because sounding like he’s crying towards the end.

  21. Love island is a waste of airtime !! All I can see is people who love themselves on the show I don’t know how people can stick and watch it !! but RIP to the presenter she was the best part of the show 😞😥


  23. how is he sarcastic. I cannot believe at this time the comments r talking about sarcasm!!! U would have some nerve to be sarcastic at a time like this.

  24. Far too many people are taking their own lives who are involved in the same business. It's sad and tragic but until people recognise it for what it is it will continue to happen.

  25. It's so heartbreaking that she thought death was the only way out… The press and all the trolls should be ashamed… You are just disgusting

  26. Omg get on with ur life jeezyh she is gone it’s been days now about it calm down. No other celebrity’s gets this much time from there death

  27. This comment section 99% how he’s not being sarcastic and the comments about it are false. 1% actual comments about him being sarcastic

  28. Well she did pass away..but when you say pass away you refer to normal death…this was suicide..own some aspects was worse than murder..putting a hole in all her family over her own kept in emotions…such a waste yet in vain

  29. He’s not being insensitive, you only think that because most of the things he says are jokes and he is naturally funny plus the accent :/

  30. this comment section is truly disgusting and it’s so sad that people are still saying such nasty things after something like this has happened, again.

  31. This is very heartbreaking, I never thought she would be a bad person but at this point we should show some love for those she left behind and even for herself and despite all her accusations she was still a great host to a great and was loved by many and we never know what happened behind closed doors so all I can say is rest easy caz and to all those who passed 😔🙏🏽🕊

  32. Shocked. Can’t believe she’s gone. So sad 😭😥. I would have liked to meet her one day p. But that’s 100% impossible now. R.I.P Caroline Flack 09/11/1979 – 15/02/2020. You will be missed dearly

  33. Let’s not forget that her own boyfriend called 999 to say she was going to kill him.. imagine if genders were reversed. 😐

  34. People in the comment section saying Ian’s sarcastic but they were probably the ones attacking Caroline in the first place along with the media 😂. Hypocrites

  35. Ok so Caroline was a total angel who'd never ever hurt a fly is how shes going to be rembered is it then. Regardless that she was up on assault charges and sacked from love island because of it.

  36. I’m gonna admit he didn’t sound very genuine throughout the whole thing. Like he was reading off a script but I heard him trying to hold back tears right at the end.

  37. "Caroline, you're so special that I can't be bothered to think of a single original thought. I'm just going to repeat the same empty platitudes you hear every time someone dies."

  38. Far too many people are taking their own lives who are involved in the same business. It's sad and tragic but until people recognise it for what it is it will continue to happen.

  39. You can tell he was trying not to cry when he said: “you were a true friend to me, I’m gonna miss you class” 🥺🥺

  40. Never heard of her cut the hype let her be. What about people who died who earn a real living , the media bloody well sucks.

  41. He’s not being sarcastic it’s his accent he’s obviously upset by this and he deserves to not be giving out to he has lost a close friend R.I.P Caroline flack 😭💚

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