Latest News – No Impeachment In Sight & other Insignificant news

Latest News – No Impeachment In Sight & other Insignificant news

Alright in news.
The big story of the week still goes to
the pending impeachment or proceedings
or whatever of Donald Trump. I’m again
not sure anybody really cares about that,
but here’s news you do care about.
Iran recently arrested Angelina Jolie…..
Lookalike for blasphemy saying that she
was contributing to youth corruption.
Much like the real Angelina Jolie
who just keeps corrupting babies.
She adopts from other countries.
In Oregon a taco bell customer
recently had his throat slashed,
but not for what you might think of.
Somebody might normally get their
throat slashed in a taco bell.
He was just trying to get his hands
on one of those Doritos Locos tacos.
Not exactly rare. Not hard to get.
It’s not a Popeye’s chicken sandwich.
Just wait your turn.
Ecuador leading the wave of the
new delicacy. Guinea pig ice cream.
That’s right. Guinea pig ice cream.
All the rage and Ecuador these days.
What’s disturbing is I don’t give a
crap if it’s somebody milking the little
teats of Guinea pigs all day
long or if there’s a machine.
Cause the real,
real victim in here is the family members
of the man that invented a machine to
Guinea pig
Lille France just had a signing
of a superhero climbing,
bounding rooftop to rooftop. No,
it wasn’t Superman nor
Batman. The black Panther
or it was an actual bizarre black Panther
that somehow managed to make it flip
to rooftops in France. That’s stupid.
In a shocking swap of events a North
Carolina man claims that big foot has been
watching him. I’m not
sure what this man does.
That’s so interesting that big foot
would travel all the way from the Pacific
Northwest where we know he lives just
to see what he’s doing in the woods in
North Carolina.
All this whistleblower stuff going on
out there and people are jumping right on
that bandwagon trying
to make a quick buck.
50 cent has come out saying he is
going to do a documentary about this
whistleblower. It’s going to follow
the brief, but tumultuous rap career.
Takashi 69 who I’m not saying is the
whistleblower from the white house,
but I mean, I’ve never seen him
like not in the white house.
So I mean it’s possible. Makes about
as much sense as the rest of it.
Ronnie from Jersey shore fame has
been arrested for domestic violence.
No, I don’t find domestic violence
to be amusing in the least bit.
What I’m shocked about that anybody is
actually surprised by it. I mean, hell,
we’re talking about this guy.
Alright guys you know the drill.
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it easy. Lille France.
We’re still going.
This is supposed to happen where you
still go and start talking about the foot
and start talking about
the fridge and the broke
or is the black Panther
about to be sighted here.

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  1. This has been the craziest term for any president in history…I’m really surprised President Trump can get anything done, but he is…President Trump and Vice-President Pence 2Q2Q.

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