Latest news from Japan… (27/10 – 2/11) | 【ENG SUB】

Latest news from Japan… (27/10 – 2/11) | 【ENG SUB】

Hi guys, welcome back to another video of our channel OurEyesYourEyes. I’m ready to tell you all the most important news that happened here in Japan last week I just tell you in advance that there are a lot of news because also last week a lot of things happened!! Before starting this video, I remind you as always to subscribe to our channel, click on the notification bell and follow us on our social media! Thank you so much for the support of last week in japan episode 1 but now let’s focus on the news of last week and let’s discuss about them a little bit! Let’s start with a sad news because if you remember last week i announced you these typhoons and heavy rain that happened inthe east area of Japan, principally in the Kanto area, as much as in the prefectures of Chiba, Fukushima Nagano as well due to the typhoon Hagibis in this case. The number of the dead people in the previous episode increased We reached 10 deaths 9 people were found in the Fukushima prefecture while one death in the Chiba prefecture! Every week, i’m going to update you if there will be some important updates that i hope they won’t come but I think it’s right for you who love Japan to know what’s happening here. From a sad story we move on to another sad story. Let’s talk about a japanese man that some days ago decided to climb up the Mount Fuji. Maybe you don’t know that but Fuji can be climbed mostly during summer time That means from July till September that’s the Fuji season in which you can climb it. Everything is ok also because there are not some weather problems that won’t let you do it. Unfortunately this man decided to climb it in the worst moment because as i told you the climbing season of Fuji finishes in September Now we’re in November so you imagine that’s not the best season. But there’s another thing i want to tell you this man was making a YouTube live streaming and during this live streaming that you can still find it here on this platform he falls down. I think this person is not alive for sure even for the fact that the jump he made while he fell is so dangerous and at the same time a dead body was found. We still don’t know if that body is the body of the person who fell during the live streaming but let me tell you honestly we’re YouTubers as well , but we’re so sure we’ll never go to make a live streaming on top of Fuji that is also full of snow because if you remember last week i was telling you about the first snow on Fuji! So now if you see a recent picture of the mount you’ll see that the top of it is full of snow so why you have to risk your life for some views or some more likes? At the end of the day, people need to understand that life is important, so if I can give you an advice: don’t do anything this man did because life doesn’t come back once it’s over. You have one life only to live so live your life as best as you can and maybe it’s better to become more creative by making more interesting videos here but not so dangerous like in this case. Now i want to go back talking about Kyoto Animation. Because as you know last summer there was a fire started inside the main building of KyoAni. that is one of the most famous japanese anime productions in Kyoto A man, who was living in Saitama, decided one day to go in order to prepare an explosion inside the main building of this japanese anime production and the reason why he made all this is that because in his mind KyoAni stole from him some ideas or some drawings Later KyoAni said that all he told was fake and due to this huge fire 35 people died All the world was shocked: there were a lot of petitions collaborations, donations…. also some Japanese singers wanted to help them economically speaking There’s a good news: the government decided to make a new rule for all the people who want to go and get some gasoline or people who need it First of all you have to show your ID to the owner of the gas station but it’s not over yet, because except for this you should also show them the reason why you decide to get some gasoline with you so it’s not so easy as before Police are still active to check carefully all the situations also due to security cameras to prevent these things won’t happen again. Anyway, it’s so sad that people lost their lives for this So sorry for all the families who lost their dear members and I also want to remember KyoAni that is and was a great animation studio, that produced excellent anime and that deserves all the respect! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us! Still talking about Kyoto there’s another news that came out in these days. As you all know Japan has a lot of tourists Every year millions of people decide to visit Japan and this is really nice Thank you for coming here in this country to see many beautiful things that Japan can offer. But there’s a problem: a lot of tourists have bad manners and pretend to shoot pictures of to behave in the wrong way with maiko and geiko who are called in the western world geisha. So what’s the news? The news is that is no more possible to shoot pictures in some tiny streets in the Gion main area that is the most famous part of this marvellos and traditional japanese city. and another important thing is that you can’t try to touch maiko anymore in order to have a picture with them and you can’t also shoot a picture without their permission. If you break this rule, you could pay a fine that is almost of 100 dollars. I invite you not to take pictures of them because it’s not a competition Many times people start a sort of competition of who’s going to shoot the best picture and put them online but that’s not the main point If you see a maiko, look at her with your own eyes because you’ll remember her forever An unforgettable memory and most of all try to respect the rules because it doesn’t matter if you say “they come to our country and they also don’t respect some rules” You should give them the best example about how to behave. Show them how to behave well respecting the rules that are really evident, i should say because there are a lot of panels in which you read Even we from OurEyesYourEyes had some chances in some of our videos and you saw them in which there was not the possibility to shoot pictures or to take videos and what did we do? We informed you about that and we respected it! Do the same or if you want to pay the fine, do it! Let’s still talk about monuments We still talk about Japan beautiful spots unforgettable monuments Unfortunately some days ago a fire started in the Shiru Castle of Okinawa that was in the southern side of the Naha island We went to Okinawa some weeks ago but we didn’t have time to go and visit it This fire destroyed 4800 square meters of the castle. It’s not entirely destroyed, but let’s say that more than the 80% is destroyed for sure. This castle was considered as the symbol of Okinawa because before 1945 it symbolized the great Empire of Okinawa that resided over there before Okinawa decided to be part of Japan after the WWII This empire had a long history It had more than 600 years of history and in fact this castle was built in 1429 and then, as i told you, during the Second World War there were a lot of problems, as you all know, so the castle was destroyed. (1945) With the ruins left the japanese government decided to rebuild it in 1992 and they painted it with a super red color i’ll put you a picture down here just to let you understand. Some days ago, at 2:40 am, the fire started and destroyed everything the north side, the south side, the central part then also the main building in the middle was totally destroyed I give a good news anyway: the japanese govern decided to rebuild it one more time so this symbol of Okinawa is not over and it’s not gone forever and even if it will be rebuilt i think that for all the people living in Okinawa who were crying a lot and were all shocked i think this decision is really important and let’s say thank you to the government because they decided to choose this option also because no matter if the fire destroyed it that will always be the symbol of Okinawa. If we talk about the japanese govern, anyway, this week was not so nice for all of them. We’re talking about the new Abe government who’s the Prime Minister Not just in your countries the ministers are corrupted also in Japan is like this! In one week two ministers decided to resign Let’s start immediately with the Minister of Trade Sugawara who decided to resign because of a money scandal related to some illicit gifts he made I’m speechless Let’s move on with the Minister of Justice Kawai who decided to resign not for his fault principally but because of his wife’s fault, who during the elections in July violated an electoral law But let’s end all of this with the Minister of Defense Kono who didn’t resign of course but had to apologize to all the victims of typhoons and heavy rain disaster because he was joking around this by saying “usually i bring rain and as you can see, once the new Abe government started, two typhoons already came plus a lot of rain!” Let’s say he was a little bit disrespectful towards all the people who lost their lives due to this huge problem. It was a sad joke and japanese people didn’t like it so because of this the Minister had to say sorry in front of everybody during a press conference. Let’s move on and talk about the Olympics! As you remember, last week Koike Yuriko , the Tokyo Mayor was totally against the relocation of the Marathon from Tokyo to Sapporo. So now i’m here to give you the official news that the IOC decided to move the Marathon to Sapporo Not just the Marathon, but all the walking and long run races also in this case, everything will be relocated in Sapporo. relocated in in Sapporo. You can’t imagine the chaos that was created by this news. She is still convinced that things like these should have been done in Tokyo because the Olympics are in Tokyo. But you also have to consider, as I told you last week, that during the Olympics that means from the end of July till the middle of August Tokyo it’s really hot and humid. The athletes had to practice that is also the official qualification for the Olympics and all this happened in Doha, Qatar. Why Doha was chosen? Because they wanted to understand how the athletes were handle these 40 km in a hot context The result was not nice because a lot of them were feeling bad some of them were sick so the result was not good at all that’s why IOC decided to move everything to Sapporo. Another thing i have to say and i investigate about that is that Koike was not totally wrong. She said I didn’t say i didn’t agree at all to move something to Sapporo or another city I could agree with that, but what made me angry is that nobody told me anything until the day in which you (IOC) told me the decision and I’m the Tokyo governor so i’m working for this event that is seen worldwide I would have preferred to hear it in advance and not at the end” I don’t think she’s wrong with this. From this point of view, she’s right, but on the other side I understand IOC as well when they say: “we don’t want to risk the health of our athletes who want to participate to the Marathon because we have to do it in Tokyo”. Two days ago there was the last meeting that involved all the main protagonists of this event During this meeting Koike Yuriko said something “This morning, before you decided already, i received an email from the president of IOC who was saying something like we can find another solution that means not to make the Marathon in that period, but to move it at the end of the Olympics also because there are the Paralympics as well , so the event doesn’t finish over there. Maybe there could have been a solution of this type by saying “instead of doing this in August, let’s move it in October” It could have been a solution and by doing so to keep it in Tokyo. Then we don’t know how this ended but unfortunately nothing could have been made. Sapporo was chosen and the citizens of it are so happy to help Tokyo in this situation Last thing i want to tell you last but not least thing that she wanted to say as if she wanted to mock them a little bit…she said “ok, after 4 years the Olympics will be in Paris and after 8 years they will be in Los Angeles so also over there you’re going to move it? because also Los Angeles is pretty hot” I just want to be clear with this: the type of heat is totally different while in Los Angeles the heat is dry, in Tokyo the heat is humid. So the setting is totally different, even if i agree with that because also in that case they have to move it for sure otherwise, how can we do it? But now there’s another problem always regarding the Olympics. A politician, Matsuzawa, said: “also Golf can have some problems. The people joining this discipline could have some problems always because of the heat So can you move this discipline as well, maybe to Nagano, Hakone or in Hokkaido? So if we have to move everything, why we decided to make these Olympics in Tokyo? or why you don’t decide to make the Olympics in another period, in October, when there’s good weather there’s a nice breeze and there are no problems? The IOC answered “if there will be some typhoons?” What do we do? As you all know Halloween arrived on the 31st of October! and of course if you love Japan, you know very well that one of the most famous places of Tokyo that means the Shibuya crossing was prepared for the parade/party of Halloween as for all the years. This year there was a new rule no alcohol during the parade/party Also all the konbini and all the supermarket around that area couldn’t sell alcohol at that moment. Things worked, because even if just a little bit less people came to the party people had fun, all people were celebrating with their costumes the trash left was moved in few hours and the day after Shibuya was totally clean This Halloween was definitely better than last year’s also because of this new rule, that i totally approved! From November 1st, still talking about Shibuya, a new building opened all new and its height is 230 meters It’s called Shibuya Scramble Square You can purchase your ticket both online or once you get there and you can have the chance to go on the top of this tower building with a terrace view of 360 degrees so you’ll join the stunning and endless panorama because let’s say that sometimes Tokyo seems endless. I suggest you to go because except for the last floor there are also a lot of restaurants and shopping stores To be precise they are 213, so if you come to Tokyo and it’s raining One solution is to take a look at this building that is huge the panorama is stunning I tell you to go! We’ll go for sure it’s a promise! Let’s talk about cinema As you know, or maybe you don’t, last week there was the Tokyo Film Festival the great event like Cannes or Venice….these events that people can’t wait to see and are famous especially on social media There was a polemic because during this film festival there should have also been showed the korean movie regarding the Comfort Women who are they? They are the women who during the Second World War were forced to work in Japan in some brothels. It’s a particular case because i remind you that now Japan and South Korea don’t have a great relationship but this is a huge subject and i can’t talk to you about it otherwise the video will be endless but anyway you should know that this movie was not shown at the film festival and immediately a lot of critics reached the film festival Many people said that it’s like as if you can’t say anything, this is not democracy ecc… because if you don’t want to show a film like this where many things are revealed, the truth as as south koreans are saying, this a way to start a fight without an end. Things are not going well and this was another chance to increase the problems between the two countries. Let’s see what’s going to happen I will update you for sure! Still talking about cinema i have to give you a sad news regarding one of the most famous actress here in Japan She was 88 years old and died some days ago. I’m talking about Yachigusa Kaoru. I don’t know if you know her, but here in Japan she’s really famous, she was and she still is. She joined so many famous movies and japanese doramas Also in this case, Kaoru, grazie di tutto. Let’s talk about sport, because last week i talked to you about rugby ma this week i want to talk to you about ice-skating, because guys, Hanyuu Yuzuru won the Canada Gran Prix Last week there was this ice-skating gran prix in Canada and Yuzuru won with 322.59 point a record! I’m so happy because he’s so cool, so elegant so handsome even when he skates He has such an elegance in movements… Good job!! But it’s not the one and only good news, because on the third place there was another japanese skater: Keiji Tanaka So fantastic!!! Two times winners Congratulations to both of them!! We’re almost at the end of the video, so let’s talk about anime!!! The first news i want to give you is that the 15th of May 2020 the new Doremì movie will come out! I don’t know if in another countries you know this anime or its story, but in Italy everybody knows Doremì Also in this case i can’t sing it, otherwise you understand what i mean! New story, new characters are coming to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this story Interesting also the graphic and much more so i suggest you to go and watch it especially if you loved it through your childhood or if you watched it through the entire years of it, no matter the seasons ahahahaha I will go to watch it, i don’t know if the sensei will come with me, but i can force him to come! ahahahah I close the video with him, the one and only Tomino Yoshiuki He’s the creator of Gundam! and you also probably know that on the 29th of November of this year comes out the latest collection movie of Gundam and a lot of people are waiting for it because also here in Tokyo or in Japan there are a lot of fans of Gundam But i don’t want to talk about this i want to talk to you about the last interview he made for a japanese magazine some days ago. He went against Makoto Shinkai He said that he’s his contemporary rival, but also the fact that he doesn’t like his movies so much because there is no physical “experience” between the two protagonists and he was joking about this things by saying some hot details! HAHAHAAH He said: “usually the boy and the girl just hold hands I want to see more of that, like a kiss and more” He also said “Makoto Shinkai is young so i’m sure that in the future he will develop this skills”…let’s see if Makoto will reply to this in his new movie ahahahah In the meantime, we’ll go and watch his new Gundam movie because also the sensei loves Gundam Well, so for this video that is it I’m sorry because this video is soooo long but there were a lot of important news as you saw I wait you next week here with another episode of “last week in Japan” and i give you a kiss! Subscribe to our channel follow us on our social media, bye guys see you next time!

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