68 thoughts to “Lori Vallow arrested on Kauai”

  1. We don't need trash like this living in Hawai'i, evading the law. Throw them in a self storage locker like they did their dead children.

  2. Big deal…shes being held for questioning. She'll plead the 5th.
    I'm not sure if 5 million bail is even legal for the charges

  3. Unfortunately there will be no interrogation, she will plead the 5th. This narcissist won’t talk, her new non dead husband on the other hand…. if you rough him up a bit he will starting talking

  4. So bizarre. I kept having these thoughts that this whole thing with the kids was some sort of publicity stunt and she would produce them alive and well at some point after inevitable arrest. They only have to live until June after all. And it may take much more time to pin the other murders on her. I think she could walk and old Chad will go down for his first wife. For the kids sake, I hope my out of the box thinking is right.
    Because harsh reality keeps saying those kids are gone…

  5. The way I see it she was legally obligated to account for those kids. When you can’t account for your kids, off you go…..

  6. My theory: Hitman didn't get paid for "services," hitman took the kids, held them for ransom. Hitman never got paid ransom or hit money due to botched life insurance pay out.

  7. She'll get some defense lawyer with no soul and very possibly walk away a free woman. Hopefully LE have way more evidence than what we know of and can get to the truth of where these children are. I,myself dont believe they are alive and if that's the case the family members that actually love them deserve to lay them to rest and mourn. I dont think they'll ever tell where they are. Shes too warped in her mind to do the right thing.JMO

  8. Hallelujah!!! Finally! Where is that stupid Rexburg lawyer that came out with that original statement, not to judge them?

  9. Four possible tragedies so close. Man does she have terrible luck, or chased by something. It can gappen, but like this?

  10. I think lori might be the second most hated woman in america. Only second to that murderer Casey Anthony the whore of babylon.

  11. She has been able to prance around like an entitled princess because she is white – period. I can smell the privilege from here

  12. Just put her in general population and the Mama's, Nan Nan`s, and aunts in there will get her to talk. I'd love to spend a night in jail with her.

  13. I trust law enforcement 100%👍! I care about those 2 children :Tylee and JJ and I feel for their situation and I hope they will be found safe! …it is so sad. Seems to me there's a mental problems with Lori. Of course time was needed,this is a complicated case .GOD SPEED !!

  14. Chad married Lori while the kids were alive and did not have a father. Doesn't that make him a legal parent as well?  While there may not be evidence on the kids whereabouts I think they failed to process that because these are kids she will still be held accountable and so should he. For anyone who is a parent or legal guardian…  Children = Accountability !!

  15. Age 47!!!! She knows exactly what's she's doing. Just don't drag your bad habits here on Kauai. All eyes r on u. Island is too small to misbehave here. Time to fly home and pay your penance.

  16. The most important of this case is where are the children, you find the children then you know what to charge her with.

  17. Thank goodness she has been arrested. Hopefully now these children will be found and I hope to god they are ok. Lori has been playing games with authorities as if the law does not apply to her.

  18. Monster. This is always the case. They cry and try to be the innocent mother. All the while killing, abusing, selling…their own flesh, bones and blood. Those poor kids! All for some perverted sexual escapade and money. Pure evil.

  19. I have a daughter that I adore with everything I have, and when I see her daughter's pictures it brings tears to my eyes, because there's no way on earth I would do anything to hurt my daughter. No doubt that woman is a psychopath.

  20. Shout out to Kauai PD!!! This psycho needs to go to prison! Kauai residents don’t need these two psychos walking amongst them!!! The husband needs to get off Kauai not fair to all the residents!! Again shout out to Kauai PD!! 👍👍

  21. They are so use to getting away with murder, that's why they are so relaxed, just another sunny day in Hawaii. That's what they thought. If I believed the end of the world was coming, I would want to spend time with my children, maybe a trip to Hawaii, and tell them how much I love them. Not snuff them out.

  22. Finally, a black man commits a misdemeanor and he is instantly arrested, or maybe shot, and some entitled white bitch commits mass murder but she gets to continue her holiday in Hawaii…

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