100 thoughts to “Latest Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Comes Forward Amid Backlash Over Prince Andrew’s BBC Interview”

  1. It’s all about the money, these young girls initially did it for the money and prestige & now they are cashing in again. These pervs need to be punished but the girls are not squeaky clean, where were their parents, they are responsible too

  2. But I don't like the look of how that lady is talking about it. Holding her head down reading. It's made that way so she avoids eye contact with people and the camera. He didn't.

  3. prince andrew cannot be jailed here or in the US the usa still uses brittish maritime law. and this cannot jail the monarch or her heirs

  4. and he wouldnt be duty bound. the law courts in the uk cannot extradite him. they swear allegeince to the monarchy. and if somehow they changed the hundreds of years old laws in america to not use maritime law then i dought prince andrew would gladly get on a plane to usa. no commonwealth country can charge any of them the queen is wanted in Canada for child murder in a Indian reserve. the reptlian or annunaki rule the earth and we are hybrids of them our r-cortex in our brains is there so fhey can lock in on us and thats where the saying puppet's fits even nicer.

  5. Man finds this story so fascinating, i think in the model industry this does happen not the very young girls but older then 19 that do want to make money and a career

  6. How old was the girl then?
    Was she under age?
    If Andrew goes to the USA to answer questions about the Epstein civil suit about Epstein’s money, does that mean the ambassadors wife comes back to the U.K. to answer questions about the criminal act of killing someone by driving on the wrong side of the road and then using diplomatic immunity to flee the country.

  7. He is quilty like his so call friend who was found guilty in the court of law for having sex with the manors, you can not befriend with someone criminal if you are not, I hope FBI is going to talk to him, he is a senseless prince

  8. Prince Andrew looks guilty as Hell Prince Andrew Epstein T-Shirt https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/6845630-prince-andrew-epstein

  9. The murder of the pedophile marks the end of yet another clandestine Mossad operation.!
    All of Epstein guests were filmed in action including this idiot Andrew ! Many politicians are sick worried now.

  10. She's probably telling the truth but another serious question is this:
    What was this underage girl doing hanging out with these rich and famous adults without her own adult supervision?

  11. Let's get these nasty pig pedophiles like Dershowitz and Prince Andrew who think they are above the law and can rape children and get away with it. JEFFREY EPSTEIN IS NOT DEAD.

  12. PA tries to minimize, soften and spindoctor his abhorrent, predatory behavior. He is as far from the " highest morals " as the top of Mt. Everest is from the bottom of the ocean. If he and Epstein were lunching on YOUR daughter/niece/granddaughter……you'd want him getting a good old fashioned spread eagle, bare arsed ping pong paddling on his "crown jewels" – I certainly would. Not enough to withdraw into the shadows – not justice!

  13. Now the public want to know who behind the Epstein saga .. hooked.. trapped so many high profile people .. for what purposes?? as these pedophile dirty acts have been recorded, stored and hidden somewhere.. Epstein might not be death.. All the pedophile still there unaltered.. and still being blackmailed to damage the countries.. to damage the World.. and that would be dangerous for the well-being and World peace

  14. These sick disgusting nasty vile pigs how long are they going to get away with this. Why is there no uproar or protests. And who else is involved in this where is this ghislain maxwell. Feed her to the dogs

  15. He be the next one killing himself, Guilty as fuck. He sure choked up when the testify under oath question came up. He's done. The Queen kicked him out. Ha Ha Ha

  16. Hope every British taxpayer sees what a joke and complete waste of money the Royal family are. To think this royalty bullshit is still present in 2019.

  17. Prince Andrew est un pédophile qui a profité de la jeunesse et naïveté des enfants. Prince Andrew un peu d’humanité et du respect pour vos victimes.

  18. That interview was a joke and full of lies, his reasons about the photos and sweating, I laughed my head off in disgust. 100% kiddy fiddler! Vatican and Royal family have a lot to answer for because no one is above the law!

  19. Young girls and boys from ages 10-17 were abused on that island.. Hundreds, if not thousands.

    People from the villages and cities near the island openly talked about what these sick fcks were doing on Epsteins island.

    They witnessed the little girls being picked up by boat and heard many of the stories from friends and family.

    The police let this go on for years. The corruption even reached America with Epsteins first pathetic sentence he was given for pedopilia..

    There’s a lot of powerful people that should be in prison.

    The media still hasn’t done half of the work they should be.. They were actually busy trying to cover it up at first.

    These elitist filth share much of the same circles.. the media elites are like the bottom feeders. They get the access and in exchange they do what they can to keep certain names from being put out into the public.

    Politicians and journalists are the worst.. the bottom feeders of the elitist scum.

  20. Bless her…. Hope more victims come forward. Where is Ghislaine Maxwell friend of the infamous and scum like Hillary.
    If she is also a Mossad agent that would go a long way to explaindivertion tactics onto Russia and away from Israel.

  21. Let the truth come out,jews like epstein were controling with photos celebrities, government officials,church officials, Vatican,white house,backinham palace,monarchies,arab countries, Pope Bergolio.Satanism,atrocities, rosemary baby's style,sodomies,sacrifices of children,their own children .Like Abraham and Isaac crap, monstruosities.Come on!!!

  22. Where were this girls parents? Did they know she had gone to Epstein's house? Was she drugged and handcuffed in order to get her there?

  23. It is so sad! Democrat big wigs, Hollywood scumbags, Prince and other pop stars go to have sex with little girls and feast on new born babies! Yes this does take place!!

  24. But if its against Bernie Kavanaugh 30 years ago with no supporting witnesses its fact. Massive coverup here. The people are watching.

  25. I'm just gonna say, Epstein would have probably suicided himself a long time ago if these poor girls had real men for fathers…

  26. COULD THIS BE JEFFREY EPSTEIN'S FATHER? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Epstein?fbclid=IwAR2JNvQz-7SZUQXTdM242Zi2caOpaR1bapOr1tX_oH_wQlwhpIsCFirTwps

  27. Paedophiles should loose their right, their place to dwell among us/society. We the people should not have to live in fear of their rampen disgraceful mindset on afflicting too tormenting our lives, and our children lives! Regardless of their Royal, Political, and Financial status…

  28. *When a Prostitute Girl is defended by a Lawyer, as if She walking on the Truth!!! That's a World that only contained: THE VALUE OF FALSEHOOD!!! *The Parents of "The Naughty Girl" have to take Responsibility too! Where Parents are Obliged to Educate and Supervise Their Girls so that it is Not Easy to Travel!

  29. Prince Andrew is a LIAR! I hope and pray he pays for being deceitful and being part of these poor girls horrific encounters. If he truly had nothing to hide he wouldn’t need to be forced to come clean. He makes excuses for everything to try and distant himself but each time he is proven to be lying.
    Powerful people don’t believe laws pertain to them they believe they don’t have to be accountable for their actions
    We should MAKE them Accountable & prosecute to the fullest

  30. Epstein – Trump – Clinton – Andrew – Netanjahu – and Many Others will burn in HELL Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Remember Dodgy Dave sCameron stated on telly that people accusing billionaires of trafficking in children were "Conspiracy Theorists".
    Your comment hasn't aged well has it Dave mate.

  32. Can you adults STOP CALLING IT A FUCKING "SCANDAL", Crimes against the bodies and minds of children does not equal Scandal.
    A scandal = adults having out of marriage affairs.
    Child Rape = A crime.
    Notice how Language is Weaponised to erase the victims and diminish the severity of crime.

  33. What a coincidence?!?!?!?! She says he was sweating and claims he has a condition that won't let him 🙄 I have to say, he is 10000000% full of shit!

  34. I see that more Tarts have emerged from the woodwork propelled by lawyers to lay claim to the monies coming to them from prince Andrew.The courts should consider the lifestyles of those dodgy females when they make decisions.There are many shysters clinging to their clients hoping for the big pay off,of course they may share the odd change but you can bet your Boots theirs is the bonanza.

  35. What child ? She was 17 .and she was experiencing with the man they start at 12 .they use to stuff there mouth all the time now they need money somebody stuff the mouth with it. And shut them up. You want to defend young girl go defend. 12 years been marry off to 60 years old man in Afghanistan Pakistan all Arabic speaking country Iran Indonesia .India . Do fucking something about that .women the me fucking movement help the innocent .

  36. Prince looks somebody rape hime and these girls did rape hime and they did not stop yet! These girls are look like schoolers maid and by English law they are sport for the man she was Lucky she had prince rather stinky unwashed man with beard.

  37. what a stupid man, I almost feel sorry for him..NOOOO. Bill Clinton: I did not have sexual relations with that woman….. Prince Andrew: I did not sweat at the time….

  38. As an 8yr old victim by a trusted adult, why would her parents allow her to take her away? Mine was grandpa, hers is a damn stranger where are her parents? Now Gloria comes pimping out victims as usual, exactly how much money does this old bag need, from Epstein to Allred. Is Gloria going to take $5000. Or 5,000,000!!! God bless victims of sexual abuse, it's a life time of shame and a sentence not asked for. Hope douche Andrew and Clinton go down for this. Always a slap on the wrist because no one ever takes this seriously. I'm forever damaged. I guess when you're Royal, rich or famous it just goes away.

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