Lev Parnas: Bill Barr ‘Had To Have Known Everything’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Lev Parnas: Bill Barr ‘Had To Have Known Everything’ | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Lev Parnas: Bill Barr ‘Had To Have Known Everything’ | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. The Entire Trump Cabinet Along with that POS himself should ALL be in Federal Custody. They are ALL Corrupt Lying Slimballs.

  2. The World knows Barr Barr Black Sheep is really Black,and in Trumps pocket with the Mafia hiding in behind closed doors,that hold hidden information ,about Epstein, Trump, and others hiding behind the locked safe,were video cameras stop working, and files get lost,as others pass away

  3. Darn, I've been called names by a democrat. That's just going to ruin my day! This is too funny. This will be the end of the earth for them when the president is cleared and walks away.

  4. Of course Barr knew all about Where's Hunter taking that bribe money on behalf of VP Biden. Who said he didn't?

  5. Barr has laid out for everyone to see, a radical reactionary Catholic agenda
    Compare to Propaganda Due to understand the lengths to which he will go,
    Unclear extent Durham is committed to same program
    Barr has left a lot of obscurity around Epstein’s end
    IMO he is doing this for Trump with the expectation of a seat on SCOTUS

  6. This has been going on for 2 years and all of a sudden BSNBC brings this fool who is going to prison on as a witness LOL. Wow I don't remember the Democrats in the House calling him.

  7. UkrIne opens investigation into ambassador stalking!

    #Zelenski may just get his meeting with trump in the #whitewhorehouse now?

  8. How difficult it is to evaluate anybody’s parole! Listening to some comments and explanations by networks, focusing on contemporary political events (Trump), do they give proof or are they just “just preaching” one sided of the story? Everything points to some credibility, much more than Trump!

  9. At this point in time I believe Trump Supporters are trying to destroy government. They have disgraced the presidency and continue to mock our free press, intelligence, Congress, etc. They are anti-American, anti-Democracy, by choice.

  10. At this point in time I believe Trump Supporters are trying to destroy government. They have disgraced the presidency and continue to mock our free press, intelligence, Congress, etc. They are anti-American, anti-Democracy, by choice.

  11. At this point in time I believe Trump Supporters are trying to destroy government. They have disgraced the presidency and continue to mock our free press, intelligence, Congress, etc. They are anti-American, anti-Democracy, by choice.

  12. Hopefully, the Justice IG starts an investigation of Barr. Barr is implicated in Trump's released letter. Barr tried to cover up the whistle blower's complaint. He muddied the Mueller report release. He throws parties at Trump's hotels. He travels the world over looking for dirt on the Bides. He launches investigations into those who investigate Trump. He just announced there will be no counter intelligence investigations into the upcoming elections unless he OKs them ( foreign help to Trump won't be investigated, but will be if it involves any help to Dems).

  13. If this time shows us anything it's that we need more protections in law for if we have a corrupt President and corrupt AG.

  14. When Barr lied to the public about the Meuller outcome, it was excruciatingly obvious that he was a crook, and in the pocket of Trump.

  15. Recusal's are no use if you have a corrupt AG. We need more protections in law for scenarios where there is a corrupt AG. A corrupt AG can just refuse to recuse, refuse subpeanas and yes they can be impeached but if you have a Republican controlled Senate what use is that.

  16. this whole thing reminds me of some old b-movie western. the sheriff in town is dirty and he is owned by the greedy rich man. they are united in their corruption. the sheriff runs the jail – and the sheriff runs the court house. the sheriff is bill barr. the businessman is trump. #TrumpIsGuiltyAsHell

  17. Barr had it written on his forehead; I CANNOT BE TRUSTED !
    I watched his confirmation hearings and it was clear as day.

    WHY-OH-WHY am i right and not the ones who SHOULD have known ?

  18. barr has had the full weight and the full force of the justice department – along with ALL the resources that go along with it – all this time. who has barr strong-armed? who has barr threatened? who has barr silenced? what has barr made disappear? it's interesting that as soon as the GAO announced trump broke the law – i'm reading about an 'investigation' focusing on comey. and that comes across as a personal grudge that's being carried out in public. these guys are nothing if not petty and spiteful. smh.

  19. So far, FOX has been very silent on Parnas interviews, at least on YouTube. They're all sitting there wondering how to spin it.

  20. He's a crook, Barr basically wrote a paper clearly stating his position that he would protect the president at all cost. When he went before Congress for confirmation why did they confirm him??? He needs to be impeached.

  21. He's The Worst of the Swamp Rats. For he has the power to do Harm. He's up to his Eyeballs in Everything. He'll have his Waterloo at the Judgement. Think He's So Big and Bad He's Going to BOW To Jesus.

  22. really enjoy watching this -know TRUMP will be cleared very soon, and AMERICA will love him even more,bring a even bigger win in 2020 for TRUMP

  23. Every official appointed or endorsed by Trump is there to protect his personal interests & to shield him from accountability.

  24. This is becoming more shameful day by day…. When and how will it end.. I don't trust any of these politicians as far as I can throw them. These ppl are representing america and those who claim they love this country so much are just as guilty as those who are corrupt,if they can't see all the cover ups and lies being told by the white house..

  25. 1:40 That's an important relation between "reason" and "cause" in terms of "our Founding Fathers' intent." Those are "mixed modes" in John Locke's Essay on Understanding, which proposes free will as "rational" where Descartes' reason had been doubtful (Meditations on First Philosophy).

    Those two definitions are implicit in Kant's three Critiques of Reason, which is intended as a synthesis, not as Einstein's analysis of matter.

  26. Barr is a monster who will not do the right thing. Recusing himself is a must. History will judge him as a criminal.

  27. The GAO may have pointed out that Trump broke the law, but who will enforce the law, Barr? We once believed that no one could be above the law, by now we know that someone can, if they are the president and they have the AG and the Senate in their pocket. We must decide if we are still a nation of laws or are we a nation of a king? Is it still we the people, or is it now, him the orange baby man?

  28. I listen to JJohnson talk and I no longer trust his opinion…After what he said about Bernie last year, and today saying that Bernie's followers see him as an Icon instead of what his policies stand for I say FLAWED PERSPECTIVE… NEXT!!!!!! .

  29. so you think when a person facing federal charges makes claims with no evidence against the AG, that said AG should recuse? wow

  30. Congrats to Bullfrog Barrf, the WORST and most CORRUPT AG in our History, and considering the competition that's quite something.

  31. Barr is not at all out for a "unitary president," he wants to make away with the US constitution and erect a religious dictature with punishment according to the Old Testament. He's a Dominionist, that detests the current secular constitution. And he wants to remove Trump ASAP, as soon as a viable Christian dictator appears. Perhaps Pence.

  32. : Why are you starting out with a lie????

    Your part of the ugly swamp… You obviously aren't happy…
    Snicker, snicker, 'talk blocked' Your obviously not paying attention to the right things, Barr clears the swamp, with you in it, it appears :

  33. Attorney General Barr is making a mockery of the legal system. He should be ashamed of himself but he wont be because the only shameful thing to these people is poverty and integrity.

  34. I love Chuck Rosenberg! His calm delivery and impeccable dry wit makes me feel best informed following his analysis.

  35. Trump, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Parnes, Nunez and the last guy cant remember the name who says “get over it” all should stand on trial and recuse themselves if they are in trial as jurors.

  36. Barr's actions have been disgusting and obviously corrupt. The way he handled the Mueller Report and how he disagreed with the FBI investigate and claimed that Trump was spied on. Congress needs to create a Ethics committee that has teeth

  37. The AG can be held accountable by congress? seriously said that congress is corrupt esp the GOP some are even involved in this mess. and as far as IG goes they are appointed by the president and approved by the senate so just like the judges they have been picking people that work with/for them. Also…
    whistleblower Jesselyn Radack's book Canary in the Coalmine, in which she describes her experience complaining to the Department of Justice OIG; instead of helping her, the IG office helped the DOJ get her fired and restricted from practicing as a lawyer.

  38. AG Barr had a specific role with the Ukraine plot, which was as his been announced previously in the media, this is not fake news, to once president Zelensky announced in Ukrainian media that Joseph Biden and his son Hunter Biden were being criminally investigated as well as an additional investigation into the Ukraine role in the 2016 presidential election would have triggered Barr to announce in the United States that a criminal investigation had been opened into Joseph Biden and his son!

    It is only because this got blown wide open and zielinski never made the announcement that AG bar never announced the opening of a criminal investigation into Biden! It wouldn't have been plausible, in fact it would have been a hoax and a witch Hunt! it's interesting that Trump and his pals are guilty of what they accuse everybody else is doing. get these chumps out-of-office!

  39. AG Barr is an experienced fat pig! His Scumbaggery is only eclipsed by that of Donald Trump ! Barr needs to be impeached immediately.

  40. People like Barr and trump have been fairly successful in destroying this country's future. More than ever before, it is time for the American voter to vote BLUE across the board in Nov. 2020 – ON A PAPER BALLOT.

  41. Barr told Trump that he would have his back if he made him his Attorney General. Now we see that Barr was always a Trump plant, a Trump flunky. Trump is a crook, and everyone besides the Trump cult critters knows that he is a crook.

  42. Oops⁉️
    Bars ☠️has officially Sold his Soul to the Devils (Trump👺 & Putin👹)
    and his life is already on 🔥 as He will end up Behind BARS like Cohen w/NO PARDONS

  43. Trump needs to be a witness in the hot seat. He is so stupid he would incriminate himself in the first 2 minutes.I would buy tickets to that I can tell you!!!!!!

  44. message to young demo progressives. did you see how they screwed bernie? again?? the demo party is corrupt, biden, hillary, polosi, too old and dirty. been a demo all my life. lies and corruption. start your own party for 2024. dump these disgusting perverts

  45. Fkin hilarious !! None of this is even real !! Bunch of crybabies sitting around playing what ifs! ?
    What if, maybe, could of, should of, we think, we heard , someone told us, if he did, if he knew!! You are doing nothing but presuming instead of finding facts or trying to corroborate these what ifs, you just keep pushing trash !! These hacks know nothing except , we think , we heard , someone said bs

  46. Barr and the DOJ is the president's government paid law firm and Guliani his point man. Barr is doing a great job as the president's advocate.

  47. This lady says it's wrong to smear and malign mainstream press.. Why is that wrong? They are not God. and hsve been sued and lost for smearing and maligning people themselves. They were found guity in court… Or they paid out millions before it would come to that.

  48. The Republican Congress and all of Trump’s men including himself don’t try to argue logic they just keep screaming I can do what ever I want I can say what ever I want and you can’t stop me whoever is protecting them needs to be exposed and I don’t mean Putin we know him but this isn’t his doing it is someone like the Mercer’s and what was the Koch brothers to be sure they aren’t the only ones but who ever is responsible are among the one percent and they need to be exposed

  49. THE GAO will that be the agency that puts a end to all this nonsense. Reminds me of the short. IRS man tells Elliot Ness he hasn't been paying his taxes when Elliot and his goons had been doing all If this sweating and dangerous stuff. When the little man. Brought the big bad guy down with his pen.

  50. #🌏💡🇺🇸🇬🇧👑💕✊️✅👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! “ Lev Parma’s Bill Barr” “ Had To Have Known Everything?”|Deadline|MSNBC!| Holy Grail YOU!| Judicial TruthsNothingButTheTruths!| Judicial Exemplary Justices 👩‍⚖️ Always Based Prior To Proceedings On Oath!| Falsehood Statements Criminal ACTS!| Mitigating Respondents?|Judicial Plaintive’s Always On Primary Note Worthy!~Subtending ~#InnocenceUntilProvedGuilty!~#🇬🇧[email protected]#RealDonaldJohnTrump~Anything To Hide Now Sir? YOU Sir Seems To Remain In Judicial Whirlpool!~#ProgressiveAwesomeDEMSPoweredByRt.Hon.MadamNancyPelosi|Indigenous American, Embracing Multiples Souls Including Aspects Of ~#LatinosSideStepped?| What We May Not See GOD SEES!~#GODLovesUs!~}.

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