Latest news from Japan (30/11 – 06/12) |【ENG SUB】

Latest news from Japan (30/11 – 06/12) |【ENG SUB】

Hello guys and welcome back to a new episode of latest news from Japan on our channel OurEyesYourEyes Before starting, of course i remind you to subscribe to our channel, click on the notification bell and follow us on our social media! Today i have a lot of news to tell you so be prepared because i think this video will be endless! Let’s start immediately! You remember the problems between Japan and South Korea Yes, i know you know them very well! Every year around December there is an annual meeting in which the presidents of both countries meet in order to discuss about what was the year like, but this year, guys, there won’t be this meeting. The issue started when a south korean lawmaker made a controversial remark regarding the new Emperor Naruhito So guys the meeting was cancelled. But i have to tell you that on the 16th of December Shinzo Abe and the the president of SK Moon will meet in order to discuss about the import and export trades about the two countries…as you all know there are issues over there as well. Let’s hope there will be a way to solve all these things also because the situation is not changing a lot even if the GSOMIA relations, as i was telling you, is still going on even if it’s a little bit strange… Let’s still talk about the royal family, because Naruhito and Masako decided to keep the Inni street open to public you find this street next to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The reason is that now in autumn there’s the foliage that means all autumnal colors exposed and especially in that street there are a lot of momiji trees that are amazing and during Autumn they become totally red So the Emperor and the Empress decided that all people could take a look at them till the 8th of December that means till tomorrow! So if you’re in Tokyo and you are tourists go and check it out, also because it’s a great experience! I end the subject regarding the royal family by saying that Princess Aiko turned 18 this week She’s also finished her last year of high school so congrats to her and happy birthday, of course! I keep talking about international relations between Japan and other countries in the world, because this week Abe e Trump met and signed a new trade contract Starting from the beginning of next year, the US will have some tariffs cuts regarding some farms and the free trade of some industrial goods. Let me know in the comments what you think! I go back becoming sad, because some hours ago Japan had a tragical news I don’t know if you know this, but Tetsu Nakamura is a japanese physicians and he’s really famous here. He went to Afghanistan with the purpose to help lots of injured people during terrorist attacks, bombs and wse Two days ago was found dead due to a shooting People think that shooting was projected already. Not only Nakamura, but also other 5 other people were involved and died. They were all in the same area at that moment. I want to thank Nakamura because he was essential in many occasions He helped lots of people so thank you so much for what you’ve done till now and to what you could have done if you didn’t die. Grazie davvero, Nakamura. You know me very well , could i make a video like this without talking about the Olympics? Of course not! If you remember last week i was talking to you about the fact that the Olympic stadium is finished I don’t remember if it was the previous video or the previous one but anyway i gave you this news already. But today we’re here to talk about the details and be ready because there are lots of things to say I start by saying that all this stadium costed 252 billions of yen…..not so much, right? Nothing important ahahahah Inside of the stadium there are 60.000 seats There will be lots of escalators and elevators with braille signs a great area dedicated to disabled people only 500 seats for them. so they can also enjoy the event without issues. There will be toilets well prepared for all the disabled people so let’s say a great attention paid to this subject that is fundamental Take care of people who need help the most and i have to say that Japan is one of the most well trained for this There will be lots of WIFI spots In fact more than 30.000 people will be able to connect to the wifi inside the stadium immediately with a great wifi speed never seen before Something incredible and huge! The seats will have different colors and will represent the 5 main colors that are also the 5 main colors of the 5 continents that will join the Olympics. But it’s not over yet, because if there will sunny days the seats will reflect the sunlight and will be able to become like a sort of mosaic Another great thing! Last thing about the stadium is that there will be a 5th floor that once the Olympics will be over will be able to be visited by tourists as a new panoramic view not only of the megalopolis but focus to cherry blossoms in Spring or the momiji during the Autumn season. Another great idea so this is not wasted money fortunately, i should say. You can find this stadium next the Kokuritsukyo-Gijou toei subway station, in which it passes the Oedo Line that is one of the most used lines in the city center. Let’s go and watch the Olympics I will watch them at home but for all the people who are going to join this huge event….have a great time!! The news about the Olympics are not finished yet because i go back talking about the Marathons. You all know there were moved to Sapporo but now i give important infos because first of all all the tickets sold for the marathons in Tokyo and that now they won’t be able to be used because it was moved to Sapporo will be refund So people who bought tickets will be refund for sure Then, talking about the marathons the male and the female ones, The male marathon will be held the 9th of August at 7 a.m while the female marathon will be held the 8th of August, that means the previous day, always at 7 a.m You would probably ask: why at 7 a.m? Because as i told you before, the athletes will take an airplane to reach Tokyo in order to receive the medals and to join the closure ceremony of the event. So actually they have to do it early in the morning. Another thing to say is about the triathlon in this case it will be held in Tokyo , that was not moved, fortunately Its beginning was anticipated a little bit It would have started at 7:30 a.m but now it was decided it will start at 6:30 a.m …the reason?? As always the heat. You probably want to know how much did they spend for these Olympics Many people guessed a lot of money were involved in this I can give you the answer for this They spend one trillion yen and it’s seven times the initial price that was suggested I just wanted to share with you this info to assure you that they didn’t spend a lot…………….. Just a little bit………. Do you remember the Shuri Castle in Okinawa that was caught on fire due to a short circuit more than a month ago? I just want to give you a great news because the donations that were made through that website i put here down reached 1.2 billion yen Awesome!!! Thanks to all the people who donated and thanks to all the people who keep going on donating so that the castle can be rebuilt as soon as possible. I just remind you that it should be ready in 2022. That means really soon! I want to talk to you about medicine. because now i’m going to give you two great news made in japan! Let’s talk about the Parkinson disease. A japanese university team is trying a new method to cure this disease. They are trying some ultrasonic waves to those the patient will be exposed and till now it seems to be effective This cure doesn’t have a 100% validity but this team is making a great job to find an alternative that could be able to alleviate or decrease the speed of this disease on the patient. But now i want to give you another news Now we talk about cancer. A japanese doctor is trying a type of cure to all types of cancers even those that are really powerful through a machine called Cyberknife. This machine was able to defeat cancers that were really big In fact the doctor himself had an interview on NHK, the national japanese tv channel, in which he stated that he could be able to cure the cancer of a woman that had a tumor of 6 cm length on her neck. What is this machine? First of all this machine is producing cyber waves that are painless on the patients and there are no negative effects after the treatment. This is something great, for real! More than 1000 people tried this method and other 1000 people will try to use this from this week till next year in order to see if this machine can really change something like this in something great! If we can cure the cancer with this machine all the issues people have due to this thing that’s called cancer will be over and i would be so happy for all the patients who can have the chance to be cured without any type of pain and be able to defeat cancer in a peaceful way and without any issue. This doctor is still trying to renew the machine in order to increase the skills of it So year after year it’s becoming more innovative, technological and gives hope by giving positive effects Something absolutely great! Are you driving and are you using your smartphone at the same time? Be careful , because first of all you shouldn’t do it because is something totally wrong and second of all because there are new fines coming up for all the drivers who use the smartphones while driving. If you have a big car you could be asked to pay a fine of 25.000 yen if you are caught in that situation The same thing for people who have a standard size of car in that case you have to pay a fine of 18.000 yen. If you have a bike you can pay a fine of 15.000 yen and if you have a motorcycle you pay 12.000 yen. If you are caught by making the same mistake the second time in that case there are two options 1) you’re going to pay a fine of 100.000 yen 2) you’re going to spend 6 months in jail. Are you driving? Leave the smartphone on your next seat on inside your bag, because that thing can wait You have to drive and be responsible because there are things that can change your life, that are irreparable and they don’t just change your life, they can destroy your life as well. Be more responsible for this Now i want to talk to you about another subject that’s making people really angry, and the subject is casinos! You need to know that an american company decided to promote some casinos all around the world, Japan as well. Many japanese cities already agreed with this project and they would like to open one in Hokkaido especially in Sapporo. People made a petition, 20.000 signatures in which they expressed their concerns regarding this idea and it seems that Hokkaido listened to them They don’t agree to build a casino over there. The reason why they don’t want to open it is because it’s not matching with the landscape very well. Hokkaido, as you know, and as you already saw in our videos it’s not like the usual metropolis or it’s not the usual areas in which there are cities full of skyscrapers and stuff like this. It’s a rural japanese area where full of natural spots and so put a casino over there is not a great thing even if it would be built in Sapporo Think about it, i can’t imagine Sapporo with a casino! I can’t find this a nice idea. I’m totally against gambling or stuff like this Let’s say things that can destroy entire families and i want to underline this! I’m really happy they are not able to open it I hope that Tokyo will understand this is a great idea as well It’s doesn’t create something good. Do you like casino?? Write it in the comments below Tell me your opinion, even if you disagree with me it’s all good because the important thing is that you tell me your thoughts! Now i’m talking about cosmetics!! As you can notice i don’t wear make-up at all! But now i don’t talk about cosmetics for women but cosmetics for men!! because Japan is opening its mind about it In fact many cosmetics companies such as Shiseido decided to create a cosmetic line just for men But now i tell you another thing Fujifilm, that is a company that principally makes video cameras and cameras they also decided to make a cosmetics section of their brand dedicated to men! The reason for this? “because also men need to feel comfortable especially at their workplaces” I already imagine all the employees inside a japanese company who, instead of typing so fast on the computer, look at one another and say “oh, what type of foundation did you use?” “and what about you? Which concealer did you use?” I can’t imagine this here! 2019 is about to finish soon and in Japan, as for every year, people make the list of the most used names for babies in this year! I have the two names most used and most given this year one for baby girls and one for baby boys. Let’s start with girls!!!! The most used name is Rin. You probably would say “did they all watch Naruto this year?” I don’t know, but this name is really famous here this year in Japan Tell me if you like it in the comments! But let’s talk about baby boysss!!! The most used name for boys is Ren! Maybe you’re going to say “did the parents watch Nana?” I don’t know but these are the two most used names for new baby born this year! Let’s talk about sport now! Even this week i have to give you 2 news that are really important! Let’s start talking about Hikaru Mori She is the champion of the women individual of trampoline Congrats, because personally speaking i really love these types of disciplines so i really can’t wait for the Olympics, sorry that i still talk about the Olympics right now, I can’t wait to watch all these kind of stuff especially for these types of disciplines Congrats Hikaru, you did a great job! Let’s talk about another champion, Kento Momota, who won the national championship of badminton! Congrats to him as well! and let’s hope he can make it also internationally speaking! Before talking about anime manga and wse (today we have many news about this subject) i want to give you a special news about technology because this past week especially the 4th of December there was the 25th anniversary of Playstation! It was a great changement in the technological world as never before! It sold till now 450 millions of pieces worldwide! and thanks to this Sony received the guinness world record as for the best selling console ever Thanks Playstation because even now i still remember all the beautiful moments spent with family and friends playing one of your videogames What’s your favorite videogame guys? My favorite one is Silent Hill So great! I still suggest it for all the people who have Ps 1, PS 2, PS 3 and let’s say that next year PS 5 will come. People already say it will be super technological I will let you know next year, because i’ll be here for sure so stay tuned We will talk about it for sure but in the meantime, dear PS thanks for everything and congrats for these memorable 25 years! But now let’s talk about anime, manga and stuff like that! I immediately start with a sad news so then we put it aside and we can talk about positive stuff! Makio Inoue 80 years old, died. For those who don’t know , he was the voice actor of Goemon for what regards Lupin and Captain Harlock in many anime series. Thank you Inoue-san for all the beautiful things you did and thanks to have given your voice to two main and great characters who will always stay in the history of animation Grazie davvero. But now let’s clear our minds from sadness and sorrow, Matsumoto Leiji felt ill in Italy in Turin during an event to celebrate 40 years of Captain Harlock Let’s say it: the sensei came back to Japan and when reporters asked him “how are you now, sensei?” He said by himself “i’m good now”! So things are getting better for sure! Great job, sensei! We’re all by your side! Now i want to talk to you about the Cultural Honor Award that is the award the government gave to two symbols of animation and manga in this first Reiwa year, that means the first year of the new japanese era. You all know them, come on! Now that i’ll tell you their names you’ll say “of course we know them” One is the famous, the one and only man who is always discussed here Tomino Yoshiuki and the other person is Takahashi Rumiko! These awards were given to them! Congrats to both of them! Now i’m going to talk to you about butts!! Now you’ll think “she is crazy” No, i’m not! I’ll talk to you about butts, because as you know or maybe you don’t know here in Japan the butt detective is so famous! I don’t know if you know what i mean This started to be a series of books for kids in which you find the main protagonist that is a butt. I’m showing you the picture here so you’ll understand! Then this turned into an anime that is going on on NHK, if i’m not wrong It’s still successful between kids you can’t imagine! If you go to a book store you find butts everywhere, sorry to say! ahahahah This thing will become a musical. You have to try to imagine a parent who takes his/her kid to the theater to see a musical about a butt! I’m speechless! Anyway, this musical will start in April 2020 Kids, if you want to see butts everywhere go and check it out! I hope the actor is not going to choke because look at the picture of the musical! i hope he’ll be fine! I go on talking to you about live stages connected to anime because now in Japan anime live stages are so famous so you go to the theater you see something related to a specific anime or manga! We saw many examples but now it’s time for MHA There will be a live stage called MHA: Honmono no Hero, that means the real hero and you are able to see it starting from next March and April 2020 both in Tokyo and Osaka If you like this anime or it happens you’re able to come to Japan in that period go and check it out, because it will deserve for sure! Another great anime news !!! There’s the new Conan movie coming out and i also have the date for it Also the trailer came out some days ago Go and check it out here on YT or whatever This new movie of Detective Conan called will come out in Japan on the 17th of March This year will be something unbelievable everybody comes back, everybody goes away (open bracket…i’m referring to SNK….closed bracket) A lot of anime, manga amazing things. Let’s be ready, because next year this channel will explode Let’s hope in a positive way! We will keep you posted about all the things happening , be ready for it! The good news are not over yet, because now i tell you about a side story of an anime that is so famous here in Japan I don’t know if it’s the same in your country write it in the comments below. Anyway i talk about Madoka Magica. It’s so famous here and soon this side story will start as an anime series The date is the 4th of January. We’re almost there , 3, 4 weeks and here we are! Guys, this year will make us fly! You thought that sad moments were over, right? Sorry, i lied to you. I didn’t mean to do this on purpose, but i have to tell you something bad. The representative director of one of the most famous animation companies here in Japan, Gainax, that is the same company that produces Evangelion, This man, Tomohiro Maki, 50 years old, was arrested some days ago because he had some pictures of naked teens who were promised to become voice actresses. Tomohiro, what are you doing? Especially now that Gainax is prepared to see the new Evangelion movie (of course now Evangelion is produced by KARA) Come on, at your age do something definitely more productive what’s in your mind to do stuff like this? I end this video with a nice news. Some days ago there were the Yahoo ! Japan Search Awards! These awards are given to those who where “most searched” on the Internet, in this case on Yahoo! Japan. In this case we talk about anime and manga and now i’m going to give you all the info about them! The most searched anime is Demon Slayer! Congrats, and thanks to all the people who watched our reaction videos about it! The most searched film on Yahoo! Japan the winner is Tenki no Ko! The most searched author/creator is Eichiro Oda / One Piece mangaka Congrats also in this case! Last but not least, the most searched voice actor is Kaiji Yuki the voice actor of Eren that means SNK. For this video that is it, thanks for watching me today and thanks for the support as always!!! I give you kiss! Subscribe to our channel, follow us on our social media bye guys, see you next time!

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