Liverpool 2-0 Man Utd | Van Dijk and Salah win it at Anfield | Highlights

Liverpool 2-0 Man Utd | Van Dijk and Salah win it at Anfield | Highlights

Liverpool’s corner taken by Alexander-Arnold –
and in by Virgil van Dijk! It’s as simple as that for Liverpool. Good header away by Williams,
Salah with the up-and-under. Virgil van Dijk will be a nuisance
to David De Gea. United have made an almighty mess of it,
and it’s Firmino! Well, Manchester United are going to
raise hell with the referee here. But this is gonna need the help of VAR. Firmino, Oxlade-Chamberlain,
Gini Wijnaldum – absolutely beautiful goal! Stunning. Oh, it’s not gonna count,
the flag’s up. Manchester United
looking for something, and they have something
round the corner! Oh, and Pereira with a glorious chance
at the far post. Salah for Mane, ball was a little behind him! And David De Gea with
an absolutely brilliant save. On to Robertson, Salah! Well, it’s too good a chance
for him not to score. And here’s Mane, Liverpool have been
looking for a second and now they might have it,
it’s Mane! Oh. Here’s Salah, he’s got a run on goal, he’s still going –
AND SALAH FOR LIVERPOOL! Have a little bit of that! Mohamed Salah wraps it up and the roof
comes off the famous old stadium once again.

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  4. Liverpool sucks. Ask them to play in the la Liga or any league that don't play like little kids and see how they will be no. 1 in the league

  5. There’s me saying ‘one minute left, take it into the corner like Milner did against Barca’. Alisson and Salah wanted none of that – bloody brilliant outlet ball and Mo held off Luke Shaw to perfection. Score still flattered United at the end. Go ‘da Pool!

  6. This is scientific proof that Liverpool is way better than the useless, helpless, pathetic fools known as manchester devided or so called "United"!

    Liverpool, (the theatre of achieving goals) once again defeats manchester united (the theatre of mere dreams)!

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