Leaked Testimony Unveils President Donald Trump’s ‘Shadow Foreign Policy’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Leaked Testimony Unveils President Donald Trump’s ‘Shadow Foreign Policy’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts to “Leaked Testimony Unveils President Donald Trump’s ‘Shadow Foreign Policy’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. Why wouldn't Trump want his taxes released? Maybe it'll point investigators towards shady dealings? That he really does need the campaign donations because he is broke? Possibly he isn't the greatest person to be claiming "amazing" economic policy if it turns out he destroyed the inheritance he received?

  2. Benedict Donald the biggest traitor in our nations history.
    Trump Towers Istanbul, the Turks could shut that down in an hour. Trump Towers Moscow the family wont even break ground on it without Putins say so. Now the Kurds are running for their lives and Russian troops are spending the night in an American base we built in Syria to protect our allies. Russians are un our base and we are on the run too. Need i say more. Benedict Donald has spit on our constitution and now he is endangering our troops. Now that is treason.

  3. trump's best option at this time would be to simply resign. and HOPE that Pence pardons him (But Mikey, why would you after trumpee has thrown you under the bus?) As this investigation goes on and on, trump and Rudy will reveal more and more. making prison time a virtual certainty. Probably spill over to his criminal kids too.
    But you know trump wont ever resign… he'll play it out. Such is the fate of a narcisist.

  4. Let me get this straight… Guiliani – the President's top henchman – gets paid by what seem to be essentially Russian agents? Hmmmmmm… in the good old times, when one of the assistants of German chancellor Willy Brandt was exposed as an East German spy, it led to Brandt's resignation – and he didn't know of his assistant's activities, let alone condone them. Now we have a US president who apparently sends his fixer to make deals with shady foreign agents to dig up dirt on a political opponent, removes career diplomats who are in the way, hijacks US foreign policy to exert pressure… anyone care to defend, rather than deflect, that?

  5. God bless president Trump & his family 🙏🏾. Reading these comments just shows you how dumb, deaf & blind humans can be 🤦🏾‍♂️
    4 more years! Drain the swap Mr Trump! ✊🏾

  6. We are now witnessing all the things that Manafort was unwilling to divulge, and which Mr. Mueller's investigation missed. Trump is a greed-driven traitor and criminal psychopath.

  7. Tricky Trump is tricking the progressive-liberal-socialist-true fascists-creatures of the swamp- fake media-leftist clowns all over again with yet another perplexing trick. Why do all these morons take the bait???

  8. Recent news say the corruption is with the debunked Ambassador. She is facing breaking 5 laws and should be investigated! Your a joke!

  9. Leakers policies! Really? They are snipes! They have GOD complexes, they can't convince public of anything, the are leaking only what they want to help democrats! You mean like what Clinton and Bidden did in Ukraine! Scam is true!

  10. It's crazy how they try to spin everything negatively. *Trump tries to cover up his conversation*. Really, last time I checked he, himself had it released. What a joke news crew.

  11. Nancy Pelosi need to resign she is trying to over throw the President. In the meantime chuck Schumer is in hiding building a safe house. America needs to get the Democrats out of office

  12. Remember the op-ed send to the New York Times? I wonder if Bolton then already was involved with the resistance. I don't care if Bolton was bad news, in the end he did the right thing for his country America. Maybe seeing Donald going berserk, pouting and screeching inside the White House, has changed him for the better.

  13. The House has wide discretion under the Constitution to hold impeachment investigations as they see fit. The Republicans objecting to proces is just bloviating nonsense and hoping people are ignorant. LOL

  14. VOTE FOR WARREN. If your sick of being the middle class that gives more than 50 percent of your income to taxes. CHANGE IS NOW! its time to tax the richest of the rich. VOTE FOR WARREN!!!!

  15. Donald is Deep State; he is the one who has ghost agents and foreign agents to deal with America's unfriendlies secretly – and destroy the notes afterwards, backchannels in the Russian ambassadors back room, celebrating con jobs with the same Russians in the Oval Office


  17. Vote out all Russian loving republicans, gutless traitor's. Putin's Mitch 🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠🛠

  18. Just for the sake of being precise, Leaked Testimony Unveils ‘Shadow Foreign Policy’ by the legendary canon lâche John f face Bolton ..

  19. 🇺🇸🇺🇸VOTE TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸
    President Trump's accomplishments.

  20. Calling it a policy sullies the word. Trump has no policy except what he's feeling at the moment. That is not a policy shadow or sunshine.

  21. Dems–if you are bored here's a video for you! Might not be your cup of tea though–it's called the Biden/Hunter Corruption Video! lol America is watching! Trump 2020 & BEYOND!

  22. So where does MSNBC have now, About 4 viewers? You fucknuts might as well get used to it Trump's going to be around for another four years come 20/20!

  23. I love the irony of the whole situation! Trump said he'd drain the swamp! I guess you need to add to it before you drain it all xD
    Edit: Alliteration time! Best words to describe Trump? Purely Partisan Political Pussyfart

  24. Trump 2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Remember the character Mason Verger from the TV Series "HANNIBAL"? To illustrate the perverted intricacies of his sadistic nature, the writers made him collect and then DRINK the TEARS of small children he would deceive, abuse and violate, resulting in a disturbingly powerful image of an evil narcissist – well, i am not quite as self-centered and twisted, but when in pain, or doubt – i just put on my "OOOOPS, what had just happened to our Democracy?" 2016 US Presidential Elections tapes – and slowly SAVOR the expressions of loss, shock and painful disbelief on all of ya long liberal faces that dawned on you once the RESULTS were announced :)) Priceless, truly wonderful moments of seeing the waves of Liberal ILLUSIONS being CRUSHED by the REALITY.
    Let m ask u a test question: remember just HOW confident, absolutely positive, 100% sure ya ALL were that HILLARY will win back in 2016?
    Does that level of confidence match the one you have NOW about the "orange man's" chances to be IMPEACHED? :))
    Trump got the Democrats EXACTLY where he wants them – digging their own GRAVE, that the Black Hole of UKRAINE will sure soon become!
    It is YOU who r stupid, dumb, neurosis-stricken ignoramuses, obediently following the bread cramps Trump masterfully and strategically placed on his path to RE-ELECTION! :))

    We r in for the Second Great Night of Long Progressive Faces – and i can't wait! :))

  26. Ghouliani and the ghouls along with the lying pumpkin man I assure you that Karma is going clear the toxicity

  27. People should watch Game of Thrones, there are many examples of people fighting for the principles of upholding the foundation that makes the entire kingdom exist, in our case there are bureaucrats whose purpose is to keep the wheels turning, the engine running, and fixing processes that break. They are our Varys, they care about the people as part of being "We the People". If people could look at the bigger picture then they would understand why there are whistleblowers and take it seriously. The media has always been sensational, they are the people who spread what happens, and it is fact. Is it every story or even the full story? No, but that is why "We the people" are supposed to be engaged enough to read and watch information from as many sources as possible, ask logical questions that are truth seeking rather than chasing down rhetoric that fits our bias. If people had that level of practicality, both Liberal and Conservative extremes then we would not be in this tailspin of chasing conspiracy theories. Also, it's time that Congress add an amendment that commentator and opinion hosts provide a disclaimer that, that's who they are.

  28. Trump deserves the same punishment that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg received back in June 19,1953 in Sing ,Sing Prison .

  29. LMAO these idiots go and do Trump dirty work an a bunch of idiots and look at how everyone says Trump ordered, and these morons fellow like a bunch of idiots, without thinking wait a minute, what if this goes south what will happen then well then idiots Trump will said you all did it he did nothing, he didn't put a gun to your head you all did, so guess who goes to jail just like Cohen, idiots.

  30. Trump.and scum.team.go and drown in the swap.you soon be singing jail house rock for years.pity electric chair was not still about your very like a big Mac trumpey.

  31. Trump and his men do not care about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! He only cares about money. I am truly hurt! I didn't vote for him, but he's my President. The Curds, women, children the elderly. They are being slaughtered! He's going out with Putin taking over because of my President!

  32. RUSSIA , Saudi prince pay Rudy, Barr, the other thugs on trump's mafia team. At same time OUR treasury is robbbed and delivered overseas…rubles.

  33. The WhiteOuthouse is complaining about the Democrats conducting testimony behind closed doors? Where were all these blatant criminal morons when Orange Pornsident was conducting "meetings" with foreign officials behind closed doors? This Depraved, Demented Pariah should have been impeached a long time ago!

  34. Follow the money…and the people. Guiliani was getting paid by RUSSIA to meddle in Ukraine's business and politics. The same Russian was also involved in helping Trump finance his tower in Moscow. Russia is at war with Ukraine and Trump holds back their funding and weapons until they do a little deal with him. That deal is not just to try and get dirt on his political opponent but also to say that Urkaine meddled in the 2016 voting in the U.S. to absolve Russia, who has already been proven to have been involved…and still are. If Russia is absolved of the meddling then it gives Trump an opportunity to lift sanctions on Russia. Trump is at the moment trying to end the Open Skies treaty, which has been allowing the world to identify the moves Russia is making on Ukraine and others. This does not benefit the U.S.A. nor the other countries involved. Trump has also, without support from his 'team' and in a seemingly wild gesture, pull out of Syria, leaving allies to die, for NO reasonable reason. The only ones this is benefiting is….you guessed it…..Russia! Trump should be done for treason. Seriously, the man is working for his own best interests and those of Russia. It is glaringly obvious. These are facts, not gossip or rhetoric or b/s rumours.

  35. I am definitely in the upside down.. I'm backing John Bolton and then agreeing with Neil on Fox.. Omgosh I need a drink 😳
    People will keep coming forward like Congress is a therapist. They will line up to get this crap off their chest to feel better and I don't blame em…

  36. It's always the Republicans sadistic actions, lies, betrayal, corruption & values that threatens the safety of our homeland.

  37. How exactly is that a shadow foreign policy …you’re just making stuff up… did the writers get bored screwing each other in the butt… I know y’all like that crap

  38. Bolton wants a war, and Trump doesn't. Whats wrong with that? No one wants another war!!
    MSNBC= Mouths Spewing Nonsense Bullshyte, & Corruption

  39. Trump needs to be asked questions about his relationship with Putin. He trust Putin over his America's advisers. He spoke to Putin alone. He praises Putin. He makes Executive decisions that favor Putin and Russia. He wants Russia to included into the G7. Trump doesn't support legislation that would make it more difficult for foreign countries to influence the US elections, like he wants Putin's help for his election.

  40. Shadow policy? Trump is the most transparent president I've ever seen. Stop trying to transplant your own accusations onto him, anyone with a brain knows which side is shrouded by shadows.

  41. Its quite clear that Donald Trump needed career officials out of the way so he could send Rudy Giuliani ( his lap dog) around the world to do his dirty work! Its all about DJT and what benefits him personally!

  42. "…we are learning about a rouge effort…"

    Seriously, MSNBC? "rouge"? At least World of Warcraft players know it's a deliberate malapropism when they use the term ><

  43. trumps attorneys need attorneys. lots of jobs for lawyers. the white house, the senate, judiciary,  remember when this happened under Obama.

  44. It was best expressed on CNN where they said "it is a hijacking of US foreign policy to pursue personal gain". Caligula and his senators will leave an ugly scar in American politics.

  45. Trumps legacy will be a text book for Psych Majors, 'The Imploding Narcissist'! 45 years since Nixon resigned……45 to be impeached.

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