100 thoughts to “Live: President Trump and Italian President Sergio Mattarella hold joint press conference”

  1. Every time he gets on this blah blah blah imaginary conversations with people when he says they tell me or serve it's all bulshit senile stories from the racist and resident

  2. Herr Pr瓣sident
    …??? ..Nein
    Es ist das Land unser
    V瓣ter und Grossv瓣ter .
    Wir haben zu Unrecht
    2WK verloren!!!!
    Nie zuvor wurde die Zivilbev繹lkerung nach
    dem Krieg vernichtet.
    Die Menschen verschleppt, ihres Eigentums beraubt.
    Der Wiederaufbau wurde auch zu Grossteil, was die Beseitigung der Tr羹mmer angeht, von den Frauen geleistet.
    Kein T羹rke wird sich den Wiederaufbau ans
    Rever heften.

  3. The US could send Trump to the North Syrian border armed with rolls of paper towels to throw and whip up his Turkey mess, that would scare them more than sanctions. 拎

  4. I liked Trump here, I think he was cool, and hanging out with the Italian president he has even become elegant and is not wearing his boorish yellow or pink ties

  5. The greatest president since Washington. Finally, we have a president that cares about Americans. He called out the military industrial complex. He shut down the ABC news propaganda punk. He called out the Europeans for ripping us off on trade and expecting us to pay for their defense.

  6. Ever watch an interview with Charles Manson, the way he jumps around and just non sequiturs around to completely different unrelated thoughts? Yeah, this guy!

  7. In the first 30 seconds: The United States and Italy are bound by our shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years, to Ancient Rome. Let that sink in for a century or two. Or maybe just for 5 seconds.

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  9. At a resaption. He cant even read. His mind is delinquent. So Turkeys paid up, so thats why he sent them to slaughter Kurds!

  10. reciprocal.. like Ukraine gives you dirt on Biden and we give them the foreign aid already allotted to them by Congress.

  11. President Trump is 100% correct on what he is saying about Syria. I've read extensively about it and he is correct. Most people don't know much about it and just listen to whatever mainstream media says about it. Thank you President Trump….you are the voice of reason.

  12. He actually shames the Democrats to other foreign Presidents and Heads of State….and the trumptards don't have a problem with that…smh.

  13. Hey…..all you folks that want us to stay in Syria and are against Trump on this: Fly over and help the Kurds. You want us to stay, nothing stopping you from going over yourself, or sending your sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters there.

  14. If PKK is worse than ISIS why did your admin arm them for 3 years?! There's zero connection between his brain and his mouth.

  15. It's still only a large fraction? A large fraction would be more than half wouldn't it? Doesn't make sense. He's reading it as if he can't wait to finish. No expression. Monotone. In fact, monotonous.

  16. Hey Italian Guy, better keep your daughter close to you or the Trump will have her pants off before you can say Napoli

  17. "A country which shares the same values of freedom, of the protection of human rights, of the respect for minorities, of the rule of law."

    Well, one out those four are true.

  18. I wish they would come down with the RECO act aginst this crime organization Trump is runing Trump being the head crime Boss and Pence the under Boss and Rudy Giuliani the Family countselor and so on these thugs should be locked up.


  20. Mr Trump – do you even think any longer before you speak?
    Mr Mattarella – did you take care to count your fingers after shaking hands with Trump?

  21. This fool's idiot is having a nervous breakdown !
    He is supposed to be addressing the president of Italy and starts rambling into a campaign rally for his cultists !
    He says our two countries were allies for thousands of years, when our own country has been in existence, two hundred and thirty some years ! Pathetically sad down fall of an American president .

  22. NATO conversation again…
    Well guess what NATO is now under pressure because of Trumps own erratic ways… he cannot resist throwing countries, people under the bus!

    Everyone is expendable, including the Kurds.

    This guy is doing backhanders, that's going to take years to clean up!!!

    Creating an unstable World, means more arms sales, in order to protect themselves.

  23. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three- aaaand he's stopped reading and devolved into stream-of-consciousness rambling. What a psycho. Not our best.

  24. Us should let these country fight their own wars as well Saudis fight Iran we shouldn't help these countries who bears great hatred towards us

  25. This is just for show, Trump's Daily Demonic Ego Feeding, he does this to feed his Narcasstic Personality disorder! Watch the News around the World, BBC News Algezeer etc.. they are saying: That Trump abdonden our allies the Kurds they are saying Russia had moved in & taking Americas place in this crisis Trump Created, They say America has lost it's Credability! And that Trump has Blood on his hands, Turkey wants Nothing to do with us , Putin is the New leader & has become the World Power on the World Stage, Putin met today with Saudi Crown Prince they rolled out the Royal Carpet for Putin! New partners! While America has been on the Trump Drama Train, Putin has met with China on New Currency, Syrian Leader over pipeline deal, Cuba, Iran, Venzuela & others, placing his chess pieces for the World take Over, while America has had their head in a box !Trump has destroyed America from with in and Gifted Putin the World Stage! Don't be surprised if we are Destroyed in one hour, thanks to Traitor Trump!

  26. Trump is a domestic president not a foreign affairs president. He excells in a court room enviroment where he is comfortable. 突蛤

  27. Sergio Mozzarella, please. He really looks like the famous tasteless italian cheese. With approximatively the same speech.

  28. Fox news on u tube deletes any comments that doesn't support DT. Seriously, l tested it a few times and each time my comments were deleted. Hitler would be so proud.

  29. presidente Mattarella visto che si trova in compagnia di Trump pu簷 personalmente informarlo che l'Italia non koper era pi羅 con l'America per inviargli contingenti di donne per i night club e casini vari che siano donne dall'estero dal Sud America o anche solo dall'Africa 癡 un pregio che ha gli Stati Uniti non sar pi羅 concesso come non ha sentito la notizia sembra che Apocalisse voglia far ritorno su quelle terre tanto per restare nella tradizione americana… Detto ci簷 la popolazione americana hai capito di essere sul pianeta??? E avete anche capito che la terra e la terra non 癡 la luna e non 癡???so bene che figli di #Babilonia abbinati ai vostri livelli non possono altro che produrre distruzione ma si d il caso che non siete pi羅 figli ormai vi siete evoluti in societ dico bene???

  30. mi piace vedere come met dell'Italia forse sia convinta che l'America nella Guerra passata mi riferisco alla seconda guerra mondiale sia stata in verit la nazione che ha liberato in un certo senso l'Europa dalla guerra voglio precisare che l'America con le sue societ esempio una MCM o una Disney gi architetta vano su come pianificare guerre mondiali in modo tale da poter gestire le ricchezze nei secoli dei secoli….quindi Stati Uniti State pure confinati con i vostri ideali alla fine l'essere umano non 癡 altro che il perpetuarsi dell'imperfezione stessa di madre natura e del pianeta Terra…le vostre favole non sono pi羅 adatte s穫 possiamo contare sulle favole startup dei fratelli Brin il mio consiglio personale 癡 evolvetevi al pi羅 presto possibile prima che il mio drago vi faccia visita

  31. Ed ora tutti insieme ammirate che cos'癡 la grandezza Divina nonostante le costose universit delle vostre insulse troie o quanto i vostri magnacci possano mangiare per 1000 2000 3000 vite…in verit il vostro non 癡 altro che uno specchio di avidit 癡 invidia conservatosi nei secoli踢

  32. post scritto magari presidenti siete pregati di informarci quando le aziende produttrici di armi si recheranno in Africa per contrabbandare con trafficanti o criminali peggiori grazie per la cortese collaborazione il mio interesse 癡 solo vorrei inserire un piccolo omaggio riservato dalla casa pianeta Terra per le persone che rappresentate so bene che voi siete solo la facciata in vista perci簷 io preferisco quello che c'癡 dietro sembra pi羅 succulento di voi

  33. The Columbus Day things is so disrespectful. There is a reason behind people complaining about it (Columbus himself led to much trouble for the Natives) and there was a reason for why it was created (some Italian-Americans were killed many years ago, and it was created to somewhat gift them with something). But saying he likes the day without explaining why is dumb.
    In Italy we dont have Columbus Day, so it was pointless in this instance.

  34. This comment section is just a stark reminder of how divided we are as a nation, and it is not anyone else's fault but our own.

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