100 thoughts to “Lebron James under fire for criticizing Rockets GM”

  1. So Rocket GM has the freedom of speech to insult China, but LeBron have no freedom of speech to say that guy should endure what he causes???

  2. Lebron is set to make up to $1 Billion from Nike over the course of his life …and we all know Nike works for China.

    That about says it all right there.

  3. There is no freedom of speech, just political right. You respect others, so be respected. Most American is arrogant, they do not has consciousness to respect the other country.

  4. LeBron basically said Morey didn’t know about the fallout of his words. In no way did cuz say Morey was wrong. And that’s what everybody in the NBA is saying. They’re not saying Morey was wrong but they’re saying HE shouldn’t be the one to say it, cuase of what it does to other people who aren’t even involved.

  5. I don't understand what's happening here. LeBron basically said what we all know: there's consequences to what you say. So why the fake outrage and controversy?

  6. He's a sellout, his whole carreer is a sellout, keeps changing teams and asking for the best players. Sellout! Even the school he said he opened for black kids, was not financed by him… look it up.

  7. You guys can point fingers, but you can't take it.
    This is freedom of speech.

    Unlike the lot of us, he's actually stepped foot in China. And it's actually not that bad a place to live in. And the HK "protests" or riots/terrorism is something with much more drastic consequences than wearing a shirt that says "I can't breathe".

    If we had Chinese people or celebrities that incited support and widespread reform of the many unjust acts that we engage in, we would lose our shit. Think about that.
    We're okay with forming echo chamber thoughts about a place we've never been to nor want to experience, yet we're so fragile that we would lose all rationality when someone decides not to join the bandwagon.

  8. Lebron James is not Chinese. Lebron does not live in China or Hong Kong. The Hong Kong protests against Mainland extradition has absolutely nothing to do with Lebron. People take on causes that affect them or their own people. Why do people expect Lebron to be cool with someone risking a billion-dollar empire, in which he plays a major role in, to hop on a cause that has nothing to do with him?

  9. Yeah, you guys have the freedom to support Hongkong outraged protesters and James have no freedom to support China. Not bias and double standard at all.

  10. Honestly despite their supporters Lebron has millions to loose just for opinions. In reality what can the people of Hong Kong expect for him to do? Shoot explosive basketballs? Does he have an army? Does he have any political power? No he doesn’t and it’s a wise choice he did.

  11. I know the ramification and consequences he is talking about is his money and sponsors in China. You shouldnot be selling the basic principles of his success just to sell some more sneakers and jersey and sucking up to China..

  12. For Lebron, to say that Daryl Morey was just thinking about himself is crazy, he was not just thinking about himself, he was not thinking about himself at all, he was thinking about the people of HK and China, He was thinking about their freedom. Lebron on the other hand was only thinking about himself and his money. To Lebron, their freedom is just as important as your's is.

  13. " u r not independent if ur loyalty is bought … sold to the highest bidder…"

    good thing the righteous don't take their cues from a person who works for the man for a living.
    And "democracy" is a lie too.

  14. Eh, heard it all before. I love being Right every breath. At least I know I’m not a steaming pile of shit like 90% of the talentless hacks.

  15. Most people or media use pro-democracy/free-speech when they report on HK related issues these days. However, you guys have not seen how violent the situation in HK is. It is violence and chaos that most people are against, not freedom. HK people do have all the rights but violence and chaotic protest are definitely not tolerable. #HKBELONGSTOCHINA#StandWithLebron

  16. You just blame on James for his point of view , but have you ever look at what is really happening in Hk? So not supporting protesters who are destroying hk is a wrong thing?

  17. The law says we have freedom of speech and when someone says what is on their minds people criticize them…come on people. #TeamLebron

  18. 1man do not make it wrong, but someone Tell me who has an answer to everything, but I will say doing your best can be misunderstood by a handful of people, again LeBron is only one man and who are the others !

  19. If these comments are coming from white Americans concerning money in LeBron's pockets please give me a break who has the money certainly not LeBron James truth be told what are all you nay Sayer going to do about bringing change in China !

  20. those people are so far removed from this world, Le Bron lives on another planet, getting millions for throwing a ball into a basket

  21. Isn't what James said a practice of FREEDOM OF SPEECH?
    Or is that what you guys words are FREEDOM OF SPEECH but not his?
    I saw no respect of his view of point here.
    Then who are the shallow ones?

  22. Use your common sense and understand what Lebron James is saying which is is, if everyone in the NBA is going to stand with Hong Kong, then it should be done collectively. Don't use your emotions and throw everyone into that decision without discussing it. I absolutely think that's fair, his not a slave and so, he is allowed to stand and protect his interest!

  23. LeBron meant his earnings is aligned with CCP interests. Well little did he knew that the CCP NOW wants this NBA Hong Kong festa tuned down bc they don't want people here to learn about the issues in HK and how much the CCP can assert their will on the world.

  24. What a Dumba_s talking about stuff he is to stupid to talk about what a Commi Moron idiot . He should not speek he is almost consider Mentaly Retarded to the Avg Joe.

  25. I thought westerners will stay calm and wise to an option that's different than theirs, maybe at least better than the Chinese do. Lol wrong, I was freakin' wrong

  26. SILENCE IS GOLDEN Cool to know that LeBron is still sane and not being too PC or being Social Justice Warrior when is sports. Get politics out from sports. The court is no place to be making statements. Its for people with common interest but different culture to build understanding.

  27. There are no protest in HK, only terrorist attack.

  28. Lebron is right. HK is a part of communist china, so those protester have no chance having democracy there. Rockets GM only cause problems tweeting crap, as if he can/willing to do something besides tweeting to help them. His fat ass should shut the fuk up, tweet his dog. All these lebron haters and rockets gm are miseducated. Lebrons right this time.

  29. Anyone who supports China is supporting communism. So Lebron is pro-communist. He's just not smart enough to realize what he is saying.

  30. his son was block at HK airport because HK riots block airport. You guys keeping promoting HK rioting behave, soon the riots will be around you because you guys all welcome for it!

  31. “Not thinking about others and only thinking about yourself”…. seems like he was thinking about millions of people in Hong Kong

  32. One of the so-called "Intolerable Acts" that caused the Americans colonists to rebel against the British Empire was a Parliamentary enactment that required Americans to be tried by juries not in America, but in England, meaning not by their peers but by people who lived in a distant place. Those British juries would not have been totalitarian as are the magistrates on the Chinese mainland who dispense "justice." Hong Kong, with it more than a century-long traditions of liberal values, has had among the rights of its citizens the right to be tried by a jury of their peers. That right was kept in place when Britain ceded Hong Kong to China. The recent Chinese government's decision try Hong Kong citizens on the mainland is why the current protest started.

    LeBron James is the one who is "misinformed." If he were an informed American, he would know the right to jury of one's peers in one of the inalienable right listed in the Constitution and is regarded as a human right in most free places. The NBA is an association of 30 billionaire plutocrats who would steal a dime from their dead mother's eyelid if they could. They don't give a damn about the rights of Chinese people nor even citizens of the US. They care about building their own billionaire piles. Their interest in China is milking a cash cow; human rights is just a meaningless externality to that effort for Adam Silver and all of his employers.

    I have admired LeBron James in the past, but here he shows that his fundamental nature is pursuit his own self-interest and an odious rejection of American values. A one sentence tweet supporting protesters defending their own freedoms is called "misinformed" by LeBron. Why, surely he doesn't want the people Hong Kong oppressed by having their right to a local trial taken away? No, it is the money–the financial opportunity for LeBron's brand along with the NBA owner's venal expectations.

    Now, why did LeBron James make such a statement? Not because of the tweet, but because the Chinese government went ballistic at the tweet. In America, we are free to say what we think and the state is our servant. What is just an expression of private opinion here is a threat to totalitarian rule in China here the people are the servants of the state. LeBron James is so misinformed that he damns a fellow American for expressing a private opinion. He is doing the work of China's totalitarian leaders.
    They called and he saluted to protect basketball shoe sales.

    This was a dropping away of LeBron's wholesome pose. This is LeBron James' equivalent of Michael Jordan's, "Republican buy sneakers" (a response to a question about a racist running for federal office from Jordan). It was a revelation that money is more important to LeBron than the rights of human beings and the values of the American founding. He's lost my admiration. Apparently, he'll take social stands only when it serves his personal wealth gathering.

  33. I never thought I can witness the right and the left media working together to face the common enemy, Communists. Thank you, China, for making our country whole again.

  34. Lebron has never said or done ANYTHING that conflicted his business interest or his employer that has to be acknowledged. He has been consistent. He gone shut up and dribble.

  35. did anyone maybe, just maybe ,think about it , what if he is right?

    that will change everything. so dont believe him, no matter he is right or wrong,

    HE IS WRONG, so I dont have to be panic.

  36. Talking point:"Had stood for similar things"…How is judging your own kitchen and encourage people to make change and judging other's "similar things"?

  37. Lebron:Morey was misled. He has freedom of speech. But he should learn the protesters in Hong kong are rioters. His speech has caused damage to NBA.
    American:No,you get into the money. You fight for Chinese money!Shame!
    Lebron:But I have no business and endorsement in China..
    American:We don’t care. You must stand with China boz you blame Morey.The world is black and white! No third color!

  38. They really danced around the issue. Chinese Communist Party authoritarianism reaching into the US is bad. US ability to use freedom of speech is amazing, and I have learned a lot by arguing with people over politics, ethics and strategy. I have probably been right some of the time, but I learned something every time.

  39. China: You can stick your freedom of speech to Donald Sterling ass !
    Donald Sterling : I'll stick back to Adam Silver's ahole twice as big as my racist xock. 😂

  40. Translation.
    “Yes, I firmly believe that those who do not share our opinion should be held to different standards than those that do.”

  41. so there are no one knows that his son has been attacked by so called freedom fighter in hk.there are terrorist not freedom fighter.

  42. Definitely not watching NBA anymore or purchasing Nike products screw you and you definitely are no Michael Jordan the true king of basketball and Space Jams …. LeBron James you have zero integrity !

  43. 2017 Lebron James on his pair of Lebron 15s inscribed with "Equality": “Equality is all about understanding our rights, understanding what we stand for and how powerful we are as men and women, black or white or Hispanic. It doesn’t matter your race, whatever the case may be, this is a beautiful country (USA), and we’re never going to let one person dictate how beautiful and how powerful we are.”

    2019 Lebron James on Hong Kong fight for democracy "Even though yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too.” Yes, Lebron, we understand you won't allow one person to dictate your rights unless it negatively impacts your bank account.

  44. LeBron is human guys, just like we all are, who are we to criticize and say we’ve never been selfish ourselves we’ve never said the wrong things when under stress, we never said something to our friend, brother, sister, cousin, mother,father, family that we didn’t regret after, One thing I do know is that LeBron is a good person and has stood up for what’s right in the past, He’s been a good role model for most of the 17 career years. The man always been on the spotlight since he was 16 and through the NBA for crying out loud, this man has opened up schools for kids so that they could have a better future, donated a lot for the less fortunate so they could eat , he’s a man who almost cried to hear another teams coaches wife had died giving he’s condolences on live tv, We all have a day and night when we are not our full selves. But One thing I do know is that LeBron is man with good intentions and a big heart. Lets not be so easy to attack someone and brake he’s character over a small mistake and call him names and define them by that forever, when we both know to call him that is just a foolish outlook when we are not perfect in this life ourselves.

  45. I agree with LeBron James. HKs always think there way is right and if
    anyone has a different opinion there say its not democracy or freedom,
    these people are literally inventing new meaning in the English
    dictionary! Pro-Democracy = Cult = Terrorist = ISIS.

  46. I agree with LeBron James. HKs always think there way is right and if
    anyone has a different opinion there say its not democracy or freedom,
    these people are literally inventing new meaning in the English
    dictionary! Pro-Democracy = Cult = Terrorist = ISIS.

  47. Another stupid nigga from the hood. Talking shit he knows nothing about. Shut up and try to dribble and chew gum at the same time nigga.

  48. Lebron is jealous Morley is getting more attention. He needs to shut up and dribble. Hes not Muhammed ali , should stay out of politics

  49. Lebron speaks on social issues that pertain to the African American community. Which is something he could relate to because he was raised in that type of community. People need to understand the NBA is a business first let me just put that out there right now. You can't send a group of people with families to a communist country that is part of your brand thinking it couldn't get out of hand. If China really wanted to they could in prison all these players or even worst killed them if they wanted to because they have the right to considering their laws. Daryl Morey could have waited two weeks after the players were on U.S soil to start tweeting on another foreign government issue. People acting if they lived in China there whole life, but never once stud one foot into that country. They question who made there car parts, cell phones, shoes, clothes and more. I'm tired of hearing about Daryle Morey when have you ever spoken on the social issue we have here in the US? I'm waiting

  50. LeBron James can’t critics CCP because, it’s effect his wallet. He need to educate himself before he run his mouth. He is an hypocrite 😆🤣🤣🤣

  51. lol. so this is what you called 'freedom of speech'? so people are always wrong when they hold different opinions? you people are just jokes 🙂

  52. At least LeBron has been to China, have you guys been to China? Buy yourself a ticket to Hongkong, then you will find out the truth, and LeBron should have the freedom to speak what he wants

  53. All these great comments and holy ass people, commenting, form there Chinese made phone's, in your Chinese shoes. Most of u idiots don't know what there even protesting. It's a law they want change. Hong Kong, has freedom of speech. China wants to extrodite criminals from Hong Kong. Some people, like Russians like there life. None of u have been to China, Portland's idiot excecutive could have turned a small traffic violation or Jay walking violation into a jail sentence, take his ass there and tweet!!! There were gonna give Jello ball , Life for stealing glasses.

  54. The black man says lebron is a SJW. Yeah right!!!! He can say that and be a SJW LOOL and a vegan can eat meat lool black people sense… lebron calling the other guy not educated enought. He has 0 studies loool

  55. Lebron who loves money more than freedom calling ones who speak up selfish. Lebron who is a high school grad, which is almost as illiterate as you can get today is calling a MIT grad uneducated

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